Life Is But A Dream – Tales From The Time Loop

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OK, prove it!

In the long run it is far more dangerous to adhere to illusion than to face what the actual fact is.Physicist David Bohm

It’s funny how the public and media are quite willing to accept lies pedaled by the politicians without any demand for ‘proof’ and yet they insist on proof from anyone challenging the official version of reality. The official ‘truth’ of September 11th is one such case. A schoolboy could take the story apart.

But when faced with other explanations for these events, and for life itself, the same people who accept this crap without question scream:

“Where’s the proof?”

“That’s all very well, mate, but how can you convince me if you don’t have the evidence to prove it? I can’t believe what hasn’t been proved, can I?”

Oh, but people do; and they go on doing so all their lives. Some points to make here.

  1. First, why can’t we ‘feel’ and ‘know’ our reality instead of insisting that the conditioned and manipulated mind must be the only arbiter of ‘truth’ through the production of evidence that it believes to be ‘proof’? What is ‘proof’, anyway? Proof is only that which the conditioned mind accepts to be so.   Billions are convinced that the official version of 9/11 is true because of the ‘proof’ revealed by the United States government. After all, didn’t they find a passport from one of the hijackers that had miraculously survived the fireball to be found in the street? Well, actually, no they didn’t because that was a lie. But the FBI named the 19 hijackers didn’t they? No, they gave us 19 names, at least seven of which were found to be still alive. But they proved Bin Laden did it, surely? I heard them say that. Yes, exactly, we heard them say it and nothing more.   They produced no ‘proof’ of anything, only the repetition of their fairy tale that billions accepted as ‘proof’. It was those usiI1g their ‘hearts’, their intuition, who knew something was very wrong with the official version even before any further investigation had begun. Does what I reported in the last chapter ‘feel’ right intuitively even without ‘scientific’ support? Only you know if it feels right to you or not; you don’t need some guy with a fancy title and letters after his name to tell you what to think.   What does your heart say? That’s all that matters.  
  2. Second, the last thing I am trying to do is convince anyone of anything, that’s not my intention or desire at all. So why bother doing what I do? I want to understand what is going on and I believe it is right that everyone should have access to all information available and not just the version that suits those in power. What people make of it is their business, not mine.  
  3. Third, even for those who still demand ‘proof’ for everything, there is an increasingly enormous amount of scientific support for the themes of the last chapter, fantastic as they may have appeared to be at first hearing.

Seeing is believing?

“I can’t believe my eyes”, people say.

Nor should they because the eyes don’t actually see. They are lenses that pass information to the visual cortex in the brain and only there do we ‘see’. We ‘see’ with the brain, not with the eyes.

“I can’t believe my brain” or “I saw it with my own brain”, would be a better way of putting it.

On the way from the eyes to the visual cortex, the temporal lobes edit and reconstruct up to 50% and more of this information and we only ‘see’ what the brain, with all its conditioned realities, decides it is seeing.

In his outstanding book, The Holographic Universe, Michael Talbot writes about the work of neurophysiologist Karl Pribram and others:

“Pribram discovered that the visual information a monkey receives via its optic nerves does not travel directly into its visual cortex, but is first filtered through other areas of its brain. Numerous studies have shown that the same is true of human vision. Visual information entering our brains is edited and modified by our temporal lobes before it is passed on to our visual cortices. Some studies suggest that less than 50 per cent of what we ‘see’ is actually based on information entering our eyes. The remaining 50 per cent plus is pieced together out of our expectations of what the world should look like (and perhaps other sources such as reality fields). The eyes may be the visual organs, but it is the brain that sees.”1

This is the journey of information or ‘light’, as some call it, when it passes from eye to brain: Light enters the eye by passing through the outer, transparent layer called the cornea; it goes on through the pupil, which gets bigger or smaller to allow in more or less light depending on the circumstances. This process is controlled by the colored part of the eye, the iris; from the pupil/iris it goes to the lens to be focused; next stop is the vitreous humor, a jelly like substance behind the lens; now the light/information strikes the retina that captures the ‘image’ like the film in a camera.

But this image recorded on the retina is upside-down and two-dimensional; it goes on to the optic nerve that sends the image through. the brain to the occipital lobe. Only now does the brain re-assemble the upside-down, two-dimensional image delivered by the eyes into the form we think we are seeing. Scientists say the flip from 2-D to 3-D is possible because the brain takes light/information from both eyes and combines them into one 3-D image, much like one of those 3-D picture viewers you can buy.2

I think it is more sophisticated than that, however. What a journey for everything we ‘see’. Given these facts it is clear that our ‘physical’ reality is not constructed ‘out there’, but ‘in here’. It is like looking out of a window and telling someone a version of what you see that suits your beliefs rather than what is really happening. As studies have shown, for example, men and women have a real problem communicating accurately with each other because what one says the other does not hear.

A process of editing goes on in which they each ‘hear’ whatever supports their conditioned belief and prejudice about the other. I have seen television programs in which they filmed a conversation, asked each participant what the other had said, and then played back the recording. They have been stunned by how inaccurately they heard what was said to them or the tone in which they spoke to the other. You will find the same in any argument between people with rigidly held beliefs.

Remember the polls of the American public that revealed how many of them believed breathtaking nonsense about 9/11, the Iraq war and the finding and use of chemical and biological weapons?

Steve Kull, director of the Program on International Policy Attitudes at the University of Maryland, said the level of misinformation suggested that some Americans may be avoiding having an experience of “cognitive dissonance”. In short, their beliefs were in conflict with the facts and so it is their beliefs, not the facts, which dictate their reactions and responses.

Implanting belief is everything to the Illuminati because it is through belief that we manifest our reality.

What we don’t ‘see’, we make up

The eyes have a blind spot where the optic nerve connects to the eye in the middle of the retina. Whatever we may be looking at we cannot see anything from that part of the eye, but the brain weaves the picture together from the information available and fills in the ‘hole”. Reality is only what we are programmed to believe it is.

What we believe we are ‘seeing’ is what we see and it is the same with all five-senses.

The phenomena of phantom limb syndrome when people have limbs removed but can still feel them is another example of the five-senses reacting to the brain’s sense of reality. In the first Matrix movie, the woman known as the ‘Oracle’ tells the Neo character not to worry about the vase. What vase, he asks? As he speaks, a vase falls to the floor next to him.

He is very apologetic, but the Oracle says:

“What’s really going to cook your noodle is would it have happened if I hadn’t said anything?”

We are being constantly programmed to accept realities that suit the agenda because once we do those realities can manifest. I wonder how many times people have warned children about something to such an obsessive extent that the child’s mind has absorbed that reality and created it.

“I was always telling him he would have an accident if he wasn’t careful and now he has.”

The same process is used on the collective mind of humanity by the Illuminati to manifest the reality they want us to have.

When I asked Credo Mutwa why even more people did not see the Reptilian entities, he said it was because,

“they are so at odds with human reality that the mind removes them from what it ‘sees’.”

The mystic, Sri Aurobindo Ghose, also said that most humans possess a “mental screen” that keeps us from seeing behind the “veil of matter”.

Daughter or no daughter

In The Holographic Universe, Michael Talbot recalls an experience he had that confirms what I am suggesting here. He says that in the mid 1970s his father hired a professional hypnotist to entertain a group of friends. One of those chosen to be hypnotized was a man called Tom and this was the first time he had met the hypnotist. What stage hypnotists do is to program a person to believe they are seeing something or doing something that is pure invention. We have all seen them make people believe they are seeing the audience naked or they are a dog or a mouse or whatever.

Michael Talbot recounts how this hypnotist made Tom believe there was a giraffe in the room and eat a raw potato believing it to be an apple. All this is confirmation that the brain sees and experiences what it is programmed to believe it sees and experiences. But the most profound part of the story came when Tom was brought back to ‘waking’ consciousness. Just before the hypnotist ended the formal trance state, he told Tom that when he awoke he would not be able to see his daughter, Laura.

The hypnotist asked Laura to stand right in front of her father so that when he opened his eyes he would be looking at her stomach. Tom was asked if he could see his daughter. “No”, he replied. Laura was even giggling, but it made no difference. The hypnotist hid behind Laura and held something against the small of her back. To see it, Tom would have had to see through his daughter.

The hypnotist asked Tom what he was holding still is hand and, leaning forward looking at the stomach of his daughter, he said: “I A watch.” He was asked if he could read the inscription and, squinting to read the small writing, he did so. The hypnotist revealed that he was indeed holding a watch with that inscription.3

Tom’s mind had been programmed to believe he could not see his daughter and so he didn’t. More than that he could see what was behind her. How is this possible? We construct our reality ‘in here’ not ‘out there’. With this knowledge we are at the cutting edge of understanding how the Illuminati, and through them, the Matrix, controls billions of people from (illusory) cradle to grave.

They program us to believe a version of ourselves, life, possibility and the world, and this belief constructs our reality in line with that indoctrinated blueprint. We only ‘see’ what we are conditioned to see and edit out anything that contradicts it.

For instance, to advocates of war the statement,

“I want peace” is saying “l want to let ‘terrorists’ and ‘dictators’ do what they like.”

Or to supporters of unfettered industrialism the statement,

“We must protect the planet”, is saying “We should go back to living in tents and caves and working the land with horses and ploughs.”

Each side does not hear what’s being-said because their minds edit the message to fit their beliefs. I have witnessed many exchanges like this and everything becomes polarized – just as the Illuminati want.

