Manufacturing Viruses- Just What Have They Been Doing???

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29 April 2009

from ProjectCamelot Website

We have just talked with Dr Bill Deagle for an hour about the Mexican flu outbreak, the possible plans of the Controllers, and his own personal philosophy.

We are editing this, and will release it soonest.

“We’re co-creators of our own future. We’re not VICTIMS of the future. We also have to realize that if someone dies in a third world country, like an ‘untouchable’ in India, or someone in Mexico City that’s living in a garbage heap, WE die: some portion of us dies too.

If we allow the use of

depleted uraniumweapons to kill little girls in Gaza, or if we allow nuclear weapons to drop on the

Bushehr reactorand downwind millions die from radiation poisoning, we die too. And if we can feel that connectedness in spirit as a cell in the body of mankind… we would turn back from that.”Dr Bill Deagle

talking to Project Camelot, 29 April 2009

This interview covers:

  • the recent flu outbreak in Mexico and how it may be just a precursor of the real outbreak
  • Dr Deagle’s view of the state of Israel and plans to attack Iran (see far below report)
  • we give Dr Deagle a chance to address the issues many critics have raised over the past few years

One thing is clearly evident: Dr Bill Deagle is a very good sport and quite willing to face his detractors head-on with honesty and without rancor.

This recording was done on April 29th and release has been delayed due to numerous audio issues during the recording of it. We apologize in advance for the problems with sound quality but felt the content important enough to release regardless.

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Telephone interview transcript

Kerry Cassidy(KC):Hi, this is Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan from Project Camelot. It’s April 29th, a Wednesday, and we’re here with Dr. Bill Deagle.

We’re very happy to be talking to you Bill. We are trying to get an update on what’s going on with the virus. I don’t know if it’s really officially a pandemic. Maybe you can explain that to us; when something becomes a pandemic versus just some kind of virus going around.
Bill Deagle(BD):Yes, If you actually stick to the six phases of the World Health Organization Categorization (WHO), it’s actually in Phase Five of a pandemic right now. Phase Six is the out-of-control, top level of it. And that’s by definition. It means it’s rapidly spreading to other continents, it’s having close-to-close human-to-human contact and it is causing deaths. Now there’s probably more than one strain circulating.

One of the concerns that I have is that this virus… I agree with Dr.

Len Horowitz(I just saw

his video cliptoday). All the evidence indicates that it was a CDC World Health Organization virus. They were working with a company calledNovavax, but there’s actually six companies making these vaccines, includingSanofi Pasteur, that has 382 million doses of a dual RNA biphasic vaccine.

The RNA vaccine where they’ve given the first phase, as long ago as three or four months ago, to our troops. And they’ve already announced earlier this year that they are going to give it to all the county sheriffs and their families. And the second phase, when they “have an antigenically more accurate second phase vaccine.”

KC:I’m sorry, I’m not understanding you. Are you saying that this virus is part of something that has been given to our troops as a vaccine?
BD:Well, no. It’s a separate thing. The one given to our troops is a first phase, called an RNA vaccine, bySanofi Pasteur. What Dr. Horowitz is showing in his video clip (which you may want to talk to him) – and I agree it’s theCDC World Health Organization– there’s direct complicity with them and British recombinant viral biologists that have actually worked on this project, and he has all the connecting dots.

It fits in with the documentation which I received from scientists and doctors in March of 1997 that was smuggled out of the Basel Headquarters of theWorld Health Organization. They were going to resurrect with gene fragments the 1918 swine human flu recombinant, and then convert it with some Avian genes, put it into Asia and then later release a bridge virus, which is what this virus is.
There are two strainsin Mexico City. One that’s making people very sick and the other one that’s actually killing people. So, we won’t know for a couple of weeks, but if it starts to show selective deaths of only Hispanic people in America, then we know – like AIDS, which is 16 times more likely to kill blacks than to kill whites – that it is arace specific bioweapon.

There are six companies producing vaccine for the World Health Organization (WHO) and the international community. Pfizer Pharmaceutical, Sanofi Pasteur, Baxter Laboratories that actually had this accident in 18 different labs in four countries, and shut down the biotest lab in the Czech Republic. Their phone is off the hook. Nobody’s answering the phone. We’ve been having our people -Alexander Jones, an

NIHwhistleblower– calling them daily and they are now not only not returning calls, either Baxter or Biotest in the Czech Republic, their phone is disconnected.

