The Aviary- A Group of Powerful Insiders

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“Embraced worldwide as key spiritual teachers of our times, the Pleiadians are back, with another bold and controversial look at our highest purpose on Earth. Earth: Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library is their handbook to inspired living, calling on us to restore and return value to the human being, and to recognize the Goddess energies and the power of blood as connections to our DNA and our heritage.

Using wit, wisdom, and deep compassion, they entice us to explore the corridors of time through the concept of the Game Masters; to awaken the crucial codes for multidimensional perspective; and to redream the Living Library of Earth. Their teachings are significantly arranged in twelve chapters to trigger a deeper understanding of our ancestral lineage. Earth probes the memories hidden deep within us to reveal our crucial roles in the transformational process unfolding in our times. “

– Barbara Marciniak – Earth: Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library Paperback – November 1, 1994 (available on Amazon)

Brother ScottyDr. C.B. Scott Jones, Ph.D.

Courtesy of HUFON REPORT, the newsletter of the Houston UFO Network

(available from HUFON, PO Box 942, Bellaire TX 77402-0942)

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Our Elusive and Enigmatic Brother
New Age Deep Cover Congressional Mole
and Holy Rockefellerian Funding Conduit


The Falcon, the SnowMan and the Chickadee

Of the Foul Aviarian Bird our Dear Brother Boylan hath written:


Cmdr. C.B. Scott Jones, Ph.D., USN (Ret.), former officer with the Office of Naval intelligence and other agencies; 30 years service in U.S. intelligence overseas; involved in government research and development projects for the Defense Nuclear Agency, Defense Intelligence Agency, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, and other organizations; former aide to Sen. Claiborne Pell, who has had a long-standing interest in UFOs and the paranormal and has tried to arrange Congressional hearings on UFOs.

Yet lovingly contradicting our Brother Rich, Brother Armen Victorian hath noted the following in his Holy Article entitled “PSYCHIC WARFARE & NON-LETHAL WEAPONS;”

Alexander and C.B. Jones are members of the AVIARY, a group of intelligence and Department of Defense officers and scientists with a brief to discredit any serious research in the UFO field. Each member of the Aviary bears a bird’s name. Jones is FALCON; John Alexander is PENGUIN.

And, in a taped telephone conversation with Brother Scotty on August 17, 1992, he hath Documented Brother Jones’ Many Holy Communications with our Cetacean Brethren, the Little Grey Dolphins:

Alexander is also a past President and a Board member of the International Association for Near Death Studies; and, with his former wife, Jan Northup, he helped Dr C.B. Scott Jones perform ESP experiments with dolphins.

Our Dear Brother Farley then added Fuel to the Holy Jonesian Fyre by recently referring to Brother Scotty as an “SRI & Rockefeller funded mindwarper” and made public note of his “linkages via the Inst. of Noetic Sciences; (W. Harman); the SRI gangsters and their Washington, DC area coven: including Scott Jones…”

While elsewhere Brother Farley hath astutely noted:

Also Dale Graff, former in-house DIA “CRV” link, & principal DIA-to-Capitol Hill connection via Scott Jones. Graff is retired & “consulting.” Graff alleged (by Smith, Guiley, Jones, to be DIA’s top “practioner” or “analyst” of Dark Side ventures, as [Maj.] Ed Dames [ PSI-TECH Holy Remote Viewer & Friend of the Martians -B:.B:.] said happend in Dames’ TV appearance (on Discovery Channel, and British TV, said program written by alleged CIA scholar Dr. Jim Schnabel as deflection and “cover.”

On Schnabel’s show, Dames alleged that “Dark Side” remote viewing, thought projection, mind-bending and/or dream implantation (techniques as gleaned from studies of “wicca,” aided by [Rosemary Ellen] Guiley and outside-funded by ???), had been tried by “others” than Dames in DIA/Army “CRV” programs. Believe what you will.

Yet — horror of horrors — Brother Scotty hath Blown his Holy Cover and thereby Blown his Holy Funding thusly:

…Laurance Rockefellerfunded© C.B. Jones’ and [Sen. Claiborne] Pell’s Human Potential Foundation, (although Prince Hans Adam bailed out, after a tiff between Jones and Budd Hopkins got public enough that Hans Adam’s hand & money became public knowledge… the Prince told Jones, “You’re too dangerous, and I’m going to tell Claiborne” (Pell), in a July ’92 letter notifying Jones that the Prince was no longer going to fund Jones’ activities. (Before Human Potential Foundation, the Prince had channelled modest dollars, as had L. Rockefeller, for Jones’ activities via Jones “family controlled” non-profit Center for Applied Anomalous Phenomena. All of this can be quoted; and you may source this online analysis. Documentation is in hand, as well as obtainable via IRS-Exempt Organizations Branch, headquartered in Baltimore.

And in yet another Holy Breach of National Security, Brother Boylan hath ratted off his Brother Daniel thusly:

An informant I call Beltway Throat (BT) [we call him Dan Smith -B:.B:.], who lives in the shadow of the power center of the world (Washington, D.C., in case you thought it was Sedona), reports on his recent interview with Chickadee of the Aviary, (the retired Naval intelligence Commander C.B. Scott Jones, Ph.D.) Dr. Jones has reportedly provided BT with additional details concerning events which the Aviary believe are upcoming.

It is reported that the predicted extraterrestrial landing on Thursday, April 24, 1997 is a precursor to a 1998 series of cataclysms. Furthermore, the 1997 Landing is the last chance for The Powers That Be (human governments) to allow their populations to know about extraterrestrial visitation; otherwise, the ETs will not be able to assist humankind in mitigating and surviving the 1998 cataclysm series.

