Blood Rites- DNA Cooking

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This One is quite intense.It goes WAY DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE!!!!! Make sure that you have your seat belt on!!!!

by Dan Winter


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Part 1

Dragons versus Parasites versus Star Worming

Parasites in your garden may look like worm’s: Here’s how to love them. Earth’s current DNA was largely cooked by Draco worm parasites (Enlil/Yalweh etc..), yet STEERING one of these dragon’s up your tailbone orgasmically COULD send you back into the stars from which THEY fell!

We have been discussing in many articles our love hate relationship with some of the original Sumerian Draconian Niburuan Hiburuan genetic engineers who ’cooked’ us (most of our current DNA). We may at some point need to distill our musings into a clear definition of what IS a parasite, versus what is the essence of what EMPOWERS a field to worm it’s way upward: – Did we really NEED all that worm/dragon/reptile blood in order to face the stars?

Studying the Templar chapel at Sintra Portugal and noticing the sanctuary painting showing the worshipping servant of MAGdalen clearly depicted with reptilian face and hands.. starts us on a useful meditation. William Hamilton’s research on the ancient and Draconian (Arrakeis vs. Rigel) ET’s held a new insight. Although I spent a good day with the man decades ago, I thank Ananda for pointing this out to me. It was not merely that they ate the GOLD which formed in the caves due to the great magnetic fractality of ’worming’ field effects on the well astrologically embedded Earth… NO, even more importantly: they ate the field effect itself in the caves. When this field emerged from the cave’s Dragon mouth, the fire slaying Michael / Enlil issue was created. The same fire emerges from the mouth of Reptilian brain stem – the cave of the Amygdala during Kundalini and Tantra. Determine who anchors into fractal stillness RAPTOR RAPT into RAPTURE and you have slain the Dracon. In proper magnetic parlance, to KILL merely means to anchor into stillness. No other death is real.

In this light of expanded magnetic awareness we could re-evaluate what at first seems a parasitic phase of human history, into a necessary evolution of self-awareness. (Shades of ../thoth – …you need no longer be merely ’spawn of the Nephilim’). We were gifted nearly a whole day listening to the good Dr Rudy (Nostradamus scholar near Ghent, Belgium), explain the detailed origins of the ’parasitic’ Bank of England – ’New World Order’ was really back thru the Mason’s AND the Ashkanazi’s into Mongolian roots! This fit very well what I knew of the Draco star map in the Chinese Senshi pyramid layout, and in Ankhor Wat.

(Hancock takes his whole expensive and colorful recent book to present the evidence that Cambodia – Ankor Wat is a starmap of Draco – home to the star Arrakis, but forgets even to ask – WHY?)

And it fits the Mongolian origins of the Sumerian “Birth of the Goddess” scholarship of Maria Gimbuddis. Innana clearly tells us she took her part of the Draco blood to the Orient after her brother’s Enki/Enlil (Adonai / Yalweh) made a nuclear desert of Sinai (Sodom and Gomorrah turn to ’salt’.)

Of course the stupid historians of Earth refusal to even consider the extra terrestrial politics behind the DNA cookery which caused us to be, leaves them completely stuck at this point. We considered elsewhere that Sumerian letters for example are merely optical wave guides for cellular cloning (George Merkel), and the Hebrew Alphabet is an incomplete (non-implosive ..awaits the embedding of Phi) symmetry array to make borg/ golem DNA… all evidence that Earth’s current western origins of intelligent biology is simply a language history of blundering ET genetic engineers. This entire story is so politically incorrect to even talk about, that scientists (who can’t even tell you WHY an object falls to the ground), would rather threaten you with all manner of abuse than to even ALLOW you bring it up. Yet the same genetic predisposition among those same scientists to rush into the same soul destroying cloning and genetic engineering now threatens the free steering business end of the DNA worms ability to embed/enter stars. Our survival is again on the line – will the DNA be allowed to soar in bliss as a magnetic worm? What does it take to set a character in your own dream free, so something can be born in the rose?

Fortunately for those few who are willing to open their intelligence horizons to a politics which extends beyond Earth as a tiny but pretty kindergarten, there are information sources. The Dragon alliance which ’bred our royal families since the time of Cain’ (“Genesis of the Grail Kings“) like we were show dogs, did not set up their astral feeding ground here on Earth in isolation. No, they used this same pattern on literally hundreds of inhabitable planetoids in the Orion sector. (“Genesset” and “Guardians of the Grail“). The pattern was, side step the galactic government prohibition on simply invading nascent planets, by getting the planet’s government to ’invite’ you in for economics. This was played out on our planet when U.S. presidents Eisenhower and Truman in all there phony prideful ’wisdom’ decided humans would panic when told of ET’s (after all Eisenhower won the intra-planet war, how could he admit to being merely a pawn in the inter-planet war).

So they accepted supposedly limited abductions and interference from ’the Greys’ (themselves pawns of the Drac’s) and decided to invest huge chunks of America’s gross national product, (the budget for the U.S. agency NSA) just in order to keep American’s stupid about their true galactic neighbors. By the time the fed’s learned their best Navy com-12 seals were merely a toy shooting gallery for the telepathic Draco’s who already shape-shifted out the best federal General’s and top military brass (The ’suicide’ of Admiral Bourda, head of the US Navy etc.), it was WAY too late. The fallout from this propagating crackwork of lies and schizophrenia will probably eventually be enough to topple the US government. (Don’t say good riddance till you study the alternatives: anarchy or becoming overtly instead of as now covertly, food for Nephilim / Reptilians and Drac’s – admittedly many of whom are more evolved than we even emotionally). Some of the less interventionist ET’s of the day tried to warn those presidents they treated with the bad guys, but to no avail.

Much more on what could topple the governments (create awareness?) of Britain and the US – below Part 3 & 4 reprints here below,

3. Blood Rites and US Presidents, and

4. DIANA was NOT the Target

After they botched Diana’s forced bloody abortion, and botched her rigged car crash, they had to murder her when she climbed alive into the ambulance after the crash! …

“MI-6 involvement in Diana’s death will shock the world. This sounds uncannily similar to the statement made by CIA operative Oswald LeWinter that, “The true facts about the murder of Diana would shake the World to its foundations, since it involves a number of governments and more than a number of intelligence services.””

How could a galaxy government (Telos / Mintaka starbase One, the “Guardian Alliance”, or the “Andromedan Council”), enforce an ordinance against interference in indigenous planetary genepools like Earth (the ’prime directive’), if the interloper could prove they CREATED the bulk of the DNA they were now ’harvesting’? No, the only possible intergalactic politics must rely on the dawning awareness that interstellar predation eventually would degrade the genepools of the culprits into soul-less-ness. (No time travel without heavy metal, no memory thru or ability to- die, etc.) .

(Read ’Innana Return’s’ dragon queen APOLOGIZING to us, the genepool she helped create AND abuse. The fragments of soul group force of Annunaki family now STUCK here with their golem -us- until they can help us help themselves to re-ignite the heart of the collective. Otherwise nobody gets critical inertial escape velocity in DNA magnetic (cocooning) to get back thru the speed of light, into star penetration. This is called being the “fallen ones”: Nephilim – the REAL Mormon problem.. You only write magnetic field donuts onto plates of gold for immortality in the death spasms of your genepools forgetting how to sustainably write in DNA codons – make soul) .

It is a very noble and worthy study to learn how soul groups do intense re-incarnational patterns together to get up the alchemical emotional cauldron feeling intensities to get the GROUP soul back thru the Sun’s gravity. The soul journey’s books need a sequel with a good dose of the physics of self-organizing automata. Field effect cocoon’s become solar shaman magnetic’s 101. How would you account for the physics to the end of Ken Carey’s ’Starseed Transmissions’ where Gaia’s collective light bubble travels off migrating between starsystems inseminating them with the knowledge of how to turn planet’s green? Remember your genepool’s collective emotion determines whether or not your planet / star has stinky gravity emanations. (book: “Two-Thirds“).

The Draco and variant reptilian habit of setting up parasitic economics, as the most efficient way to conquer planets… is echoed in the ’trading houses of DUNE’, and in the way the Templars and the Romans did it. To see Mongolian origins to what eventually became the Western beginning of INSURANCE AND BANKING is not surprising. Insurance and banking are industries which would be entirely unnecessary without simple fear. If we trusted each other to share, then abundance would be so great, there would be no need. Imagine a land where everyone is engaged in trying to share more, instead of measuring in order to limit how much is shared. 70% of humans would be freed from their jobs in government and banking, in order to make more abundance. Creating excessive membrances of separateness perpetuates the hive cells, which make borg-ism possible. Insurance and banking under conditions of bad public relations and unsuccessful ’spin doctoring’ are called piracy and extortion.