Polarization = division and conflict; and division and conflict = divide and rule.

They want conflicting, rigidly held beliefs, for this reason. The Illuminati need the ‘Left’ as much as they need the ‘Right’ and ‘Centre’; they need the ‘poor’ as they need the ‘rich’; they need the ‘black’ as they need the ‘white’ and they need the ‘fors’ as they need the ‘againsts’.

I have been writing all these years that the Illuminati don’t much care what you fiercely believe so long as you fiercely believe something because they can then play you off against others who fiercely belief the (apparent) opposite.

Holographic illusion

The official ‘truth’ of mainstream ‘science’ is in disarray. Its ludicrously narrow vision of possibility – this ‘world’ is all there is – has been faced with so many basic questions it cannot begin to answer that its credibility is in tatters among anyone with a mind still reporting for duty. The reason it is silent in the face of such questions (like why they can’t locate the mind in the brain) is because its foundation assumptions about consciousness and reality are nonsense.

It is obsessed with the five-senses and cannot see beyond them. Given that we are dealing with infinity, five-sense ‘science’ must always be no-sense ‘science’. It is, as Stanislav Grof puts it, “a conceptual straight-jacket”.4

The so-called ‘paranormal’ has always been dismissed as a fantasy simply because such phenomena is unexplainable within its arrogant and juvenile view of possibility. Adding to its plight has been the brilliant work of those scientists researching the realms of quantum physics beyond the frequency range of the five-senses. From this research has come the confirmation that what psychics, mystics, native peoples and freethinkers have been saying for thousands of years is correct.

There are infinite reals of existence and they are all part of one indivisible whole. The five-sense reality is only one of them. Most intriguing, given what I was told in those ayahuasca sessions, is the fast emerging evidence that what we think we see as buildings, people, forests and lakes are actually three-dimensional holographic illusions conjured into that reality by our own minds.

Albert Einstein said:

“We must remember that we do not observe nature as it actually exists, but nature exposed to our methods of perception. The theories determine what we can or cannot observe.” 5

Or, as he also said:

“Reality is an illusion, albeit a persistent one.”

Among those at the forefront of this research are people like David Bohm, the world-renowned’ quantum physicist at the University of London, who worked with Einstein, and Karl Pribram, a neurophysiologist at Stanford University. Many others have picked up their themes and published their own findings.

Bohm and Pribram came to basically the same conclusions even though they arrived from different directions and did not correspond until their original ideas were formed. This research states that our ‘physical’ reality is made up of holograms that give the illusion of three-dimensional objects when they are, in fact, nothing more than frequency patterns. The voice in the ayahuasca session said that our minds create these holographic illusions in a slightly different way to the holograms made by human technology, but the principle was the same.

Holograms are made by directing a laser onto a photographic plate (Figure 44). Lasers are used because they produce a stable, focused beam known as ‘coherent light’ and project a single frequency. Coherent light is that which holds a narrow, even beam over long distances and does not expand like the light from a torch, for example.

The laser is directed at the film through a semi-transparent mirror.

Figure 44:

Holograms are made by using two parts of the same laser light,

One half (reference beam) goes almost directly to the photographic plate and the other (working beam) is diverted onto the subject,

When this working beam is diverted again onto the print it forms an “interference pattern” with the reference beam.

If a laser is shone upon this pattern it creates a 3-D holographic picture of the subject

Figure 45:

The wave or ‘Interference’ pattern on a holographic print,

It seems random and meaningless until a laser light is shone on the pattern and a hologram IS formed

Some of the light is deflected away in another direction and onto the object you want to film, Now you have the laser light pointing at the plate (known as the reference beam) and the part deflected away onto the object (known as the working beam).

This working beam, carrying the vibrational image of the object in question, is then also directed onto the photographic plate. When it hits the plate it ‘collides’ with the reference beam – its ‘other half’ and this creates what is known as an interference pattern between the two. You can liken the principle to throwing two stones in a pond and seeing how the two wave formations collide and interfere with each other. They form a wave pattern that is a wave representation of the two stones, where they fell and at what speed.

The interference pattern imprinted on the photographic plate looks much like the waves in the pond, It is a series of lines that appear to be random and incomprehensible (Figure 45).

But when you shine the same type of laser light upon this pattern suddenly an apparently three-dimensional image of the photographed object comes into view (Figures 46 and 47). Immediately when you turn off the light the holographic image disappears because it is only an illusion. A point to stress here is that the same type of laser light that creates the interference or wave pattern is also required to manifest the patterns as a three-dimensional holographic illusion. This is what we do with different parts of the mind interacting with each other.

Like the laser, two parts of the mind interact to form the wave (thought) patterns and the same mind observes them into holographic illusion (Figure 48). You might call this form of communication ‘visual telepathy’. Remember, too, how the brain (a ‘physical’ computer for the mind) takes light/information from the eyes and turns a 2-D image on the retina into 3-D image that we ‘see’.

It is turning 2-D wave patterns into 3-D holographic illusions that we think is the world ‘around’ us. In truth, it is all happening within us as we turn wave patterns into holograms, as symbolized in (Figure 49).

Figure 46:

A holographic 3-D picture created by shining a laser onto the wave pattern

Figure 47:

Holograms can look as ‘solid’ as we do,

but you can put your hand right through them because they are illusions – just like we are!

The ‘television’ brain

What the voice in Brazil told me was that our beliefs and sense of reality are projected as ‘thought fields’ that are akin to the interference patterns on a holographic film. Our thought waves create frequency patterns in the unseen, ‘non-physical’ subconscious realms and by observing these patterns with our conscious minds We’ve turn them into apparently three-dimensional holographic forms. We both create the frequency patterns and, by observing those patterns, manifest the hologram – just as the laser does.

Observed and observer are one, created and creator are one. As with the light shining on the holographic film, the ‘3-D’ image only appears to exist when we are observing it (‘shining’ on it, you might say). When we are not observing these vibrating thought fields, they are frequency patterns and not the apparently three dimensional images we think we are seeing. It is the same principle as a television set that turns electromagnetic frequencies broadcast from a transmitter into pictures we can recognize.

Whenever you think you are seeing something ‘real’ you are actually watching holographic television and your brain/lower mind is the TV set. I delude myself, therefore I am. When you see a holographic picture it seems to be 3-D and occupying ‘space’, but it is not. It is a virtual reality: an illusion.

The image is not occupying ‘space’; it is an interference pattern on a film.

What we think we are seeing with our ‘eyes’ as 3-D images occupying ‘space’ all around us, are just a virtual reality. There are no 3-D images ‘out there’, only the frequency patterns that our mind and brain decode into holographic illusions ‘in here’. I remember the really boring hymn they sang at my school called “God be in my Head”. Well, symbolically everything is in your ‘head’ or, rather, mind.

It is like looking out of the window, seeing a frequency pattern, and saying:

“Hey, there’s Mrs Smith running for the bus.”

Quantum physics has long discovered that atoms, the so-called building blocks of the ‘physical’ world, are themselves made up of smaller and smaller ‘particles’ like electrons.

Figure 48:

Subconscious mind creates the wave or thought patterns and the conscious mind ‘observes’ them

into the holographic illusions that we take to be the ‘real’ world.

It is only an illusion, a figment of our implanted belief and imagination

Figure 49:

If we could see the ‘world’, before it enters our eyes it would be a mass of wave patterns – thought fields.

Through the collective mind we transform these fields into an agreed ‘reality’ –  the landscape we think we see all around us.

In fact, it is within us, within our own minds

Scientists have established that electrons and other sub-atomic particles can either express themselves as a ‘wave’ form (non-physical) or as a particle (apparently ‘physical’). And, get this: they only manifest as particles – ‘physical’ when we are looking at them!!

Otherwise they are always in wave-form.

Michael Talbot writes in The Holographic Universe:

“For [Karl] Pribram, this synthesis made him realize that the objective world does not exist, at least not in the way we are accustomed to believing. What is ‘out there’ is a vast ocean of waves and frequencies and reality looks concrete to us only because our brains are able to take this holographic blur and convert it into sticks and stones and other familiar objects that make up our world …

” … In other words, the smoothness of a piece of fine china and the feel of beach sand beneath our feet are really just elaborate versions of the phantom limb syndrome.

“According to Pribram this does not mean there aren’t china cups and grains of beach sand out there. It simply means that a china cup has two very different aspects to its reality. When it is filtered through the lens of our brains it manifests as a cup. But if we could get rid of our lenses, we’d experience it as an interference pattern. Which is real and which is illusion? ‘Both are real to me,’ says Pribram, ‘or, if you want to say, neither of them is real’.”6

Appropriately, it was the discoveries by the Frenchman Jean B. J. Fourier in the 18th century that led to television, the discovery of holograms and the research that revealed how the brain is actually a frequency decoder Fourier developed a process called Fourier transforms. This is a mathematical method of converting patterns into simple wave forms and back again, so providing the potential for a television camera to convert pictures into electromagnetic frequencies and the television to convert them back again.

Picking up this theme, Dennis Gabor won the Nobel Peace Prize for his development of holographic technology, starting in the late 1940s. He turned a three-dimensional object into a wave/frequency pattern on photographic film and then converted it back to a 3-D holographic image in the way I have described. At the end of the 1970s, research by Russell and Karen DeValois, two neurophysiologists at Berkley University, revealed compelling evidence, since supported by countless other scientists across the world, that the brain is decoding frequency patterns and turning them into holographic images that we ‘see’.

