Real Dynamics – Dimensions and HyperSpcce

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On the Subject I Highly Recommend that you listen to Jack Sarfatti, one of the Most Advanced Theoretical Physicists Out There. He has written a number of great books on these subjects and there is Most Definitely a Connection to UFO’s

by Montalk

June 30, 2005

from Montalk Website

Spanish version

The principles of Realm Dynamics were inspired by the Cassiopaeans, expanded by the Nexus Seven, refined through numerous discussions with friends, and confirmed by experience.


  1. Introduction
  2. Vibration
  3. The Fractal Hologram
  4. Realms
  5. Realms as Themes of Experience
  6. Perceptual Limitations
  7. Probable Futures
  8. Phase Selection
  9. Electromagnetism and the Aura
  10. Metaphysics of Realm Dynamics
  11. Collective Choices and Lessons
  12. Frequency Wars
  13. Hyperdimensional Wars
  14. Realm Dynamics of Abductions
  15. Negative Attractors
  16. Realm Depressors
  17. Energy
  18. Realm Breech
  19. Synchronicity
  20. Discontinuities
  21. Prime Numbers as Archetypal Realms
  22. The Shift
  23. Frequency Anchors
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An ancient hermetic axiom states that everything is mind, everything vibrates.

Since each living thing is uniquely conscious, each living thing carries a unique vibratory signature. The soul broadcasts a rich spectrum of vibrations, which through the principle of resonance attracts a corresponding spectrum of experiences.

Souls of a common frequency share common realms of experience and tend to cross paths in life.

This is the study of realm dynamics, how vibrations influence experience, and how experience influences vibration. The simplicity of correspondence between soul vibration and personal experience betrays the astounding nature of its implications.

For instance, realm dynamics explains how our daily experiences are the end effects of hyperdimensional processes, why people with victim or predator mentalities attract each other, how dissonance between individuals attracts synchronistic triggers for confrontation, how learning a lesson ahead of time prevents it from manifesting as experience, why a pure heart protects one from danger, and how personal parting of ways and the upcoming Shift are different degrees of precisely the same phenomenon.

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When we speak of vibration, we are really talking about waves with amplitude, frequency, and phase.

Amplitude is the strength, frequency the rapidity of fluctuation, and phase the alignment or timing of a wave. For a wave to exist and propagate there must be a source and medium, that which generates vibration and that which carries it outward. For instance, a guitar string initiates vibrations that travel through air in the form of alternating peaks and troughs in air pressure.

Soul vibrations are no less tangible than sound waves, though their nature and medium of propagation are more exotic. They employ the same medium through which light and radio waves travel but are made of potential waves rather than electromagnetic waves.

This means the soul vibratory field (also known as the aura) consists of fields and waves far subtler than electric or magnetic fields, which is why conventional instruments cannot detect the aura. Nevertheless this field is rife with patterned energy and information – the very stuff of thought and emotion.

Realm dynamics is essentially about quantum physics, or at least how quantum principles allow consciousness to interface with physical reality. Quantum physics calculates probable futures and consciousness selects which one to experience.

But whereas conventional science says quantum effects are limited to the subatomic scale, here we acknowledge that perhaps quantum phenomena are just as active in the macroscopic world and actually drive the progression of our experiences.

Because quantum processes determine not only what we perceive but also through what we perceive, we are largely unaware of their influence.

The situation is similar to swimmers floating down a river at equal speed, each swimmer relatively stationary to the other; by looking only at each other they may conclude they are in still water, that motion in the water is only evident if they look down and observe the tiny eddies swirling about. Conventional science only looks downward and fails to realize that a massive quantum current is what moves us through time.

But how exactly does consciousness manifest experience?

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The Fractal Hologram

At each moment in time our universe is but one slice of a complex web of infinite possibilities that is unchanging and eternal.

Technically this multiverse may be termed the “state vector” or “wave function” of reality. It is a fractal hologram that zooms forever into the future. The fractal itself does not change, it is only our mind that moves through and thereby generates for itself the illusion of space and time. To understand this process, one must understand how holograms work.

Holograms encode information by recording the interference pattern between two waves of common frequency, one wave being uniform in consistency and the other having its phase altered by the information to be encoded.

The traditional way of making a hologram goes as follows: a laser beam is split in two, one half shining onto photographic film and the other bouncing off an object before shining onto the film. What is recorded on the film is an interference pattern between these two beams, encoding the topography of the object.

After the film is developed, the same laser illuminating it will be modulated in phase and intensity by the pattern and will reproduce the encoded information, projecting from it a visual replica of the object. The nature of the image projected forth from a hologram depends on the angle, intensity, and frequency (color) of the laser.

Frequency determines what information may be accessed. If the hologram is recorded with a red laser, a green laser will fail to elicit an image. Multiple images can be encoded into a hologram, each called forth by a corresponding laser color.

The angle and region of illumination decides what particular information from the range available is selected for projection. In the case of holographic film, the projected image rotates with a rotation in the laser’s angle of incidence, or changes to a different image if the laser shines upon a part of the film upon which was recorded a different object.

Angle and position are both types of phases, so it is phase that selects from a given range what image to bring forth.

Lastly, intensity of illumination (amplitude of the wave) determines the degree of fidelity in the projected image. The greater the amplitude, the more accurate and complete the decoded information.

