Stargates and Portals in Space are Real

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This is the first in a series of posts on this subject

by Dawn Abel

September 2005

from MayaMysterySchool Website

A number of important cosmological communications have occurred over the last quarter century and will continue to occur over the next seven years and into the second quarter of the 21st century. This involves messages coded to reach the public conscious either originating or vibrating with a number of strategic stargates.

These stargates are aligned with each other in such a way to support the manifestation of a new heaven on Earth.

At the end of this period there will be a genetic manifestation or birthing of new female energy known by its 13-strand DNA; an event and physiological occurrence that has been compromised and suppressed for the last 3600 years, but which can no longer be contained.


The first of these messages began coming frequently about ¼ century ago from the stargate Arcturus and picked up momentum around the time of the Harmonic Convergence.

Arcturus was referred to by Edgar Cayce as:

“one of the most advanced civilizations in this galaxy. It exists in fifth-dimension and is the prototype for Earth’s future. Its energies work as emotional, mental, and spiritual healers for humanity.

The star is also an energy gateway through which humans pass during death and re-birth. It functions as a gateway station for non-physical consciousness to become accustomed to physicality.

Arcturus is a stargate through which souls pass, to choose whether to return to the Earth-sun system, or evolve to others.”

J.J. Hurtak in Book of Knowledge: Keys of Enoch, wrote,

“Arcturus is the midpoint between the Earth and other higher levels of consciousness. It is the governing body for our universe which determines the spiritual progress of humanity.

Arcturus is the first docking station that allows us to travel beyond our consciousness. Humans whose coded DNA has been activated by the keys will be taken up through Arcturus before moving on to other levels of creation.”

Arcturus is home to the most ascended of beings known as the White Brotherhood of Light.

Its master is Sananda, also known on this Earth plane as Jesus, “the son”. It is the Arcturians who are supposedly responsible for the crop circle phenomenon in England. The Arcturians communicate using frequencies and harmonics, and the crop circle signatures are currently ascending the harmonic scale. The Arcturians have been doing this for hundreds of years.

However, it has only become a public phenomenon since the mid 1980s when a major influx of crop circles began to catch the attention of a group of field researchers, which then set the world “on fire” (chakra activation).

According to Freddy Silva in Secrets in the Fields, by 1988 hundreds of crop circles had been documented and researched. This was actually the end of the “formative years” of crop circles, when most people were unaware of their presence. Suddenly, interest skyrocketed and they started to “catch on”.

This was also around the time of the Harmonic Convergence. Every year since then,

“they have grown exponentially, always developing and splitting in structure as if suggesting some sort of language, more complex as the years progress…”

According to the Arcturians, there are 12 frequencies that correspond to our evolving 12-strand DNA.

And then there’s a 13th that corresponds to the most powerful and purest vibration of universal love and compassion. Our body’s seventh chakra (crown chakra) connects us to the previous six chakras in our body and to the Earth. Then an eighth chakra, about 12 inches above the crown, allows us to connect to a higher plane of consciousness.

A ninth chakra, approximately two feet from the body, connects with the sacred gridwork of the Earth. A tenth chakra aligns with the solar system, an eleventh with the galactic center, and a twelfth with our physical universal.

A 13th chakra aligns with the super-galactic center that is a gateway for the most ascended of masters and for the purest energies of the heart associated with the divine Mother and universal love. The Great Hindu Mother Ammachi is currently manifesting this energy in the physical and is a forbearer of the new energy to follow.

When you activate the 8th chakra, you gain the ability to explore higher consciousness. When you activate the ninth chakra you can make contact with higher beings or guides who are still working in other frequencies on the Earth plane such as the ancient Mayas, Incans, Egyptians, and Tibetans.

According to Silva, the crop circles manifested a new nine-strand frequency in the summer of 1999 awakening even more people to the Earth’s final preparation for birthing a new consciousness.

“As the new codes of energy imprint themselves upon the crystalline structures of the Earth, changes within her will trigger systems in the body to follow suit because the human energy field seeks to maintain its umbilical connection with Earth Mother… Such an effect is also seen in the way the structures of crystals realign when subjected to a new frequency.”

A coiledserpent, (symbolizing activated chakras ready to release a pent-up energy) was also spotted in the crops that year.