BT says that the U.S. Power Structure is aware of the warnings about the 1998 cataclysm series.

Massive human and planetary destruction is the default course of events; unless we (our governments) invite the ETs to appear openly on Earth, the ETs will not be able to prevent/mitigate the 1998 cataclysm series. The ETs want to be invited in a peaceful way. They are not going to impose themselves on us forcibly.

BT did not go into detail about the nature of the 1998 cataclysm series, except to say that it is composed of events partially of technological origin [Indeed, how do you spell HAARP…? -B:.B:.] and partially of natural causes. When I suggested that the 1998 cataclysm series could include massive seismic events, increased volcanism, global-warming weather extremes and enlarging ozone-hole radiation effects, BT did not dispute that view.

Dr. Jones’s opinion is reportedly that the resistance to admitting extraterrestrial visitation is significant in the Developed Countries, but that many in the Aviary worry about tyrants in the third World countries, who would violently resist the threat to the status quo (theirs) presented by open acknowledgment of extraterrestrial presence.

Commander Jones reportedly offered two scenarios of how the aviary would deal with the reported extraterrestrial landing on April 24, 1997:

Scenario One would have a coalition of Insiders (the MJ-12 leadership, the Aviary, and Las Vegas billionaire Robert Bigelow’s NIDS Institute) constitute an elite contact group, who would be self-appointed as earth’s representatives, and negotiate with the extraterrestrials during the Landing. I strongly protested that such an elitist approach as Scenario One would be repudiated by both humans and the Extraterrestrials.

Scenario Two, according to BT, would be that a “Blue Ribbon Panel” be set up as the Contact Team to negotiate between ETs and humans. I emphasized that such a Blue Ribbon Panel would need to be broadly representative of the peoples of the earth, and should be democratically selected with worldwide membership, such as the United Nations could do. BT sounded diffident that the U.N. would undertake such an effort.

BT said that Dr. Jones passed on the rumor that Christ was an ET, and that the returning ETs might present the Christ Consciousness figure to the christian world. Christians in turn might become so taken with the Returning Christ event, that they ignore taking direction from their governmental leaders, thus leading to social chaos. [We at the Lodge often wonder how such allegedly bright individuals can be so profoundly stupid. -B:.B:.] I pointed out to BT that the original Christ avoided getting involved in the secular government of his day, and advised people to “render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s”; i.e., acknowledged that government had its place.

BT said that there is a rumor that Bob Bigelow’s NIDS Institute has a UFO artifact, and will be bringing that into public view as an attention-getting device, to make the public aware and focus in on the UFO/ET phenomenon. There is the possibility, in my opinion, that such waving around of a piece of a UFO could manipulate people into giving the MJ-12/Aviary/Bigelow NIDS Institute undue power to negotiate with the extraterrestrials on behalf of the rest of us.

Thus far the Aviary “leaks” for now.

And, of course, we dredged up the following seminal study:

Will the Real Scott Jones Please Stand Up?

A profile on the most ubiquitous character in ufology and parapsychology
by Robert J. Durant

The purpose of this monograph is to sing the praises of the Renaissance Man of the Paranormal, Cecil B. Scott Jones, Ph.D.

If your field is ufology, you know Scott as a mover, shaker, organizer and confidante of some of the central figures in UFO research. And if you are a parapsychologist, you recognize the same face from countless symposia, boards of directors, and the like. Ufologists and parapsychologists seldom communicate, and even more rarely do they attend each other’s meetings. So it comes as a shock to each group to learn that Scott has a foot so firmly planted in the “other” arena.

His interest in these fields appears to have been triggered by personal experience. Scott describes his UFO sighting, which took place when he was a Navy fighter pilot in the Korean War, thus:

“As I rolled into a split-S to descend to low altitude from around 30,000 feet, I saw a silver disc directly overhead”

(“Advanced Aerial Devices Reported During The Korean War”, R. F. Haines, LDA Press, Los Altos, CA, 1990, Page 54).

He also had a “parapsychological” experience, which he describes in these vague terms:

“When I retired from the Navy, as a result of something that happened to me, in the Navy, which was parapsychological in nature, I decided that there would be interest and there might be a commercial application, if what I was calling then ‘applied psychic phenomena’ was understood, and could be used in certain circumstances” (Lecture, Society for Psychical Research, England, 2 November 1990).


Scott’s “clout” in ufology can perhaps be illustrated by a brief summary of his activities at the TREAT II conference in January, 1990, at the Blacksburg, Virginia campus of Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University (Virginia Tech).

For you parapsychologists, TREAT stands for Treatment and Research of Experienced Anomalous Trauma. And that is crypto for UFO abduction research.

About 70 investigators, including many research psychologists, clinicians, MDs, physicists and assorted intellectuals who take the abduction phenomenon very seriously met for five days to share ideas. This was by invitation only — no publicity desired or allowed. Scott chaired a panel, conferred with the university sponsors, acted as liaison with the Prince of Liechtenstein (who was the major benefactor of the conference), and conferred on strategic organizational issues with Walter Andrus, the leader of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), and John Schuessler, Andrus’ close ufological associate and second-in-command.

TREAT was organized by Rima Laibow, MD, a psychiatrist determined to get mainstream attention for the abduction puzzle. She is the obvious and very visible leader, but Scott is never far.

Laibow is a very energetic person and the center of violent controversy in abduction research circles. Previously a close associate of Budd Hopkins, Laibow is reported to be an abductee. She is also very well connected and has an exceptional “network” extending into Europe and the Soviet Union. If you can get close to Laibow, you are close to the state-of-the-art in abduction research. Scott stays close.