But the Sanofi was the one where the U.S. government contracted for 382 million plus doses of this binary vaccine. Their branch plant in Beijing shipped it four-and-a-half to five months ago, and it is now shipped to major military U.S. bases. They’ve already been administering it for the past four months to our troops; the first phase of this binary vaccine.

And they say the second phase will be “antigenically more accurate” for the “Avian Flu.”

It’s an Avian flu vaccine. Research about it…

KC:But you can’t vaccinate against it; is my understanding.
BD:Right, but what they’re doing is they’re saying they’re doing it. And they’ve given an RNA vaccine they say will prime them so they will have an immune response within a week rather than two to three weeks.

This latest thing thatNovavaxis working on is a similar virus in which they actually recombined the H1N1 swine flu from 1918, that was resurrected by Dr. Taugenberger – [ed. note: Dr.

Jeffery Taugenberger] – at the CDC, with the H5N1 lethal strains and human viruses, and they actually created vaccines which they were playing around with. Novavax, and what Dr. Horowitz has stated and it’s probably correct, is that this company’s virus is virtually identical to the one which has been released in Mexico City.

So they probably sprayed it over Mexico City because when you have a weakened population with a lot of biotoxins in the environment it makes it easier for them to become ill. So, yeah, this is absolutely manmade. I don’t call it a swine flu because it’s not. With swine flu 20 percent of all veterinarians in Ohio, according to research, are positive for antibodies to swine virus and they don’t get sick or die.

KC:I’m sorry, I really have to get back to the troops. What is it they’re giving our troops and what is going to be the result of what they’re giving our troops?
BD:What they’re doing is inserting what’s called

H5N1 RNA. In other words,they’re inserting some RNA which actually stays in their body and modifies the genetics of the troopsso that their immune systems will respond more quickly when they give them the second phase of this vaccine that is called abinaryorsecond phase


KC: When you say: their immune systems will respond more quickly, you’re saying that…

BD: That’s their theory. That’s what they’re saying.

KC: …in theory, they will fight off the disease faster?

BD: That’s what they are saying.

KC: Because there is no real reason, in my mind, why they would want our troops to die of a virus.

BD: Well, I would think that there is actually a very good reason they would want our troops to die.

KC: Okay. Other than in battle? Because this is what they use them for.

BD: No. They want our troops to die so they can bring in foreign troops on American soil because they will shoot at American citizens and disarm them. American troops won’t. That’s already been established. So they want our troops sick and they want our troops dead.

KC: Okay, that’s quite a statement.

BD: Yeah, it is. It’s true. I have that from inside sources, too, and they’re very concerned inside the military. The county sheriffs were announced – we had whistleblowers from several states including Arizona and Arkansas, and other states that we had – that they were… Also, the Department of Homeland Security, as well as the state health departments in states across the United States, have been planning to vaccine all the county sheriffs and their families with the same vaccine. But, as far as I know, I haven’t had my whistleblowers tell me they’ve actually done it yet.

KC: Okay. Again, why would they vaccinate? If you say the vaccine is actually preparing them… I’m getting the impression that you’re telling us that it’s preparing them for the next wave of this virus.

BD: Well, the one that they‘re…

KC:It’s not going to protect them; it is going to kill them. So again, why would they want to kill…
BD:We don’t know. All we know is, number one: it may give them a false sense of protection, at the very least.

Number two: this is totally experimental. There’s no research to show that you can make a binary vaccine and you can prime someone with this RNA so that when they get a second phase that’s antigenically correct… The thing is, the virus is going to come up with multiple sub-strains, and it’s extremely unlikely that they can create one quick enough. The fastest you can use it, if you use cell culture, is probably 60 days minimum. If you use cell culture and egg membrane, you can use 6 months, at least.

And the virus changes so quickly that it wouldn’t be genetically correct, and number two, I

don’t believe the vaccines work anyway. In fact, the research has shown that whose who received the vaccine to the swine virus in 1918 were the ones that died. They depressSermion[sp?] systems; they increase the risk of new recombinants forming.