The holographic process has metaphysical parallels. The mind of the Creator corresponds to the laser source, archetypes correspond to the objects recorded, and the matrix of existence corresponds to the photographic film. It follows that we as individual units of consciousness are the illuminating laser. The laser’s color is the frequency of our emotions, its phase our thought patterns, and its amplitude our level of intent.

Just as laser color determines the layer of accessible holographic information, so does our emotional nature determine the archetypal range of accessible experience. Of this range, our thoughts determine the particular phase angle from which this archetype is experienced. And the strength of our intent determines how accurately and vividly it manifests.

This is no metaphor; the universe is indeed holographic. But it is also fractal as briefly mentioned.

A fractal is infinitely complex and allows inward or outward zooming without limit. Each zoom level inward is a subset of all previous zooms. In our current state, we are zooming into the fractal and perceiving this motion as progress into the future. And naturally the future is a subset of all previous probable futures, though in truth time is illusory because all levels of the fractal exist simultaneously.

Once again, this fractal is holographic; we illuminate portions of it in accordance with our emotional nature, thoughts, and intent.

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But our emotional nature is complex and the frequencies comprising it are numerous.

Therefore our consciousness vibrates with a spectrum of frequencies and consequently accesses from the hologram a spectrum of experiential archetypes. Each person has a unique vibratory spectrum, though different individuals may share certain frequencies. This spectrum identifies not only soul composition but also one’s unique learning path in life. Our temperament reflects our soul nature and determines the realm of our experiences.

Realms are the personal worlds we inhabit, our sphere of influence, range of perception, and region of activity. They are specific areas of the hologram we illuminate in accordance with our vibratory spectrum, our being, our essence.

Every individual projects and occupies a unique but not necessarily independent realm; some frequencies are more or less shared and account for consensual realities and mutual experiences.

Realms can therefore intersect, supercede, or be subsets of other realms.

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Realms as Themes of Experience

The inhabitants of two intersecting realms inevitably cross paths and exchange lessons. These lessons are of an archetypal nature determined by what part of the hologram both realms commonly access.

When one realm is the subset of another, those occupying the greater realm will fully understand and perceive those of the more limited realm but not vice versa.

The difference may be small between teacher and student or adult and child, or great between man and animal or hyperdimensional being and man. Small differences account for differences in level of understanding while large differences between realms give rise to differences of perception. This simply means one has a vibratory spectrum that includes and surpasses another.

Sometimes two realms are independent, sharing few but the most fundamental of frequencies. For instance, two people may share the lowest frequencies placing them on the same physical plane but their difference in life path will make each an insignificant and unimportant character in the life of the other. They may cross paths but only in a superficial manner.

And if they are forced to interact or communicate, there is bound to be mutual misunderstanding and lack of interest at best and aversion or confrontation at worst. When the difference between realms is extreme, beings of each realm may not even physically perceive each other.

Realms are somewhat like movie scripts, each person being the star of his script but all scripts including others as major, minor, or background characters. The greater the congruence between two realms, the more important the role played by each character in the other’s script.

The importance of a character is not determined by how frequently we interact with them, but how meaningfully we do so. We may cross paths with a background character every day, perhaps a neighbor or coworker and they leave no more than a fading impression on our souls.

Others we may meet only once in life during an experience so meaningful that it marks us for life.

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Perceptual Limitations

Realms also signify the boundary of our perception.

Sometimes we cannot see the point another is trying to make, or else we cannot understand why they do what they do, which indicates our realm does not extend into certain regions of the hologram they are familiar with. So on a mundane level, realms delineate what you can identify with and notice.

On a more significant level realms define what you have the ability to perceive; it is possible for another being to be so far outside your realm that you cannot even perceive them and vice versa. This is for beings whose realms are mutually independent.

As for beings occupying realms of which yours is a tiny subset, hyperdimensional beings for instance, they are normally outside your range of perception but can choose to manifest visibly by projecting their consciousness into a narrow band of vibration that matches yours. This concept is easy to grasp if you consider the mundane interpretation of “realm”.

When you encounter someone whose realm is a subset of yours, say a small child who has yet to learn the lessons you have already learned, you can choose to simplify your language and communicate on their level. Often this requires using metaphors they can comprehend. Likewise hyperdimensional entities wrap themselves in visual forms that we can comprehend.

These visual forms are alternate expressions of their vibratory archetypes just as metaphors are alternate expressions of meaning.

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Probable Futures
[If physics gives you a headache, please skip ahead to “Metaphysics of Realm Dynamics”]

Quantum physics defines a wave function as a probability field. When specified as an equation it can give information about the probability that a subatomic particle, say an electron, will be in a certain position or state of energy when measured.

Wave functions can be thought of as a cloud of possibilities from which only one possibility manifests when observed. It is one small region of the universal hologram from which one angle of information is projected. Quantum wave functions are the physical basis of “realms” and realms define the reach of our personal wave functions.

Unlike electrons we are incredibly complex and the wave function of our being is far richer in composition than that of any subatomic particle. Nevertheless the principles of quantum physics are just as valid for us in the macroscopic realm as for electrons in the subatomic realm.

On the macroscopic scale these quantum principles manifest as the principles of realm dynamics.

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Phase Selection

When a subatomic particle is measured in the lab, its wave function locks phase with the instrument’s wave function.

Whoever reads the instrument locks phase with its wave function and in the end the observed particle, instrument, and observer all occupy the same reality by having zero phase difference between them.