The same Fourier system is involved. in the way the brain does this. It was already known that the brain cells in the visual cortex, from where we ‘see’, react to different frequency patterns arid activate according to the type of frequencies they received. For a century it had been known that the ear was a frequency decoder and experiments by Georg von Bekesy, another Nobel Prize winner, had long confirmed how the skin responded to frequencies.

Other research strongly suggests, as the voice in Brazil told me, that all the five-senses are the same. They are decoding frequencies into sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch.

As the Morpheus character said in the first Matrix movie:

“What is real? How do you define real? If you are talking about what you can feel, what you can smell, what you can taste and see then real is merely electrical signals interpreted by your brain.”

It goes even further than that. It depends on the point from which you want to observe the illusion. At one level, the brain is a hologram acting like a computer. interpreting reality. But at a higher point of observation, there is no brain!!

That’s just another illusion.

The wall is ‘solid’? Sorry, impossible

There is no such thing as ’empty space’ (unless you believe there is!). Physicists calculate that every cubic centimeter of ’empty space’ (i.e. that which our ‘physical’ senses cannot ‘see’) contains more energy than is contained in all the matter of the known (‘seen’) universe!

Some empty space, eh?

The astrophysicist and author, Giuliana Conforto, notes that we cannot ‘see’ 99.5% of the mass in the known universe.

Space only appears ’empty’ because the energy is beyond the frequency range of the five-senses and it is in these unseen realms that the thought fields are constructed that we turn into holographic illusions of three dimensional ‘solidity’. The realm of the five-senses is like the crest of a wave, while the unseen realms are the infinite ocean from which this reality is made manifest through thought.

I have quoted in almost every book the words of the brilliant, and much missed, American comedian, Bill Hicks. He was a man who experienced many times the kind of ‘trip’ I experienced in Brazil.

Bill said:

“Matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration; we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively; there’s no such thing as death, life is just a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves.”


But while the five-sense reality is dense compared with the rest of the ocean, it is not solid or anything like. It just appears to be. The physical realm is constructed, scientists say, with atoms. These are named from the work of an ancient Greek called Democritus, who made the first known claim that matter was made up of tiny particles that he called atoms.

This was some 2,500 years ago in our measurement of ‘time’ when the materialist view of the world was founded. The science establishment did, however, dismiss this idea of atoms for many centuries and it was not revived until 1808. Today we know that atoms contain even smaller particles consisting of a nucleus (made of protons and neutrons) orbited by electrons.

The inside of the atom with the electrons orbiting the nucleus while spinning themselves is similar to the principle of planets orbiting the Sun, though not the same. The point I am making is this: the atoms that comprise ‘solid’, ‘physical’ matter are not solid or physical at all. They are overwhelmingly ’empty’ from a ‘physical’ sense perspective (Figure 50).

As one writer put it if the atom was the size of a cathedral, the nucleus etc would be about the size of a ten cent piece. The rest is ’empty’ to the perception of the five-sense world and is not in the least ‘solid’. So how can something that is not in any way solid be the building block of a solid reality?

Of course, it can’t. The illusion of solidity is just that illusion.

Amit Goswami writes in The Self Aware Universe:

“You can’t be sure if all things are made of atoms – it’s an assumption, suppose all things, including atoms are made of consciousness instead.'”

Itzhak Bentov makes this point very well in his book, Stalking the wild Pendulum. He explains what would be seen with a microscope capable of observing single atoms and the subatomic realm:

“Let us now magnify a piece of bone … we see the atoms weaving back and forth like a field of ripe wheat blown by the wind. They move in unison and in beautiful rhythm. Acoustical energy is flowing through the crystal.

“Next we focus on the atoms. At first they appear as little shadowy balls vibrating about fixed points in the molecule. As we magnify. we see less and less. The electron shell has somehow dissolved. and we are looking at a vacuum. As we further magnify we see something tiny moving about. We focus on what we suspect is the nucleus of the atom, located in this vast space within the atom. If we take the diameter of the nucleus of a hydrogen atom to be 1 mm. then the diameter of the electron orbit will about 10 meters, a ratio of 1 to 10.000. and the intervening space is vacuum.

“As we zero in and further magnify the vibrating nucleus. it seems to be dissolving. We are looking at some shadowy pulsation; some more magnification and the nucleus is almost gone. We are sensing the pulsation of some energy: it seems to be a rapidly pulsating field. But where did the bone go? We thought that we were looking at a solid piece of matter!

“Well, it seems that the real reality –  the micro-reality, that which underlies all our solid, good common-sense reality –  is made up, as we have just witnessed, of a vast empty space filled with oscillating fields! Many different kinds of fields. all interacting with each other. The tiniest disturbance in one field carries over into the others. It’s an interlocked web of fields, each pulsating at their own rate but in harmony with the others, their pulsations spreading out farther and farther throughout the cosmos.”9

Figure 50:

The atoms that make up our ‘solid’ world are virtually ’empty’ to five-sense reality.

You could hardly find anything less ‘solid’ than an atom.

So how can these be the building blocks of the ‘solid’ physical world?

They can’t; it’s all illusion

Nothing adds to the belief in the ‘physical body’ more than the apparent solidity of bone, but bone is not solid at all. Bentov goes on to say that a powerful enough disturbance by one vibrating field can knock others from their harmonious rhythm and the irregularity spreads to disturb the neighboring fields.

This is how the disharmonious vibrations caused by stress and trauma can cause ‘physical’ disease dis-ease –  by disrupting the vibrational harmony of the body hologram. When we are emotionally charged, upset or stressed we stop thinking straight for the same reason. The emotional field disrupts the mental. This also explains why those who work with electromagnetic technology, live near or under power lines, or use mobile phones can suffer more than others from certain cancers etc.

These technology fields disrupt the harmony of the hologram and the thought fields from which they manifest. Pollution, nuclear waste and radiation have the same effect of vibrationally imbalancing the body hologram.

But, as always, only if we think they do!

The Trinity?

Itzhak Bentov points out in Stalking the Wild Pendulum that the interaction of two frequencies produces a third frequency that is much slower than the other two.

  • Is this the process by which higher frequencies of thought interact to produce this lower frequency, the five-sense world?
  • Is this the real origin of the obsession with the symbol of the trinity through the ages, like Christianity’s Father, Son and Holy Ghost?
  • Are these really codes for two vibrations interacting to create a third, denser one – the ‘son’ of the other two?

Maybe and how appropriate that one of the main characters in the Matrix movies is called Trinity. The Swedish mystic, Emanuel Swedenborg, said that our universe is created, and held together as a ‘physical’ reality, by two wave-like flows, one from what he called ‘heaven’ and the other from our own ‘soul’, as he put this.

Dr George F. Dole, a professor of theology at the Swedenborg School of Religion in Massachusetts, wrote:

“If we put those images together, the resemblance to the hologram is striking. We are constituted by the intersection of two flows –  one direct, from the divine, and one indirect, from the divine via our environment. We can view ourselves as interference patterns because the inflow is a wave phenomenon, and we are where the waves meet.”11

Reality is created from endless sources of ‘wave’ or thought, but the principle is correct. Two forces interact to create a third. This is the trinity. Put another way, father and mother create a denser ‘son’.

But enough about George Bush.

Life is but a dream

Charles Tart, a professor of psychology at the Davis Campus of the University of California, asked two skilled hypnotists called Anne and Bill to hypnotize each other. He was trying to synchronize their two hypnotic realities and that is what happened. The two, both graduate students, found themselves experiencing the same ‘place’, a beautiful beach and ocean.

They swam together, studied the same crystalline rocks, and ‘talked’ to each other even though they were not speaking in this reality, from where Tart was observing them. They later recalled that this hypnotic dream was every bit as ‘real’ as their experience in their ‘awakened state’ and included five-sense-type sensations although their hypnotic world was more pliable and less dense than this one. During their experience they often forgot to manifest bodies for themselves and floated around only as faces and heads.

On one occasion when Bill asked Anne to take his hand she had to ‘think’ her own ‘hand’ into ‘existence’ That may sound amazing, but what they experienced was no different, except in density, from the ‘world’ we think is ‘real’. I experienced something very similar to this when I walked on a beach in an altered state of consciousness.

Interestingly, the nearest psychological state to the hypnotic state is the waking state! We are living in a dream just as much as we are when we sleep and what we call our memory is our ability to remember our dreams.

The difference is whether we know it is a dream or believe it to be real. If you drive a car over a cliff in this five-sense dream world you are dead because that is the accepted reality of this realm. Do the same in a dream you know is a dream and you will wake up unharmed.

The interchange between the Neo character and the enlightened little boy in the first Matrix movie encapsulates the nature of our reality:

“Do not try to bend the spoon; that is impossible, only try to realize the truth.”

“What truth?”

“There is no spoon … it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself.”

This is like the story of the two monks debating about the movement of a flag in the wind.

“The flag is moving”, said one. “No, the wind is moving”, said the other.

A third, passing by and hearing the conversation, said:

“The flag is not moving. The wind is not moving. Your mind is moving.”

The nature of our ‘physical’ dream is dictated by our beliefs, which project thought fields that we observe into holographic illusion, We project the frequency pattern with the thoughts of our nonphysical minds and our conscious minds decode them into the three-dimensional holographic illusions we take to be real. That’s how we create our ‘seeing’ reality and that’s how the illusion works.