In the fall of 1990, they lectured together in England. As late as the summer of 1991, Jones and Laibow were planning a yachting excursion together with Col. John Alexander (retired from the U.S. Army) to investigate anomalies in the Bahamas.

Similarly, Jones was very familiar with Andrus and Schuessler prior to TREAT, and presumably remains on the closest terms with them. Andrus is retired and devotes all his time to running MUFON. Thus Jones is on the inside with respect to data collected by MUFON. In 1989, MUFON appointed Jones as a Special Consultant in International Relations, formalizing the relationship.

A cynic might ask if Scott’s activitles could suggest something other than a very active interest in the UFO mystery. The cynic could point out that he has insinuated himself into the inner sanctums of UFO research, has the ear of policy makers, and is in a position to monitor developments in all critical areas of study. A breakthrough in civilian ufology, such as the unambiguous identification of an alien artifact, would come to his attention almost at once. A policy decision concerning the disposition of the hypothetical artifact would probably not be taken before consulting with Scott.

It is interesting to note that Scott is a cipher to the average UFO researcher or enthusiast. That is, the perhaps three or four thousand people who follow the subject with some diligence over a protracted period of time, can easily recognize the names of probably 50 or so individuals who have made contributions to ufology or are “important” people in the field. But they would be puzzled if asked to identify C.B. Scott Jones.

Scott rarely puts anything on paper, preferring instead to work behind the scenes, keeping in touch via telephone or personal visit. He attends most conferences of note, and goes to great lengths, in the literal geographical sense, to meet not only researchers but important witnesses. He has shown particular interest in spending time with abductees in recent years. But unlike so many others in ufology who rush to the typewriter to broadcast their opinions, Scott keeps his own quiet counsel. Thus, he provides us all with an uplifting example of humility.

In a departure from his usual rule against publishing, Scott presented a paper at the 1991 conference of the Mutual UFO Network. The title was “Government UFO Connections.” Those who were advised in advance of the title, and who knew something of Scott’s background, thought the paper would contain a spectacular revelation.

In a sense, it did, but more on that later.


Scott Jones has been a fixture at parapsychology symposia ranging from the most august academic gatherings to New Age meetings and those of the human potential movement at least since the mid-1970s, when he organized a parapsychology conference in Casper, Wyoming.

Among the conferences he has attended are those of the Parapsychological Association, the American Society for Psychical Research, the Society for Scientific Exploration, the Southeastern Regional Parapsychological Association, the Association for Research and Enlightenment, the Society for Psychical Research, the International Forum on New Science, and the Archaeus Congress, to name a few.

In 1983, a firm called Kaman Tempo, specializing in “think tank” intelligence analysis for the U.S. Government, organized a seminar on parapsychological applications. The seminar was attended by a number of federal employees. A formal proceedings of the seminar was published, with Jones as editor. In his sparse remarks, Jones made clear his very wide network of federal contacts, and intimated that he was the organizer of the seminar. This was certainly an auspicious start for someone who was just beginning to be noticed by insiders in parapsychology.

Scott has been on the Board of Trustees of the American Society for Psychical Research (ASPR) since 1985, and now serves as its President. The ASPR was founded more than a century ago, and is the oldest organization in the U.S. to publish a refereed scientific journal in parapsychology. Complaints have been aired about his stewardship of the ASPR. These include charges that he is attempting to remove professional researchers from the Board of Trustees, replacing them with individuals who are more pliant to Jones’ personal agenda for the organization.

As in the field of ufology, one searches in vain for significant published material from the hand of Scott Jones. It appears that his only contribution to a parapsychological journal is a review of John White’s “Psychic Warfare Fact or Fiction?” for the June 1989 issue of the “Journal of Parapsychology.”

Biographical Notes

Scott Jones was born in 1928, and lived at least part of his childhood between Gulfport and Biloxi, Mississippi.

He joined the U.S. Navy in about 1946. Following flight training in the Aviation Midshipman Program, he was commissioned in 1950. He was a career officer in the U.S. Navy, serving during the Korean War as a fighter pilot, which included two combat tours in VF-191, flying the F9F-2 Panther from the USS Princeton.

He served in Naval Intelligence for approximately 15 years, including assignments with Carrier Division 14, and as Assistant Naval Attache, New Delhi, India, and Kathmandu, Nepal in the 1960s. He collected intelligence and provided intelligence support throughout Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa.

Jones has briefed the President’s Scientific Advisory Committee, and has testified before House and Senate committees on intelligence matters.

He retired from Naval Intelligence around 1976.

Jones received an A.B. in Government from George Washington University in 1961, an M.A. in Government and Politics from the University of Maryland in 1963, and a Ph.D. in International Studies from American University in 1975, with a dissertation entitled “How The Indian Lok Sabha Handles Defense Matters: An Institutional Study.” He taught political science for three years at Casper College, Casper, Wyoming, and the University of Wyoming at Laramie, Wyoming.

He has stated that he worked during the period following his Navy career for “several” companies, including R.F. Cross Associates, Ltd., of Alexandria, Virginia, and Kaman Tempo, “A Division of Kaman Sciences Corporation,” in Alexandria, Virginia.

His MUFON biographical sketch states that in his post-Navy career, he “worked in the private sector research and development community involved in the U.S. Government sponsored projects for the Defense Nuclear Agency, Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), and U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command” (INSCOM).