When you activate the tenth chakra you can make contact with entities beyond the planet but in this solar system – those who have shared some human characteristics but are also part alien. When you activate the eleventh chakra you can make contact with Sirians, Pleiadians, and the Arcturians.

When activating the twelfth chakra, you can contact the Arcturians as well and also the higher level beings such as those who are tasked with the ascension of humans and the evolution of our galaxy. These ascended masters include the White Brotherhood. The 13th chakra activates the super-galactic center, home of numerous galaxies and universes where the Galactic Federation works from and where the female energies associated with universal love and fellowship manifest.

The messages coming from the Arcturians in the form of crop circles, right now, are raising our frequency and rewiring DNA to receive a strong dose of right-brain female energies to balance the left-brain dominated male energies.

The Arcturians are helping us to activate and align our 12-strand DNA (corresponding to the 12 chakras) with the energies of their midway command station in the Universe, so that we can prepare ourselves for the new 13-chakra female energy that the new Earth will soon be birthing and eventually become junior members of the Galactic Federation.

Galactic Center

Another series of stargate messages occurred only recently: December 19, 2001, December 18, 2002, and December 17, 2003.

Those were the dates that Lord of the Rings opened to the public in movie theatres; also dates that currently fall within one to two degrees of the galactic center at 27 degrees Sagittarius. Those were the days of the first series of conscious cosmic alerts to the public from the Milky Way galaxy’s Mission Control Center.

It was a bold message of what will transpire over the next 10 years, as we watch the battle for the new Earth unfold and a new sun king (or son king) take his place who will help birth the new cosmic energy for the new age.

According to the Maya, the galactic center represents the ascension of “the king.” John Major Jenkins explains this further in Mayas Cosmogenesis 2012:

“The cosmic center is the Galactic Center, identified by the nuclear bulge – the womb of the Milky Way mother toward which the ‘sun king’ precesses. This precession reveals the king’s slow procession to ultimate enthronement in the heart of time and space.

But for the sake of kingship in local space-time, he makes an initiatory vision journey into the celestial heart to be anointed and given the power of rulership and sacred knowledge.”

This was the first series of messages to come out of the Galactic center for the alert public to interpret.

The Lord of the Rings dealt with the transformation of evil through love, compassion and humility. It was a message about life and death, and the awakening of brotherhood among humanity. The “sun” or “son” king dispersed the dark and brought light to the planet. The female power who was behind this birth was Arwen, the fairy queen.

She mated with the new king and merged the cosmos and Earth energies to birth a new kingdom on Earth.

  • How will this transformation actually manifest on Planet Earth?
  • As the sunking unites with the womb of the Milky Way, who will the mother bring forth to save us from ourselves?
  • Our last savior manifested in a male body because it was far easier for a male to influence the masses; will it manifest this time in a female body?

The Galactic Precession

According to Jenkins, the ancient Mesoamerican astronomers used two different methods to track precession.

The first was pioneered at the early Maya site called Izapa, and involved the slow precession of the solstice sun into alignment with the bright band of the Milky Way galaxy.

The alignment of the December solstice sun with the center of our Milky Way galaxy culminates in the years around 2012-coinciding with the 13-baktun cycle end-date.

The solstice-galaxy alignment was conceived as the union of the male principle (December solstice sun) with the female principle (the Milky Way’s center). The region of the Milky Way that the solstice sun will unite with contains not only the nuclear bulge of the Galactic but also a “dark-rift” feature caused by interstellar dust.

The modern Maya call this dark-rift or Great Cleft the xibalba be – the Road to the Underworld. This feature is the key to understanding the rebirth metaphor of the 2012 end-date, for it was also conceived, in Maya symbology, as the birth canal of the Great Mother (the Milky Way).

The sun is reborn daily at dawn, yearly at the December solstice, and, in terms of World Ages, on December 21, 2012-when the December solstice sun aligns with the Galactic Plane, which is the precession cycle’s “finish line.”

The Pleaides and Alcyone

In coordination with the galactic precession, the Mayas also look at the precession of time through the Pleiades.

Alcyone, the central star of the Pleiades, is located at 30 degrees Taurus near the constellation Orion. Alcyone, in Taurus, represents the Earth Goddess. The lessons from Alcyone are those dealing with compassion, higher wisdom and vision, and Earth consciousness.