This phase is a physical quantity and is commonly called “geometric phase” or “berry’s phase” or “aharonov-bohm phase” (different names for the same phase in different situations). This phase is nothing more than the physical alignment of the wave function. To repeat, for two things to occupy the same reality and interact causally with each other they must have zero phase difference between them.

In realm dynamics the situation is a bit more complex. Geometric phase says nothing about the characteristics of consciousness. For that we need esoteric phase. Mathematically speaking, while the geometric phase is real, the esoteric phase is imaginary. Metaphysically speaking, while the geometric phase is a material property, esoteric phase is purely a conscious property.

Geometric and esoteric phase are but the real and imaginary components of a “quaternion” phase characterizing the alignment of both mental and material wave functions.

To understand the role of esoteric and geometric phases in context of the holographic principle, recall how the image projected from an optical hologram depends on the angle of the laser, its frequency, and where on the hologram this laser shines.

The geometric phase of quantum physics is simply the angle of illumination. It is only important after the frequency and illumination region have already been selected. Just as selecting the laser angle determines the viewing angle of the final image, so does selecting the geometric phase precipitate one observable state from a wave function.

What about the region of illumination and frequency of the laser? These would correspond to the esoteric phase.

Thoughts, emotion, and intent shape the esoteric phase to determine which part of the hologram is illuminated; this specifies one’s realm. Geometric phase then selects what tangible experiences manifest from the given range of probable futures.

For the mind to experience a specific probable future, it must achieve both esoteric and geometric phase lock. Together, geometric and esoteric phase determine where we are located on the universal holographic fractal at any moment in time.

Our realm is therefore a wave function that extends from this location spherically outward into all directions of space, time, and dimension.

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Electromagnetism and the Aura

Geometric phase is sensitive to sub-electromagnetic fields, known as potential fields.

These are the building blocks of electric and magnetic fields and are comparatively simpler in structure. Whereas magnetic fields are analogous to a bundle of water vortices, the potential fields are more like water currents. By uncurling a magnetic field one can generate a plain potential field capable of shifting the geometric phase of an electron, for instance. Technology exists to create such fields and allow the manipulation of geometric phase.

Esoteric phase can only be modulated by superpotential fields, which are even simpler in structure than potential fields. Whereas potential fields are like water currents, superpotential fields represent the water itself. Only two things are capable of generating and manipulating such fields: consciousness and certain hyperdimensional technologies.

Conscious beings radiate potential and superpotential fields containing various patterns, vibrations, and intensities paralleling the laser’s region of illumination, frequency, and brightness. This sub-electromagnetic field extends spherically outward into the universal hologram, illuminating regions within physical, temporal, and dimensional proximity. This glowing cocoon defines one’s realm.

The portion of this multidimensional field intersecting our physical plane is known as the aura. The aura is a combination of potential and superpotential fields emitted by living entities and serving as an interface matrix between the originating consciousness and the external environment. Standard instruments cannot detect it because the fields comprising the aura are structurally simpler than electromagnetic fields.

Specialized technology is needed, some of which has been patented and the rest restricted for use by advanced military and alien factions.

The aura is a resonance field that encodes which region of the hologram is accessible for phase lock and what experiences are therefore attracted. To a limited extent the aura maps one’s wave function and realm. It drops off linearly with distance, causing realms to often be physically localized. This is why the vibe of a person or place becomes noticeable only when one is sufficiently close.

But because the aura is only the physical, albeit subtle, component of one’s total vibratory field and the rest being in imaginary space, realms may also extend through mind-space and drop off with degree of conscious proximity. Two people far beyond the reach of each other’s auric range may still share realms through mental and emotional proximity. Long distance relationships or internet discussion forums are examples.

To summarize, one could say that the aura is a sub-electromagnetic field that attracts themes of experience but does not explicitly select which particular experience manifests. The latter is left to personal choice and circumstance.

Archetypal elements within consciousness become symbolic patterns in the aura that resonate and attract corresponding experiences from the universal hologram.

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Metaphysics of Realm Dynamics

With the physics of realm dynamics behind us, we are ready to examine the metaphysics.

As explained, consciousness generates a field that resonates and attracts meaningful experience. But what is meaningful to one person may be old news to another. Hence your soul vibrations outline your emotional learning path – what sequence of experiences are meaningful and have enough emotional charge to catalyze your spiritual growth.

Emotions as we know them are surrogate motivators. This means they push us into doing what is beyond our normal motivation to do. Without emotion, we do what is only within our understanding and programming to do. That is our natural state of being, our realm at equilibrium.

When we are happy, we smile and become more animated than usual and our realm momentarily extends slightly along that direction. When we are angry, we may throw insults or objects and our realm boundary likewise deforms to reflect and reinforce those actions and their consequences.

So emotions alter realm boundaries by momentary illuminating new regions of the hologram. They also influence what realms we occupy.

As Bringers of the Dawn states, emotions can carry us into other dimensions. Moving to a different realm state may be simple as changing your attitude and thereby accessing a happier sequence of experiences or as profound as shifting out of this reality into a higher density.

When the laser switches color, it brings out parts of the hologram previously inaccessible.

Spiritual growth is the never-ending expansion of one’s realm to encompass deeper and wider aspects of the hologram, to increase the vibrancy and strength of one’s being. This involves enriching and expanding one’s vibratory spectrum and raising the intensity of illumination. The richer the spectrum, the closer it moves toward white light containing all colors, meaning the closer consciousness arrives to unifying with the hologram and the Source that recorded it.