In 1985, Scott came in from the cold in a big way. Senator Claiborne Pell of Rhode Island, Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and one of the most senior politicians on Capitol Hill, appointed him to a position as Special Assistant. From this very prestigious vantage, Scott continued to do exactly what he had been doing before, which is to say making the rounds of ufological and parapsychological meetings. He was always available, either at the Senate office he used in Washington thanks to the Senator’s largesse, or on the road. It is not clear whether Jones ever did ordinary “aide” work. Rather, it seems that he devoted himself entirely to the field of paranormal inquiry.

It is quite an exceptional situation that Jones found, and one that most of us in anomalies research would envy. The taxpayers of Rhode Island seem not to have noticed, and the December 5, 1988, issue of “U.S. News & World Report,” which devoted a great deal of space to New Age belief in the halls of Congress, mentioned Pell and his protege Jones, but failed to note that Jones was on the government payroll primarily as a psychic/UFO facilitator.

In March of 1991, there came a parting of the ways, and Scott left the employ of Senator Pell, but not the field of the paranormal. He is now at his new organization, the Human Potential Foundation. With his assistant Menelika McCarthy, Scott continues to do that which he has done so well for the last decade. His foundation is ensconced in the resplendent offices of Sandground Barondess and West, P.C., at what is perhaps the most prestigious address in an area of fine office buidings on the Washington beltway.

Clark Sandground and Claiborne Pell serve on the board of the foundation, which is reportedly funded by Laurance Rockefeller.


Among the organizations with which Scott has been affiliated at one time or another, and of which there is some kind of public record, are these:

  • Center For Applied Anomalous Phenomena – 6435 Shady Lane, Falls Church, VA 22042-2335. Telephone: (703) 534-2423. Scott Jones, Founder. Jones states that his work is supported by the Center.
  • Human Potential Foundation – 8000 Towers Crescent Drive, Suite 600., Vienna VA 22182. Telephone: (703) 761-4281;fax:(703) 761-4249. Scott Jones, President. Established in 1989. Support comes from Claiborne Pell and Laurance Rockefeller.
  • American Society for Psychical Research – 5 West 73rd Street, New York, NY 10023. Telephone: (212) 799-5050. Jones has been on the Board of Trustees since 1985; he now serves as President.
  • Parapsychological Association P.0. Box 12236, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709. Telephone: (919) 688-8241. This is the professional association of parapsychologists. Jones has been an associate member since 1984.
  • Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). 103 Oldtowne Road, Seguin, TX 78155-4099. Telephone: (512) 379-9216. Jones was appointed Consultant in International Relations in 1989.
  • Mid-Point – P.0. Box 246, 128 Main Street, So., Bridgewater, CT 06752. Telephone: (203) 354-5948. This is a small organization whose purpose is to do research with dolphins and apply the findings to other areas of endeavor. Jones serves on the Board of Advisors.
  • R.F. Cross Associates, Ltd. – Alexandria, VA. [Directory assistance now has no listing for that organization]. Jones served as research director.
  • Kaman Tempo – 2560 Huntington Avenue, Suite 500, Alexandria, VA 22303. [Directory assistance now has no listing for this organization, but lists a Kaman Sciences company in Alexandria, VA.]. Jones served as a research scientist.
  • Atlantic University – 67th Street and Atlantic Avenue, P.0. Box 595, Virginia Beach, VA 23451. Telephone: (804) 428-3588. This unaccredited university is affiliated with the Edgar Cayce Foundation. Jones serves on the Board of Directors.
  • Quest Institute – P.0. Box 3265, Charlottesville, VA 22903. Telephone: (804) 295-3377. This institute sponsors educational programs in New Age areas. Jones serves on the Board of Directors.


Few scientists or academicians have the ability to travel the way Scott does.

There is literally no significant conference in ufology or parapsychology in any part of the world that seems beyond the means of Scott Jones to visit. In addition to trips throughout the United States, Jones has gone to China, the U.S.S.R., the U.K., Continental and Eastern Europe, and South America, all in connection with paranormal research.

It would probably be rude to inquire about the source of funds for all this globe trotting (and what Scott’s “funders” expect to gain).


Scott’s unique position on the staff of one of the ranking members of the U.S. Senate (Claiborne Pell) has been discussed above.

The official connection alone is enough to guarantee easy access to the widest range of government agencies and private organizations at the executive level. Beyond that, Senator Pell’s personal network, firmly based on his credentials as an Eastern Establishment aristocrat, was at the disposal of Jones. It is difficult to imagine any door that could not be opened by this awesome combination.

Scott often escorted Prince Hans-Adam of Liechtenstein, a very wealthy European with a long-standing interest in the paranormal. Together, they visited parapsychological laboratories and UFO conferences. According to the “Sunday Times of India” for August 4, 1991, “Hans-Adam controls 97% of the voting rights and 85% of the share capital of the Bank of Liechtenstein, which in turn controls the $3.3 billion GT Management of London. The personality magazine “Special Report” (November 1990-January 1991) described the Prince as “Heir to the last remnant of the Holy Roman Empire.”

Recently, in a bizarre turn of events that was reported in several outlets including “Harpers Magazine” (January 1991, page 25), a personal letter from Scott to “Dear Dick” Cheney, the Secretary of Defense, was published. That Jones should be in a position to write a letter to the Secretary and address him as “Dick” is illuminating.

One would suppose that all this “clout” would result in a tangible flow of money into the accounts of laboratories and individuals engaged in paranormal research. Oddly, this does not seem to be the case. In the last three years, two major para-psychological laboratories have closed due to lack of funds. Scott was well familiar with their work and their plight, but was unable to help.

Scott enjoys considerable support, even luxury, in his own pursuit of paranormal inquiry. Yet the ASPR, of which he is president, is widely known to be in dire financial straits. The flow of information and money appears to be to Scott, not from him.