Contrary to western ’history’ Templar’s did not invent insurance and banking, they merely used these potentially parasitic often interplanetary institutions of their Draco MAG founders, to fund the gothic cathedrals. (To get a clue to when a gothic cathedral is a parasitic institution ask yourself what they paid for a saint’s relic to start one, and how they collected ’tithing’ once built). When their largest navy on the planet disappeared (Monsegeur), they continued their parasitics on the trade routes (insurance and banking) under their same Magdalen’s Skull and Bones logo (The Pirates). The leverage the Skull and Bones society (the CIA) gets on trade routes ultimately relies on being a parasite to drug sales, because charging tax on access to your own psychokinesis is the only source of blood for priest/parasites. Rather gives a new spin on Marco Polo’s access to ’the spice’ doesn’t it?

This is not all to say, the Templar agenda (repair the fabric of time to permit angel birth, for example), is parasitic. Yet how much of the ET politics in their hidden agenda was kept from publicity. Asking whether GOOD or EVIL of Templar, like Mason, or Dragon line – is generally the wrong question, and a wasteful bleeding of energy. Those institutions were so much pawns of a larger than Earth politic, that we can only ask – what portions of the PRINCIPLES behind their often manipulative intents – could still potentially SELF EMPOWER the human genepool. Step one being to see the larger than Earth context of their creation and machinations. At least if we re-assemble the her-story book fairy-tales with some true picture of a ’fallen’ (Nephite) race of genetic manipulators, we can piece together some themes which educate us about where we MAY become immortal out of their mostly murderous blunderings. (Enlil calling himself YAHWEH -probably as much visibly having reptilian scales as was Noah – ’Dragons of Eden’ – telling his Niburu/Hebrew clones/golem they were ’chosen’ in order to isolate his genetic rabbit patch… the ’spawn’ of the Nephilim.)

We could take the advice of any good adoptee trying to re-locate true genetic parents. It is the (in this case gene-pool wide) INTENT of the MOMENT OF CONCEPTION – which effectively points the wind in the sails of what gathers a soul into PURPOSE and direction.

As Ananda well points out the Amun Ra priest’s turn to parasitic soul ’harvesting’ at Amenti, rather than using Amenti (Giza complex etc.) to launch new birthing soul groups into stars, corresponds with their fall from the pinoline Soma pineal igniting, to the use of the parasitic Mushroom.

It was karmically rich and appropriate that later the Dragon’s kids Germain and the ’white brotherhood’ would end up frozen for a time in the astral condemned to parasite life (Vampiric Dracul) due to the same white gold powder addiction (external sources of fire) of their ancestors. Ask yourself why did not your ’white brotherhood’ or Alice Bailey ever tell you about the local star politics contained in your DNA? Lawrence Gardner’s Dragon line were in some way our heroes, but their relatives NEED to tell us their dark side, so we may learn from both. (Part 3 here below).

Our goal here is to be able to define and recognize the up and the down side of an ’astral milkhouse’. This was the original criticism of the toning chanting in Elizabeth Clair Prophet’s Germain brotherhood. Clearly, they did not succeed in creating individually self empowered bliss ignition, but they did succeed in making astral food for hungry discarnates. Yet on the other hand, during intense kundalini or tantra or bliss, the magnetic worms of your whole astral environment are sucked up into, and feed YOU! So it becomes the age old question, who ultimately is feeding whom here.

Gurdjieff called this dialectic question: ’reciprocal maintenance’, reminding us of the mealtime prayer at Gurdjieff school:

“Plants animals and men, all must eat and nourish one another to survive. Let us eat CONSCIOUSLY to repay the debt of our existence”.

Let us take one simple example to see if we have arrived at a definition of what is a parasite. When a culture like the USSR has to devote too hi a percentage of their gross national product to fear maintenance (defense industry / etc.) it is like a human cell stressed needing to devote all it’s energy to keeping immune walls up. Eventually, it (the USSR) drowns in it’s own mucous (self/not-self barrier), and dies.

The Draco designer virus parasites, almost universally require excess mucous to survive in. Mucous is spit out during real bliss because all self-not self barriers become more transparent. The requirements are:

The natural electrical raw material for the most thru-light speed penetrating human bliss is orgasm.

The politics of guilt around access to orgasm energy is a perfectly priestly history to parasitism on this planet. Yet remember that access to self empowered bliss is clearly the major gatekeeper for who gets from parasite worm feeding, to eyeball stellar worm STEERING.

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Part 2

Politics and Energy Economics of Orgasm

The cellular feast of charge embedding – in it’s best dress (a blue fire cocooning)

I have elsewhere reviewed Wilhelm Reich – “Function of the Orgasm“, and here would also comment on his “Bioelectrical Investigation of Sexuality and Anxiety“. My general comment/critique has been that he seems completely to ignore or be ignorant of the existence of, and the survival and information value of TANTRA AND KUNDALINI. I suggest that here (in Orgasmic terms), we might also get new insight into the electrical difference between a parasite and a symbiote.

Reich correctly observes that dramatic and often fatal diseases (’The Cancer Biopathy’) as well as neuroses generally quickly follow a failure to engage in any form of orgasm. He correctly notes that this is due to a failure to be able to dissipate or distribute the electrical charge associated with orgasm. This excessive localized charge density for example will necessarily force premature DNA replication/cancer (electrical model of cancer as information flow at ../cancer). In his “Bioelectrical Investigation of Sexuality and Anxiety“, he then further goes on to point out the relationship of loss of orgasm to anxiety in general, and further, to note that access to what he calls “satisfaction and relaxation” after orgasm is specifically and measurably dependant upon the rhythm and ELECTRICAL QUALITY of the orgasmic discharge.

To read Reich one might assume, that life depends on access to a way to LEAK PRESSURE (HAVE ORGASM) FROM YOUR OWN PLUMBING. This may be another example of human folly saying “GOD (electrician’s ’define’ God as?=the available collective self awareness of waves / DNA-as-an-electrical-wave-worming…. learning how to become self sustaining) – MUST HAVE MADE A MISTAKE WHEN SHE CREATED SUCH HIGH VOLTAGE AND HIGH TENSION AND HIGH DISEASE POTENTIAL IN SEXUAL TENSIONS. Obviously this view is foolish.

What desperately needs pointing out, totally ignored by Reich, is the SURVIVAL INTELLIGENCE represented by orgasm as an electrical discharge. This then becomes clue to the ’cocooning’ OR ’worm turning’ function of TANTRA and Kundalini. A storal to our mory here is that – WITHOUT SUCH ORGASMIC HIGH VOLTAGE PRESSURE TO PULL BACK ON THE SLING SHOT, NO GENETIC OR GLANDULAR MAGNETIC WOULD MAKE IT THRU LIGHT SPEED (and therefore thru the gravity cocoon of the Solar system), a MORTAL situation. In other words, without the high voltage potential of orgasm, properly harnessed (tantra and kundalini), indeed not much of biology would ever get out of the ensouling starting gate thru the speed of light’s protective cocoon.

The self aware force driving the creation of a huge magnetic ultraviolet and piezolectric WORM inside your DNA and your GLAND column… (’Chakra’s’), IS INTENSELY CONSCIOUS OF THE NEED TO SURVIVE. If you are a wave worming upward out of the cauldron of low information density, your need is to produce some evolving vortex WHICH BECOMES SUSTAINABLE (immortal). This is related to permission to escape light velocity as you will see, because recursion/self-embedding is the gatekeeper. Recursion/self-embedding perfected is the wave mechanic which perfects gravity/implosion/

compassion/and self-awareness. The same Golden Ratio recursive heterodyning or wave beating which is the ONLY way thru light speed, is KEY to all these mysteries.

The universe is only a unified field of waves and toroids – made of symmetric tornadoes/vortex (called the atomic table) which are all waves can ever make. Your job to learn how to graduate out of the cocoon egg shell limitation called the speed of light, is to learn how those tornadoes become self aware, embedded, and therefore able to squirt thru the speed of light.