When we are in need of a lesson our vibratory spectrum is lacking certain frequencies; the aura is devoid of a particular pattern. If our vibratory spectrum is missing a component, there is nothing within us to repel through dissonance the corresponding component in the hologram.

And so we essentially allow into manifestation that which we most need to experience.

Stated another way, at equilibrium our realm boundary contains missing areas into which fit corresponding probable futures. These probable futures contain significant experiences whose emotional component is sufficient to fuel the expansion of our realm boundary and fill the gap.

Once a lesson is learned, the new equilibrium state no longer invites those types of experiences because the gap is filled, but failing to learn the lesson leaves the gap a bit wider than before. This is why failing to learn a lesson the first time causes it to repeat in various forms of escalating severity.

Different people can learn the same lesson in different ways because each individual has a unique emotional learning path.

What experiences are significant to one may be incomprehensible or unnecessarily harsh to another. How the lesson archetype manifests as experience depends on the emotional responsiveness of the individual in question. Some learn better with compassion and joy, others with fear and pain – whatever is the most efficient surrogate motivator.

Each emotion has a certain frequency (an oscillation in the esoteric phase) and like the laser accessing a particular holographic layer according to its frequency, people with different temperaments have access to different layers of the hologram and thereby attract different probable futures for any given lesson archetype.

Thus it is temperament that most significantly influences the nature of one’s personal experiences. Temperament is merely one’s life attitude and emotional climate, the spectrum of frequencies at which the soul in its current state can naturally resonate. It measures our response-ability to learning opportunities. We can place temperament on a scale with programmed reactivity on the lower end and conscious activity on the higher end.

Temperaments that are neurotic, paranoid, worried, fearful, angry or hostile are implicitly reactive. The associated soul resonance spectrum is centered around the lower frequencies, near that of physical matter. Matter is perfectly reactive and deterministic; for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. People with low vibratory frequencies are highly reactive and at the mercy of external influences.

Temperaments that are calm, observant, and discerning are active rather than reactive because awareness and freewill predicate responses to experience. The associated soul resonance frequencies are higher on the scale, closer to that of pure consciousness. In contrast to reactions, actions are nondeterministic for they follow from true choice rather than the predetermined effect of some cause.

The scale from absolute reactivity to absolute activity is bounded by matter on the lowest end and infinite consciousness on the highest end. We as individuals are somewhere in between, our location determined by our chosen emotional learning path. Therefore our soul vibratory spectrum measures where we stand on the grand cycle of spiritual evolution.

Individuals who tread the path of reactivity require relatively abrasive catalysts to get them moving.

But because every learning experience offers choice in how to proceed, there is always the opportunity to climb the frequency scale and become more conscious and less reactive, which in turn makes life experiences less abrasive.

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Collective Choices and Lessons

When people gather into mutual physical or mental proximity their vibratory fields sum to produce a collective field resonating strongly at frequencies shared among them.

Gaps in this field invite collective lessons and experiences. This collective field is self-reinforcing because it exerts repulsion upon anyone or anything whose spectrum is dissonant with the collective frequency. For instance, people entering the field will either be repelled or attracted depending on how closely their aural profiles match that of the collective.

Cities and neighborhoods are examples of physical groups generating a collective field whose intensity falls off with physical distance.

Getting too close to an area with vibrations strongly dissonant to one’s own may evoke feelings of uneasiness, suffocation, or panic; entering areas with resonant vibrations will invite feelings of comfort and vitality.

Sometimes people move to a particular place because it provides the necessary probable futures that catalyze personal evolution. But once those catalysts are exhausted, the realm boundary gaps formerly inviting those experiences become filled in and cause dissonance. This dissonance automatically evokes from the hologram varied catalysts for separation. In other words, when it is time for someone to move to a more fruitful area, improbable events manifest to force relocation.

When dissonance is weak between individual and group, repulsion may manifest as emotional uneasiness or apathy; when strong, friction may ignite emotional fire through negative experiences that catalyze the severing of physical or mental interaction between dissonant elements.

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Frequency Wars

Beneath the threshold of ordinary awareness, “frequency wars” take place between groups competing over the same physical or mental environment.

When subtle, these battles take place not with confrontation so much as the establishment of dominant frequencies that overwhelm and subconsciously repel the opposing side. Because amplitude of vibration is the deciding factor, a few individuals with low but strong vibrations can overrun a larger group with higher but weaker vibrations, or at least damp their frequencies and thus drag them down.

Internet message boards are examples of mental groups whose collective fields diminish with mental distance. As discussed earlier, mental distance implies that the less one invests emotional energy and mental focus upon a particular nonphysical group like a forum, the less one feels its collective field.

For instance, it takes only a few highly “negative” or fragmented individuals to join and infect a message board if the membership is unaware and weak in vibration. They need not be violent or hostile, just firmly and loudly anchored in their low vibrations.

Other members may interpret growing feelings of emotional apathy or uneasiness as their own and withdraw their energies from the collective field out of lack of enthusiasm, thus allowing a low vibration to dominate and repel all present and future members of positive inclination. And if dissonance is particularly strong, visible confrontation will erupt and force the expulsion of individuals dissonant with the dominant vibrations of the collective field.

But these are just microcosmic reflections, or subset realm dynamics, of a bigger frequency war taking place between the hyperdimensional forces of oppression and liberation. Hyperdimensional beings are beyond linear time and what is for us a range of probable futures, presents, and pasts is simultaneously their native territory.