Much has been channeled from the Pleiades.

Alcyone figures prominently in Mayan astronomy.

The Mayas believe it is the home of their ancestors. The Pleiades star system is referred to as the seven sisters and our sun aligns with Alcyone every 52 years. In Mayan cosmology the precession of the Pleaides is tracked using the Calendar Round (52 years) and the New Fire ceremony.

This tracking system was developed at Teotihuacan in Central Mexico around 150 AD, however, according to Jenkins, it is at the Pyramid of Kukulcan at Chichen Itza that we find the significance of the upcoming shift of the ages.

Without going too much into a technical explanation, the solar zenith-passage date at Teotihuacan, was and still is May 17th, but the Mayas calculated a date for the latitude of Chichen Itza for the 21st century, when this passage occurs every May 20th (beginning May 17th and ending May 23rd).

This is important because in the 21st century May 20th aligns with a sun/pleiades conjunction that, due to precession, moves forward in the zodiac by one degree every 104 years (Two 52-year cycles.)

This united sun-Pleiades conjunction has moved toward the exact center of the midnight sky. Jenkins continues that “the united sun-Pleiades symbolize the serpent-bird deity Quetzalcoatl known to some as the Christ.” The Christ is also known in many cultures as the “son” or “sun”.

Like the solstice-galaxy alignment, this sun-Pleiades-zenith alignment is tied to the endtime prophecies.

Star Codes at Chichen Itza

During the March equinox, people from around the world attend a cosmic ceremony and ritual at Chichen Itza.

They watch a “shadow-serpent” slither down the stairs of the northern balustrade of the Pyramid of Kulkulcan. For those who are in tune, it produces a “rush.” The serpent hasseven coils, with an imaginary eighth forming at the top of the pyramid.

The Mayan word for a snake’s rattle and the Mayan word for the Pleiades is the same. To continue, Yucatec rattlesnakes have a three-dotted signature circle formation near their rattles. A number of scholars have interpreted this insignia to be a solar ahau face, a symbol of the sun.

According to Jenkins,

“when the serpent shadow appears, the snake’s tail pierces the temple on top of the pyramid (the fifth, central direction-the zenith direction) and then it points up into the center of the sky. Since the rattle is called tzab (Pleiades) and the three-dot ahau face design is the sun, the symbolism states unequivocally: sun and Pleiades in the zenith.

This May 17th – 20th Pleaidian alignment, as encoded by the shadowed appearance of the snake and his rattle during the equinox, along with the 2012 galactic alignment, also encoded at Chichen, occur in the 21st century.”

So now that we know that all of these stargates deal with the “endtimes” or death/rebirth transitions, what is the public message of the Pleaides at this time? And what has the serpent to do with any of the messages that have come from the crop circles, the galactic center, and the Pleaides?

The serpent as seen on the medical symbol, the caduceus, represents the human DNA strands and 7 chakras (Pleaidian seven sisters) before they move into the extended octave or higher-consciousness 8th chakra.

The serpent also represents esoteric knowledge: that which is hidden from view and must be understood before our extended chakras can be activated. Once activated, it allows us pursue contact with the 9th chakra energies such as our ancestral guides and also signifies the “rooting” or birthing of a new cosmic vibration on Earth.

On May 17th, 2006, at the beginning of the sun-pleaides zenith alignment – heralded two months earlier by the March equinox shadow serpent at Chichen Itza – The Da Vinci Code will open for public consumption.

The message coming through on the week that our sun and Alcyone are conjoined, is that the female energy, which has been suppressed and subjugated for so long, is ready to forge its way through the serpent birth canal and take root in her rightful place as heir to Christ’s kingdom.

The reactivation of Mary Magdalene and the codes that she held – which were brutally repressed by the Catholic Church – when merged with the Galactic Center events, will birth this new energy.

At some not too distant time in the future, after we have activated all of the 12 chakras (full harmonic scale), this new female energy will fully manifest to help us activate a 13th chakra that will be our coded card key into the galactic community.

God’s Handiwork

These public messages are neither coincidental nor quirks of imagination.