(Look for our next paper: Dan Winter’s – predictions – vindicated! No one else has explained WHY Dr. Raymond Chiao when he measured the actual velocity light went as it passed THRU THE SPEED OF LIGHT was 4.32 x C – that is lightspeed. 4.32 = 1.6183. Going thru lightspeed IS the recursive heterodyning/beating thru PHI harmonics!!! This is the ONLY solution to UNIFYING the field. The possibility that the MEASURED VELOCITY of light, moving faster than light speed would show up at exactly a multiple of PHI AS I PREDICTED, by just chance is statistically extremely remote.)

This (shape of the squirt gun) then lead us to: ORGASM as biology’s major natural release gate into light’s star penetration.

“Pining Away – Pineal Yearning versus Surviving Lightspeed – Self-Embedding: The Tornado to Soul”


When Yearning is perfected, Embedding is perfect, and INTENT VECTORS become SHAREABLE / PURE / or DISTRIBUTABLE (in symmetry space).

The turning point for the human psyche is to recognize and FEEL the RELATIONSHIP between FEELING SOMETHING OUTSIDE AS IF IT WERE INSIDE (compassion as the onset of recursive ’dimpling’ in the field triggering EKG/compression perfected…), and THAT LOVE HAS A SHAPE.. (If this is foreplay….)

Any intelligent conversation on Tantra, Kundalini or Beginning Time Travel, always includes information on using SEXUAL excitation as a way to get up… This is natural because DNA gets the WILL to fold (braid) implosively thru lightspeed WHEN IT KNOWS THERE IS A PATH TO SURVIVAL / sustainability. This is otherwise known by the euphemistic term ’chemistry’ in sexual attraction. The absolutely incontrovertible fact is THE WORM KNOWS!…. whether you call it cellular memory, glandular intelligence, or self-awareness in the DNA… What the magnetic worm knows IS: WHAT IS THE GEOMETRY OF THE PATH TO SURVIVAL!!! (EMBED or DIE).

We will be publishing a paper soon (Artificial Intelligence as Recursion etc., from Lisbon, Portugal), more in depth on HOW it is the magnetic worm becomes self aware. Suffice it to say that ANY oscillator (like the Stock Market volume ratios when in Golden Ratio multiples becomes predictable / Precter – Elliott Wave), emerges from Chaos into Self-Organization when it approaches self embedding – which is the same as oscillating in PHI Golden Mean harmonic ratios. This is also the deep ’musical’ reason behind phylotaxis based on PhiGolden Ratio in perfect leaf branching. This is the PRINCIPLE behind PSYCHOLOGICAL OR ELECTRICAL grounding, tending to result in actions which serve the whole – meaning requiring the electricity to be shared. To be grounded as a wave is to become fractal: the perfect wave distribution algorhythmn.

So, among other advisories here, we suggest to the Reich afficionado – simple Orgasm is in fact NOT enough. The goal is to produce a wave which sustains. This is identical with the ’electrical discharge satisfaction’ Reich emphasizes. For the potentially launchable-thru-lightspeed ultraviolet cocoon which is Tantra and Kundalini this becomes an approach to Still Point (Phi Harmonic is the only ’perfect damping’ spin path to zero point). This is generally called “centering” in psychological terms. Con-centricity is Phi dense when centering force becomes self-organizing / implosive – which is what our word “CONSCIOUS” means: to make CENTERING FORCE, literally – to generate the ability to RECUR as a wave.

An aside here- the reason Nietzsche considered ETERNAL RECURSION to be a condemnation – was he did not see something new being born inside a rose…

From the point of view of a wave ’mechanic’ this would be identical to feeling unloved… unembedded… no access to the milk of mothering/mater/matrix thru the umbilical ensouling tornado vortex flowering stay-men from in-phi-knitly fractal eggness.

Compassion died among the Orion Queen Hive Telepaths.

(Inanna -the Sumerian Goddess archetypal origin was a Draco, ../lionpath) not just because of the cost to individuation of total telepathy – it was only when they considered the WORME in the DNA something they could plan/predict – where would the avatar choose to flower from genes.. “Predicting” where the DNA field worming should turn inside out and dimple to become worm dragon field solar gravity aborning is like the childish biologists arguing whether generation could in fact be ’spontaneous’… a possibility immediately lost in cloning/genetic engineering: where the DNA is caged. Did that bacteria form from the field effect alone? At first they said yes. Now in the west it is fashionable to say no, but soon they will say yes again.. Seems recursive doesn’t it? The reason they argue about whether waves themselves could become self aware, is because they are afraid themselves to become self aware.)

The quality of orgasm which serves to accelerate the magnetic worm of human consciousness thru light speed, is still and centered and grounded. Orgasm in sacred space is better embedded and better nourished electrically. The nature of Tantra and Kundalini has an electrical quality of lightning which HAS FOUND A GROUND… This is eye-dent-eye-call to pure intention as the perfect symmetry of the MOST DISTRIBUTABLE WAVE…. for the same reason you never buy a used car from shifty eyes.


Orgasm serves survival only if it is the raw material for something else: sustainable bliss/tantra/kundalini/shamanic star penetration. Even in it’s proper astrological role to provide the slide of light -capacitive fractal- for an arriving child avatar with stellar intentions, this definition fits.

Orgasm only for orgasm’s release function – like depressurizing plumbing about to explode- has a different quality. Bliss/ tantra/kundalini – USES orgasms voltage or pressure in order to drive something higher.

Take a look at the magnetic worms which visibly emit from the power transformers on public utility poles. (These are called “Rods” as shown at psychotronics conferences, on video tape when the camera has a fast enough shutter speed). These magnetic “RODS” spitting out of power transformers are seen to fly thru the air as if ALMOST self aware… In fact they are clearly parasitic, polluting, NOT-sustainable, and contribute to astral parasitism in general. Part of their debility arises because Tesla chose poorly when he chose 60 cycle.

(But then if we did reset our power transformers frequency to a Phi harmonic cascade from the Plank Length and hydrogen, the electrical juices in our public utility grid WOULD BEGIN TO BECOME SELF AWARE / SELF ORGANIZING).

60 cycle is not part of a Phi harmonic cascade able to embed in Phi multiples times the Planck length or Hydrogen’s chief wave lengths, and THEREFORE NOT SACRED (sustainable). (And judging by the deathly magnetic pall over Milan I would say 50 hz is not contributing to fractal implode sorting either.)

Magnetic worms generated inside human glands of less than pure or shareable intention share the same fate. They become juice for astral parasites (another term for the vast majority of what is called religious activity on Earth.)

So now we are poised in our conversation to begin to examine in general HOW TO EVALUATE WHAT CULTURAL AND MAGNETIC ACTIVITIES ARE PARASITIC versus which are SYMBIOTIC (life serving).

In order to begin this discussion, we needed a clear definition of the DIFFERENCE between a parasite or a symbiote. I suggest that an electrical definition would provide clarity:

If an electrical field (vortex nest) is being created WHICH IS SUSTAINABLE then LIFE force is being served. We have recently learned that electrical sustainability (grounding) happens only for waves which are perfectly embedded. This is because, the geometry of embedding is perfectly non-destructive distribution of wave nodes (called ’awareness’).

And we further learned, that EMBEDDING (philotaxes) is perfected in Golden Mean ratio branching / harmonics. We are getting close to our most profound defining moment for how to evaluate a magnetic worm to see if it is a parasite. The essential point is that THE SOURCE OF THE IMPLOSION, OR SELF ORGANIZING FIRE, IS THE SOURCE OF WHAT STEERS!

So, in this way, if the source of the fire or bliss is inside your heart, then indeed you have the ability to begin the steering operation to squirt the great magnetic worm thru space and time and lightspeed. If on the other hand, the very igniting source of the electrical fire (implosion as turning inside-out-ness), is OUTSIDE your body, then this becomes an ADDICTION BASED, MUCOUS GENERATING, PARASITIC TUBER-cular VIRUS FEEDING – outside in instead of inside out – kind of metabolism (caffeine, nicotene, alchohol, drugs, stimulant required to live… ). The physical reason why external sources of electrical fire, cause membranes to become ’fuzzy’ is instructive. The phenomenon we call fire, or bliss, or charge density, or fusion, or implosion, is fact simply INFINITE NUMBERS of wave crests able to gather non-destructively at one point. And (we cannot emphasize too much) THIS IS MOTHER NATURES ONLY AND BEST NATURAL WAY TO SORT ANYTHING!!!!! (See the vortex nest cascade for water called the ’flowform’ – like the Unicorn’s horn, as the best way to sort water OR ANYTHING FLOWING… – which is everything made of waves-which is everything – at ../water).