The Robin Williams movie, What Dreams May Come (PolyGram, 1998), offers an excellent visual portrayal of what I am talking about here. It shows how, after ‘death’, we create our own reality with our thoughts and beliefs.

What needs to be emphasized, however, is that we are also doing that in this five-sense realm.

What is free will?

Something to emphasize here.

The conscious mind is not the one ultimately in control of events, except in the way it decodes thought patterns into holographic 3-D in accordance with its sense of reality. The subconscious is the main source of human response and behavior, not the conscious that thinks it is making the decisions. Experiments have revealed that the signals in the brain necessary to move a limb, open the mouth or take any ‘physical’ action, begin some one and a half seconds before the conscious mind makes the ‘decision’ to do it.

Benjamin Libet and Bertram Feinstein, neurophysiologists at Mount Zion Hospital in San Francisco, confirmed this theme in their experiments. They asked people to press a button when they were touched. The outcome was that the brain reacted to the touch in 0.0001 of a second and the button was pressed in 0.1 of a second. The amazing part, however, is that the person was not aware of feeling the touch or pressing the button for a full half a second. Other tests have revealed that the reaction to stimuli registers in the human energy field (the location of mind) even before it does in the brain.

The subconscious makes the decisions and, while the conscious level can have an input here and there, it is basically the observer and experiencer. Psychiatrist Carl Jung coined the word “synchronicity” to describe the amazing coincidences that happen to us, which are thousands or millions of times beyond statistical chance. It is as if some ‘force’ was guiding such events.

Well it is.

In my view, synchronicity is the conscious mind observing what the subconscious has decided will happen. “Going with the flow” is going with the will of the subconscious; fighting the flow is fighting the will of the subconscious. Do we really have free-will? Yes, but not necessarily at the conscious level of the five-senses, except, that is, for what we choose to observe into holographic illusion from the thought fields placed before us. The conscious and subconscious were the two ‘different’ levels of me, of which I was so aware on that Wogan Show interview in 1991.

My conscious level observer/experiencer was in turmoil while my subconscious was perfectly calm because it knew where it was all leading. I went on the show in the first place, despite the consequences my conscious mind knew would ensue, because my subconscious was making the decisions.

Physicist David Bohm says:

“Every action starts from an intention in the implicate [non-‘physical’] order. The imagination is already the creation of the form; it already has the intention and the germs of all the movements needed to carry it out. And it effects the body and so on, so that as creation takes place in that way from the subtler levels of the implicate order, it goes through them until it manifests in the explicate” [five-senses]13

This fits the information given to me by the voice in Brazil. It said the Matrix had been created by the collective subconscious, and the conscious mind had been imprisoned by the illusions thus created. The Matrix took on a life of its own when it accessed an ‘energy source’ of its own ‘fear’ generated by the conscious and subconscious mind that was caught in an illusion believing it to be ‘real’.

This ‘self-aware fear’, the Matrix, then also trapped the collective subconscious in illusion. As I have detailed at length in other books, the Illuminati’s secret language is that of symbolism and metaphor. Global society and the media are awash with such hidden messages that are called ‘subliminal’ or ‘below threshold’, They are the language of the subconscious and the Illuminati know that if they program the subconscious with a reality they want, the five-sense level will act it out.

It is the subconscious that the Illuminati target most of all.

Mass hypnosis

We are further conditioned to see what we are told to see by the very ‘norms’ of society I have been emphasizing in book after book. Hypnosis comes in endless forms. It does not have to stand on a stage or hold a swinging pocket watch. Hypnosis of the type I am talking about is the programming of the conscious and subconscious mind to believe a falsehood to such an extent that this is what it ‘sees’.

The hypnotist is implanting a false reality into your mind. Those ten words encapsulate the real motive behind the ‘education’ system, official ‘science’, the media, government pronouncements, and all the other sources of official ‘information’ with which the human brain and mind is deluged every day –  “the hypnotist is implanting a false reality into your mind”. I have exposed this process in detail in other books and this is what these institutions are: hypnotists. This is especially true of ‘education’ and the media, and, most particularly, television.

These constant influences program our sense of ‘reason’ to such an extent that we believe the illusion to be real.

In one of the books of Carlos Castañeda, he quotes his shaman source, Don Juan, as saying:

“We are perceivers. We are awareness; we are not objects; we have no solidity. We are boundless … We, or rather our reason, forget [this] and thus we entrap the totality of ourselves in a vicious circle from which we rarely emerge in our lifetime.” 14

From the moment we become conscious as a child, the programming of our reality begins. In fact it begins in the womb through the mother. We already start with a ‘body’ that carries its inherited reality programming through the DNA and this usually includes genetic subservience to authority and a sense of “I am small and insignificant”.

I see the body as like a bucking horse that our consciousness has to subdue and harmonize by expressing its reality over that inherited genetically by the body or ‘horse’. I reckon the minds of vast numbers of people are prisoners of their body’s genetic programming and responses. The ‘horse’ is in control of their actions and reactions, not the ‘rider’, the mind. In such people an inherited genetic trait like alcoholism will be repeated in their own experience.

Those with consciousness more powerful than the genetic programming will be able to override it and avoid the repetition. When I was walking in an altered state on the ‘magic mushrooms’, I came across a horsebox parked in the street and alongside was a horse and rider. The voice said to me that the analogy of the horse and rider, body and consciousness, was valid. It said that the hologram, the 3-D illusion, has a fantastic capacity for storing information, a fact that science has confirmed.

The voice said that ‘space’, like ‘time’, was an illusion. Something as ‘small’ as the DNA had the capacity to store astonishing amounts of information in the form of vibrational codes because there is no ‘space’ in terms of ‘big’ and ‘small’. There is only everywhere. A pin-head and the infinite are actually the same. The voice said that the programming of a body hologram –  its “library of experience” –  is passed on through the DNA to its successors in the line.

The body holograms contain all the information accumulated by all the expressions of that DNA since the line ‘began’. These genetic ‘lines’ do not exist as ‘past’ to ‘future’, but in different realities of the infinite NOW. Imagine, the voice said, that the incoming consciousness has to cope with all those inherited programs, beliefs and assumptions of reality.

The voice said:

“Do you wonder any longer why people are so easy to manipulate when they inherit that genetic programming to start with?”

It said that most people expended so much energy coping with the inherited responses, reactions, desires and demands of their body hologram that they had little left to look up and see beyond the illusion.

With great synchronicity as I later walked back along the same street, the horse was being led into the horsebox.

“You are looking at a profound symbol of the human condition”, said the voice. “Human consciousness is trapped in the ‘horse’ and the ‘horse’ is trapped in the ‘box’ human consciousness is trapped in the ‘body’ and the ‘body’ is trapped in the Time Loop and the Matrix.”

How we can break free will be discussed later.

This inherited programming through the body hologram and the effect of mind on ‘body’, explains why many people who have been regressed to ‘past lives’ have realized that the experiences of a previous ‘incarnation’ are symbolized by traits in their body. Someone who had his throat cut might have an unexplainable scar-like line on the throat or a person who had his hand smashed by torture might have a deformed hand in this ‘life’.

These are mind and body memories manifesting in the hologram.

It is important to remember this body programming when you are in altered states of consciousness because your mind and body might not be on the same page of perceived reality. Your mind may jump out of the window shouting “I can fly”, but half way down your body says:

“Not with me you bloody can’t.”


Inter-generational hypnosis

In childhood we are subjected to the programming of our parents who instill their own conditioned reality upon us. From the age of four or five this is compounded massively by school and ‘education’, which is little more than legalized child abuse. The abuse, that is, of the child’s mind and sense of reality. What does the ‘education’ system actually do?

It indoctrinates a false reality day after day throughout the most critical period of a child’s development by,

  1. pounding out the official version of science, history, possibility and impossibility, and all the rest
  2. by insisting that only by repeating back this bollocks in exams will you progress within the Illuminati system that controls ‘education’

For many this indoctrination at school is followed by college or university ‘education’ in which the same process is repeated at a higher level.

Education is not involved in developing self-awareness, it merely prepares young people to do the jobs that will serve the system. Real ‘education’ is actually unlearning the indoctrination of official ‘education’.

Constantly underpinning these false realities throughout our lives is the conditioning of the same ‘norms’ and ‘truths’ by the media, most powerfully via the resident hypnotist in the corner of the room.

“Mom, where do I learn about the meaning of life?”

“Oh shut up and watch TV.”

“OK, mom, Zzzzzzzzzzzz.”

Add to all this the fact that almost everyone around you will have been through the same programming and accept the same realities, plus there is the peer pressure throughout your life to conform to the norms even if you don’t want to.

This produces a network of inter-connected imposition of reality that causes all but a few to submit to this collective mind-control. When they accept this hypnotic state, and most do from a very early age, their brains and minds are programmed to ‘see’ the reality it has been programmed to believe in.

It ‘sees’ what it is indoctrinated to see, and edits away anything that doesn’t fit. This confirms to people most powerfully of all that what they believe is true! What a web.