A number of intriguing rumors have been circulated by Scott watchers:

  • That Jones has approached professional parapsychological researchers and questioned them about how best to recruit and utilize psychics for military intelligence gathering.
  • That Jones has visited an enormous number of psychics for “readings.”
  • That Jones has taken a number of psychic development courses.
  • That for many years Jones has been involved with classified research on electronic mind control.

In the fall of 1988 a television documentary entitled “UFO Coverup? – Live” was shown throughout the U.S.

The program featured “revelations” from alleged intelligence agents about aliens enjoying the hospitality of the government at an unnamed Air Force base. This program is considered to be a classic instance of UFO disinformation. Rumor has it that, two years prior to this, Jones had approached media representatives about doing a show about UFOs, and that he had offered to provide secret information from the government for the program.

Among some of the New Agers who have been in Scott’s company, he has acquired a reputation for having an extraordinary memory. It is said that he can uncannily repeat, word for word, conversations that took place long before. This is done without the benefit of notes or a tape recorder, and is said to occur in instances where witnesses to the conversation thought he wasn’t even paying attention.

This gift must have been useful to Scott in his intelligence career.


Jones has conducted his own dolphin telepathy studies along with Colonel John Alexander and Theodore Rockwell, a prominent (Who’s Who) nuclear engineer who has worked on naval nuclear propulsion systems and who also serves as vice president of the U.S. Psychotronics Association.

Although Scott has been rather shy when it comes to committing his ideas to paper, he has, on a few occasions, made informal presentations at parapsychology conferences. The most notable of these was his description of his dolphin telepathy experiments, which he describes as “interspecies communication.”

The reception from the general audience was warm, but some professionals were appalled by what they perceived as the lack of scientific basis for Scott’s claims.

Scott displayed marvelous creativity when he enthusiastically urged that dolphins be channeled in order to locate the remains of crashed flying saucers. In one bold stroke he thereupon melded the previously disparate disciplines of ufology and parapsychology.

‘Government UFO Connections’

This is the title of the paper delivered by Scott Jones to the seven hundred ufologists assembled at the 1991 MUFON symposium in Chicago.

It should also, perhaps, be the sign on the various doors of Scott Jones’ various offices during the past ten years. Just a bit more paint would tell the whole story: “Government UFO/Psi Connections – Walk In.”

The MUFON paper trudges through Poly Sci 101, outlining the tensions that exist between the legislative and the executive branches of our government. We read every word, waiting for the bombshell. Scott goes to China, with full Senate portfolio, and asks about UFO reports. Somehow, the Chinese think he is there to share information!

As Jones tells the story in his 1991 Omega Conference speech,

“They could not believe that someone who was truly a Special Assistant to a very senior U.S. Senator would ask for an appointment to talk about UFOs and then pretend not to know what his government was doing in the field.”

When it becomes obvious that Scott is not forthcoming about what the U.S. Government knows about UFOs, the Chinese respond in kind and give him pieces of metal that, they assert (in veiled Oriental fashion), may, or may not, come from a crashed disc.

Next, Scott walks us through a detailed metallurgical analysis that proves the metal to be the entirely terrestrial debris from an electrical power transmission tower. Perhaps Scott’s presentation could be construed as a subtle advertisement for his access to high-tech analysis capabilities (Message: contact Scott at once if you have suspected alien material for analysis).

Worried, but still anticipating, we come to the bottom line: Scott has to confess to ufologists, Chinese, American or whatever, that he “…honestly did not know of any activity of the U.S. Government” in the field of UFOs (page 176).

This statement should be received with amusement by ufologists.

Two credible books have been written about the massive documentation that has been uncovered, through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and other sources, detailing covert federal interest in UFO reports and the activities of UFO researchers and organizations (“Clear Intent”, Fawcett & Greenwood, Prentice-Hall, 1984, and “Revelations”, Jacques Vallee, Ballantine, 1991).

There is overwhelming evidence that personnel from the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI), a counter-intelligence organization, have for years been involved in disinformation activities in the UFO field.


Article in 1995

Nexus Magazine, Australia

from GovernmentMindControl Website

I received an email from Filip Coppen, the editor of Frontier 2000, an alternative magazine in Belgium, that he was doing an article on the Crystal Skulls and asked if I was interested to participate (last year, April, 1995). He told me he was molding his article after one published by NEXUS magazine, out of Australia. I asked Filip to send me a copy of this article and discovered that I had been quoted about the crystal skulls. So I had an interest to learn more about the publication.

Later in the summer, the editor of NEXUS, Duncan Roads, was visiting near where we lived in Chicago so I had a chance to speak to him on the phone. Duncan is very dedicated to sharing information about the Global Transformation and events happening behind the scenes. Next, while we were participating at the Festival for Body-Mind-Spirit with a booth about our trips to Peru and Crystal Skulls (our friend Joke brought two of her crystal skulls with), Duncan also had a booth, so we finally had a chance to meet.

I found Duncan a very dedicated research and easy to talk to as well as being very thorough in his investigations.

So I thought it would be good for our readers to read an article published in NEXUS, sent to the SNET mailing list that gives more background about the Aviary that Richard Boylan is discussing.


The AviaryAn Article by Nexus

by Armen Victorian

The weapons of tomorrow will not only be aimed at hitting your body…

they will also be aimed at your mind.

The following information is shared with permission from NEXUS Magazine. For inquiries and subscription information, contact NEXUS in the U.S. at (815)-253-6300, in Australia at +61-74-429-381, in Europe at +31-513-35567.