I remember as a kid, we had an old orange rubber balloon. Somehow the balloon was made into the shape of a long squirmy DONUT. We filled the balloon with water instead of air. As you pushed the long skinny donut shape the inside rubber tube that formed going inside out would suck or pull you finger into the center as you pushed it squirmily along. So this squirming long worm donut shape had the ability to pull things into itself. Now if you consider the emerging electrical worm of human awareness recurring, imagine what would allow you to suck field effects back down into yourself AS A FIELD, IN SUCH A WAY AS TO COMPRESS NON-DESTRUCTIVELY AS THEY ENTERED YOUR VORTEX ’THROAT’. The trick to becoming immortal, and faster than light implosive, (Ensouled – and in the only true sense of the word ALIVE), is to create so much pattern of perfect implosive embedding or turning inside out ness, that this process becomes SELF sustaining.

Looking down into the throat of this perfect magnetic for making immortal awareness is the picture above. In 3D it is the dodeca icosa phi stellation (DNA/EarthGrid/Zodiac) we call GRAIL.

We make the distinction now, that if the worm of magnetism going thru you (kundalini, tantra, bliss, orgasm etc….) remains being steered from a center of implosion/fire OUTSIDE YOUR BODY,…… THEN IT IS A PARASITE. If on the other hand, no matter how huge the magnetic worm (icing erotically up your tailbone), IF YOU EVOLVE TO BE THE ONE STEERING THE WORM, then it is a symbiote. It is Carlos Castenada telling Terrence MeKenna – the first time you go to the intergalactic mycineal fabric of the mushroom spore electrical awareness, IT CAN BE YOUR ALLY/tool. But if you keep going back to that worming grid for your perceptions, then you become it’s tool.

When Muab Dib found the great sand worm in the desert of DUNE, the turning point was when he learned how to steer it. He learned how to get his hooks in between the (magnetic) segments of the great worm, and by creating a tender opening between the waves (“Stalking the Wild Pendulum”) / stillpoint — that great worm would always keep that tender place still and raised and available for the out-standing steering one.

The difference between RAPTURE and being EATEN in the VICE-like grip of the RAPTOR… is the ONE who enters the stillness willfully. (Epilepsy as involuntary bliss contraction for those too fearful for voluntary bliss.) In the same way your Doctor cannot electrically tell the difference between death and bliss.

  • Involuntary stillness is death
  • Voluntary stillness is bliss
  • From the Latin: Volo / volare – appropriately meaning both – TO FLY and TO HAVE WILL

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Part 3

The Biological Basis of Elitism and “The Divine Right” rule



Comment on the below excerpt:

The biological basis of elitism and “the divine right” rule. -BLOOD-RITES?

by Tracy Twyman

I believe Tracy, Gardner and DeVere are generally correct about the biological nature of the blood rites. Interpreting their psychological meaning as clues to what really STARTS the (self-organizing electrical) fire in blood, needs a little commentary here. She, perhaps along with Garnder oversimplifies the Melatonin issue, ignores the Pinoline / Pineal (see Ananda), and perhaps as is almost universally the case, ignores the role of bliss in the natural PSYCHOLOGICAL creation of these recursion inducing (& recursion shaped?) “Molecules of Emotion” The famous Candace Pert, (friend of Dr.Ed.Wilson researcher with Monroe with whom I made the film on Phi harmonics in brain audio inducing measured EEG transcendence) who wrote the useful book by that title for example, would in my guess have not a clue to the electrical nature of human bliss. – as a charge field gone by embedding into spin and information density..

I also believe for example that Twyman here over-glamorizes and simplifies what she calls the Reptilian hatred of the humans of Earth. In fact they lost an ancient war to the humanoids here, and simply find our presence often inconvenient. In general, dull humans over-running a farm-house chicken yard, would not be worth hating. We only even come to the threshold of being worth noticing in deliberations on our galaxies power balance, when we become consciously psycho-kinetic. Which for our human condition’s pathetic health and blood line hygiene, (what they call the intolerable astral-noise of our cities) is so in-frequent as to be from their perspective negligible.

The issue here is to come to understand the hygiene necessary to spin up blood to light imploding. This is what bends time lines and steers time travel, ensoulment, and angel birth. It is simply childish and boring to get caught up in anger emotions about which ET family was more parasitic in sucking on the blood/astral juices of humans. By getting past these energy wasting reactions, we get to the real issue:


From a long timeline perspective, (and from the view of what will make our children’s memory immortal), almost ALL other questions are trivial. Religion – once we are past the astral milkhouse of the vampire priest ’Gods’ – was merely a childish stand-in for the physics of hygiene. What was once called God, can now be understood in how the collect field effect of the DNA self-organizes to the point of having a piezoelectrically audible voice in the blood, (San-Graal) which I for one hear VERY clearly. With all it’s potential for schizophrenia and insanity – it still remains the ONLY way genetic electricity migrates thru light speed into stars and ensoulment – so getting thru this (in terms of memory surviving) IS life or death.

I tell you, it is not a question about ancient religion, or about battle’s with ET’s – these are mere ephemera which pale in comparison to THE PRINCIPLE’s (weakly alluded to in all the controversies) of getting ELECTRICAL CHARGE DENSELY COMPRESSED (embed unto fractality) into cells enough to push their fields thru light speed – AND THE PSYCHOLOGY OF WHAT IT TAKES TO SUSTAIN THIS STATE (Bliss).

All the billions humans spend on running off to the very baleful witherings of what USED TO BE CHARGE DENSE CAPACITANCE today misunderstood under their name “Sacred Sites”, is little more than aboriginals worshipping a coke bottle. They knew this symbolized the possibility of intelligence, so maybe if they fought over it, they would get closer to the intelligence that made it. If 1% of the war budget for fighting over the ’HOLY LAND’ were devoted to MAKING HOLY LAND by arranging magnetics newly, then the souls of the Arabs and the Isreali’s nation soul MIGHT survive!

Armies of humans running like ants up and down Jerusalem, Giza, and Ayers Rock, and the Parthenon have forgotten what honey is, so now they fight over what are merely empty shells of what used to be CONTAINERS for honey. You stupid people, the HONEY is the electrical charge!! That is what ignites DNA. If your DNA does not catch the self-sustaining FIRE of implosion, then DEATH IS FINAL. No stupid ’religious’ reprieve works.

(We laugh at another war caused by parasite Popes – who said ’you do not need good works to go to heaven’ – in other words – do not even ATTEMPT to understand self-empowerment & hygiene – & that dangerous BLISS. When they said GRACE is outside you, they meant: be slaves, do not look inside.).

Religion in it’s best light, was merely a very pathetic and temporary INTRODUCTION to the physics of FIRE/implosion in DNA.

Here is a vignette from the comic strip about how the human genepool died of their own stupidity: A few thousand years ago (recent in the scale of human DNA) the builders of the Parthenon in Greece almost remembered a tiny fraction of what star elders taught – in how to arrange stone magnetics to create bliss. Now today, the foolish humans have so over-run the site, that the very heavy metal guide ropes and partitions to restrain the crowds (and metal in nearby buildings) HAVE ALMOST ENTIRELY DESTROYED THE FIELD EFFECT, WHICH IS THE ONLY POSSIBLE (bliss) VALUE FOR VISITING THE SITE!?!

Here, at the site – edging away from all the stupid metal restraints – a moment of very real bliss for me showed apparently in this unretouched photo: (Thank you Panos!)

I can’t help but be reminded of the traffic jam in Milan. As I noticed myself going into spasm of awful oxygen level drop, poison in air and magnetism… I looked carefully in the people’s eyes in nearby vehicles. ALL twinkle was absolutely gone, brain cavity size and gland postures were withering to prehistoric. And yet one fundamental principle emerged:


They did not have a clue that if they did not relocate very soon to somewhere where air and magnetism could again be sorted (get fractal), their would be NO possibility for bliss in theirs OR their children’s DNA. (Therefore, they had already lost all possibility of the physics needed to keep a soul – electrically). As tobacco consumption particularly among WOMEN is rapidly on the RISE in southern Europe – Where is the rage? : – a product which kills 1/3 the people who use it… Simply because no one taught the women their greater need for BLISS – WAS true AND survival related…

Wasn’t there some experiment with a deer over-population stranded on an island? As over-population and eco-destruction entirely destroyed ALL of their species – NO tribal genetic wisdom emerged to tell them what was happening to them, and change their reproductive behavior. And STILL the Pope & George Bush say: do not give women the POWER of life or death over reproduction. If we regulated our birth’s we MIGHT get conscious of our gene’s birthing of starlight elixir (and this would end the thanatotic self-destruction urge called the Papacy and George Bush)…. and STEER OUR OWN WORM.