They possess greater degrees of freedom than we do in navigating the hologram.

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Hyperdimensional Wars

Physical wars use physical force to gain advances in physical territory.

But a hyperdimensional war is fought on a hyperdimensional battlefield extending forwards and backwards in time and sideways through parallel dimensions. Our soul vibrations and the realm we choose to occupy determine which probable futures we access, or alternately, which hyperdimensional territory we connect with and thereby reinforce. The hyperdimensional war is largely fought through us, through the frequencies we choose to hold.

For any lesson archetype a variety of experiences are viable for learning. The lower frequency paths attract cruder experiences than the higher frequency paths. For example, an individual or collective lesson about independence may require the pain of enslavement for the lower path while victory over tyranny may suffice for the higher paths.

Only the first is advantageous to tyranny. Therefore the hyperdimensional forces of oppression have a crucial interest in lowering the frequency of those they wish to enslave so that the enslaved attract subjugation as their preferred mode of learning.

This is why hostile forces often seem to respect freewill – they require that targets be within a certain frequency bandwidth resonant to their own before they can lock on and manipulate in a causal manner. Remember that phase lock is necessary for two things to causally interact, for the hyperdimensional subtleties of realm dynamics to evaporate and leave only the physical laws of cause and effect.

By resonating within their frequency spectrum, you enter their hyperdimensional territory and they acquire the ability to physically overpower you.

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Realm Dynamics of Abductions

Abductions are a good example.

There are countless individuals, myself included, who have been targeted for elimination. The question is why the abductors do not simply kill their targets. Sometimes they do, but only because sometimes they can.

Individuals occupying a low soul frequency vibration such as military personnel or the extremely paranoid are sufficiently within the proper vibratory spectrum to get abducted and mutilated or consumed. The same may be said for individuals whose auras are weak, as is the case with chronic drug abusers. Also, the auras of young children are not fully formed because the soul has not fully seated into the body, so their realms are far easier to penetrate than those of adults.

Abductions take place most frequently during childhood when the mind is both malleable and realm easily breeched, allowing the opportune installation of mind programming systems.

As mentioned, the lowest soul frequency is that which keeps us connected to the physical plane and causally interacting with each other.

Abductions employ hyperdimensional teleportation technology that momentarily removes one from the physical plane. This presents certain problems for the abductors, namely that the most viable avenue for phase lock must be momentarily abandoned.

This severs the thread of causality that would otherwise provide a clear line of continuity between the individual’s incarnative choice to submit to the laws of physicality and its ultimate consequence at the hands of the abductors.

Manipulation must therefore occur through more subtle openings in the realm boundary, through the individual’s various spiritual, psychological, and emotional vulnerabilities.

Thus the preferred method of manipulation is mind programming. At a higher level the individual allows exploitation of his weaknesses because there is always a marginal chance for the learning of a lesson and patching of the weakness.

For instance, mind programming is allowed only because the individual can, through self-control and self-observation, become more focused and conscious should he or she choose to be active rather than reactive. Every experience attracted can move one up or down the frequency scale depending on how one chooses to perceive and utilize these experiences. It is unfortunate, however, that many abductees do succumb and at some level choose the path of further manipulation and even death.

It is dangerous getting within physical proximity of an underground base because one is then close enough to be physically abducted without use of teleportation.

The thread of causality stays intact and affords the abductors greater freedom in handling the target. In more fortunate cases the individual has enough residual acausal defenses to stave off the worst consequences, but much more can be done during such abductions than through more standard procedures involving teleportation over great distances.

These opportunities are frequently used to install new “hardware” and “software,” perhaps implants and subconscious coding systems providing for remote programming so that future abductions are not necessary.

The military/government factions are keen on this technology. It allows them to send programming signals to remote targets anytime, anywhere. It is not uncommon for abductees to be hypnotically programmed to travel to a dangerous location where they may be physically abducted.

So despite realm limitations, hostile forces are adept at leveraging their resources.

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Negative Attractors

The degree to which negative hyperdimensional forces manifest tangibly in one’s life varies with resonance.

Some people are more in tune with low frequency vibrations and experience the presence of negative entities far more objectively than those whose vibrations are primarily elsewhere in the spectrum; the latter encounter hostile forces far more subjectively, fleetingly, and ambiguously.

The greatest attractors of alien-related phenomena are,

  • fear
  • paranoia
  • jumpiness
  • obsession

These are lower frequency characteristics that make one reactive, easily predictable, and thus easily controllable. Abductees who experience the most indubitable variety of encounters with hostile entities are often neurotic, obsessed, fearful, and/or paranoid.

One could argue that having objective experiences of a horrifying nature would make one neurotic, but such experiences are merely the end result of a vicious cycle of frequency attracting experience and experience biasing one’s frequency.

At each turn of the cycle there is choice to regain control over one’s emotions and reactivity through the practice of nonchalance, calmness, and a positive attitude.

But some abductees are resistant, enjoy feeling “chosen”, and are not in favor of ending their alien encounters. Or perhaps they simply cannot escape suffering the karmic consequences of choices made in this life or previous ones, such as making a pact with the dark side.

The causal thread established by such a pact is difficult but not impossible to cut; doing so involves renouncing past agreements and raising one’s frequency and awareness.

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Realm Depressors

Consistently maintaining a high soul frequency is absolutely essential for staying out of trouble.

