Alice in Wonderland

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by Tim Baber
November 2003
from Wikispooks Website

Tim Baber is an early retired ex librarian who worked for 30 years in education. He is the editor of , which dissects the square mile not of London but Christchurch harbour, which is bounded by the ancient town of Christchurch, in Dorset, the ancient Hengistbury Head and the beach hut strewn strand of Mudeford sandbank, where a beach hut may fetch £260,000, as few come on the market and many from the real square mile would like to : ”buy in”, and do.

The slightly off-beat and idiosyncratic style of these articles is explained by the publications they were originally written for, namely the Mudeford Sandbank News, Christchurch Harbour Chronicle and Hengistbury Head Times.

They were small, specialized local-interest, printed papers. Much of their original content is now archived at .

The articles constitute a gentle introduction to a subject which – for most people, most of the time – is safely relegated to the realm of fictional horror, ridiculous ‘conspiracy theory’ or similar mental pigeon-hole, so that life can proceed ‘as normal’.


from BHMversusMengele Website

This above picture seems to represent a myth of childlike living in an ordered society.

Art often follows our gaze. There is a website called “I am a child, Children in Art History” and a good proportion of the art is of the chocolate box variety such as this. It serves a purpose. But art often serves a purpose.

Images are the shorthand of our attention.

Amongst the many many artists are strange hybrid paintings that would confuse a typical mum.

I wondered about this divide for years. In 1986 I went to a pantomime and studied the genre, reading two books about art in the service of society. And then I drifted off topic. In 2002 I wrote the three below articles that I thought were a triumph. It found a home on wikispooks.

The reason my research ended up on wikispooks was because our children, the world our children are born into, is a contested space. It just so happens that the cruelty that can emerge if you are unlucky of “survival of the fittest” applies to our children sooner than you might allow for.

Nations and shall I call them privateers compete for the way our children develop and art is a clue as to what is successful. This is not an aesthetic conjecture but whatever works best to bind generations to a mast chosen elsewhere.

As I sought a threshold to say, “this is where I lay my suspicions” I chose not to reprint again all the allegations in my 2002 research, but instead react to what I provoked a decade ago. My research into this spooky research, a subject simplified by calling it “Monarch programming” got some spooky reactions.

My desk at work and my bosses desk the week later were burgled. We had decorators in. And a small heavily German accented very old but fit man found me as you will read and poked me in the throat. Last year I saw a photograph and recognized the man.

But he was a ghost and one who made me all the more determined to strip the myth from the moment. As a completely novel scoop I suspect this man with a connection I can prove with this lovely home, called “Almarin”, roughly translated as “master work”.

Please read on, remember these are suspicions not facts I can prove, even were I to try, because the subject is one of spooks not trusted texts I can pass around.

Tim Baber

Part 1

What do the local Alice in Wonderland theme park in Christchurch and the CIA have in common?

Ostensibly nothing, but a casual search on the internet for deep background on our very own award winning park, [owned by a Christchurch councilor and Mudeford sandbank beach-hut owner], has thrown up a Pandora’s box of hopefully unrelated concerns.

It is hoped that readers of this newspaper will, after reading this article, be able to read Lewis Carroll’s book and visit the Alice in Wonderland theme park next to Hurn airport, with a new perspective.

The idea, of living in Alice’s world for an afternoon, is an attractive proposition for any family, but it could, allegedly, be a nightmare for a few unlucky individuals trapped in a maze not of their making!

Obviously there is no suggestion that the concerns expressed widely on the internet about psychological entrapment of a few relate to our very own Alice in Wonderland park, or any other local person, location or institution, except perhaps for susceptible or easily suggestible individuals if this story is true.

But that is the point!

You probably can remember what you were doing when you heard that Diana, Princess of Wales was killed.

You probably can remember what you were doing when you first heard of the September 11 Twin Towers catastrophe. (But do you remember being urged to spend, spend, spend, by the US government immediately afterwards?)

If you are old enough you are certainly able to remember what you were doing or where you were when you heard that President Kennedy was killed.

This phenomenon is the foundation for an old practice dating back at least to the Mystery Religions of ancient times… people learn permanently when they are traumatized and what they learn (or can forget) can be programmed or controlled by the determined application or reminder of trauma associations.

This practice has become, over the centuries, of interest to institutions and nations if for no other reason than to ensure security against external threats to their collective culture, memory, subjects, rulers, or even secrets.

Readers of this newspaper will be aware of the classic film “The Manchurian Candidate” where a captured soldier was, unknown to himself, turned into an assassin. The objective was not merely to effect a political assassination, it was said to be a right wing plot to end civil freedoms with the willing compliance of a cowed nation.

For example, as far as national security is concerned, Allan Dulles, the CIA director in 1950 approved a secret Project Bluebird with the following stated objectives:

  • To discover a means of conditioning personnel to prevent unauthorized extraction of information from them by known means.
  • To investigate the possibility of control of an individual by application of special interrogation techniques.
  • To investigate memory enhancement.
  • To establish defensive means for preventing hostile control of agency personnel.

A few years previously the US government had carried out secret research to explain why so many troops could not handle the psychology of war, indicating a need to ‘toughen up” soldiers generally, or to instigate elite training.

Around this time our very own Dr William Sargeant was becoming expert in de-programming traumatized soldiers using electro-shock and insulin-coma therapy. He became an expert in brainwashing and was an expert defence witness in the trial of the “terrorist” Patty Hearst.

A by product of this era’s research was that the general population could be influenced, toughened up, de-sensitized or manipulated at will if you knew the right buttons to press. Money and resources were poured into this secret research.

In 1951 Project Bluebird became Project Artichoke using drugs and hypnosis in an offensive manner in trials amongst vulnerable subjects (without their consent).

This in turn led to Project MK-Ultra (by 1953) which spawned some 149 sub-projects including the infamous Project Monarch with which we are concerned. Very few people will know the “big picture” for obvious reasons. Any media coverage suggesting what I present here one might expect will be guided away from the truth using any effective method.