SUMMARY: – On the MAGnetic Juices Squirting called Dragons and Reptiles and Worm(e)s..

From Abduction & Astral Milk-houses to Bliss – Kundalini & Tantra…
Parasite: (magnetic) WORM STEERS US
Empowerment: WE (self aware implosion glandular DNA fire) STEERS WORM
In either case – Worm is not ’Evil’. Without it’s juices, there is nothing to steer (into stars)

To be EVIL always means merely to fail to embed (Live is the el into phi embedding, evil is the backwards el out… of embedding.) Whether the ’worm’ is good or evil depends on whether it grounds into fractal embedding. What puts the RAPT into (yo)ure.

The Biological Basis of Elitism and “The Divine Right” Rule
(more comment: I suppose if Divine means from perfect branching, vine or nesting-as fractal embedding – then there is some natural law here… but it is engendered and limited by the amount of electrical drawing in that only COMPASSION provides. The same way compassion on fire is what drew and still draws the future magnetically into Nostradamus..)
by Tracy Twyman

October 28th, 1998, a number of newspapers across the country ran an Associated Press article entitled “Presidential Hopefuls Share Blue Blood Lines.” The article, based on information put forth by Burke’s Peerage, claims that every single President of the United States has had a notable amount of royal European ancestry, and in each Presidential race, the one with the most royal genes is the one who wins – every single time. This tendency has been noted in supposedly Democratic European politics as well, prompting some to charge that a global conspiracy exists to keep power within the hands of a specific gene pool.

This charge is not entirely baseless, and many books have been written tracing the modern aristocratic bloodlines back to the royal houses of Israel, Egypt, Sumer, and beyond. The charge is further supported by the fact that many of the supposed conspirators proudly boast about the ancient origins of their ancestry. The traditional explanation for why power is passed down through the ages by blood has been the mystical Divine Right of Kings. This dates back to the 17th century and states that a king is created by God, and kingly authority resides in the blood irrespective of anything else. Many have claimed that there is a genetic characteristic carried in the blood itself which makes this so, but what would it be? Is there a legitimate physiological reason behind the Divine Right of Kings?

fields of the nephilimThe all-important element of the Divine Right is that it comes from God, or “the gods,” alternately. And who were these gods? Authors such as Zecharia Sitchin, Sir Laurence Gardner and Nicolas de Vere are authoritatively convinced that kingship was created by an advanced race of beings called the Anunnaki, also called the Nephilim in the Old Testament. These were the ones who created the human race and interbred with a portion of it to create the kingly caste which until this day has still maintained control over the Earth.

These celestial creatures have been variously identified with:

  • Dragons
  • Elves
  • Fairies
  • Gnomes
  • Leprechauns
  • Sprites
  • Nymphs
  • Pixies
  • Angels
  • Demons
  • Devils
  • Witches
  • Giants
  • Vampires
  • Werewolves
  • and just about every mythical being you can imagine

Some, like Gardner and Sitchin, claim that they come from another planet. Others, like de Vere, say that they’re multi-dimensional, or that they’re from the Hollow Earth. Some, like David Icke, say that they are humans inhabited by the spirits of multidimensional reptiles, capable of shapeshifting into reptile form at any time. Still others claim that they were humanoid, but more than human, with pale white skin. The human hybrid offspring that they created as the Royal/Priestly caste was, according to most, the Aryans, who usually had red hair with green eyes – in stark contrast to the traditional Hitlerian vision. Nicolas de Vere, the leader of an organization called The Dragon Court which claims to represent this royal Aryan caste, writes,

“the depiction of the Aryan (Scythian) as a tall, ruddy-complexioned blonde moist ’ yeoman-farmer-warrior-god has no basis in truth.”

He further suggests that the “yeoman-farmer” Celtic, Gaulish and Pictish tribes which we now think of as Aryan were actually of a different race, but had hired the extra-human Aryans to be their leaders.

These Aryans were also the masterminds behind the Indian, Hittite, Greek, Egyptian, Hebrew, Sumerian and Pre-Sumerian Ubaid civilizations. Many believe that their descendants can be found amongst the segment of the population with the RH Negative blood type, roughly 5% of the Earth’s population, most of them Europeans.

These people are often born with:

  • an extra vertebra
  • have a lower than normal body temperature
  • can rarely mate with one another successfully, which suggests that they may indeed be a hybrid species

Conspiracy enthusiast Arizona Wilder takes it a step further by stating:

“The Aryan bloodline is alien to this planet… There are 13 bloodlines from this kind of stock (the Merovingians being one), and all of them have to a greater or lesser degree the capacity to play host to the Shape Changer reptiles.”

The other 12 families have been identified as Astor, Bundy, Collins, Dupont, Freeman, Kennedy, Li, Onassis, Reynolds, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Russell, and Van Duyn, with the rest of the European Royal Families being categorized as Merovingian. These are the people referred to by the fanatical group, the Sons of Jared, when they,

“pledge an implacable war against the descendants of the Watchers, who as notorious pharaohs, kings and dictators, have throughout history dominated mankind.. like super-gangsters, a celestial Mafia ruling the world.”

The Book of Enoch says that the sons of the Nephilim, are destined to,

“afflict, oppress, destroy, attack, do battle and work destruction on the earth.”

Nicolas de Vere, himself a Prince of the Dragon Blood, sees it quite differently. He sees them as the rightful shepherds of the human flock. He states:

The fairies were tuned to a higher frequency of perception and activity generally. In the past, therefore, because the Fairies were, for millennia, physiologically bred and exhaustively trained to operate at a higher level than men, humans often invited them to become social navigators… A dragon was one who saw clearly, and the clarity of vision engendered was always classically associated with wisdom, which itself produces power….

The Anunnaki and their quasi-human offspring are attributed with remarkable traits. They lived for thousands of years, were capable of levitation, dimension-hopping, clairvoyance, and other magical powers, all a product of applied eugenics.

De Vere explains:

“Selective unions gave the race the opportunity to breed outstanding magicians whose gift of natural perception and understanding and whose ability to access the ’Otherworld’ helped to produce and guide brilliant kings who ruled with elegant aplomb. The ability to perform magic was carried in the blood and of that blood,” and “the Elves were relied upon by their client races to be able to see things and perform feats that these client races couldn’t.”

Laurence Gardner, himself a former member of the Dragon Court, concurs:

“hi short, these people were bred to be leaders of mankind, and they were both mentally and physically maintained in the highward state.”

But what property did they inherit in the blood which makes this possible? The experts are nearly unanimous about the fact that the answer is endocrinology. Says de Vere:

“hormonal levels [are] influenced by genetic inheritance and that hormones [affect] the individual’s perceptions, psychological unicameralism and the subsequent ability to transcend and perceive the intricacies of the cosmos. Elven blood [is) rich in these substances.”

starfire bloodfests

“The best blood is of the moon, monthly…” Aleister Crowley, The Book of the Law.

The beneficial effects of the hormone melatonin have been part of the health supplement scene for some time, for high melatonin production is known to be synonymous with a high immune system, a low cancer risk, long life, energy, stamina, and according to many, enhanced spiritual awareness. Perhaps it is fitting then that this hormone is secreted by the pineal gland, a mysterious little item long believed by mystics to be the “Seat of the Soul,” “Me Third Eye,” and the organ through which psychic powers are exercised. In fact, it actually functions as an organ of sight in some reptiles, and it still seems to possess some sensitivity to light in higher mammals, since melatonin production increases when the person is exposed to darkness (thus melatonin means “night worker!”)

Writes Laurence Gardner:

High melatonin production thereby increases the facility for receiving and transmitting high-frequency cosmic and local broadcasts, and leads to a greater state of cosmic awareness – a state simply of ’knowing.’ In this regard, it is interesting to note that the Pineal Third Eye has been found to contain very fine granular particles, rather like the crystals in a wireless receiving set.