But this takes effort because we are immersed in ambient fields that can bias our own. Some of these fields are astrological in origin and fluctuate with the various lunar and planetary cycles. Other examples include the collective fields generated by physical or mental gatherings of individuals.

If these fields are sufficiently strong they can entrain the soul vibrations of those within their reach. For instance, the moon generates an extremely strong low frequency field within a few days of new or full, and this negatively biases the temperaments of people vulnerable to its influence. Reactivity rises and lessons of a highly abrasive emotional nature tend to increase around such times.

Not all these biasing fields are natural. Some can be technologically generated via fluctuating potential and superpotential fields. For instance, it may be possible for microwave towers to triangulate standing electromagnetic waves whose magnetic and electric field components cancel, leaving only an oscillating potential field capable of suppressing the aura and exacerbating emotional sensitivity.

The conductive grid formed by chemtrails can also create vibrating potential fields that suppress the mental and emotional balance as well as the auric integrity populations irradiated.

Sometimes it is not necessary to use such advanced methods… often cruder methods for manipulating thought and emotions are employed that simply throw neurochemical and hormonal levels off balance.

Nevertheless, it is important to remember that soul frequency can temporarily drop when overpowered by ambient sub-electromagnetic fields, such as when one is within the mental or physical proximity of a low frequency source. Of course it is possible to rebuff such influences if one is sufficiently aware, vitalized, and centered. When the ambient low frequency fields amplify, it feels like someone has turned up the “gravity” and more strength is needed to stay upright and balanced.

It is possible during such times to mentally connect with a higher frequency realm and thereby remain centered. This requires an inward meditation and contemplation of higher ideals and archetypes.

Other sources of frequency depressors include:

  • thunderstorms
  • direct psychic skirmishes between hyperdimensional factions
  • physical proximity to their crafts
  • psychic attacks
  • immediate presence of demonic astral entities or negative thoughtforms

Psychic attacks require that an entity use intent to get within mental proximity of a target and unleash a barrage of low frequency energy.

This attempts to overpower the target’s own field and achieve phase lock, after which causal forms of damage (as specified through visualization) may proceed.

Thunderstorms are physical reflections of the tension and release associated with realm dissonance and separation, thus the classic association between emotional tempests and atmospheric types. Preceding such storms, low frequency energy fields intensify. (Wilhelm Reich called this energy “deadly orgone.”)

Often this archetype of conflict extends into the hyperdimensional realms and correlates with battles taking place in other dimensions whose effects spill into our realm; thus our personal experiences often reflect “battles between the gods”. Interestingly, whether we succumb to lower frequencies or choose to “weather the storm” may affect the outcome of such hyperdimensional skirmishes.

For one realm to influence another requires some level of mutual entanglement. Some clouds reflect the presence of hyperdimensional ships hovering just beyond the dimensional veil.

These clouds tend to be geometric in shape.

Cloudships belonging to dark entities radiate an intense low frequency field that can induce feelings of doom or aggression in the population below and odd defensive behavior in animals.

The darker the energy, the more foreboding the cloud and violent the storms that precipitate.

Such ships tend to gather near critical points on the timeline where reality is most easily influenced to their advantage. By getting close enough to the place and time of an “interesting” region of the hologram, dark entities can more accurately read the local probable future trajectories and calculate what manipulations are necessary to ensure the most devastating probable future.

In the case of human disasters, this assists the greatest harvesting of lifeforce energy.

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Causal interactions involve exchanges of energy.

For two realms to exchange energy they must share some degree of resonance. The weaker the resonance, the more energy is needed for entities of one realm to directly affect those of another.

Negative entities are usually not in full resonance with their targets and are therefore limited in what they can directly do to them. However, with additional energy they can compensate for weak resonance and impact realms otherwise beyond their influence.

This energy is known as loosh, identically to:

  • the lifeforce energy harvested from human suffering
  • the emotional energy expended in the learning of lessons
  • the psychic energy expelled through prayer and ritual

For every frequency of vibration, the soul may emit loosh at that frequency.

A comparison may be drawn to laser energy of a particular color. Entities with low soul frequencies consume energy of a low frequency.

Not only does loosh fuel the expansion and crossing of realm boundaries as discussed earlier in context of learning lessons and surrogate motivators, but it allows negative entities to more strongly manifest in the realms of their targets. Loosh is a commodity in higher realms because it is the very fuel of transdimensional navigation and conquest.

Energy harvested from one region can be rerouted to another. For example, a natural disaster in one part of the world may provide negative entities with sufficient energy to penetrate the realms of targets elsewhere.

Other sources of energy include occult and religious rituals. Sunday worship provides “mass” amounts of energy and affords negative forces easier attack opportunities on Sunday than other days of the week.

The moon plays an important part in energy harvesting by depressing global frequencies twice a month and initiating a veritable feeding frenzy for negative entities; this is what Gurdjieff meant by mankind being food for the moon.

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Realm Breech

The ultimate objective of any hyperdimensional ambush is realm breech, the penetration through a realm boundary. Like a syringe breaking through skin, realm breech allows direct injection of disruptive influences into the target realm.

This operation consists of three steps:

  • stalking
  • baiting
  • bridging

Stalking is the act of reading the weaknesses of a target and moving into position to exploit those weaknesses.

This is achieved either through remote monitoring or direct sampling of the auric field. Methods of remote monitoring include remote viewing and data gathered through neural implants.