But a determined enquirer can make great strides thanks to full text indexing on the internet.

The existence of the world wide Project MK-Ultra only became public knowledge in 1970 and revelations about Monarch programming are only recently coming to light.

Revelations from ‘recovered memories’ of victims have led to a concerted effort to rubbish them as a ‘false-memory syndrome’. My investigations to be revealed in ‘Alice in Wonderland’ part 2 far below, conclude that we are being systematically lied to, manipulated and controlled. This has already been revealed on the internet by more thorough investigators than myself. I will simply be drawing a few new threads together.

Reportedly, when former CIA director William Colby was asked directly “What about Monarch?” he replied angrily and ambiguously,

“we stopped that between the late 1960’s and the early 1970’s.”

So why the claimed link with Alice in Wonderland?

It appears that for programming to be effective it needs to be updated and reinforced periodically through visual, auditory and written mediums. It is helpful if these can be publicly available and ubiquitous so that the programmed individual realize there is “nowhere else to go”.

In other words he or she is made powerless to escape the chosen symbols of control, and learns to dissociate from whatever real life holds for him or her.

The story on the internet is that the Alice in Wonderland story has been used as a structure upon which hypnotic triggers have been placed.

There is no suggestion here that the Alice in Wonderland story (or theme park) was created to mimic the chosen symbols of control ( although there are those who have said so with reference to these and other cultural products) but rather that, here at least, they have been adopted by others elsewhere to envelop victims of mind control in a web from which there can be no conscious escape.

In short, a programmed victim can be self-controlled by triggers and codes from the chosen programmed texts whenever desired. The more ubiquitous the text, the more powerfully it can be reinforced. The younger you start, the better. We are no longer talking about mature soldiers or intelligence agents, but the next generation.

Alice in Wonderland is actually not the most famous programming text, that honor allegedly has fallen to “The Wizard of Oz” for first place, but any book, film or computer game could, in theory, do. Whatever works best.

An author or theme park owner obviously need not be implicated in any actual programming intent.

But even a school play or pantomime could be used for modeling behavior at a later date, perhaps explaining the suggestion of banning even inter-generational (i.e. parental) video recording of the school concert as going beyond mere ‘stranger danger’ prurience.

Pedophiles have been caught with pictures and videos of school plays according to the radio as I write this. Monarch programming is probably modeled on whatever works – including organized child abuse. It is a circle of depravity that feeds off itself.

The key word here is ‘modeling’. It is a (NLP) neuro-linguistic programming term, part of a technology of psychological control (some say liberation) that has spawned its own secret community, well protected in law and akin in its organization and origins to the intelligence community.

Within that community there is an awareness that there is a “media-bomb” just waiting to go off. Remember they will use/model anything that works by trial and error. Necessarily great efforts are being made to legally protect the NLP community from censure, [including a proposed name change to DHE™ = Design Human Engineering™] Anyway, they sometimes say, everything is programming!

There is a long list on the internet of modeling texts of significance which seeks to implicate Hollywood in general in consciously being involved, amongst many overlapping interest groups in the success of this “technology of control”.

Amazingly the Walt Disney empire is closely implicated by others on the internet.

Victims have reported when deprogrammed by sympathetic experts they have been immersed at the centre of a seemingly satanic power that they believe has an inescapable authority and engineered presence. If they are aware at all!

Visitors to sympathetic theme parks may well take note of their engineered environment.

Fritz Springmeier‘s 800 page book, “Be Wise As Serpents” refers to such “planned spontaneity” as being at the heart of programming. The aim of a programmer, apparently, is “story immersion” of the programmed victim. Clearly this is possible in an otherwise innocent theme park.

Of course if the military connection is true, one might expect the programming to be far from transparent to avoid an enemy take-over of an “agent”. The use of a simple child’s text is apparently only the beginning.

Remember it appeared that on completion of his mission, the Manchurian candidate committed suicide, and allegedly this act, or worse, can easily be built into a programmed victim at risk of discovery.

It can be impossible to unravel some programming without a denial, memory loss or fiendish self-destruct instruction coming into play. All, apparently, to protect national security or other interests.

To give some sense of the complications that are possible I reproduce the following passage written by Ron Patton:

“there are an inordinate amount of alters in the victim/survivor with numerous back-up programs, mirrors and shadows. A division of light-side (good) and dark-side (bad) alters are interwoven in the mind… each system [there may be seven levels] has an internal programmer which oversees the “gatekeepers” who grant or deny [the de-programmer?] entry into the different rooms.

A few of the internal images seen by victims/survivors are trees… infinity loops, ancient symbols and letters, spider webs, mirrors or glass shattering, masks, castles, mazes, demons/monsters/aliens, [here it may be best to apply ‘Occam’s razor-Editor] sea-shells, butterflies, snakes… clocks, robots… and/or schematics of computer circuitry boards.

How the victim is traumatized to remember all these metaphorical rooms, doors and locks, and how they may be entered or forgotten is best left unsaid here.

In the early days there might have been some physical evidence such as traumatized skin markings, and subsequently the odd identifying tattoo of perhaps a Monarch butterfly or unusual mole pattern (marked with the help of radiation) – perhaps such moles as I still have from the early 60’s!

No doubt a hidden language of key words obtains. And not just from the works of children’s literature.

Oftentimes the entire structure is deliberately hidden by its use only within deliberately obscure esoteric tableaux. Such terms would take an adept in such secret traditions many hurdles to master and are thereby known only to a very few, giving obvious security advantages when employed by the military.

The motifs and cues used in some programming were obtained, allegedly, through a CIA trawl of usually “secret” esoteric terms, structures and links compiled under Operation Often.

Others allege the use of these terms and links prove the continuance of some ancient secret tradition benefiting other closed groups, beyond the security agencies, obviously alien to the defence of a modern, open democracy.