Many magical rites and meditation techniques are aimed at gaining control of this organ and the fluid it produces: the live melatonin. Rumor has it that the members of the supersecret society Skull & Bones, to which both George Bush and his son belong, engage in a ceremony called “The Obscene Rite,” which involves the consumption of the live pineal gland of a human or animal sacrifice in order to get the fresh secretions. Supplements bought over the counter are ineffective because, as Gardner explains,

“their inherent secretions are obtained from the desiccated glands of dead animals and they lack the truly important elements which only exist in live human glandular manufacture.”

Aryan bloodline is alien to this planet… There are 13 bloodlines from this kind of stock all of them have a greater or lesser degree the capacity to play host to the shape changer reptiles.

But the Aryan overlords who ruled over mankind in ancient days had a simpler way of acquiring this fluid. Their ancestor-gods, the Anunnaki, had endocrine systems that produced large amounts of this and other beneficial substances, so they drank it straight from the source: the menstrual blood and vaginal fluids of the goddesses themselves. This they referred to lovingly as “Starfire” and drank in a ritual ceremony called the Black Mass, after which the Catholic Mass is said to have been modeled. Later, as direct contact with the Anunnaki ceased, the fluids were collected from sacred priestesses referred to as “Scarlet Women,” or “Grail Maidens.”

Readers will recognize the Scarlet Woman as the Whore of Revelations, as well as the title which Aleister Crowley gave to all of his sex magick partners.

“These sacred, royal princesses” writes de Vere, “virgins of High Birth and Pure Blood, at an optimum age would be chosen to act as feeding females,” whose essences contained such valuable substances as, “oxytocin, prolactin, melatonin, seratonin, adenosyne triphosphate, dopamine, telomerase, and retinol.”

There is another important ingredient in the mix here. De Vere explains,

“many think that only men have semen when in fact women also have it.”

And so a Starfire ritual involves the use of a golden straw.

Stich a device would have been inserted into the virgin’s urethra to the depth of about one inch, whilst the partner in the rite inserted his or her finger into the vagina and massaged the “roof of the mouth” or uppermost wall of the canal nearest the open or ’mouth’ of the vagina, behind the pubic bone. After a few conducive moments perhaps, orgasm would occur and the fluid from the gland would discharge itself through the straw, either into the waiting mouth of the recipient, or onto a “grail platter” or dish held next to the vulva.

Keen readers will recognize this as identical to a sex magick ritual advocated by Aleister Crowley for members of his Order or Oriental Templars (OTO). The only difference is that his rite also involved the use of male semen which was called the “Red Tincture” or “coagulated blood,” while the female fluids were called “Gluten” or “The White Tincture.” Together they made “The Elixir of Life,” and in alchemy blood and semen are the primae materia or first matter of the great work.

*”this is the true Key to Magick,” writes Crowley. “That is, by the right use of this secret man may impose his Will on Nature herself.”

monatomic gold: the substitute
According to de Vere and others, ingesting the fluids of mundane women has only a slight effect, certainly not enough to maintain a royal Dragon family in the manner to which they’re accustomed. And after a few thousand years the genetic purity of their Grail maidens began to deteriorate, so the Starfire lost it’s potency. This reportedly began around 1960 BC and is equated with the time that an edict was handed down to Noah by God demanding that the consumption of all blood cease immediately. (Gen. 9:4) Thus, a substitute had to be found, and so the alchemical process was created as a means of artificially creating the Elixir of Life, the Philosopher’s Stone, also known as “potable gold.” This is created using a black powder known as occultum, the universal solvent which has the power to transmute metals.

When placed against gold it converted it into a white powder which could be ingested. It is said to cause nothing less than immortality, as it sets off a self-correcting mechanism in your DNA that lasts for thousands of years. It also bestows the enhanced melatonin production and magical powers associated with Startfire, including clairvoyance, dimension-hopping and flying capabilities. It is believed that this “white gold” is the same as the “Shew-bread” and “Manna from Heaven” mentioned in the Old Testament.

Today, there are those who publicly proclaim knowledge of the Philosopher’s Stone. A man named David Hudson claims to have created a technique for manufacturing this white gold, which he’s patented as ORME (Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements). Ormus is a name associated with the Holy Grail, and so readers may not be surprised to learn that Hudson himself is related to the Merovingian Grail family through Claude de Guise. Basically, the powder is created by putting gold into a higher atomic state through a series of intense heating and cooling sessions, during which it loses and gains weight radically, as though portions of the mass were being transferred into another dimension.

David Hudson describes the magical quantum properties of his white gold:

These M-state elements have been observed to exhibit superconductivity, superfluidity, Josephson tunneling and magnetic levitation… They may enhance energy flow in the microtubules inside every living cell. Ingesting in-state gold has different effects on the body than the effects of ingesting metallic gold. At 2 mg. it totally has gotten rid of Karposi Sarcomas on AIDS patients. Within 2 hours, their white blood cell count goes from 2500 to 6500. … Stage 4 cancer patients have taken it orally, and after 4 5 days have no cancer left any place in the body. It’s been used on Lou Gehrig’s disease, it’s been used on MS, it’s been used on MD, it’s been used on arthritis. It literally corrects the DNA.

sympathy for the devil
All of this puts a nice, friendly face on the whole thing, which is currently a secret power held only by an elite caste of Aryans who use it to lord themselves over the rest of the human population. And there are those who have said that the “substitute” white gold never did away with the original practice of blood-drinking as a method for obtaining the substances they needed. David Icke and his associate, Arizona Wilder, have campaigned the globe to inform its citizens with Chicken Little-like hysteria that most of its financiers, politicians and aristocrats are actually under the control of Reptilian beings from another dimension, who are inhabiting their bodies. Icke states:

“To hold their human form, these entities need to drink human (mammalian) blood and access the energy it contains to maintain their DNA codes in their ’human’ expression. If they don’t, they manifest their reptilian codes and we would all see what they really look like.”

Icke believes that most of this blood is obtained in human sacrifice rituals engaged in by the Satanic Illuminati. He explains:

“From what I understand from former ’insiders’, the blood (energy) of babies and small children is the most effective for this, as are blond-haired, blue-eyed people. Hence these are the ones overwhelmingly used in sacrifice, as are red-haired people also.”

His compatriot, Arizona Wiilder, goes into a bit more detail when she writes,

“They have a hypnotic gaze which fixes the victim – in a trance of terror – which promotes secretion of the pineal gland – at that point, they cannot hold human form any longer and begin to shapeshift in anticipation of supper.”

Wilder claims to have witnessed Laurence Gardner drinking blood and shapeshifting during a sacrifice at Montauk, New York, as well as a number of others who were transformed during similar bloodfests, including,

  • Bush and his two sons
  • Albright
  • Kissinger
  • Reagan and Nancy
  • J. Rockefeller
  • Ford
  • Carter and LB Johnson
  • Queen Mum
  • Queen Liz II
  • Princess Margaret
  • Charles
  • Tony Blair
  • Prince Philip
  • Zecharia Sitchin

She acknowledges that Starfire rituals go on as well:

In the underground vaults of his castle in the Alsace Region of France, green glowing fluorescent rocks tam stored menstrual blood black to be used at that special ritual. All the British House apparently have jewel-encrusted goblets to drink the blood from the symbolic female grail and a symbolic dagger to give it a bit of a stir. Some Spencers were at these rituals, but Diana would not attend… the smell of Diana’s periods would have caused Charles to shapeshift – especially whilst sleeping because the reptiles cannot retain their human form without concentration.

This may shed new light on Prince Charles’ reported desire to become a tampon. Aware of these charges, Laurence Gardner and Nicolas de Vere have tried to clear the record. They’ve acknowledged that vampirism does take place at their rituals, but maintain that they only drink the blood of their own family members, who participate willingly.

“You cannot take the essences by force, they are only given in love,” he says, otherwise, “their systems will react by producing chemicals during one’s assault upon them that will completely knock out the chemicals traditionally required.”

They claim that vampirisin was originally the purview of a few noble families who practiced it in order to maintain their powers.

“The most famous stories,” writes de Vere, “those of Dracula, Bathory and de Rais, support this conclusion.”

He and Gardner enthusiastically embrace Dracula as one of their own:

“This Sacred Prince, a Hermetic scholar and initiate, a student of magic, Magus, Witch Lord and Dragon Prince, counterbalanced the bloodlust of his forebears with a refined knowledge and advanced practice of Grail procedure.”