Remote viewing requires that the observer be within mental proximity of the target and have sufficient frequency bandwidth to access a good portion of the target’s probable futures. Hostile aliens and their subordinate human military factions occupy a narrow bandwidth and must use psychically talented abductees possessing greater bandwidth to remote view a wider range of probable futures.

Such abductees may either be teleported into an underground base or under hypnotic trance dictate information about assigned targets, or if implanted with remote mind programming technology they may be utilized as such while asleep in their beds.

Direct sampling of the auric field necessitates both physical proximity and a stimulated emission of vibratory energy. For instance, black helicopters outfitted with frequency sampling equipment may hover loudly near the target in order to induce a fear/panic reaction that stimulates the soul into giving off a measurable vibratory response.

At the very least this provides an immediate readout of one’s vulnerabilities, and at most it pushes one into deeper fear and paranoia that puts one further into their vibratory territory. The aura can also be sampled when a target interacts face-to-face with certain implanted individuals.

Once vulnerabilities are ascertained, the target may be programmed accordingly and baited into dropping his or her frequency, committing self-sabotage, and attracting through realm boundary gaps a disruptive variety of learning lessons. Overreaction to these disruptive experiences may further drop frequency and allow for a more intensive round of programming and baiting. Through this process the programmers can run a careless target into the ground.

A common form of realm baiting involves strangeness for the sake of strangeness, weird experiences that have no point other than to arouse obsessive intrigue in the target.

For the unfortunate recipients, curiosity leads nowhere but further into the trap. That these inexplicable or mysterious experiences are real is undeniable, however they are often decoys void of deeper significance. Trying to find that deeper meaning is simply opening the door to more of the same, and in this way life can get strange indeed and madness is not an uncommon result.

Every drop in frequency drops another bridge across the castle moat.

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According to Jung, synchronicities are meaningful coincidences.

They function as waking dream symbols and communicate the presence of something significant beneath the threshold of conscious awareness. Synchronicities tend to appear during hyperdimensional activity or prior to emotionally charged events and expansions in awareness. In general, they are precursors to either realm expansion or realm breech.

Moving realm boundaries generate shockwaves that radiate spherically into the surrounding holographic region. An emotional experience several hours in the future may send shockwaves backward in time, which upon impacting the present realm induces vibrations that resonate and attract corresponding synchronicities.

These meaningful coincidences share the same archetypal basis as the emotional event having generated the shockwave; the wave shares the frequency of its source. Thus synchronicities often precede learning experiences and carry a symbolic nature that reflects the nature of the impending event.

In fact, any perturbation in the realm boundary will inevitably generate precursor synchronicities that give information about the source of disturbance.

A looming realm breech, for instance, will be preceded by foreboding synchronicities such as omens or the sighting of certain warning numbers. Because the archetype filters through a symbolic lexicon before manifesting, the same warning may manifest differently for different people depending on what symbols they find meaningful.

Some symbols are more universal than others. Interpreting them should be handled no differently than interpreting dream symbols.

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When numerous people share the same environment, their collective field attracts a coordinated set of experiences.

This means one probable future manifests for all that somehow accommodates the learning requirements of each individual. The greater the dissonance between individuals contributing to a collective field, the more contorted and improbable this future must be to smooth out any discontinuities.

Reality can get strange when one’s vibratory spectrum is significantly out of synch with that of the environment. Consider people who either temporarily or chronically obsessive and paranoid about alien abductions, government monitoring, or the matrix control system.

For reasons already explained, they may attract blatant forms of harassment and a plethora of unusual paranormal phenomena most people cannot fathom much less believe. What if they enter a collective realm whose vibratory spectrum is very different from their own, say someplace public with lots of average people requiring relatively mundane experience?

Then reality will contort to accommodate both realms, though sometimes without much success when uncanny glitches arise indicating cracks in the illusion. Instead of seeing aliens or demonic entities in public, which would surely scare the hell out of everyone else as well, their experiences of monitoring and harassment will come through elements that seem ordinary to ordinary people.

This way both can have their realm and live it too. They may hear a random person mumble cryptic phrases a bit too uncanny to be mere coincidence, they may notice people watching and following them, they may encounter harassers whose eyes indicate the momentary presence of a demonic being.

But to everyone else these vehicles of harassment seem like ordinary characters: the homeless man by the gas station seemingly asking someone for change, the group of diners near engaging in a bit of people-watching, the guy serving coffee getting a bit cranky at some customer.

Schizophrenia aside, these disturbing experiences are very real and can be logged as objective evidence, though attempting to do so often negates their ability to manifest. Objective proof is that which can bring the experiences of one realm forcibly into another, bypassing the learning process and violating freewill.

But improbable experiences need not be negative. One can have a high frequency and attract experiences that are strangely positive with things just working out. Something as simple as getting nothing but green lights all the way to a destination is significant to the one experiencing it, but to all others just another car went by.

If the discontinuity is extreme, one meets the strangest positive synchronicities and helpful characters.

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Prime Numbers as Archetypal Realms

Another way to understand how realms coordinate is to think in terms of numbers.

Since frequency is but a number, we can assign a unique number to any unique realm to represent the wavelength of its fundamental vibration.

Recall that phase lock is necessary for entities of one realm to interact with those of another – waves can only lock into alignment if they match up, even if only periodically. This periodic interval is simply the least common multiple of their various wavelengths. The least common multiple of several realm numbers represents the number of their collective realm.