NEXUS recognizes that humanity is undergoing a massive transformation. With this in mind, NEXUS seeks to provide “hard-to-get” information, so as to assist people through these changes. NEXUS is not linked to any religious, philosophical, or political ideology or organization.

Editor: Duncan M. Roads

On April 22, 1993, both BBC1 and BBC2 showed on their main evening news bulletins a rather lengthy piece concerning America’s latest development in weaponry–the non-lethal weapons concept. David Shukman, BBC Defense Correspondent, interviewed (Retired) US Army Colonel John B. Alexander and Janet Morris, two of the main proponents of the concept.

The concept of non-lethal Weapons is not new. Non-lethal weapons have been used by the intelligence, police and defense establishments in the past. Several western governments have used a variety of non-lethal weapons in a more discreet and covert manner. It seems that the US government is about to take the first step towards their open use.

The current interest in the concept of non-lethal weapons began about a decade ago with John Alexander. In December 1980 he published an article in the US Army’s journal, Military Review, “The New Mental Battlefield“, referring to claims that telepathy could be used to interfere with the brain’s electrical activity. This caught the attention of senior Army generals who encouraged him to pursue what they termed “soft option kill” technologies.

After retiring from the Army in 1988, Alexander joined the Los Alamos National Laboratories and began working with Janet Morris, the Research Director of the US Global Strategy Council (USGSC), chaired by Dr Ray Cline, former Deputy Director of the CIA. I examine the background of Janet Morris and John Alexander in more detail below.

Throughout 1990 the USGSC lobbied the main national laboratories, major defense contractors and industries, retired senior military and intelligence officers. The result was the creation of a Non-lethality Policy Review Group, led by Major General Chris S. Adams, USAF (retired), former Chief of Staff. Strategic Air Command. They already have the support of Senator Sam Nunn, chair of the Senate Armed Services Committee. According to Janet Morris, the military attaché at the Russian Embassy has contacted USGSC about the possibility of converting military hardware to a non-lethal capability.

In 1991 Janet Morris issued a number of papers giving more detailed information about USGSC’s concept of non-lethal weapons. Shortly after, the US Army Training and Doctrine Command at Fort Monroe, VA, published a detailed draft report on the subject, titled “Operations Concept for Disabling Measures”. The report included over twenty projects in which John Alexander is currently involved at the Los Alamos National Laboratories.

In a memorandum dated April 10, 1991, titled “Do we need a Non-lethal Defense Initiative?“, Paul Wolfwitz, Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, wrote to Defense Secretary Dick Cheney,

“A US lead in non-lethal technologies will increase our options and reinforce our position in the post-Cold War world. Our Research and Development efforts must be increased.”


To support their non-lethal weapons concept, Janet Morris argues that while “war will always be terrible…, a world power deserving its reputation for humane action should pioneer the principles of non-lethal defense.” In “Defining a non-lethal strategy”, she seeks to establish a doctrine for the use of non-lethal weapons by the US in crisis “at home or abroad in a life serving fashion.”

She totally disregards the offensive, lethal aspects inherent in some of the weapons in question, or their misuse, should they become available to ’rogue’ nations. Despite her arguments that non-lethal weapons should serve the US’s interests “at home and abroad by projecting power without indiscriminately taking lives or destroying property,” she admits that “casualties cannot be avoided.”

Closer examination of the types of weapons to be used as non-lethal invalidates her assertions about their non-lethality.

According to her white paper, the areas where non-lethal weapons could be useful are:

“regional and low intensity conflict:

  • adventurism
  • insurgency
  • ethnic violence
  • terrorism
  • narco-trafficking
  • domestic crime”

She believes that “by identifying and requiring a new category of non-lethal weapons, tactics and strategic planning” the US can reshape its military capability “to meet the already identifiable threats” that they might face in a multipolar world “where American interests are globalized and American presence widespread.”



Janet Morris’ White Paper recommends “two types of life-conserving technologies”:

Anti-materiel non-lethal technologies:

To destroy or impair electronics, or in other ways stop mechanical systems from functioning. Amongst current technologies from which this category of non-lethal weapons would or could be chosen are:

Chemical and biological weapons for their anti-materiel agents “which do not significantly endanger life or the environment, or anti-personnel agents which have no permanent effects.”

Laser blinding systems to incapacitate the electronic sensors, or optics, i.e., light detection and ranging. Already the Army Infantry School is developing a one-man portable and operated laser weapons system known as the Infantry Self-Defense System. The US Army’s Armament Research, Development and Engineering Centre (ARDEC) is also engaged in the development of non-lethal weapons under their programme called “Low Collateral Damage Munitions” (LCDM).

The LCDM is trying to develop technologies leading to weapons capable of dazzling and incapacitating missiles, armored vehicles and personnel.

Non-lethal electromagnetic technologies.Non-nuclear electromagnetic pulse weapons. Non- As GeneralNorman Schwarzkopfhas told the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, one such weapon stationed in space with a wide-area-pulse capacity has the ability to fry enemy electronics. But what would be the fate of enemy personnel in such a scenario?

In a joint project with the Los Alamos National Laboratories and with technical support from the Army’s Harry Diamond Laboratories, ARDEC are developing High Power Microwave (HPM) Projectiles. According to ARDEC, the Diamond lab has already “completed a radio frequency effects analysis on a representative target set” for HPM.

Among the chemical agents, so-called supercaustics–“millions of times more caustic than hydrofluoric acid”–are prime candidates. An artillery round could deliver jellied super-acids which could destroy the optics of heavily armored vehicles or tanks, vision blocks or glass, and “could be used to silently destroy key weapons systems.”