This is because he was a member of Sigismund’s Dragon Court in Hungary, and therefore of the Grail blood, who also attended a hermetic academy called the Austrian School of Solomon.

“The orthodox establishment’s fear of Dracula,” writes, Gardner, “was not his treatment of enemies but his in-depth knowledge of alchemy, kingship and the ancient Star Fire customs.”

As for the claim that they use these rituals to conjure up dragon ancestors from another dimension, de Vere calmly admits that this is the case, and that the participants have their bodies taken over by these spirits, who “rise from the dead to take possession of the witch’s soul!”

He further explains:

Any spirit including the archangels, conjured by the witch or magician was actually the ancestor of the witch. … It was carried in the witch’s blood which, the purer it was through the unbroken descent from the Dragons, the stronger would be the return from the ancestors within. In other words, they brought together and spoke or gesticulated a series of mnemonics that would trigger off precontrived, imprinted states of consciousness that acted as doorways into deeper seats of consciousness.

The charge of Satanism is not entirely refuted either, but de Vere proffers that they are not worshipping Satan so much as honoring one of their forefathers, who they stick right in the family tree along with Jesus, David and the rest.

“The Sabbatical Goat of the Black Mass was Chem Zoroaster,” he writes, “one of the early ancestors of the ancient Dragon Families,” and, “Satan was also called by the witches ’Christ, son Dei.’ …Jesus’ heredity and the descent of the druidic dynasties… was devilish, because the descent of both bloodlines was from the Sumerian Enki who was the Akkadian Samael: the Roman Lucifer and thus the Catholic Satan.”

But the Dragon Court members make no apology for this, because,

“to any intelligent person, to any true seer, concepts like white or black magic or good and evil are irrational, childish nonsense; both in terms of logic and actual fact.”

every elf for himself

“This is our Law, and the Law of the Strong. ” — Crowley, ibid.

To the charges of “conspiring to take over the world,” the Dragons deny that they give two licks what the rest of humanity does with itself. Their primary concern is,

“the restoration of their own Tribes, their own Nation and their own Homelands…. the foundation of their own distinct society.. re-introducing their old social structures and values.”

This results in “The Grail Code,” a system of Egalitarian, Chivalric ethics that govern how dragons treat other members of their race. However, “it is not the code that efficiently orders the behaviour of the Dragon Families in their dealings with those not of the Grail Blood.” They acknowledge and defend their own elitist attitudes towards mankind, whom they regard as,

“thoroughly stupid and dimwitted, with a clear indication that this condition is genetically inherited.”

Whereas in contrast,

“The Elves were naturally transcendent of spirit and their queens and kings were insulated from the common round of nuisances and petty concerns by minds which were bred for deeper matters.”

Despite their hatred of humanity, they will kindly agree to be the guardians of our governments again (if they aren’t secretly doing so already), should the population choose to accept them, and offer them the thrones of the Earth, which de Vere and friends indicate are rightfully theirs anyway. They are just waiting for mankind to realize it again. We will have to deal with the fact that these “Elves” seem to be in possession of a material that bestows long life as well as fantastic physical, mental, and spiritual powers, giving them a distinct advantage through which they are clearly attempting to lord over us, while they allow our populations to wallow in disease, death, and spiritual degradation. As an excuse, de Vere and Gardner claim that the Starfire and White Gold are only effective for those already of the Dragon Blood anyway, because the rest of us,

“won’t have the right blood serum or the right connections in their cerebral lobes.”

De Vere denies the claims of most people who believe themselves to be of this bloodline.

“Some people argue that because of the outbreeding of the old families, there must be millions of people ’of the fairy blood’ living today: but such a statement flies in the face of accepted facts of history. The genuine old royal families rarely outbred at all, whilst the later, fake parvenu, tinker nobility whom people now confuse with them often did.”

So that leaves little hope for you and me of ever obtaining the fruits of this magnificent “Philosopher’s Stone,” which “gives youth to the old” and is described as “the summation of the heart’s desire.” And if such a substance were available to the public, how much would it cost? Would it be obtainable by everyone or only the rich and privileged? What if it could be administered for free in the water supply or was available in tablet form at your local pharmacy, covered by your health insurance policy? What would happen to our already exploding population?

As a species, mankind will have to decide how to deal with the information – provided that the information is aired in public someday, and provided our “thoroughly stupid and dim-witted” populace can figure out what to do with it. Will we take advantage of what could be our greatest opportunity to advance as a species, or will we allow it to be used against us by a caste of Aryan overlords who despise us (and who are literally the spawn of Satan!)

Then again, will we perhaps wish to accept their rule, and the benefits of being led by an advanced race whose powers and insight are greater than our own. After all, there are those who believe that civilization is created by and can only be maintained by an established elite. Would we want to meddle with that, and allow positions of power to be overrun by inferior men? Perhaps it is worth considering whether an elite can truly be made by enhancing human faculties, or whether such powers are purely in the blood sources.

  • Gardner, Laurence: Genesis of the Grail Kings, Element Books, Boston, 2000.
  • Mchaelson, Scott, Portable Darkness: An Aleister Crowley Reader, Harmony Books, NY, 1989.
  • Moon, Peter, The Black Sun: Montauk’s Nazi-Tibetan Connection, Sky Books, NY, 1997.
  • De Vere, Nicolas, From Transylvania to Tunbridge Wells, 1985 – 2000.
  • Tracy Twyman is Editor of Dagobert’s Revenge Musick, Magick, and Monarchism. Sample Issue: $7,from Tracy R. Twyman, 2301 New York Avenue, #2, Union City, NJ 07087, or visit the website at http://www.homesteadcom/DagobertsRevenge

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Part 4

Diana was NOT the Target

Another Bloody rite
Appendix 2: Excerpt from: DIANA WAS NOT THE TARGET

by Rayelan Allan

…. The men who planned the assassination of Dodi knew Diana was pregnant and would be marrying Dodi as soon as possible. They needed to act fast, before Diana and Dodi were married and living in the Paris Windsor Palace owned by Al Fayed. According to renegade MI-6 agent Richard Tomlinson:

Ritz security boss Henri Paul, who drove the death car, was an MI-6 informer paid to spy on Diana and Dodi. The Diana crash was chillingly similar to a previous MI-6 plot. That plot was to assassinate the Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic in Geneva using a powerful laser strobe light – similar to that described by witnesses to the Paris crash-to blind the driver.

Richard Tomlinson lived in Geneva. The assassination plan that Tomlinson claims was “appropriated” to use on Dodi had been created in Geneva. The K-Team that was enlisted by MI-6 was also in Geneva. Tomlinson further states:

I was shown a document proposing an assassination of President Milosevic of Serbia. The plan was to use a strobe light to blind his driver as he went into a road tunnel in Geneva. When I heard witnesses in Paris talk about a bright flash before Diana’s car crash, it made sense. A tunnel is a perfect place for an assassination, with fewer witnesses. The Paris tunnel is also ideal because there are no crash rails along the central pillars, so it’s a death trap.

Tomlinson says his claims about MI-6 involvement in Diana’s death will shock the world. This sounds uncannily similar to the statement made by CIA operative Oswald LeWinter that,

“The true facts about the murder of Diana would shake the World to its foundations, since it involves a number of governments and more than a number of intelligence services.”

The Mercedes that Diana and Dodi were using on the night of August 30, 1997 had been stolen five months earlier, on April 20th. This meant that the accident had been planned for at least five months. But who had planned it? As Diana told her therapist:

“One day I’m going to go up in a helicopter, and it’ll just blow up. MI5 will do away with me.”

(Diana On The Edge, Chris Hutchins & Dominic Midgely)

Diana knew that the Palace thought she was a “loose cannon,” and she was certain they were not beyond murdering her.

The MI-6 document shows that Prime Minister Tony Blair, the Palace and Prince Phillip ­ the Duke of Edinburgh ­ were seriously concerned about the relationship between Diana and Dodi. They believed it was politically disastrous and could threaten the dynasty. As this document states:

2. Reliable source reports Palace seriously disturbed by liaison. PM considers any al Fayed relationship politically disastrous. Edinburgh sees serious threat to dynasty should relationship endure.

Quote reported: “Such an affair is racially and morally repugnant and no son of a bedouin camel trader is fit for the mother of a future king,” Edinburgh. (Report filed)

Richard Tomlinson has also stated:

There’s an arrogant faction inside MI-6, part of the Eton/Oxford/Guards clique, who see themselves literally as defenders of the realm-and for them, that means the royals. When Di broke up with Charles, she immediately became the enemy. When she started a romance with Dodi Al Fayed, that raised an even more terrifying specter.