This mind manipulation is well summed up by this observation:

“If a baby from birth is told by loving parents that 2 + 2 = 3; and later at Sunday school, kindergarten, preparatory school, public school. and university this young mind is again told by apparently clever and often highly respected teachers that 2 + 2 = 3; and if this same teaching comes through the mass media, backed by the weight of law, is it any wonder that many people. often in very responsible positions, seriously believe that 2 + 2 = 3?” 15

The bigger the lie and the more it is repeated, the more will believe it. This process of indoctrinated reality has convinced six billion people that ‘seeing is believing’ and that the ‘world’ around them is ‘real’. It must be, they can see, hear, touch, smell and taste it. That means it has to be real.

Oh yeah? Who says?

Consensus reality

The vibrational fields we ‘decode’ into ‘physical’ holographic reality are not only our own. They also include the thought projections of the Matrix, including its Illuminati ‘agents’ and ‘Reptilians’, and the thoughts of those who influence our beliefs. The voice in the Amazon told me that the basic landscape of our five-sense universe like the planets and star systems, are the creations of the Matrix entity. These are thought fields vibrational fields – that our minds decode into holographic ‘3-D’ illusions of physicality.

There are many planets and stars ‘out there’ that we do not currently see because we are not tuned into their frequency range and as our ‘radio dials’ becomes more open and sensitive we will ‘see’ more of them.

“We have discovered a new planet”, the headlines will say, but we have tuned into a new planet would be more accurate.

Within this basic Matrix landscape is the collective human mind, what I call consensus reality. This adds its reality to the Matrix landscape and so life on this planet will be different to life on another, although both will exist within the rules of the Matrix. The holographic ‘human’ body adds its programming to this mix and our ‘individual’ subconscious and conscious minds also tinker with the collective song.

We might be singing from the same basic song sheet manifested through the collective mind, but we can change the lyrics around and interpret them differently. Put another way, we may agree on the background to the painting, but we differ on the detail we wish to include. This is where the ‘individual’ mind can put its own spin on consensus reality. We may both agree we are looking at a movie or a car, but we will interpret what we see differently –  “nice car”, “awful movie”. In this and more profound ways we are changing the detail of the collective reality to reflect our uniqueness of view.

The Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung called the collective mind the Collective Unconscious, the ‘species mind’ if you like. I will call this ‘consensus reality’ (what we are all agreed exists). You might symbolize the ‘individual’ mind as a personal computer and the collective mind as the Internet or World-Wide-Web through which all computers can connect and communicate.

The so-called ‘hundredth monkey syndrome‘ is an expression of the collective unconscious, or the consensus reality, at work. This is the discovery that when a few members of a species are taught something new suddenly all or many of the species begin to do the same instinctively without being shown. It is supposed to be a mystery, but it isn’t.

The monkeys or whatever species implant the new knowledge in the collective mind by the very act of learning and realization. It is like finding new information and posting it on the Web. It becomes available to anyone connected to the Web. When enough monkeys have added the new knowledge to the collective mind (and it doesn’t take many) it is powerful enough to be accessed by the other ‘computers’ and they can suddenly do instinctively what the pioneers had to learn. Unlike humans, animals don’t undergo a lifetime of conditioning.

This makes them more sensitive to their multi-levels of being and they can access the collective mind with greater clarity. But humans do it, too. Every time you think, you are putting that thought, belief, knowledge or opinion, into the collective mind. If the Illuminati can program a sense of reality into billions of people they know that this will also consequently dominate the reality of the collective mind. It becomes a cycle of ‘individual’ minds placing their beliefs into the collective mind and, in turn, being influenced or confirmed in their beliefs by the reality of the collective mind.

Once again we need to break the circle. The collective mind manifests the collective consensus reality, the dominant belief in what is ‘real’. The collective mind is dominated by the belief that the walls around you are ‘solid’ because that is what it has been programmed to believe.

Even though you may be aware that it’s not possible for the walls to be solid, as explained earlier, the collective reality to which you are connected will go on manifesting the illusion that it is.

“I know this wall can’t be solid, but I still hurt my hand when I smack it.”

When mystics meditate before performing a ‘miracle’ they are disconnecting themselves from consensus reality, the collective mind, which says the ‘miracle’ is impossible.

The basic landscape of the five-sense world, and all that we agree is ‘real’, is generated by the Matrix entity and the thought fields of the collective human mind that our conscious minds decodes into a holographic ‘world’. To be truly free to create our own reality and end our belief in limitation, we need to disconnect our sense of reality from the Matrix and the collective consensus or, at least, give ourselves the option of when, and when not, to tap in.

It suits me at this moment to accept the illusion that I am sitting on a solid chair, but there are endless other collective realities I do not wish to accept and I want to access the power to make that choice. It is within the collective unconscious that much of the Matrix control will be removed and that is now happening, as I will come to later. I have been writing and talking for years about the way we create our own reality and live in our own personal ‘universe’ and this is how it is done.

We are what we think we are, and what we allow others to tell us what to think we are. The two are in fact the same.

Physicist David Bohm is one of those who is convinced that reality only exists because of our thoughts, and look at the implications of this in the ability of the Illuminati/Matrix to feed us false realities that suit the agenda.

We are also unknowingly observing thought fields created to mislead us and we are turning them into holographic images we believe to be ‘physically’ real.

“It must be true, mate, I saw it with my own eyes.”

The higher levels of the hierarchy understand this process and use it mercilessly to maintain, through hypnotizing human minds, the reality that suits them.

The Matrix = consensus reality

The Illuminati/Matrix seek to construct a ‘consensus reality’ in which the collective human mind, Jung’s collective unconscious, accepts the prevailing ‘truth’ it is programmed to believe. The more this happens, the more powerful are the thought patterns holding the manipulated reality together and the denser the holograms will appear.

This is the ‘freeze vibration’ the psychic communications talked about in the early 1990s. It is a form of collective hypnosis, a ‘solidified’ dream (or nightmare). Remember how the graduate students, Bill and Anne, shared precisely the same hypnotic reality because they hypnotized each other? Their consciousness connected to the point where they manifested the same illusion. This is what the consensus reality is.

We are mutually hypnotizing each other through the acceptance and imposition of ‘norms’ to share the same basic illusion. Look around the world and observe how diversity is being stamped out by the day and how we concede our uniqueness to the global consensus reality we call materialism. You find the same fast food chains, banks, architecture, economic and political systems, and lifestyles wherever you look. The assault on diversity is designed to crystallize and solidify still further the consensus reality and make it even more difficult for people to see beyond it or to recognize that it’s only a manipulated illusion designed to imprison them.

The agenda is to ‘solidify’ the consensus illusion still further by removing all challenges and alternatives to it. The Matrix reality is constructed from largely imbalanced, deluded thought (fear) that produce low vibrational frequency patterns. Those caught in the Matrix illusion resonate to these patterns and the more caught you are, the slower your vibration, as the work of Valerie Hunt with the human energy field has shown.

People are both caught in the vibrational web projected by consensus reality and add to the ‘stickiness’ of the web by contributing their like-vibration to this construct of fear and disharmony. It is the ultimate vicious circle with prison and prisoners both contributing to the survival of the Matrix. Until these frequency patterns are challenged by those of Oneness and harmony, the Matrix will prevail because fear and disharmony are the Matrix. That transformation is now underway.

Itzhak Bentov discusses the background to such phenomena in Stalking the Wild Pendulum. He points out that when you put two violins together and pluck a string on one of them, the same string on the other violin begins to vibrate in what is called sympathetic resonance.

Bentov also presents this example:

“Suppose we get several old-fashioned pendulum-type grandfather clocks. Let us hang them on a wall and arrange the pendulums so that they will start beating each other at a different angle, that is out of phase with each other. If we disturb one of the clocks it will get locked [back] into rhythm quite fast. The larger the number of oscillators within such a system, the more stable the system, and the more difficult to disturb. It will force a wayward oscillator back into line very quickly.”16

See what is happening in the Matrix and how it remains so stable?

As the mystic Sri Aurobindo Chose said, physical reality is just a mass of stable light. The more stable it is, the denser it appears as its vibrational state slows. This world, it seems, is in a state of extremely stable instability! Humans and everything else within the Matrix are oscillators, symbolic tuning forks or violin strings beating out a frequency that represents their state of being, their reality. When we accept the Matrix/Time Loop version of reality we resonate to its frequency and become one of its vibrational representatives like one of those grandfather clock pendulums in Bentov’s example.

As he said, the more pendulums or whatever which vibrate oscillate – to the same pattern the more stable and difficult to change that pattern becomes. That is why the Matrix is a stable vibrational construct held together by the minds that resonate with it by believing its illusions to be real. When we have a thought we are sending out waves of sound at frequencies the five-senses cannot hear (infrasound it is called) and this sound resonates a frequency pattern. In my video The Freedom Road (Bridge of Love), I show how particles of sand and other material on metal plates react to sound frequencies.

As the note is played, the particles immediately arrange themselves into distinct patterns as they vibrate to the sound and make a visual image of it. They will stay there in this ‘standing wave’, as it is called, for as long as the sound continues. When the sound changes – i.e. the frequency pattern – the particles rearrange themselves in an instant into a new pattern that reflects the new frequency.

The entire five-sense world is, like the body hologram, a mass of vibrating reality fields held together by sound. Change the sound – the thought, the reality – and the world must change. It would appear that these thought fields take the form of a vortex, a spiral of energy like a whirlpool in a river. As I’ve said, vortices can be incredibly stable and they can continue indefinitely until the circumstances change sufficiently to stop or redirect the flow through the spiral.

The Matrix is a vortex spinning round and round, getting slower and slower, and causing the energy to become denser and denser as the illusion of physicality has taken an ever more powerful grip on human reality.