But how many masters is a slave supposed to have? There are even suggestions that there is a market in such victims, with a kind of annual slave auction for a corrupt elite organized by a suggested arch enemy of the status quo (or maintainer of it) the so called “illuminati“! [Steady on – editor].

How the victims were said to be used is also better left unsaid here. Suffice to say in passing obvious military/intelligence roles might be for assassination, sex, drug and porn honey-traps, blackmail, infiltration, acquiescence, neutralization, disinformation, deception, patsy-like couriers, “sleepers” or terrorists, training, recruitment, demonstration, and, of course, deniability.

There might also be economic or political uses… see the above list! The internet offers many “recovered” memories and possibilities.

And who are the allegedly overlapping interest groups mentioned a short while ago as being involved? They are better left unsaid here for reasons of libel and a quiet life.

There are organizations who have otherwise unimpeachable reputations, together with the “usual suspects”.

As a close friend has said, they have friends in high places, they have friends in low places, their names would astound you. Just reading a newspaper offers many possibilities, just today I read of sex-abuse ring cover-ups, run-away organized refugee child prostitution and the banning of video-ing school plays.

For the same reason I am not going to repeat the names of alleged famous victims.

Suffice to say the internet is a happy hunting ground for discovering the personalities, institutions and nations most implicated.

It makes a simple Mudeford sandbank beach hut an even better haven of peace and tranquility by comparison…

  • Perhaps they should be used to desensitize victims?
  • Perhaps I should retreat there and not mention these things?
  • Does this mean that our very own Alice in Wonderland theme park is to be avoided? Obviously not!
  • Does this mean that your children should not read any of the texts employed in the past, such as the Wizard of Oz or Alice in Wonderland? Obviously not!

But be aware they are unfortunately rich in triple and quadruple meanings for some.

People who have been fiendishly placed in these stories for the stories ability to surround the victim as if in a maze.

It may be that when you or your teenage son or daughter wants to “chill out” at the family beach hut they are seeking, consciously or unconsciously, a brief respite from our society’s ongoing saturation of powerful messages, a “stimulus overload” – an organized assault on our senses, particularly in the electronic media, seemingly designed on the surface to keep us at home in our boxes living other people’s lives and stories.

This research and the revelations to follow indicate a hidden hand is at work using a hidden language to distort our very existence!

Time and space are not only mysteries, they are essential to our mental health.

Why did Greta Garbo “want to be alone?” Sometimes time and space are needed to unravel that other great mystery… existence… what our story is or could be if we can escape our would be programmers. To think, out of our box.

Perhaps that is why a beach hut can cost £70,000. You are not buying the box, you are buying the space it gives you away from the hustle and bustle of life. For modern life brings with it many other agendas.

If your instincts are an aversion to a theme, a program or an advertisement presented to you in your box your concern might just be confirmed if you search the web for others with the same suspicions. There are others on this planet who are aware there are alternatives. There are techniques to resist mind control, you need not become immersed in someone else’s story!

Does it mean you should be eternally vigilant about who has access to your child’s mind? I think so.

For there are those on the internet, and I don’t just mean David Icke, who see this technology of control becoming widespread, with a “New World Order” waiting in the wings to refine these mind control techniques, not just for an elite to prevail, but to enslave a manipulated and acquiescent population!

The magician and mind reader Derren Brown has shown on television by demonstration exactly how we can be manipulated, an exposure that hopefully is more education than spectacle, for viewers who can see the implications for us en masse.

Intuition may not be enough to then be able to resist. But resistance is not futile. You can escape the box others would keep us in.

For example, there have been escapees from the Monarch program. An unbelievable and incredibly libelous story, (if it is not true) has been written of the beautiful Monarch victim Cathy O’Brien. Her rescuer, was a maverick but expert government de-programmer called Mark Phillips.

They fled to Alaska for a year to “de-program” her, and the memory skills she had been trained in for intelligence work in compromising others were turned on the project, revealing horrendous abuses of her human rights (engineered from an early age) and those of many others for the sake of the success of the program.

They blew the whistle with the book “Trance-Formation of America” – the story of her labyrinthine entrapment into a world not of her making.

We now know that trust and the protection of innocence or ignorance will not do against agencies determined to protect their freedom at others expense.

Our only protection against living in someone else’s story is knowledge. We must write our own story. Long live the internet, (your ability to distinguish truth from fantasy) and a truly free press!

If all this is new to you; your freedom, your view of the world, and how you see Wonderland, may never be the same again.

Part 2

We have seen in part one that a casual background search on the subject of our local ‘Alice in Wonderland theme park’ had thrown up repeated references to a secret use of theme parks and the Alice story (amongst others) in the alleged sinister mental programming of innocent children.

That programming has a name. It is Monarch programming, sometimes referred to as the ‘Marionette System’ or ‘Imperial conditioning’.

We have seen that the CIA ran Project Monarch in an attempt to secure the unwitting services of its victims for any military or intelligence purpose, such as Manchurian Candidates, having tried ‘whatever works’ over many years.

This includes what L Ron Hubbard in 1951 called “pain-drug-hypnosis”, according to author Walter H Bowart. [1]

The idea was to create agents with dissociative multiple personalities, programmed to respond to codes, mnemonic cues and triggers. (see part 1 above) A dissociated part of the mind could be called an alter, it has a separate identity and is given cue-codes by the mind-control programmers to trigger the dissociated part of the mind to come to the front of the mind.

When switching takes place outside observers may see at least a flicker of the eyes.

Interestingly I have seen this happen when asking a journalist to show me his notes of an interview about a person of interest, he/she was searching through his/her notebooks and after a couple of minutes I said a connected trigger word which stopped him/her in his/her tracks in this fashion.

This may be a normal phenomenon but anecdotal evidence is that the media have been an especial target for mind control.

Who wrote the following?

“…the revolution in electronic communication also carries a more sinister implication, something we have learned with horrible clarity in the last year or so: international conspiracy is harder than ever to detect and frustrate, given the labyrinths of global electronic communication we have created.”