Like they were giving the swine vaccine in Mexico City until the weekend when the

WHOfinally reported – after me and many others were saying they shouldn’t be vaccinating – they actually discontinued the program. But that would actually insert new DNA, new viral material so you could actually form recombinants, or new viruses, that would swap DNA and create new viral strains that could be more lethal and spread more quickly.

In Mexico City and other areas, and by the way this is spreading very rapidly. It is almost certain there’s a strain that causes a bad flu and there is a strain that causes a bad flu that kills. It causes a

cytokine storm.

KC:But my understanding is that people in the U.S. are not dying from this.
BD:Right. My guess is the strain that got into the U.S. is a very bad flu but it is not the strain yet. But the fact is… Here’s what happened: in H5N1 – and I had the documents 12 years ago – the primary reason, the number one reason when I started radio broadcasting fulltime four years ago plus was to warn people of this because I had the documents; I was given the information to warn people that this is coming.

This is one of the primary vehicles that

the globalistswant to use to quell any resistance to the new financial order that’s coming; to quell resistance to revolution in Mexico and the United States when the economy collapses and they switch to a new financial order worldwide.

They are bringing in aHate Crimes Billtoday:

HR1913. This is the 29th, which is to be voted on, and it is the most noxious hate-crime bill which will affect everyone of every group, either skin color, or religion or lack of religion or whatever. It’ll affect everybody. This will allow them to have totalitarian control and selective prosecution of anyone who speaks of against any issue that they don’t like you to talk about.

Bill Ryan (BR): Hello, Dr. Bill, it is good to be talking to you.

BD: Yeah, it is good to talk to you again, Bill.

BR: You’re in the excellent position to understand the controller’s thinking. If you were one of their strategists, what do you think their strategic plan is, of which this may be a very early stage.

BD:What they have done is release abridge virus. [he spells] b-r-i-d-g-e. This bridges and spreads very quickly between humans. The earlier strain that’s in the United States is a bad flu but it isn’t lethal. The second strain which is in Mexico City is killing people at a relatively rapid rate; we’re going to guess somewhere at around eight to ten percent case fatality rate, which is pretty high, to go four times higher than the 1918 swine flu pandemic, which is a swine-human recombinant.

I went over the DNA letters 3 years ago withHenry L. Niman, head of

Recombinomics, that has more patents than any other Ph.D. virologist in history on recombination, which is how viruses change; they swap DNA. I think they have already pulled the trigger. The hammer has fallen and it will come in waves that could occur over months, or years, or even more than a decade.

So if we get over this, as Napolitano has stated as theHead of Homeland Security, former governor of Arizona, we are almost certainly looking at a wave. Whether it’s six weeks or three months or six months, that is going to have a much higher case fatality rate and it’s shown already that they’re doing nothing and plan to do nothing to stop the virus from moving.

Now they could do things like having anantiviral hepa filterin every aircraft, tracking every person that flies or crosses a border for at least ten to twelve days; making sure they don’t have symptoms, tracking all their contacts. They could give everybody antipathogenics, actually build their immune system likeSuper Silver(or

colloidal silver) orNutrioDineand the element

allicin, which if you just take a little bit of it, it prevents you from getting a primary infection.

They could issue true nanoparticle masks – and the best is the

Nano Mask– or a

NIOSH N100 mask, and if you are in an area you probably also need an eye shield because you can get it sprayed in your eyes. If you use natural good hygiene practices, really, you could stop this cold.

The fact is the government is doing nothing to stop it. They are not doing anything to stop commerce or truckers coming in from Mexico or airline flights. They are not doing anything to track anybody. I brought these issues up in 2002 with the FBI and the CDC director for bioterrorism, along with Dr.Jay Reddington,Infectious Disease Director at the University of Colorado, because I was the point man under Dr.John HughesofRocky Mountain OccMed.

We worked on

Operation TOPOFFand Dark Winter in the late ’90s doing bioweapons war simulations.