Vibrated into line

This is a view supported by the American psychiatrist David Shainberg of the William Alanson White Institute of Psychiatry in New York. He believes that thoughts are vortices that can become fixed and rigid. He suggests that these express themselves as fixed opinions, unchanging views and a rigid sense of reality that is resistant to change.17

I am sure he is right.

The Matrix itself is a vortex and the Time Loop is the densest level of its spiral. The Time Loop is like an anchor pulling the rest of the Matrix into greater density and disconnection. On this planet alone the best part of six billion people resonate to the illusions of the Matrix and that is why the Matrix can continue.

Now, what happens when anyone challenges the system and offers another reality?

They are ridiculed, condemned, fired, marginalized, attacked financially, jailed or even killed. We can observe the ‘physical’ level of this, the holographic projection of it, as we see the consequences that such people face. But what is really happening on a vibrational level?

It is the five-sense expression of the Matrix energy pattern “forcing a wayward oscillator back into line”. We may see the consequences in such rebels being attacked in various ways, but to the Matrix they represent a different frequency beat that needs to be kicked back into vibrational line by the prevailing – Matrix – frequency pattern. We also see politicians who start out challenging the system and later become advocates of it.

Blair cabinet ministers like David Blunkett and Peter Hain, and former Labour Party leader, Neil Kinnock, come immediately to mind. They were ‘system busters’ who joined the system. We cannot bring the Matrix prison to a conclusion by reacting ‘out there’ with guns, bombs, anger and hatred because that will make the Matrix frequency even stronger by adding to its patterns of disharmony.

The answer lies ‘in here’ as we change our own frequency patterns and connect with Oneness, harmony and love. If we change ourselves, we change our ‘world’, our reality. Only then will the Matrix pattern be overwhelmed by a mass vibrational change that will undermine the stability of the frequency fields that hold its imprisoned minds in such servitude to the ‘material’ illusion.

The Matrix is a vibrational construct and that’s why it can be broken down into mathematics, numerology and other frequency measurement. To remove the control of the Matrix reality we have to break the vibrational power it has over us. In fact, most of that ‘power’ is simply our ignorance that such control exists.

Underpinning the belief in materialist ‘solid’ reality has been the pre-eminence of official (Illuminati) science and its demand that everything be ‘proved’ through experiments that can be repeated. Scientists who suggest conflicting explanations are ostracized or undermined to defend the prevailing (Illuminati-imposed) ‘wisdom’. Fundamental to losing sight of our infinite unity is the official policy of mainstream science to depict the world as unconnected parts and this is reflected in the very structure of science with its compartmentalized ‘specialties’ that rarely, if ever, talk to each other.

But when the beliefs of scientists are affecting the outcome of their experiments, as quantum physics have shown, what the hell use is such dogma? A subatomic particle called an anomalon has been revealed to have different properties in different laboratories, which, as author Michael Talbot points out, is like having a car that changes its color and features depending on who is driving.

The ‘laws’ of ‘science’ only apply because the scientists believe they do and, thanks to the god-like status of ‘science’, what it decides is ‘real’ becomes the consensus reality. But it’s all illusion. Take a basic ‘law’ of science known as cause and effect, the foundation of the so-called Law of Karma. For every action there has to be a re-action. That’s true – but only if you believe it is.

If you believe it’s not true then it isn’t!

People have ‘karma’ only because they believe they do at the level of their ‘individual’ and collective mind.

The Danish physicist Niels Bohrone of the great pioneers of quantum physics, made the point that if subatomic particles only exist when they are observed how was it possible to say what their characteristics are before they are observed? But that is what mainstream ‘science’ continues to do – investigate and label an illusion. If everything we ‘see’ is a hologram manifested by our conscious minds from a thought field, how can ‘science’ be any more ‘real’ than anything else?

William Tiller, a physicist at Stanford University said:

” … When we get to the frontiers of our understanding, we can in fact shift the laws so that we’re creating the physics as we go along”,18would say that is how it has always been.

As the voice told me in Brazil, there are no ‘laws’, only infinite possibility.

What is reality? What do you think it is? Then that is what it is.

These areas of knowledge are far more ‘subversive’ to the system than simply exposing the secret society network or the global agenda because they offer the means through which we can think the agenda and its fascist values out of our existence and think a new reality into being.

This is the transition from the prison to the paradise I have long articulated. Like all reality, the transition has to happen first in the mind – or more accurately the heart – and only then can we experience it in the ‘physical’ world as manifested holograms. Rejecting the consensus reality and creating our own is the transformation. It’s like the story of the emperor’s new clothes.

The consensus reality was that he was wearing lovely new clothes because the crowd did not want to admit that he was naked. It took a small child to break the spell and say the obvious:

“He’s got no clothes on.”

‘Miracles’ are a different sense of reality

The ‘laws’ of the five-sense world may only be what we think they are, but while we accept them as real we are subject to their limitations. In the same way, if we can free our minds of these realities, we are no longer subject to their ‘laws’ and limitations. This is what we call ‘miracles’.

Almost everyone will have read of ‘unexplainable’ feats like walking through fire without getting burned, having swords pushed through the body without injury or scar, levitation and all the rest. None of these phenomena are possible to conventional materialist science, but that is simply because conventional science is the knowledge equivalent of a Mickey Mouse movie.

A woman I knew allowed a room in her house to be used by serious meditators, those who wanted to meditate for a long time undisturbed. One guy went in and did not appear for many days and she became concerned that he was OK. She took him a cup of tea and slowly opened the door. The next moment the cup had crashed on the ground because when she looked at him the bottom half of his body was ‘invisible’.

Not possible? Oh yes it is and perfectly explainable, too, as we’ll come to shortly.

In 1905, the psychic, Indridi Indridason, was part of a project by leading scientists in Iceland into the ‘paranormal’. When he went into deep trance the scientists saw different parts of his body disappear and reappear. 19 Anything is possible, literally anything, because we are infinite possibility. A woman I met in Texas told me how she woke up next to her husband one morning to find him floating six feet above the bed still asleep.

Apparently, he was a bit of a fly-by-night.

Dr William Tufts Brigham, the curator of the Bishop Museum in Honolulu, was a keen investigator of the ‘paranormal’ and his studies included the ‘miracles’ performed by the Hawaiian shaman, or kahuna. He witnessed one of them heal a man who had broken his leg so badly that pieces of bone were protruding through the skin.

The female kahuna ‘prayed’ (concentrated thought) and meditated beside the man and straightened his leg, pushing on the broken bones. After a few minutes she said the healing was complete and the man stood up and walked around with no sign of the severe injuries of only minutes earlier. This is possible because as we have seen, there is no ‘bone’ – it’s an illusion. Brigham also watched a group of kahuna walk barefoot across volcanic rock so hot it had hardly cooled enough to take their weight. They went through a ritual of ‘prayers’ and walked across the rocks with no discomfort, let alone severe bums. Brigham was taken through the process and tried himself, although he refused to remove his boots!

When he reached the other side, his boots and socks were on fire, but his feet were fine.

“I had a sensation of intense heat on my face and body, but almost no sensation in my feet”, he said.

Some ‘miracle men’ have allowed themselves to be studied by skeptic scientists and one was the Dutch author, Jack Schwarz, in the 1970s. Watched by doctors and researchers from the University of California’s Langley Porter Neuropsychiatric Institute and other institutions, he would push six-inch needles into his body with no pain or bleeding; hold hot coals; and press lighted cigarettes against his skin with no ill effects. In the 1940s, another Dutchman, Mirin Dajo, performed a stage show in which he pushed a-fencing foil into his body and out the other side.

Again, there was no bleeding, no pain, and only a faint red line where the sword entered and exited.

He agreed to do this before a host of doctors and journalists at a Zurich hospital and was X-rayed with the sword inside to prove that it was no trick. Later he allowed scientists and doctors in Basel to impale him. The outcome was the same.’= When King Louis XIV of France sought to purge the Huguenots in the 1600s, his death squads found a group known as the Camisards in the Cevennes Valley who simply would not die under any circumstances.

Michael Talbot writes:

“In an official report sent to Rome, one of the persecutors, a prior named Abbe du Chayla, complained that no matter what he did, he could not succeed in harming the Camisards. When he ordered them shot, the musket balls would be found flattened between their clothing and their skin. When he closed their hands upon burning coals, they were not harmed, and when he wrapped them head to toe in cotton soaked with oil and set them on fire, they did not burn.” 23

Illusions cannot ‘die’ unless we believe they are ‘real’

What goes on here? How is all this possible as it demonstrably is?

Quite simply such people disconnect their minds from the consensus reality and cease to be subject to the illusory ‘rules’ of that reality. They manifest a different illusion, a different dream.

How many times do we have dreams in which we experience events that should kill us or harm us, but don’t?

It is the same principle.

If it is your reality that fire cannot burn your feet then it cannot. Why? Because your feet don’t exist any more than the fire does!! Hmm…

Can an illusion burn an illusion unless we believe it can and manifest that reality – the illusion of burning and pain? When We feel pain it is in the brain and not in the big toe we have just bashed on the table. The brain manifests the pain from messages it receives and the conditioned brain feels pain only because it thinks it should. That is what its computer program says and that is what it delivers.