The answer, it was in the BBC2 2002 Richard Dimbleby lecture and spoken by Rowan Williams, The Archbishop of Canterbury.

The targeting and take-over of the media is a fact now known as such and suspected by others. It need not be by methods reminiscent of The Stepford Wives! but it appears to be the case since it is the power of words and images that is central to control.

This ‘technology of the mind’ apparently flows from the work of Dr Joseph Mengele in WW2, but that claimed aspect of the subject I will leave for others to investigate. Many early victims responded best to a German accent, apparently.

A matrix for this programming, a ‘skeleton’ on which to hang the ‘clothes’, could be a book or film. Because such candidates were and are selected young, before the ego has fully formed, children’s stories were favorite modeling texts, such as The Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland.

Hence the connection (if in name only) with our own local theme park, and, allegedly according to others, the entire Disney empire’s involvement in such programming!

Here to avoid any personal libel action in a subject where others opinion leads any personal proof you are recommended to read Fritz Springmeier‘s

Wake Up America: The Skill of Lying, The Art Of Deceit – The Disney Bloodline.

It includes a motif analysis of Fantasia one of my favorite films.

Furthermore such techniques of mind control might be extended to the wider unprepared population according to improvements in the bizarre world of psyops, digital media and even developments in electronic warfare.

See parts of the web site and for a few related pointers. There appears to be a move to call monarch programming military mind control of late which may suggest any newer, wider application is being played down.

Because the various projects tried ‘whatever works’ there has been leakage of the methods employed both by outraged spooks and escapees from the programming.

The Chief Psychologist for the CIA, for example, Dr John Gittinger, came forward in recent years and told what he could with a tortured conscience. To avoid a backlash, in the early 1970’s all the files were ordered to be destroyed (at least of those methods that had been abandoned as imperfect).

As a United States Ambassador to London said recently,

“you know, I am getting increasingly clear recollections of things that never happened at all”.

The high number of alleged victims’ recovered memories around led to a controversy in the medical profession over the validity of such ‘recovered memories’.

Called ‘Multiple Personality Disorder’ the concept has been rubbished by the term which replaced it, ‘False Memory Syndrome’.

A compromise seems to have been allowed, to recognize the growing number of provable cases, called ‘Dissociative Identity Disorder’.

For example, a search on the internet for ‘Alice in Wonderland theme park’ threw up references to ‘Monarch mind control’ a term after reading part 1above, with which we are now familiar, and these in turn led to the British False Memory Society web site.

On their web site they trumpeted a libel case surrounding the Broxtowe Files as proof of recovered memories of organized childhood abuse as being false.

This caught your editor’s eye.

The Broxtowe Files were so controversial that a high court injunction prevented the publication of the joint report of 600 pages by the Nottingham Police and the Social Services for years.

The report was on the claimed organized Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) of several children in the town. The social workers believed the children but the police could find no physical evidence relating to the children’s memories.

Experienced experts were flown in from the USA (where the McMartin case – the largest and most expensive criminal trial in the USA – and the Presidio scandal involving known military Satanists had caused such a stir).

This battle initially between the social workers and the police (covered in a Cook report on TV) involved allegedly police searches of the experts belongings, putting journalists covering the story under surveillance and the discrediting suing and pulping of a resulting book called ‘Children For The Devil’.

Your editor has read the summary report, still available on the internet, which rubbished the social workers beliefs on the basis the evidence simply was not there.

The final report made several recommendations:

“that the interview of suspects should be a matter for the Police officers alone”, and that “the use of the current information on ‘Satanic’ Ritualistic Abuse should be stopped immediately in the absence of any empirical evidence to support it. Presentations, using this material, which in our view has no validity, should also cease immediately as it is contagious.”

In other words it was a ‘whitewash’ albeit nothing could be proven so it could hardly be a cover-up!

Now, your editor could have left it there, but one of the over-riding Joint enquiry team that produced this report was an American, Wayne I. Munkel, referred to as a Medical Social Consultant.

The summary report produced by three campaigning journalists (who were injuncted against) added,

“nothing known about this individual other than what is included in the Joint Enquiry Team (JET) report”.

Journalists at the time approached the British Embassy in Washington and were later told by a senior FBI officer Mr Munkel was,

“just a social worker with no medical background and his opinions are not taken very seriously”.

Now, your editor could have left it there, indeed the role, if any other than monitoring, taken by Mr Munkel was not at all clear from the report. But it seemed worth pursuing the Broxtowe connection.

Motifs or indicators in the Broxtowe abuse case did have echoes of those placed in a child’s mind in Monarch programming, i.e. the report concluded the adults were highly suggestible and the children remembered tunnels, spiders, castles, monsters, cartoon characters, masks, uniformed personnel, torture and being drugged. So I was intrigued.

Awareness of how Monarch programming works is known to very few people, presumably for reasons originally of national security or to protect the interests of any concerned.

One person expert in de-programming is Mary Jo Schneller, who observed that children might report memories of abuse such as being murdered or murdering someone else. Many times, she says it’s a script or a screen memory – its been faked to confuse the child.

American writer Jeffrey Steinberg suggests that,

“unless the interviewer knows how to question a multiple-personality-disorder, they [will] turn up with no evidence”.

Perhaps so with evidential matters, such as whether the described tunnel systems actually existed?

Incidentally, although tunnel systems do not actually need to exist for a child to be made to imagine them, take a peek at the Palmerston’s Follies… the forts around Gosport with a tunnel system at least three miles long, or maybe Nazareth College near Pittsford USA for now-burgeoning estates that have just the thing! It reminds me of the old Nazareth House Catholic orphanage in Southampton that shadowed my old school days.

Some confusion was caused in Nottingham during the Broxtowe case when it was discovered children’s television had recently broadcast local author’s books ‘The Secret World of Polly Flint’ and ‘Moondial’.

Both programs only co-incidentally one hopes incorporated many of these Satanic indicators, albeit hopefully sanitized in an imaginary children’s text.