On less lethal aspects, the use of net-like entanglements for SEAL teams, or ’stealthy’ metal boats with low or no radar signature, “for night actions, or any sea borne or come-ashore stealthy scenario”, are under consideration.

More colorful concepts are the use of chemical metal embrittlement often called liquid metal embrittlement and anti-materiel polymers which would be used in aerosol dispersal systems, spreading chemical adhesives or lubricants (i.e., based lubricants) on enemy equipment from a distance.

Anti-personnel non-lethal technologies:

Hand-held lasers which are meant “to dazzle”, could also cause the eyeball to explode and to blind the target.

Isotropic radiators–explosively driven munitions, capable of generating very bright omnidirectional light, with similar effects to laser guns.

High-power microwaves (HPM). US Special Operations Command already has that capability within their grasp as a portable microwave weapon. As Myron L. Wolbarsht, a Duke University opthalamist and expert in laser weapons, stated:

“US Special Forces can quietly cut enemy communications but also can cook internal organs.”

Another candidate is infrasound-acoustic beams. In conjunction with the Scientific Applications and Research Associates (SARA) of Huntingdon, California, ARDEC and Los Alamos laboratories are busy “developing high power, very low frequency acoustic beam weapons.”

They are also looking into methods of projecting non-diffracting (i.e., non-penetrating) high frequency acoustic bullets. ARDEC scientists are also looking into methods of using pulsed chemical lasers. This class of lasers could project “a hot, high pressure plasma in the air in front of a target surface, creating a blast wave that will result in variable but controlled effects on materiel and personnel.”

Infrasound. Already some governments have used it as a means of crowd control, e.g., France.

Very low frequency (VLF) sound (20-35 kHz), or low-frequency RF modulations can cause nausea, vomiting and abdominal pains.

“Some very low frequency sound generators, in certain frequency ranges, can cause the disruption of human organs and, at high power levels, can crumble masonry.”

The CIA had a similar programme in 1978 called Operation Pique, which included bouncing radio or microwave signals off the ionosphere to affect mental functions of people in selected areas, including Eastern European nuclear installations.


The entire non-lethal weapons concept opens up a new Pandora’s Box of unknown consequences. The main personality behind it is retired Colonel John B. Alexander. Born in New York in 1937, he spent part of his career as a Commander of Green Berets Special Forces in Vietnam, led Cambodian mercenaries behind enemy lines, and took part in a number of clandestine programmes, including Phoenix.

He currently holds the post of Director of Non-lethal Programs in the Los Alamos National Laboratories.

Alexander obtained a BSc. from the University of Nebraska and an MA from Pepperdine University. In 1980 he was awarded a PhD from Walden University for his thesis,

“To determine whether or not significant changes in spirituality occur in persons who attended a Kubler-Ross life/death transition workshop during the period June through February 1979.”

His dissertation committee was chaired by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross.

He has long been interested in what used to be regarded as ’fringe’ areas. In 1971, while a Captain in the infantry at Schofield Barracks, Honolulu, he was diving in the Bimini Islands looking for the lost continent of Atlantis. He was an official representative for the Silva mind control organization and a lecturer on Precataclysmic Civilizations.

Alexander is also a past President and a board member of the International Association for Near Death Studies; and, with his former wife, Jan Northup, he helped Dr C. B. Scott Jones perform ESP experiments with dolphins.

Retired Major General Albert N. Stubblebine (former Director of US Army Intelligence and Security Command) and Alexander are on the board of a ’remote viewing’ company called PSI-TECH.

The company also employs Major Edward Dames (ex Defense Intelligence Agency), Major David Morehouse (ex 82nd Airborne Division), and Ron Blackburn (former microwave scientist and specialist at Kirkland Air Force Base). PSI-TECH has received several government contracts. For example, during the Gulf War crisis the Department of Defense asked it to use remote viewing to locate Saddam’s Scud missiles sites. Last year (1992) the FBI sought PSl-TECH’s assistance to locate a kidnapped Exxon executive.

With Major Richard Groller and Janet Morris as his co-authors, Alexander published “The Warrior’s Edge” in 1990. The book describes in detail various unconventional methods which would enable the practitioner to acquire “human excellence and optimum performance” and thereby become an invincible warrior. The purpose of the book is “to unlock the door to the extraordinary human potentials inherent in each of us. To do this, we, like governments around the world, must take a fresh look at non-traditional methods of affecting reality. We must raise human consciousness of the potential power of the individual body/mind system–the power to manipulate reality.

We must be willing to retake control of our past, present, and ultimately, our future.

Alexander is a friend of Vice President Al Gore Jr, their relationship dating back to 1983 when Gore was in Alexander’s Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) course.

NLP “presented to selected general officers and senior executive service members” a set of techniques to modify behavior patterns. Among the first generals to take the course was the then Lieutenant General Maxwell Thurman, who later went on to receive his fourth star and become Vice-Chief of Staff of the Army and Commander Southern Command. Among other senior participants were Tom Downey and Major General Stubblebine, former Director of the Army Intelligence Security Command.

“In 1983, the Jedi master [from the Star Wars movie–author] provided an image and a name for the Jedi Project.” Jedi Project’s aim was to seek and “construct teachable models of behavioral/physical excellence using unconventional means.”

According to Alexander, the Jedi Project was to be a follow-up to Neuro-Linguistic Programming skills. By using the influence of friends such as Major General Stubblebine, who was then head of the US Army Intelligence and Security Command, he managed to fund Jedi. In reality the concept was old hat, re-christened by Alexander.

The original idea, which was to show how “human will-power and human concentration affect performance more than any other single factor” using NLW skills, was the brainchild of three independent people; Fritz Erikson, a Gestalt therapist, Virginia Satir, a family therapist, and Erick Erickson, a hypnotist.