Aside from the endtime (death/rebirth) alignments and messages, if you look at the alignment between the three stargates –

  • Arcturus (higher consciousness/life-rebirth – 24 degrees Libra)
  • the Galactic Center (serpent birth canal – 27 degrees Sagittarius)
  • Alcyone (female energies – 30 degrees Taurus)

…they form an astronomical configuration called a Yod, or Finger of God, with the finger extending or manifesting at Alcyone in the Pleaides.

What exactly is a Yod? It is a triangle resulting from two quincunxes (at 150 degrees each) linking two sextile planets (60 degrees apart) to a third. When dealing with planets, the degrees that make up this configuration must be concisely 150/150/60 degrees apart but in galactic space, a quincunx can have up to 8 degrees of variation and a sextile up to three.

By definition, a Yod is the handiwork of indefinable and omnipresent forces of fate that can only manifest through unconstrained stress.

The opposing force or “stressor” of the 30-degree Taurus finger is 30- degrees Scorpio (sign of the serpent), also known as Asclepius for those who practice Hindu astrology. This is the trigger point where the new female energy is being forced through the “serpent” birth canal.

Because it’s moving out of the serpent (Scorpio) into the archer (Sagittarius), it is on the verge of being birthed and shot into cosmic consciousness! Gemini (the communicator), at the cusp of the Taurus finger, is focusing the message!

Yod, in astrology, means fate. It cannot be controlled, manipulated, changed or stopped because it is coming from deep within the subconscious and the collective unconscious. The tension it creates must eventually be realized to be resolved, usually through subconscious symbolism. So we are dealing with directives or messages that are coming from outside the rationale mind, which are creating tension until finally the tension breaks and the constrained energy is released.

The messages that are currently being released from these aligned stargates are symbolic displays meant for the public to decipher and not just for the amusement of a few metaphysicians or initiates.

My interpretation of these messages is that they are “options” being offered to the public, coded for those who want to invest in their future via DNA and chakra market-channels.

These options are coded and sold lock, stock, and barrel by the Cosmic Command Control centers (CCCs) and are meant for mass-market consumption. Who will buy? Those who buy will evolve to become part of the intergalactic community. These messages and our understanding of them are our IRAs; our Individual Retirement Annuities. They are meant to harmonically compound our knowledge banks daily.

So what these stargates are telling us is that we can expect major changes very soon because fate is playing its hand big time, and very creatively and harmonically at that.

My prediction for a timeline is based on the harmonic scale that the crop circles are following, starting at the ninestrand harmonic vibration that began in 1999 and then using the Fibonaci spiral to determine when we will reach 12th strand DNA as a planet.

The Fibonaci spiral is an inherent mathematic and geometry within every living cell. It forms as a spiral and starts with 0 and 1, and then produces the next Fibonacci number by adding the two previous Fibonacci numbers in the following sequence: 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13, etc.

Note that I am only going to use this sequence to determine the manifestation of the new Earth-Mother energies, and not any other event that may also occur during this time. And I venture to say that there will be many, both on the mundane and cosmic levels, including the 2012 “endtime” shift and alignments already spoken of.

In 1999, the crop circles reached a nine-strand DNA chakra frequency.

They were activated in England to awaken us to the Earth grid using encoded keys.

This is to be my starting point to determine the manifestation of the new Earth-female frequencies only: two years later, in 2001, Lord of the Rings was released and ran for three years; five years from that date, specifically to occur in May of next year (2006), The Da Vinci Code will be released and will probably be the forerunner of eight more years of Earth-centered, goddess-oriented movies.

Eight years later, in 2014 – the new Earth mother energy (following a two-year death/rebirth transition from “death consciousness” to “life consciousness”, which will begin around December 21, 2012) will anchor and manifest its higher “female” energies for all to behold, I suspect sometime between May 17 and May 23, 2014.

At that time, the last of us who are in “tune” with this frequency, will also incrementally reach 12-strand DNA activation.

The new female energy, manifesting as “Goddess”, will bring in the higher 13-strand vibration for us to “attune” or “atone” to from the Galactic Federation’s midpoint command station, and by the end of another 13 years (2027), we’ll be attuned to the 13th chakra energy and vibration, and will have open and public contact with the Galactic Federation of Light. While some of us are already having these contacts, the public is not quite ready for prime time.

At that time, there will be galactic exchange of a new kind, and those who opened their cosmic bank accounts when the option was still available, will be able to cash in big time.

Paydirt will be given new meaning.

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