The fact is the government is doing everything to make sure that if this does acquire new genetics and new sub-strains emergent that enter the United States and other countries, they’re going to declare martial law. They have now – and I have this from my military contacts, trained over 50,000 returning U.S. troops – there are special crack troops now upgraded to handle, in these newChem-Bio suits, the administration of drugs and/or vaccines at gunpoint.

And also

civil detention campsare now being set up as quarantine camps all across the United States.

As of two weeks ago they had 50,000 already trained and ready to roll. This is before this, what I call the lab flu, North American lab flu. I’m not going to call thisswine flubecause there are genes from theAvian flu;thenew Avian flu. It has genes fromSwine, fromHumanandAsian flu;genes from three continents, so this is not… It’s coming from the wrong place; it always emerges from Asia.

So this is a laboratory flu that almost certainly was released in Mexico City on purpose. The virus is basically going to acquire new genetics. It also grows well in birds and animals, like pigs and probably cattle. It’s going to allow the jumping of those Avian genes, H5N1, that are killing millions of birds on every continent.

I have reports from game wardens in British Columbia, Washington state and Oregon, and other places across the US and Canada that millions of birds are dying; like the Shearwater Gulls are dying. The Canadian geese are returning and their chicks are dying of this strange virus, which we are pretty certain is the

H5N1 Avian flu, so there is already a pandemic among birds. But until a few months ago it couldn’t grow in less than 106 degrees [Fahrenheit] because of the

PB2 gene.

Well, in the wild, we discovered that the PB2 gene change is present in some places in Asia. But the PB2 gene change is already in the H1N1 virus. This new lab virus has that PB2 that allows it to grow in human nasal mucous areas, and it also has a full receptor binding domain so that it can attach to human cells very efficiently. And if it acquires the H gene, which is the 6 polybasic amino acids, it can grow on brain and other tissues.

The other changes, including the deletion on the NS1, is going to allow it tocompletely bypass the immune system. So it’s going to be able to transfer the lethality from the H5N1, that is already killing millions of birds, into humans and possibly other animals, etcetera.

So that’s going tocome in waves. It could occur over a period of two months or even one wave after another. In 1918 the first wave was relatively mild flu that killed very few people. It was more like a serious typical flu. And when it came back in the late summer and early fall – the second wave – it started killing people very, very seriously with a case fatality rate between two-and-a-half to five percent.

We don’t have all the statistics in now but we are guessing that the current case fatality for the more lethal strain in Mexico is probably around ten percent, which is pretty high. My guess is that, as it acquires new genes, that case fatality rate will rise up toward 20 to 30 percent.

The biggest danger is that, because of fear, transportation, travel, and infrastructure – including distribution of food and goods – will stop or shut down significantly. That’s where the

government will declare martial lawand close the borders, and try to control transportation, so food and other materials are still being shipped to the big cities. Otherwise, the chaos will actually cause more problems.

In fact, we did a computer simulation in Denver back in the ’90s and we estimated if there was a total shutdown of infrastructure caused by the fear of a pandemic it would kill more people than the actual virus.

BR:In a sense, Dr. Bill, it doesn’t really matter what the lethality is, or even if there really is an outbreak at all, if enough people believe there is and

the media is usedin the way that we know that it can be used.

BR: Actually, that’s all they need to do.

KC: Then what we’re talking about here is people actually staying in observer mode and taking a step back. What I understand is: normal flu kills 30,000 to 50,000 people a year in the United States.

BD: That statistic is actually one that they always throw out and it is actually based on an estimate. It’s not a real number and it is not based on actual facts. The flu itself, basically, unless you’re in a debilitated state, usually doesn’t cause a problem. The difference with the 1918 flu is that it strikes the young and healthy because it bypasses the body’s immune system until it overwhelms the body. You can incubate it for 8 days and people don’t even know. You’re not even sneezing or coughing, but you’re touching your face or other body parts and passing it to other people. [Then you can] spike a fever and have a seizure and in 45 minutes be dead.

KC:Okay, I understand this. You’re a doctor, Dr. Bill. If we could talk about

how they can prevent this?
BD:Well the first thing they need to think of is, number one, this is just a bug. Like any bug. In fact, it’s probably no more transmissible than the regular flu. TheFirst Line Of Defense KitI put together has theNutridefensewhich blocks the virus that attaches to the cells with a special magnesium salt of ECGC catagens, and it has monolauren that blocks viruses so that they cannot replicate.