When you change the program you get a different reality – no burning and no pain. ‘Miracles’ are only the withdrawing from consensus reality to where its illusory ‘rules’ no longer apply. How can your body bum when you know it is only a holographic illusion of your mind? How can a holographic illusion be harmed by a sword that is also a holographic illusion?

Answer: only when you believe it can!

The guy who ‘lost’ half his body meditating in the room went into such another state of consciousness – reality – that his holographic body began to follow. In doing so, it began to disappear, or withdraw, from this one. As for levitation and other such ‘paranormal’ phenomena (paranormal to the consensus reality), the principle is the same.

The voice in Brazil told me:

“When you levitate, it is not ‘you’ that goes ‘up’, it is your ‘world’ that goes ‘down’.”

Put another way, our minds don’t lift us off the ‘ground’ they rearrange our reality by changing the ‘world’ we believe is around us. There is no bed, as there is no spoon, so how can you levitate above a bed that is not really there with a body that is not really there?

“It is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself.”

But an observer can lock into the rearranged reality – the thought pattern – of the ‘levitator’ and all are the same illusion that he is six feet above the bed. Oh, I hear, but isn’t the situation the art of overcoming gravity?

Only if you think it is because gravity is another illusion. If we did not believe in it we would not be subject to its rules. There are no rules unless we believe there are. Infinite love is the only truth, everything else is illusion. Most of us will have heard accounts of people who produce ‘super-human’ feats at moments of great challenge and emotional stress.

Some have lifted cars to free their child. Their mind in that concentrated, highly emotional state, switches realities and they are no longer subject to the ‘rules’ of this one. A lady told me how she spent a long time in a room fighting a fire amid smoke so dense and toxic that no one else could stay there for more than a few seconds. Even then they were treated for the effects of smoke on their lungs, but my friend was found to be perfectly OK.

She didn’t even remember any smoke in the room. Once again she had changed realities in her stress and focus of mind and could not be effected by the laws of the reality that was effecting everyone else.

How many times do we hear it said that someone surviving an ordeal that should have killed them has had a ‘miraculous escape’?

They changed realities at the crucial moment, that’s all, no miracles necessary. There is a point I’d like to stress here that I feel people get confused about. They equate performing these apparent ‘miracles’ with spiritual enlightenment and advancement and this can be a real trap. You are not some ‘living god on Earth’ because you can do the party tricks that come from knowing how we create reality. You can be a con man, quite easily, and the Illuminati are using these techniques all the while.

These abilities can, and are, used by those who wish to expose the illusion and help people to awaken from it.

But they don’t have to be. It’s only knowledge and you can use it any way you want.

Here, there and everywhere

My wife, Pam, pointed out that within the word everywhere is also the word here, as in everywhere. How appropriate because everything is here and everywhere. In the same way, nowhere is also nowhere.

As that old Jeff Beck song goes:

“You’re everywhere and nowhere, baby, that’s where you’re at.” 24

A wave pattern that can be in many places at once suddenly manifests in a single location when it is observed. This is known as the wave collapse. The waves and the particles are the same and they are both here and everywhere. Subatomic particles can talk to each other over any distance without any communication being measured. What makes this possible is that the particles are both each other and all the ‘space’ in between.

They actually don’t have to communicate because they are the same. Is there any need for the following conversation between two ‘particles’ that are both the same David Icke?

“Hello, David Icke here, is that David lcke?”

“Yeah, this is David Icke, nice to talk to you, David lcke.”

“I have a message for you, David, can we manifest as a tea cup, please, someone just looked at me?”

“I’m already on it David, bone china, right?”

“Thanks David.”

“That’s OK, David.” .

Such a conversation is unnecessary and so is communication between subatomic particles. The hologram is a perfect example of this theme. One of the amazing traits of the hologram is that every part contains the whole (see Figure 51, look good, don’t I?).

If you cut a holographic film into four pieces and shine the laser on to each of them, they will not reveal four parts of the picture.

Figure 51:

Fine figure of a hologram.

Every part of a hologram contains a picture of the whole

and this is why every cell in the body contains the information to grow another whole.

The body is a holographic illusion

Figures 52 and 53:

Reflexology and acupuncture can find a representation of the whole body in

the foot, the ear and elsewhere because the body

is a hologram and every part contains a smaller version of the whole body

Each will show a smaller version of the whole picture.

Cut the print into as many pieces as you want and they will always project the same whole image when the laser is shone on them. It is because the human body is a hologram that every cell contains all the information necessary to ‘grow’ a whole body; hence they can clone people and animals from a single cell. Conventional ‘medicine’ sitting in its establishment bunker dismisses alternatives like reflexology and cranial therapy as ridiculous quackery with no basis in ‘science’.

If they were not so mesmerized by their Mickey Mouse medicine that serves the Illuminati pharmaceutical cartel so wonderfully well, they would realize that the body is a hologram and the basis of such alternatives could not be simpler. Reflexology is an ancient form of healing that is based on the understanding that different parts of the body, like the feet, hands and ears are mirrors of the whole body (see the foot and ear charts in Figures 52 and 53).

The art goes back at least to the ancient Indian, Egyptian and Chinese people, but yet again our beloved medical establishment decide they know best, why? they actually know next to nothing. Reflexology identifies points on the fee( hands, ear, etc., that relate to organs of the body and through these points any imbalances in the organs can be treated. This is not only perfectly logical when you realize that the body is a hologram, it is how it must be because every part of a hologram contains the image of the whole.

Every cell contains the whole, for goodness sake, as even the medical establishment has had to recognize. The ancient art of acupuncture is based on the holographic sub-systems of the body, as is palm reading because the hand contains the whole body. More than that, every part of every hand, foot and ear also contains the whole and so does every part of every finger and every part of every part of the finger.

The body hologram is an expression of the hologram that is the universe and the cosmos, and so is every part of the body down to every cell, atom and electron.

Holographic memory

So to the brain, the computer-like interface between the mind and the holographic ‘body’ of the five-senses. The brain is not the mind, it is a computer used by the mind and thus scientists have never located where in the brain lies the mind. They never will because it’s not there. We don’t think from the brain, but through the brain at the five-sense level of reality.

Mainstream science has also been unable to locate the area of the brain that contains the memory because the memory (the computer hard drive) exists throughout the brain. Of course it does, the brain is a hologram and every part contains the ·whole. Horrible experiments on animals have removed massive parts of their brains and still found they could remember the tasks they were set when the whole brain was intact. People who have large parts of their brains removed because of tumors do not lose specific memories.

They might not remember in general quite so well because they have moved to a smaller level of the holographic memory where there is less clarity than in the whole. But they don’t lose one memory completely and retain another in crystal clarity as they would if memory was located in one area.

The hologram has a staggering capacity to store information. You can store many pictures on the same piece of holographic film, for instance, and by changing the angle at which you direct the laser you can choose which one you want to see. Accessing our memory works in basically the same way. We move our ‘laser’ to find the information we are looking for in the hologram and those who can do this highly efficiently are said to have a ‘photographic memory’. Yes, a holographic photographic memory.

People can ‘read’ objects like watches or jewellery and glean from them detailed information about their history and owners because the objects are holograms and they have recorded that information. Our body holograms store memory from all of the senses. When, for instance, we smell something it can trigger a memory just as powerfully as when we see or hear something that recalls an experience. Our memory extends beyond even the brain hologram and is located throughout the body hologram, too. In turn, the body hologram contains the memory of the cosmic hologram and so on.

Everything is connected to everything else. Everything iv everything else. The Matrix cannot literally divide the whole into parts because Oneness is always Oneness, but it can give the illusion of division and polarity, and this is what it does by manipulating our sense of reality.

Division and polarity are illusions because all is One.

Holographic senses

All our five-senses are holographic and are located throughout the hologram-body. Yes, even our sight. It is clear that we don’t need eyes to see when you sift through the endless accounts of those who have experienced the out-of-body or near-death phenomena. They leave their bodies and their ‘eyes’, but they can still see.

This is possible because the mind does not ‘see’, it decodes frequency patterns into holographic illusions it thinks it sees. It is a virtual reality and you don’t need eyes to see what your mind is thinking because it is all happening ‘in here’, not ‘out there’. If something can decode frequencies into holograms it can ‘see’. As all consciousness can do this, everything can ‘see’ and every part of the body hologram has ‘eyes’. Excuse me while I look through my big toe at the inside of my sock. Anyone got a needle? No really, we can see throughout the body and that must be the case if the body is a hologram.

More horrible experiments (I don’t want to know that badly, thanks) have shown that rats can continue to see perfectly well with 90 per cent of their visual cortex in the brain removed, while cats continue to see after 98 per cent of their optic nerves have ceased to function. There have been many experiments to show how some people can see and read through their hands while their eyes were covered with a blindfold. The hands and all other parts of the body can send visual messages to the visual cortex in the brain from where we ‘see’.

But in fact, we don’t even need the brain to ‘see’ – that’s just another level of the multi-levelled illusion. Does the infinite need eyes or a brain to see??

Paul Bach-y-Rita, a neuroscientist and physician at Wisconsin-Madison University, says:

“You don’t see with the eyes. You see with the brain.” (Beyond that we see with the mind).

When an image reaches the eye’s retina, he says, it “becomes nerve pulses no different from those from the big toe”.

Information enters the eyes as a frequency pattern and the brain turns it into a 3-D image. Now, because every part of a hologram contains the whole, every part of the body – the hand, toe, knee – has the ability to pass frequency patterns to the brain, which it transforms into holograms that we can ‘see’. This means that people really do have eyes in their backsides.