Also at the height of the enquiry youngsters from Manchester phoned into Channel 4 as the credits rolled for a documentary on the case called ‘Beyond Belief’, to thank them for broadcasting essentially a video made by their favorite band (which had a BBFC classification) full of the same motifs mentioned by the children.

Whilst several people got long prison sentences in this case, the claims of a sinister Satanic organization remained unproved.

Broxtowe was a critical battle for those believing in organized abuse and any links with themed videos etc. and those anxious to stop any witch hunt for which evidence was only anecdotal.

It is interesting to see that the campaign to find recovered memories were only false memories has been largely successful to date.

The Home Affairs Select Committee Report into the Conduct of Investigations into Past Cases of Abuse in Children’s Homes is a clue. Recommendation 12 suggested the prosecution of offences relating to child abuse should be time barred. Other recommendations sought to limit the powers of the prosecution and, significantly, exonerate employers for sexual assaults committed by their employees unless negligence can be proven.

Although the PR battle is temporarily in favor of the False Memory argument it remains a fact that MPD or DID is a recognized bona fide diagnosis. False Memory Syndrome is not a recognized medical or psychological diagnosis, according to Cisco Wheeler.

So back to Mr Munkel, one of the American experts who took part in the investigation. According to the internet he is the honorable Wayne Munkel, councilor member of University City, St Louis County (population 1 million), in the State of Missouri USA.

He sits on the Missouri State Child Fatality Review Program (which looks into suspicious child deaths). He serves on the State Policy think tank. He is a part time senior lecturer at the University of Missouri in social work. His main role is as supervisor of the Social Work department at Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital in St Louis.

It is part of an award winning and respected SSM Catholic hospital group who confidently employ a major customer service initiative called KIDS Rule@ Glennon. It is said to be based on many of the principles for which Disney is known. Uh oh?

By way of involvement in these matters, unnamed therapists at Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital identified at least 5 cases of ritual abuse between 1985 and 1989 according to the local paper The Alestyle’s Halloween 1999 article, ‘Local Creeps” .

What then of the location, St Louis, Missouri?

A local journalist (employed by the Disney owned St Louis Post-Dispatch) Ellen Futterman, wrote a couple of long articles on the topic of organised child abuse suspicions in February 1989.

She reported that since 1985, at least 10 police jurisdictions in the St Louis area had investigated occult-related activities. Also, of course, Lt Commander Michael Aquino hails from St Louis, a psyops military expert.

He was implicated in the Army base Presidio Satanic Ritual Abuse scandal mentioned earlier in which all charges were dismissed.

He was the notorious former head of the occult organization the Temple of Set -an offshoot, apparently, of Anton LaVey’s church of Satan which was based in ‘the infamous American “Black House”.

The Alestyle local paper stated in its article ‘Local Creeps’,

“the St Louis area has a long tradition of possessed kooks and dispossessed spooks. Also a lot of people don’t know the Exorcist is based on an actual rite of exorcism performed on a young boy in St Louis in 1948”.

So much for St Louis.

Wayne Munkel is also, it seems, a Vietnam veteran ‘shadow-warrior’ (63-64) who may be found on the web site

He was an expert in some or most of the following Army Security Agency (ASA) functions:

  • electronic monitoring or eavesdropping
  • radio based intelligence and fingerprinting
  • languages
  • cryptography
  • codes and ciphers
  • electronic intelligence
  • electronic warfare

Everything in the Army Security Agency was classified, need to know, and he had Top Secret security clearance from day 1.

He was also able to help (several times) with orphans at the three storey Santa Maria Orphanage (which also had a farm he says he was able to visit on a “clandestine trip”).

He has also co-authored a book TANS, the TANS Collection Volume 1 with fellow ex-spooks John Klawitter and Wayne Rupp.

The very presence of the ASA wasn’t even acknowledged by the US government until recently, making it more secret than the CIA. Let us look at just two of his comrades, the co-authors of his book.

If we take his fellow author and shadow-warrior Jack Klawitter, he is now a novelist, screenwriter and director for amongst others, Disney.

He relates in a fictional account of Vietnam, that for him,

“the time was the mid-60’s, and the place was Saigon. Dangerous times, and a dangerous place to lose my head over a girl gone so bad I’d sworn I was going to blow her away. I had my job, Top Secret Code word crap over at the White shack on Ton Son Nhut…”

John (also known as ‘Mad Jack’) Klawitter cites Mr Munkel (giving him the role of President OSS – Old Spooks and Spies?) as one of his 5 referees on his web site cv.

Wayne Rupp (also of the Army Security Agency), appears on the oldspooks web site and his favorite photographs from his service years (64-65) include an aerial shot of Con Son Prison with its tiger cages.

Journalist John Pilger regards this as a torture centre run by the South Vietnamese secret police, a terror organization, he says, established, trained and run by teams from the CIA and Michigan State University.

Apparently the tiger cages did not contain tigers but people being “re-educated”.

Former woman inmate Thien Thi Tao told internationally acclaimed John Pilger,

“you couldn’t stand up in them, and, anyway, my legs were shackled; and every day they threw quicklime down on me…”

On the internet the search terms “tan con(g) son prison mind control” offers 260 separate sources of information.

Author Jack Klawitter refers in a short story to the “political purity of the liberated zones”. Saigon was a dangerous place in the 60’s and the ASA operated in ‘interesting’ times.

(By the way there was an ASA-run activity called ‘Project Wildbore’ which an ASA veteran on their web site chat page/guest books mentions from this era. Anyone any ideas what that might have been?… it is all still classified top secret and will be one veteran comments until well after all those involved have passed away).

The ASA is now part of the US National Security Agency.

These facts encouraged a cry of “Gotcha” by your editor looking for something revealing but just what have we got?