Janet Morris, co-author of The Warrior’s Edge, is best known as a science fiction writer but has been a member of the New York Academy of Sciences since 1980 and is a member of the Association for Electronic Defense. She is also the Research Director of the US Global Strategy Council (USGSC). She was initiated into the Japanese art of bioenergetics, Joh-re, the Indonesian brotherhood of Subud, and graduated from the Silva course in advanced mind control.

She has been conducting remote-viewing experiments for fifteen years. She worked on a research project investigating the effects of mind on probability in computer systems. Her husband, Robert Morris, is a former judge and key member of the American Security Council.

In a recent telephone conversation with the author, Janet Morris confirmed John Alexander’s involvement in mind control and psychotronic projects in the Los Alamos National Laboratories. Alexander and his team have recently been working with Dr Igor Smirnov, a psychologist from the Moscow Institute of Psychocorrelations.

They were invited to the US after Janet Morris’ visit to Russia in 1991. There she was shown the technique which was pioneered by the Russian Department of Psycho-Correction at Moscow Medical Academy. The Russians employ a technique to electronically analyze the human mind in order to influence it. They input subliminal command messages, using key words transmitted in ’white noise’ or music. Using an infrasound very low frequency-type transmission, the acoustic psycho-correction message is transmitted via bone conduction–ear plugs would not restrict the message. To do that would require an entire body protection system.

According to the Russians the subliminal messages bypass the conscious level and are effective almost immediately.

Jones is the former assistant to Senator Clairborne Pell (Democrat, Rhode Island). Scott Jones was a member of US Naval Intelligence for 15 years, as well as Assistant Naval Attaché, New Delhi, India, in the 1960s. Jones has briefed the President’s Scientific Advisory Committee, and has testified before House and Senate Committees on intelligence matters.

After the Navy he “worked in the private sector research and development community involved in the US government-sponsored projects for the Defense Nuclear Agency (DNA), Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and US Army Intelligence and Security Command.”

He has been head of the Rockefeller Foundation for some time and chairs the American Society for Psychical Research.


Alexander and C. B. Jones are members of the AVIARY, a group of intelligence and Department of Defense officers and scientists with a brief to discredit any serious research in the UFO field. Each member of the Aviary bears a bird’s name. Jones is FALCON; John Alexander is PENGUIN.

One of their agents, a UFO researcher known as William Moore, who was introduced to John Alexander at a party in 1987 by Scott Jones, confessed in front of an audience at a conference held by the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) on July 1, 1989 in Las Vegas, how he was promised inside information by the senior members of the AVIARY in return for his obedience and service to them. He participated in the propagation and dissemination of disinformation fed to him by various members of the AVIARY.

He also confessed how he was instructed to target one particular individual, an electronics expert, Dr Paul Bennewitz, who had accumulated some UFO film footage and electronic signals which were taking place in 1980 over the Manzano Weapons Storage areas at Kirkland Air Force Base, New Mexico.

As a result of Moore’s involvement, coupled with some surreptitious entries and psychological techniques, Bennewitz ended up in a psychiatric hospital.

Just before the publication of my first paper unmasking two members of the AVIARY, I was visited by two of their members (MORNING DOVE and HAWK) who had traveled to the UK with a message from the senior ranks advising me not to go ahead with my expose. I rejected the proposal.

Immediately after the publication of that paper, and with the full knowledge that myself and a handful of colleagues knew the true identities of their members, John B. Alexander confessed that he was indeed a member of the AVIARY, nicknamed PENGUIN. The accuracy of our information was further confirmed to me by yet another member of the AVIARY–Ron Pandolphi, PELICAN.

Pandolphi is a PhD in physics and works at the Rocket and Missile section of the Office of the Deputy Director of Science and Technology, CIA.

In his book, Out There, the New York Times journalist Howard Blum refers to “a UFO Working Group” within the Defense Intelligence Agency. Despite DIA’s repeated denials, the existence of this working group has been confirmed to me by more than one member of the group itself, including an independent source in the Office of Naval Intelligence. The majority of the group’s members are senior members of the AVIARY:

  • Dr Christopher Green (BLUEJAY) from the CIA
  • Harold Puthoff (OWL), ex-NSA
  • Dr Jack Verona (RAVEN), DoD, one of the initiators of the DlA’s Sleeping Beauty project which aimed to achieve battlefield superiority using mind-altering electromagnetic weaponry
  • John Alexander (PENGUIN)
  • Ron Pandolphi (PELICAN)

The mysterious “Col. Harold E. Phillips” who appears in Blum’s Out There, is none other than John B. Alexander.

John Alexander’s position as the Program Manager for Contingency Missions of Conventional Defense Technology, Los Alamos National Laboratories, enabled him to exploit the Department of Defense’s Project Reliance “which encourages a search for all possible sources of existing and incipient technologies before developing new technology in-house” to tap into a wide range of exotic topics, sometimes using defense contractors, e.g., McDonnell Douglas Aerospace. I have several reports, some of which were compiled before his departure to the Los Alamos National Laboratories when he was with Army Intelligence, which show Alexander’s keen interest in any and every exotic subject–UFOs, ESP, psychotronics, anti-gravity devices, near-death experiments, psychology warfare and non-lethal weaponry.

John Alexander utilizes the bank of information he has accumulated to try to develop psychotronic, psychological and mind weaponry. He began thinking about non-lethal weapons a decade ago in his paper, “The New Mental Battlefield“. He seems to want to become a ’Master’.

If they ever succeed in this ambition, the rest of us ordinary mortals had better watch out.

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