What if she’d married him and turned Muslim? What if they’d had children? The thought of Prince William, the future King of England, with a brown-skinned Muslim half-brother or sister was the worst possible scenario for them. In their eyes, Diana would single-handedly destroy the fabric of the nation they (MI-5 and MI-6) were pledged to defend.

Backed by the Al Fayed millions, she could have set up a glittering rival court which would have made Buckingham Palace pale by comparison. She would have become the people’s Queen, so she had to go.

Mohammed Al Fayed had recently purchased the Paris Chateau previously owned by the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. This was the wedding gift he was going to give to Diana and Dodi. Tomlinson was right, the Paris Court of Diana and Dodi would have out-shined anything England could offer. Prince Phillip realized that his grandsons, William and Harry, would probably prefer spending time in Paris with their mother. This means that his grandsons would be influenced by “the son of a bedouin camel trader,” one that happened to be aligned with the age old enemies of the present British Throne. As Tomlinson says of the Palace:

The thinking would go like this: after Diana’s death the spotlight would turn back to the Palace, as it has; Prince Charles’ popularity rating would start to climb as he wins back public sympathy, and it has done. And, importantly, Prince William will be firmly under Palace control. Mission accomplished. No Di, no rival court. Monarchy secure.

If Richard Tomlinson lived in Geneva and was an MI-6 agent, then he probably knew the K-Team that lived in Geneva. Tomlinson has never said that Dodi, not Diana, was the target of the assassination team. Nowhere in the original MI-6 document does it say anything about killing Diana. What they had in mind for her would have been far worse than death.

Since Tomlinson believes that Diana was also the target, it appears that sometime in the two and a half months between the writing of the MI-6 document on June 17, 1997 and the assassination on August 30, 1997 a new plan was filed. Possibly this new plan was in one of the many CIA documents found in Oswald LeWinter’s Vienna hotel room. Because of Tomlinson’s connection to the K-Team in Geneva, perhaps he knew that the plan had been changed.

The Mossad Connection
In a book called Gideon’s Spies, the claim is made that a Mossad agent named Maurice was in Paris at the Ritz Hotel trying to recruit the chauffeur, Henri Paul, on the very day the accident occurred. Henri Paul, the driver, was killed instantly.

This book further states:

In July 1998, Mohammed Al Fayed asked a number of questions in a letter he sent to every one of Britain’s members of Parliament, urging them to raise the questions in the House of Commons. He claimed that ‘there is a force at work to stifle the answers I want.’ His behavior was seen as the reaction of a grieving father lashing out in every direction. The questions deserve repeating, not because they shed any light on the role Mossad played in the closing weeks of Henri Paul’s life, but because they show how the entire tragedy has gained a momentum that only the true facts can stop.

Al Fayed wrote of a “plot” to get rid of Diana and his son and attempted to link all kinds of disparate events with his questions:

  • Why did it take one hour and forty minutes to get the princess to hospital?
  • Why have some of the photographers failed to give up some of the pictures they shot?
  • Why was there a break-in that night at the London home of a photographer who handles paparazzi pictures?
  • Why have all the closed-circuit television cameras in that part of Paris produced not one frame of videotape?
  • Why were the speed cameras on the route out of film, and the traffic cameras not switched on?
  • Why was the scene of the crash not preserved but reopened to traffic after a few hours?
  • Who was the person in the press group outside the Ritz who was equipped like a news photographer?
  • Who were the two unidentified men mingling in the crowd who later sat in the Ritz bar?
  • They ordered in English, watching and listening in a marked way?

Gideon’s Spies seems to be a clever way of sowing disinformation and covering the tracks of any Mossad agents who happened to have been involved in the murder of Dodi and Diana.

At the top of the MI-6 document the sources for the information are listed. One is a British citizen named Ken Etheridge. Ken Etheridge worked for one of Mohammed Al Fayed’s enemies, Tiny Rowlands, who financed Allan Frankovich’s film “The Maltese Doublecross,” about the downing of Pan Am 103. Rowlands financed the film for two reasons. One, he felt that he could drag Muslim terrorists and arms dealers into the film and thereby taint Al Fayed who was involved with arms dealers. The second reason was purely business. Rowlands wanted to get in good with Colonel Gaddaffi in order to obtain mining concessions near the Chad border.

Rowlands sent Ken Etheridge to Spain to supervise the filming of DIA whistle-blower Les Coleman. Coleman stated that it was not the Libyans who downed Pan Am 103, it was Palestinian terrorists who were paid by Iran. This information put Rowlands in high regard with Colonel Gaddaffi.

According to CIA sources:

Etheridge was an Asset of MI-6 who had investigated Al Fayed some years back and who gave the CIA information about Al Fayed’s weapons deals with his brother-in-law, Adnan Khashoggi. Etheridge’s involvement with the Diana business is a round-about one in that he informed the CIA of the extent of Al Fayed’s intrigues concerning his desire for a Dodi-Diana Union to the British Establishment, who has refused to grant Al Fayed citizenship for over thirty years.

Early Reports State Diana Was Out of the Car
Early television coverage of the accident stated that Diana was out of the car and walking around. The first reports to be seen on television said that Diana was,

“out of the car” … “conscious” … “suffering from a broken arm, a cut on her hip & a possible concussion.”

These reports stated that her injuries were “not potentially life threatening, but serious.” These reports are part of an article by Sabre called, “Diana, Accident or Murder?” Sabre began taping at approximately 12:35 a.m. from a satellite feed, shortly after the first bulletin aired. Initial reports were from the BBC and SKY. These remarks and the photos that were aired with them have never been reported since.

Documents in the possession of the CIA state most of what has been laid out above. These documents were summarized for me by a CIA operative. In addition to stating many things that have been in the pubic domain for years, the documents also state the following.

Some of the following information is so disturbing that it has taken me two full years to verify it and finally write about it.

• The target on the evening of August 30, 1997 was Dodi Al Fayed. The Palace had given its blessing for the elimination of Dodi Al Fayed, the father of the child Diana was carrying.
• The Palace assumed Diana was about three months pregnant.
• The original plan called for the death of Dodi AND an abortion for Diana!
• The Palace ordered an abortion using the D&C method. It was performed in the ambulance while it was parked for nearly an hour, on the side of the street, on the way to the hospital.
• The abortion was completed, but the loss of blood was too great and the advanced damage to internal organs was irreversible.
• Diana died of blood loss caused by an abortion ­ NOT from a torn heart!
• The coverup of the truth was ordered by Bernadette Chodron de Courcel, the wife of President Chirac, who was informed immediately and sped to the hospital. Mme Chodron de Courcel is the power of Opus Dei in France.
• To insure that Dodi died in the crash, the K-Team had one of their “specialists” positioned inside the Pont de L’Alma tunnel. He was the one who reached into the car, as if he was checking to see if Dodi was alive. It is not known if Dodi was alive or dead when the “specialist” broke his neck. As he emerged from the car, he shook his head to let the members of his team, who were disguised as photographers, know that the deed was done. Dodi was dead.
• There is a photograph of the “specialist.” It has been published in one of the tabloids, however, its significance was not known at the time.
• Diana was alive. She was outside the car, walking. She knew Dodi was dead. When the ambulance arrived, Diana stepped into it herself. There is a photograph which shows her sitting inside the ambulance. She looks fine.

While it is suspected that whoever performed the abortion was ordered to cause her death, this has not been confirmed.

CIA sources state that the Palace did not want her dead. The Palace still hoped to use her to reunite Britain and the United States. The Palace also knew that secrets like this cannot be kept. If the Palace was involved in the murder of Diana, her two loving sons would eventually find this out. It was all right if William and Harry knew that the Palace, meaning their Grandparents, had ordered the death of their mother’s Egyptian boyfriend. They knew they could make the boys understand why they did it. But the Palace could never make Prince William and Prince Harry understand why their mother had to be killed.

If the Palace did not want her dead then who ordered it? And why? CIA sources have speculated that one or two men in powerful behind-the-scenes positions decided on their own that Diana was too much of a “loose cannon” to be trusted. These men decided it would be easier to control her if she was dead.

Therefore, they arranged her death, so they could use her image to create a new world religion through which they could control the world.

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