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January 29 2024

from ElenaDanaan Website

Thor Han Eredyon is an Errahel from planet Erra, in the Ashaara (Taygeta) star system, and my soul companion since we left our original home star system, Altea, in the NGC 7331 galaxy, visible in the Pegasus constellation, several hundreds of thousands of years ago.

We undergone together many incarnations on various worlds, dedicated to assist the evolution of the Human species.

Thor Han rescued me when I was 9 years old from an abduction by Grays from Zeta Reticuli and Cygnus.

He was captain of a scout ship for the Galactic Federation of Worlds and under his orders were pilots Val Nek and Celadion, and medic Myrah.

These three other persons became close friends of mine throughout the years, and nobody on Earth was even aware of their names and existence until I published my book “A Gift from the Stars” in September 2020, where I relate the story of my abduction and rescue.

From the moment when contact was renewed at age 9, Thor Han, Val Nek and Myrah have been communicating with me all my life via technology, also teleporting into my bedroom and teleporting me onboard their ship at an average rate of 4 to 6 times a year.

Through to November 2018 – The “Shannon Incident” – when more regular interaction began.

Thor Han is my main contact in the Galactic Federation of Worlds, for which I am the emissary on Earth, and so it is the reason why some people working under counterintelligence programming and agendas, or simply by jealousy, pretend to be in contact with him.

Thor Han was also the officer who met with General Van Herck in Raven Rock on January 2023, and this may be one of the main reasons why there is an actual campaign to discredit him.

Only three other people were confirmed to me by Thor Han himself to have had real physical contact with him other than me:

  • Dani Henderson
  • Jean-Charles Moyen
  • Dakota Frandsen

Confirmed by Thor Han Eredyon himself, nobody else has ever been in contact with him on Earth, and presently is, other than me.

When my book “A Gift From The Stars” came out in 2020, people started pretending to be in contact with Thor Han, Val Nek and Myrah by delusion.

Same as nowadays with Oona, Ea, Annax etc… I explained thoroughly in several articles and videos WHY these particular extraterrestrial entities are ONLY communicating with me.

This article, “The Reality behind an Emissary’s Work” describes it in complete details.

Through to this day, sadly, some YouTube content creators, by matter of popularity mainly when it is not under a darker agenda, find it entertaining to lie to the genuine public, pretending to have imaginary communications with Val Nek, Thor Han, etc… destroying reputations and lives by fun, and unfortunately this regularly pushes me to have to set the record straight.


A clip from Dr. Michael Salla‘s week-in-review from February 3, 2024, where he comments on this article.

Full video HERE

by Galactic Anthropology

March 07, 2024

from GalacticAnthropology Website

I was happy to get my hands on Elena Danaan‘s new disclosure book, called ‘Encyclopedia Galactica I’. (1)

It’s a splendid work of art and new galactic information.

It is written as an extension of her first disclosure book in 2020, called A Gift from the Stars(2) with the addition of many new species.

Although I haven’t read it completely it seems as if the texts of those species that also appear in her 2020 book are mostly repeated with some minor additions.

This is a very logical approach: not much would have changed since Elena used the information that Thor Han had given to her, which in some cases was an addition to the information from the Russian Alien Races book. (3)

So far, so good.

Elena’s first disclosure book (2)

Like I have said before, I hold Elena’s first disclosure book in high regard. I got hooked to her work by her second book (4) to such a degree that I started this Galactic Anthropology project.

I enjoyed her videos in which she explained much of the contents of these two books.

Then something huge happened in the fall of 2021:

Enki (Ea) appeared on the scene right after the defeat of the malevolent forces in our solar system by the Galactic Federation of Worlds.

(5)(and the Earth Alliance).


Then in the fall of 2022 Elena published her third disclosure book,

The Seeders.


I started studying this impressive piece of work, which contained a historical account of humanity, mainly given to her by this same Ea.

It didn’t take me long to find some ‘oddities’ in this account and during the year following the release of this book I started writing a number of critical articles that touched upon these strange elements.

They were unfortunately completely ignored by Elena Danaan and her people.

You can find a complete list of those critical articles in the footnotes. (8)


I was lying in bed when I was triggered by a line in a song from the eighties to compare the entry of the Anunnaki as it was written down in her first book and the entry in the new book.

Somehow I suspected that the entry on the Anunnaki (the Anakh) might have undergone something more than some minor additional information.

And what I found is highly troubling:

nearly all the negative information from the first book was simply deleted altogether!

Washed away from the records and replaced by a wonderful story of a benign race with only a few bad apples, like Enlil and Marduk.

Here’s a relevant excerpt from A Gift from the Stars that has been totally erased in the new book:

“They play a lot with the genetics of conquered world and especially with children, trying to create servile hybrids helping their purposes anywhere in the galaxy.

Anunnaki have been the source and spreading of great genetic biodiversity and racial confusion throughout this galaxy for these reasons.

Great enemies of

the Lyransbut as well of the

Ciakahrr Empire.

Technologically advanced and well equipped in warfare their name is also feared in this galactic sector”. (2) p.230

Elena Danaan’s Fifth Disclosure book (1)


When you read the entry on the Anunnaki (Anakh) in Elena Danaan’s 2024 book (1) there is nothing negative to be found.

Not even the atrocities of Enlil are mentioned in the entry (pages 176-181).

We can read the story of Anu and his followers entering our galaxy some 700,000 years ago through the Arcturus Portal.

We can read about his Empire but no word on them being well equipped in warfare or why they were great enemies of the Lyrans (and the Ciakahrr).

No word on them playing with the genetics, especially of children in the worlds that they conquered, in order to create servile hybrids that would help them with their purposes anywhere in the galaxy.

Instead we can read about a group of explorers from another galaxy, and how they can shine their plasma wings and how they have mastered the codes of immortality.

We can even read that when they arrived in the Arcturus system not a single Ohorai (10) even existed in that system. (1) p.176


This blatant example of what I have become to call ‘enkification’ is just another example of the changes that took place in the information on the Anunnaki since the arrival of Ea, our ‘Father Prince’, in our galaxy.

It started off with the historical account of our history and it finally led to a complete removal of anything negative of their species altogether in the new book (except for a few of them in our solar system, as the only exception).

All the warnings that had been given by Thor Han in the first disclosure book were deleted and replaced,

by a glorifying story of the Anunnaki being a race of pacifists that built their empire on the pillars of Peace and Diplomacy who never fought a single war to create their empire that would span 75% of our galaxy at its ‘height’… (8)

I think these developments are very alarming and everybody who takes the work of Elena Danaan seriously should ask themselves:

What account of the Anunnaki history do I believe…?

The one given by Thor Han in 2020 or the one given by Ea in 2024…?


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