The ASA is only now passing into the public record. For example there are now even or should I say oddly, 39 sources on the internet linking the ASA with, for example, the assassin Lee Harvey Oswald. Remember JFK was assassinated at this time and oldspooks reunion pictures show former agents fooling around holding a borrowed rifle in similar vein to the famous alleged faked photograph of Lee Harvey Oswald! [see anything by Al Hidell]

But, hey, I’ve only got so much time.

I would love to pursue all the angles and research the veterans on the OSS web site guest books to see what they are doing now, It wouldn’t be difficult. So far only three have been noted. Or should I now say four.

One little distraction was to see that name of the ASA come up in research into one of those organizations that care for people who have survived a cult’s brainwashing. One of the most famous centers is The Wellspring Retreat. Their resident cult and fringe group researcher, archivist and workshop leader since 1988 is Lawrence A. Pile, an expert in Russian and German affairs with, yes, the ASA.

He was involved in the past in covert European operations.

As an internet site observed,

“the cult watch network is beginning to look like an intelligence operation, no?”

Incidentally a snippet of information that might be useful to know is that a similar watchdog organization, the Cult Awareness Network was sued by the Church of Scientology who took over all their assets and, according to the Inland Revenue Service, the Church now run the outfit!

So what do we have? Smoke and mirrors, that’s what.

Part 3

Thus far we have followed a paper and celluloid trail of the use of mind control techniques that can all too easily affect our children.

The possibility exists that these techniques, discovered by the CIA in Operation Often, were well used many, many years earlier. Assuming similarities will have persisted over time perhaps we should investigate the past some more, before the appearance of Lewis Carroll and the CIA.

The library of Nazareth College (yes, the one with its tunnel system) came to your editors attention just for the book on its fully indexed catalogue, “Emily Dickinson, Monarch of Perception” (2000), by Domhnall Mitchell.

Not having the book to hand a poem by Emily was consulted at random, given the name of the first line.

“He fumbles at your spirit”.

Most of her poems are untitled, their themes and contexts tantalizingly doubly obscure.

Emily’s poem goes:

He fumbles at your spirit
As players at the keys
Before they drop full music on;
He stuns you by degrees,

Prepares your brittle substance
For the ethereal blow,
By fainter hammers, further heard,
Then nearer, then so slow

Your breath has time to straighten,
Your brain to bubble cool,–
Deals one imperial thunderbolt
That scalps your naked soul.

Now, what I know about literary criticism could just about fill an empty glass, and be just as useful, but this screams at you if you know about Monarch programming of a tortured soul who has had some sort of “Imperial conditioning”.

Even children’s cartoons (in another contemporary context) use for their triggers apparently the motif of a large if silent hammer.

Even the word Imperial is used, the “Marionette Syndrome” is there for anyone to see if they know what to look for. A psychologist, no doubt unaware of Monarch-type programming, offers the suggestion she is simply depressed! Other critics think only of God as the subject of these lines.

But this is someone who died in 1886!

Before the CIA trawl for methods of mind control could be put into action. So let us (briefly) look at Emily’s biography in case she qualifies as a candidate for mental interference.

Today, as she is surrounded by rumor and legend you are best left to discover for yourself her story and see what fits. Nevertheless, a minute or two on the internet reveals that Emily was born in 1830 in New England, USA.

Given a progressive and challenging non-conformist education, she was given access to eminent speakers and thinkers of the day; especially in the Church, the law and the media (and vice versa). At 17 years she suddenly left her female seminary and stayed for most of her life a recluse at her parental home. Her surviving letters include many to an unidentified ‘Master’ who is addressed in a tone of intense and often masochistic devotion.

Nothing was published in her lifetime, many poems were found hidden – even sewn into her clothing, not even discovered until after her death. Her letters and poems are famous for their tortured originality. It was as if she was programmed but the programmer never followed through.

One biographer suggests her poetry was one,

“of supposed persons, of multiple, imaginative identities…”

I do not know yet if the rumor and legend surrounding her, which I have not the time to pursue just now, entertains the possibility she was a victim of pre-CIA esoteric traumatization at an early age.

This may be an original perspective in her regard worth pursuing for it’s own sake never mind for the sake of trawling for any forensic clues.

So, remembering the early pre-Project Monarch case of Emily Dickinson, is Multiple Personality Disorder (or Dissociative Identity Disorder) a reality, a deliberately created state, to split and control the mind, or is it an accident, an illness. In other words is it a false state of mind where the abuse never happened?

Certainly there are organizations like the Landmark Forum who seek to tell people their memories are a “racket” and their memories of for example child abuse should be treated as steering them falsely in their future lives.

Founder Werner Erhardt claims it is possible to peel back the layers and start again (in a television documentary). I call that brainwashing, he says “so what”? The history of his movement repays close scrutiny for it’s origins in the intelligence community.

And if brainwashing has, in my lifetime, been created with military ruthlessness, why not before CIA involvement by adepts and sages for their, or even perhaps Arts sake? A distinction may be that here Emily’s supposed programmers were not so systematic in destroying everything of beauty and value in life.

Perhaps if she had not become a recluse and poured forth her frustrations in poetry she would have been betrayed further?

Today it seems the intention stops , maybe, at the production and distribution of porn and drugs and blackmail. The intelligence role seems to have been subverted along the way if the claims made in part 1 are true.

The victims are insensible of their fate by being “over the rainbow” thanks to the programming if it uses the Wizard of Oz script , or “Through The looking Glass” if it was Alice in Wonderland. I will not go into the techniques to achieve this state, although they can be found for those keen to discover such ‘seeds of learning’. A few choice search words will reveal my sources.

See especially “Svali Speaks” a turned programmer for the illuminati story. You couldn’t make this stuff up.

At least the programmers seem on occasion to have a sense of mischievous humor in their choice of symbols and matrices, a tradition I hope that reveals their works to others. Maybe they are behind the symbolic messages left behind each time I have been burgled at my insecure premises in the last year? Somehow I doubt I’m going to find out.

