Follow The Money- Trillions Are Missing

by Charles Hugh SmithDecember 07, 2016 from CharlesHughSmith Website  If you want to understand today’s populism, don’t look to the mainstream media’s comically buffoonish propaganda blaming ‘the Russians’: look at the four issues listed below… One of the most disturbing failures of the mainstream media in this election cycle was its complete lack of historical…

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Nordic Aliens and the Grail Races

6 . Nordic Aliens and The Grail Race The Gnosis by Montalk 13 April 2011 Spanish version Who forged the Grail? Who brought it to Earth? What is their role today? Mythology, folklore, history, religion, esotericism, occultism, and alienology all contain clues declaring the existence of superhuman beings who seem deeply invested in our affairs…

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Mother Earth and Humanity

by Claudia von Werlhof October 2020 updated September 13, 2021from PBME-OnLine Website   Dr. Claudia von Werlhof is Prof. Emerita of Political Science and Women’s Studies at the University of Innsbruck in Austria. She is the author of many books and has worked hard to make Rosalie Bertell’s important book Planet Earth: The Latest Weapon…

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