I have heard some people speak of being able to see 360 degrees when they have entered altered states of consciousness that make them more attuned to these senses by withdrawing their focus from the five-sense consensus reality. All this is perfectly explainable from the holographic perspective. Life magazine featured a Russian woman called Rosa Kuleshova who could read with her fingertips and others have been able to do the same with other parts of their bodies like the nose and ear.28

David Eisenberg MD, a clinical research fellow at the Harvard Medical School, highlighted two young Chinese sisters who could read with their armpits! There was also the ‘miraculous’ discovery by Paul Bach-y-Rita and other researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison that we can see through our tongues.

They have developed a device to stimulate the tongue’s ability to ‘see’ and this has allowed blind people to regain vision.

One report said:

“The tongue, an organ of taste and touch, may seem like an unlikely substitute for the eyes. After all, it’s usually hidden inside the mouth, insensitive to light, and not connected to optic nerves. However, a growing body of research indicates that the tongue may in fact be the second-best place on the body for receiving visual information from the world and transmitting it to the brain.

“Earlier research had used the skin as a route for images to reach the nervous system. That people can decode nerve pulses as visual information when they come from sources other than the eyes shows how adaptable, or plastic, the brain is. says Wisconsin one of the device’s inventors.” 27

Research is underway to see if other lost senses can be restored by routing them through other parts of the body. They will find that they can for the reasons I have described. Most people cannot access these inherent abilities because they don’t know they have them and they don’t believe they have them. Until they do, they won’t. We are what we think we are and we can do what we believe we can do.

Every part of the hologram has the senses of the whole and is conscious. Michael Talbot tells a story in The Holographic Universe that gave him an insight into this. He had been having trouble with his spleen and had been using visualization to treat the problem, using his mind to rebalance the hologram that is the spleen. One night he became frustrated with the process and, in the privacy of his own thoughts, gave his spleen a right rollicking for not responding quickly enough. A few days later he went to see a psychic about his health.

She identified the spleen problem and then paused, looking confused, before saying:

“Your spleen’s very upset about something … have you been yelling at your spleen?”

She said the spleen became ill because it thought that is what Talbot wanted. He had been giving the wrong messages, she said, and now the spleen was confused at being scalded.

“Never, never get angry with your body or your internal organs”, she said, “Only send them positive messages.”28

Big bang baloney

A little observation in the light of all this. Science says that the universe was created by the ‘Big Bang’. It says that matter was concentrated in a fireball of enormous density and this was all that existed. Then the fireball, or cosmic egg, exploded and the matter and space it contained expanded out from the centre and is still expanding.

The official theory says this is why the galaxies etc. are still moving away from each other. Out of this cooling explosion of matter came the universe as we see it, we are told.

But hold on.

If there is no matter because matter is an illusion of the mind, how could there be a “Big Bang” of original matter, except as an illusion?

The universe, like everything in the Matrix, is a mass of vibrational thought fields that our minds decode into a 3-D holographic illusion. As a result of this big bang explosion and the process that followed, the official story goes, subatomic particles emerged. But if waveforms only become particles when they are observed, how could they be created by a process of ‘matter’ that followed the explosion?

They could only be ‘formed’ out of thought fields by being observed into holograms. Maybe someone was looking, eh?

The universe is the thought equivalent of a computer program and just as a software program does not need to explode to be seen in Windows 2000, neither does the universe need to explode to be formed as thought fields observed into holographic illusion.

Imagine if there was an explosion of ‘matter’ every time a thought field was created. It would be bloody noisy, wouldn’t it? BOOM!

“Hey Ethel, stop thinking will you, I can’t hear the telly.”

“Sorry dear, I was just thinking we need some more cheese.”


“And some tomatoes.”



There was no need for an explosion to create the universe. Once the thought fields are projected it’s a done deal.

If the galaxies are still moving away from each other, that is because the ‘program’ was written that way, not because something had to go ‘bang’.

The infinite ‘One’

In my altered states in Brazil I entered a ‘place’ in which I was consciously ‘me’, but also everything else. This is a state of being that has been described throughout known ‘history’ by mystics, meditators, people under the influence of psychoactive drugs, and those who have had ‘near death’ and ‘out-of-body’ experiences – those who have expanded their conscious awareness to beyond the Time Loop’s five-sense-reality where all appears to be divided into independent parts.

David Bohm and Karl Pribram, two of the world’s leading researchers into holographic reality, agree these out-of-body experiences sound like what they call the ‘implicate order’ – the world the five-senses cannot perceive.29 Mainstream science, the science of the Illuminati agenda, rejects Oneness and promotes a belief in unconnected parts. This serves the Matrix magnificently. It conditions this belief in the human mind and we then see what we have been programmed to see – a world of parts and not the seamless ‘One’.

Such a sense of isolation and disconnection brings a perception of being small, powerless and insignificant. This is what the Matrix needs to hold us in its spell. It also means that we seek ‘individual’ solutions to problems when you can never find a ‘solution’ without realizing that everything is connected. A simple example is the way ‘Western’ governments give ‘aid’ to poor countries while the translational corporations from the ‘West’ exploit those countries and bleed them dry of far more wealth than they ever receive in aid.

If you don’t view the world economy as a whole and change the way it functions as a whole, you will never solve the ‘individual’ problems and injustices that such an imbalanced whole is bound to cause. Viewing everything as unconnected parts and not as a seamless Oneness is vital to the Matrix/Illuminati agenda. It is no accident, therefore, that, as I have detailed in other books, the Royal Society in London, the home of establishment science, was created by high degree Freemasons on behalf of the Illuminati.

The so-called ‘classic physics’ of the materialists became the official line from the 17th century with Isaac Newton and the French mathematician, Rene Descartes, who viewed the world as a machine. This dogma denied the existence of the spirit because they believed they could explain life without a need for one. But like most of the ‘facts’ pedaled by mainstream science these were not proofs, but mere assumptions.

According to the book, Holy Blood, Holy Grail,30 Isaac Newton is reported to have been a grand master of an elite secret society in the Illuminati web called the Priory of Sion (see my other books). It claims to go back at least to the 12th century and to have been originally closely connected to the Illuminati Knights Templar. Others dispute this, however.

The Priory of Sion says it seeks to advance the goals and influence of the Merovingian bloodline that today manifests as the royal families of Europe, a long list of US presidents and others in positions of global banking, business and media power. With the advanced esoteric knowledge available in the upper levels of secret societies, there is no chance that Isaac Newton was not aware that his version of materialism, a world only of matter, was a nonsense.

But how this has served the Illuminati agenda as it denied the existence of the spirit (when you’re dead, your dead) and viewed the world as a series of parts and not as one unified, infinite whole. The basis of mainstream science is baloney and those in control know it.

Stanislav Grof, writing in The Holotropic Mind, says:

“A true scientist does not confuse theory with reality and does not try to dictate what nature should be like. It is not up to us to decide what the human psyche can do and what it cannot do to fit our neatly organized preconceived ideas. If we are ever to discover how we can best cooperate with the psyche, we have to allow it to reveal its true nature to us.” 31

The Illuminati are desperate to prevent this, of course.

Others are now challenging this deception, however, and people like the Danish physicist Niels Bohr and London University physicist David Bohm say that every ‘part’ is an expression of one indivisible whole. A gathering army of real scientists are saying the same. They are accepting what mystics and their like have been saying all along.

Those with open hearts and minds are beginning to speak the same language of Oneness even though they come to this conclusion from different directions. There is no ’empty space’ and there are no ‘vacuums’. Everywhere is consciousness that connects everything to everything else. David Bohm and others have established that not only do two particles act as if they know what the other is doing, trillions of them do. In fact, all of them do because all is all. Everything is everything.

Behind the apparent diversity is one consciousness. I have heard this explained as a vibration that is travelling so fast that it appears to be everything, in the same way that if you orbited the Earth at fantastic speed you would never know where you were at any point and you would seem to be everywhere on the planet at the same time. I don’t buy that.

The Infinite doesn’t have to travel at such speeds to be everywhere. It doesn’t have to travel at all. It is already everywhere. It just is. Why would you have to move to appear to be everything and everywhere when you are always everything and everywhere? Bohm believes that we need to look at the world as a ballet dance and not as a crowd of unorganized people. The dance is the prime reality, not the ‘individual’ dancers.

But as the poet William Butler Yeats wrote:

“You cannot tell the dancer from the dance.”

Our five-senses can only perceive an almost immeasurable fraction of the Infinite and yet humanity has been kidded into believing that what it thinks it sees is all there is. On a basic level we talk of the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian oceans, but they are the same body of water. Every subatomic particle, atom, cell, organ, limb, body and mind is a mirror of the cosmos. They are the cosmos and the cosmos is them. It is the same with every droplet of water, every tree, every tulip and blade of grass.

In the words of William Blake:

To see a World in a Grain of Sand

And a Heaven in a Wild Flower

Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand And

Eternity in an hour.

The imprisoned minds of the Matrix may have forgotten they are the Infinite, but they are and always shall be. The only difference between the Infinite and the Matrix is that the Infinite knows it is the Infinite and the Matrix has forgotten. You are not Joe Bloggs or Bill Smith; that is only a programmed illusion.

You are all that is: everything. Yes, little old ‘insignificant’, ‘powerless’, you.

We don’t live life; we are life.

All of it.


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