A mother who recently returned my day-job library’s copy of a video of Alice in Wonderland remarked intuitively it seemed very strange. Perhaps Monarch programming is not as seamless as the programmers would wish it to be? Maybe I will see it in the next few days when this text is put to bed.

Throwing more fuel on the fire, consider George Klawitter (no known relation to John Klawitter of the ASA) of St Edwards University, of Austin, Texas.

Poet, author of for example, Let Orpheus Take Your Hand, a serious cultured academic, he organized a 2001 Renaissance Conference at St Louis University, Missouri (Yes, there again).

One academic area of interest amongst many others was the Renaissance Satan and amongst many others Plays within Plays.

For the educated and sophisticated this must have been a real draw. Topics covered witchcraft, ritual-symbolic actions, spectral displays of drama, esoteric learning and the psychology of power.

Now, admittedly this was probably a false lead thrown up by the internet, caused by his helpfully unusual name, but it throws up the possibility of Bambi not being enough for the more sophisticated candidate for programming. In other words, programming scripts have to be as sophisticated, or as simple as the audience over their lifetime, and Alice in Wonderland, whilst it might be admirable for what is called base-conditioning may need enhancement… a textual matrix already extant or perhaps created especially?

There are commentators on the internet and in the press who have claimed the authors of Grimms’ Fairy Tales, Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz have been esoterically or even Satanically inspired in their literary output.

But steady on, since even symbols such as are obtained by basic calligraphy may have been used in the past to focus the mind , it need not be much of a cultural production, perhaps?

If the tradition is very old, then a dimly lit cave with a few paintings would do. In Time Magazine for February 13, 1995 Robert Hughes suggests the powerful paintings in Avignon’s long hidden cave system offer us a glimpse into the minds of our early ancestors.

He wrote:

…”the caves may have been places of initiation and trial, in which consciousness was tested to an extent we can only dimly imagine, so utterly different is our grasp of the Cro-Magnons.

Try to imagine an art gallery that could only be entered by crawling on your belly through a hole in the earth, that ramified into dark tunnels, a fearful maze in the earth’s bowels in which the gallery goer could, at any moment, disturb one of the bears whose claw marks can still be seen on the walls, where the only light came from flickering torches, and the bones of animals littered the uneven floor.

These are the archaic conditions, that, one may surmise, produced the array of cave fears implanted in the human brain – fears that became absorbed into a later, more developed culture in such narratives as that of the mythical Cretan labyrinth in whose core the terrible Minotaur waited.

Further metabolized, and more basically misunderstood, these sacred terrors of the deep under gird the Christian myth of hell. Which may in fact be the strongest Cro-Magnon element left in modern life”.

In case you are wondering the CIA in monarch programming do or did utilize monsters and demons in their scenarios. Hence perhaps the choice of Satanic Ritual Abuse. Whatever works best, remember.

Yet another possible false lead led to the Newberry Library (USA) [which contains the “Monckton letter”] with its texts of our forebears (or at least the ruling elite) showing their great interest in esoteric writings which touch upon these matters.

Which leads us to a consideration of the scripts used in the past, before modern times.

Ruth E. Richardson in the English Review for February 2001 has written an article called The Early History Of Drama.

She sees drama as coming from religious ritual using any appropriate techniques of music, dance or drama to obtain on occasion a slow, rhythmic almost hypnotic progression to enhance and dramatize the ongoing teaching. Our forebears at Stonehenge or Avebury in their processions may have done just this.

The author of the book Virtual Reality in his chapter “Cyberspace and human nature” suggests the caves and their art were later used as a sacred space to imprint in the mind of the initiate the secrets of fire and metal, the connections between seeds and the stars.

He argues:

…”one way for preparing people for imprinting has been known a long time by tribes everywhere, modern as well as prehistoric: bring them into unfamiliar, alien and unpleasant places , part of the procedure known in recent times as brainwashing.

This is designed to undermine the candidates everyday world as completely as possible, apparently to serve as an effective preliminary to making him or her remember…”

On the other hand Rogan Taylor has suggested that whilst our later manifestation of the same thing, drama, both conceals and reveals a secret, he agrees that the complete repertoire of popular entertainment is like a secret code… it is a reference system.

But, he argues, far from confining people it proclaims liberation from the confines of normality through ecstatic religion in performance! For him it can effect esoteric change rather than brainwashing. As John Lennon said, remember it was the CIA who gave us LSD.

So it seems the fault lies with the intent of the change desired… or the use to which it is put. Whom does it serve? The main point here is that, according to Frederick Mann, “it is absolutely vital you understand that the primary means terrocrats use to subjugate, control and dominate their victims is words”. (Not forgetting violence and money, he later adds).

Words persist because they are cheaper.

But what entreaties, threats or rewards would I respond to if others did not want you to read this newspaper? (Once I offered to sell out my principles to a couple of eminent local politicians…the reply? – “You haven’t any to sell!”) I will say here and now, if you think this research is worthwhile make a donation… cheques payable to Tim Baber.

If you want me to stop whatever you subscribe will have to be more than what I and any supporters are prepared to muster to continue with this research. I prefer greenmail to the alternatives.

In the course of writing this the end of a routine 1996 film by Director Peter Segal has been on the television in the background, called My Fellow Americans, starring Jack Lemmon and James Garner. I was transfixed when one after another motifs I now know are part of Monarch programming appeared on the screen.

In My Fellow Americans, heads were severed from everyday fast food giant (ubiquitous) storefront models. (In the manner of Alice’s “Off with her head” ).

The phrase “being pushed from the train” was made which would consciously or unconsciously remind a Monarch victim being thrown from the freedom train means to be killed.

A character dressed as Dorothy actually says to one of the President’s of the USA in the film they have met “over the rainbow”. If it is tongue in cheek it is at best only an in-joke in the worst possible taste. Last night a 1996 film called Grumpier Old Men staring Jack Lemmon and my favorite Walter Matthau started with a motif of a diamond encrusted winged angel or butterfly in the shot.