Through this collective realm, subsets can enter into mutual phase lock because they all “fit” into its number. For instance, realms 2 and 3 fit perfectly into collective realm 6. Realms 7, 9, and 11 fit perfectly into collective realm 693.

Higher realm numbers indicate lower probability and less harmony, greater discontinuity and contortion. How this meshes with strange experiences brought on by frequency discontinuities is illustrated as follows: consider a collective field formed by individuals in realms 2, 4, and 5. The collective field is 20, quite an ordinary number.

Then let’s say someone with realm 53 enters. The collective field jumps to 1060 to accommodate all, indicating quite a high level of improbability and strangeness. This simply means that a far less probable future is attracted when there is abrasion between vibrations. It also illustrates why dissonance between individuals brings about improbable scenarios of confrontation and separation.

Notice that some numbers fit into others. Realm 13 fits into realm 39 for instance. Qualitatively speaking, this says that the latter is a subset of the first. Individuals in realm 13 can enter realm 39 but not vice versa. To illustrate, we in the third dimension may occupy realm 39 while hyperdimensional beings are native to realm 13  –  they can choose to phase lock with us if they so desire, or remain beyond our range of perception.

Lower realm number means shorter wavelength and higher frequency.

The realm number of physical existence itself must be astronomically large due to the participation of unfathomable varieties of conscious life. This of course means the vibration of physicality has the longest wavelength and the lowest frequency.

Physical existence is the ultimate subset of all realms. It is the arena through which beings can choose to engage in mutual causal interaction. The collective realm of all consciousness in this universe may be large, but it is not infinite. So the frequency of physicality is infinitesimal but not identically zero, hence the existence of zero point energy.

Prime numbers (1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, etc…) are only divisible by 1 and themselves. Obviously, realms with prime number wavelengths are the most fundamental realms. They are the primary ones, all other realms are subordinate subsets.

Prime numbers therefore relate to the “eigen frequencies” of Creation. Each prime number represents a single universal archetype whose harmonic multiples generate the various realms and probable futures associated with that archetype. For instance, if 3 is the fundamental realm of joy, then realms 3, 6, 9, 12, etc… are realms where joy is the fundamental keynote of vibration, though each realm encompasses a different expression of joy that gets more distorted with higher realm numbers.

The above is simplified.

Realistically speaking, we as individuals have a spectrum of frequencies and thus a spectrum of realm numbers defining our personal realm. Prime number components represent lessons we have fully mastered, while non-prime components are those we have yet to learn. Learning is cyclical, each archetype revisited with greater clarity and accuracy than before.

The grand cycle of spiritual evolution starts with the highest realm number and converges upon the lowest. Lowest prime is the Creator.

Highest prime is the demiurge Ormethion who stirs at the threshold of oblivion. Realm 1 vibrates with the archetype of infinite love; it is home of the Prime Creator. It is the primary realm; all others are subsets.

Just as 1 divides into all, so does the Creator preside over all.

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The Shift

The world is now experiencing a parting of ways between sectors of the population no longer resonating with each other. It is a realm split, a cleaving of collective fields into several smaller ones.

Experiential catalysts are pushing people off the fence, forcing them to discover who they truly are and what they stand for. Their soul vibrations are purifying and intensifying, bringing a retreat from the superfluous and a return to destiny.

What was once an emulsified mixture of diverse realms is separating into layers, and when the cup tilts it will be the lowest density layers that spill down the drain.

The polarization phenomenon begins with mutual disinterest between individuals of uncommon paths. There may be confrontation and separation, or circumstance may simply bring a gentle parting of ways. But as time goes on and people gather into their most harmonious collective realms, the chasm between these realms will run so deep that eventually even the collective sharing of perception and experience will be severed.

The learning requirements of each collective realm may become so mutually contradictory that they can no longer share the same space, the same timeline, the same density.

This would entail a timeline split, each major realm following a different trajectory into the future that best accommodates the collective learning needs of its inhabitants. What tilts the cup remains to be seen.

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Frequency Anchors

Of course not all is predestined. There are chaotic factors left to freewill.

Some hyperdimensional forces aware of the impending shift are counting on mass frequency suppression to lock mankind into a probable future where these forces reap maximum energy harvest and retain control, whether in this density or the next. This may involve anything from mass loss of life to genetic assimilation and spiritual enslavement.

A collective choice to elect such a scenario would acquiesce sufficient freewill to give such forces free reign to rewrite history in order to expand and solidify control in the present and future. To an extent this has already occurred and the world as we know it today is the end result of the most recent timeline revision.

And yet time marches on and the “final” future is still open.

This brings us to what we as individuals can do. The wiser sources say we should simply be ourselves, remember who we are and radiate the essence of our soul. Indeed, we are frequency anchors. The vibration we hold determines the realm we establish, and our realm contributes to the collective realm.

There are frequencies of suppression and frequencies of liberation. By exultantly living from your heart you not only set an example for others, you also help lift the heaviness of the local and global collective realm. Nothing lifts gravity like levity and love.

This assists those who would otherwise be subconsciously crushed by the prevailing low frequency fields. It is commendable to take action and do something when called, but in the meantime simply hanging onto your center is enough. This sets you on the high path beyond the reach and sight of darker elements and clears the path for others to come with you.

Keep your poise through the turbulence and cling tightly onto your mast when the sirens beckon you overboard.

Shine as a lighthouse amidst the fog.

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