To an insider this suggests that the female lead might be a monarch controlled ‘presidential’ model – apparently! It also suggests that the Monarch program is alive and well.

Richard Dorment in the Daily Telegraph 18/12/02 suggests of Disney films for example, that,

“art in fancy dress, art that is in good taste, so unserious, and so loosed from reality couldn’t possibly offend anyone”

…and of Alice in Wonderland:

“…even the spookiest of Rackham Woods illustrations for Alice in Wonderland would barely trouble a modern child”.

Maybe. It is what I have always believed.

I have read a review by reporter Ellen Futterman of the (Disney) film Monsters Inc. It appears in the St Louis Post-Dispatch (which is owned by Disney). Bizzarely the plot is that monsters need children’s screams to power the city of Monstropolis.

What we may need are critical reviews that dissect cultural productions in so far as they incorporate Monarch themes. An excellent example is to be found on the internet by Adam Gorightly on Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut. (search term Konformist).

A mere glance at American comics on Tom Morrow’s DC Universe Who’s Who website suggests this format has been employed by the programmers. Just take a look at “Force of July” and imagine what it might mean to a programmed individual and yes, there is a suicide link and the moral is the country survives but at the cost of Lady Liberty and Silent Majority losing their lives.

See in this context the website on the internet for more.

A most recent candidate for a mind controlling text is the 1950’s East German television program, “The Singing Ringing Tree”.

This was a cold-war fairy tale the BBC claims it only bought because it was cheap, but it had thousands of children trembling behind the sofa. (Radio 4 Documentary, presented by Chris Bowlby, broadcast 28/12/2002).

Chris Bowlby notes that today there is often no more space behind the sofa, and perhaps we should make sure of that for our children.

“This one gave me dreams and made me think about things right through my life” said one of his contacts.

Traumatizing music and fear apparently lingered in the mind of British children, but the BBC insisted after taking a psychologists advice) that as long as the surroundings were not too familiar some fear was actually a good thing for children. It is still shown in Germany every Christmas holiday time.

This leads to another concern and goes back to asking the right questions of who, what, where, when and why?

Namely WHEN are these programs shown?

Bournemouth University now has available to the public an archive of all the old Radio Times. It is a concern that if Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) is in play and the programmers have a distinct matrix of programming to follow, they are likely to seek the broadcasting schedules should reflect their agenda.

We know from SRA victims that abuse happens increasingly according to the prominent dates of the occult calendar and birthdays. Although videos are now common I would expect to see, if the programmers are truly organized, the TV schedules showing increased use of known programming texts on relevant dates. And what do I see.

Approaching the winter solstice we have just had the programs have been more than suitable.

On solstice Eve The Wizard of Oz was broadcast starting every 40 minutes on one cable channel. What would ordinarily be regarded as innocent programming is actually rich in Monarch themes over the entire solstice weekend. This is surely more than usual…once you know them you can recognize them.

There appeared to be a softening up of the darker themes later, especially the following Christmas day, presumably as some kind of reward to the abused minds. Or, am I missing something and the reported SRA flows from the programs themselves? No.

Sadly readers of this newspaper will know the children’s show Xena: Warrior Princess is one of my favorite programs. It can be surprisingly dark which can scare even me.

But if you try to watch the program not as a normal person, but as if you were someone (or more correctly as one of their alters) programmed to respond to certain stimuli, unconsciously, you may glimpse in a moment what it must be to be a Monarch programmed victim. For you see, films and even computer games are now working to the beat of another drum, thanks in part to the recognition archetypes play on our psyche.

Christopher Vogler has written an excellent book, “The Writer’s Journey, Mythic Structure For Storytellers and Screenwriters”.

In it the Wizard Of Oz is held to be an example to mimic. Like a monarch programmed mind, a film or TV program should consist of many archetypical features. These include gatekeepers, mentors, shadows, tricksters and shape shifters. All of these feature in Monarch programming as you might by now expect.

Fritz Springmeier suggests that the key elements of Alice in Wonderland cryptic language are logical contradictions, inversions and reversals which unsettle and bedazzle the mind providing an alternate reality that has it’s own attractions.

Fritz writes of the difficulty of de-programming:

“as the slave breaks away from the programming, life becomes a bewildering confusion as the slave is pulled between two worlds. The internal world has everything the alter needs, the external world is a harsh cold reality that doesn’t have much to offer.

People in the external world can help make it real for the slave. The handlers will never do this”.

Deprogramming expert Mary Jo Schneller says,

“learn what the truth is, investigate without getting yourself in trouble or putting yourself in danger,

[It is a necessary admission to make that the normal practice of going to the primary sources has not been undertaken in this case for reasons of the security of this investigation being compromised prior to publication.]

but she says, learn what the truth is. Replace the lies with the truth. As Mark Phillips has written, Knowledge is our only defence against mind control.”

I would add a good family and bags of self esteem will also go a long way.

Rowan Williams adds a religious dimension:

“Can you at least refuse to settle down in the hall of mirrors, and go on asking where truth really lies?” [2]

To be fair deprogrammers are often Christian and maintain a caring religious faith appears to work miracles in their de-programming.

Remember this drawing together of these paper trail threads, (some of what is termed ‘casual evidence’ in that it is there for all to see) has been done with some reluctance and no malice.

A little pride in making sense of so slippery a subject may be a mistake, for the Japanese have a saying,

“the nail that stands proud is the first to be hit”.

But what is published here is done so in the belief that it is true, that it is fair comment and that it is justified.

It has been published because it is in the public interest for you to know this. A right of reply exists in this newspaper for any individual or organization that feels maligned.

I rest my case.


  1. Operation Mind Control – Walter Bowart’s seminal work on covert programs under the umbrella of MKULTRA used to precipitate Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD (or Dissociative Disorder – DID – as it is now more commonly known), for the military, special operations and espionage purposes.
  2. Rowan Williams’ Christmas day Meditation, 2002 on Radio 4

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