TheNutrimmuneboosts the natural killer cells to fight all pathogens. It has the Defense Wipes. It has monolauren and lauric acid and nisin to shift all viruses and all bacterial cell walls, but it is totally biodegradable so it won’t destroy the environment. And we have the NanoMasks; and we have a good supply of those at the moment although it is going quickly.

The reason I mention this is that people can try to get other things. If they can’t get this, they want to get at least a NIOSH N100 mask. If they use things that are antibacterial off the shelf of, say Wal-Mart,they’re not going to workbecause they are not anti-viral. They’re antibacterials and they are fairly mild, likePurell Soap.

You want to prevent a primary infection so something as simple as our silver salt, called Super Silver, is the only one with a U.S. patent. The government and homeland security, for the past four years, have been buying literally container loads of this. And the reason is they know this works because we have tested it in labs in Brazil and overseas, and in the United States. It will kill a high pathogen like Avian flu. We’ve done actual tests in lab animals.

We know it will prevent primary infection, so as simple as a teaspoon three times a day of the SuperSilver will do that. It is the same with our medical grade allicin and our very unique NutriDine. Other things people take, like they say: Well I’m going to take Oregano, or I’m going to… Those will help a little but there is no evidence that they are anywhere near in the class of the things that we’re talking about.

You do not want to get a primary infection. If you get a primary infection with these organisms it’s very, very dangerous because it is one of the higher pathogenic strains. There is no warning before you are going to hit a crisis, say a week or ten days after you get infected.

KC:Okay, my understanding is that colloidal silver is not the same thing as the type of silver you are supposed to be using.
BD:Well, colloidal… Yeah, this is a hundred times stronger.

Colloidal silveris a large particle and different sized particles. The Super Silver is a silver salt so it doesn’t bio-accumulate in the body. It is a uniform particle size which is tuned to a scalar frequency like Tesla to 910 terahertz, so it shatters the bonds of all pathogens. It has a tetra silver oxygen wrap on the molecule so that it actually creates a scalar signal. It has a capacity to penetrate through biofilms so it can kill at a distance. It doesn’t even need to get in direct contact with the pathogens.

So it’s very unique. It has three patents on the technology that no other silver, including OxySilver, Mild Silver Protein, any other silver in the world. Now I had Dr.Gordon Petersonon, he’s work with the Homeland Security on a program called

AeroClave, and they haven’t… I haven’t talked to him in about a month and a half.

I don’t know if they signed a contract but he has actually worked with Homeland Security. AeroClave will clear any international aircraft, like a Boeing 767, in 45 seconds of all pathogens, resistant TB, viruses, bacteria, by putting an aerosol into the aircraft and quickly vacuuming it out of the aircraft. It will kill all pathogens in 45 seconds.

KC:Okay, do they use it?
BD:They can’t. I don’t know if they have. He has already done presentations with them. An independent company that he worked with developed it for the airline industry and the government. This is the only silver that has been tested to do this. No other one. The government has the information; they have the research and we have the tests.

Now if people were to get one thing that’s compact and easy to carry, the one I would recommend is our NutriDine which is diatomic. It’s very unique. It is a formula that was conceived and prophesied by

Edgar Cayce.

So we have the

NutrioDine. It will quell all known pathogens. We have a clinic in India that is using this for the Untouchables that can’t get any healthcare there, and we’re using it to put AIDS into remission and to treat topical and internal cancers. It’ll kill all known pathogens and parasites.

The NutriDine is so powerful that as little as ten drops, three times a day, will kill all known pathogens; taken orally.

KC:Are you familiar with MMS? [ed. note:

Miracle Mineral Supplement]
BD:MMS is a chlorine dioxide and it has been used for many years to kill pathogens. The problem is: any chlorinated molecule will attach to amide groups of amino acids so as well as an antipathogenic it also displaces iodine from the mitochondria so can cause problems with toxicity, so I wouldn’t recommend MMS.

It will clear pathogens, just like antibiotics will. I thinkit’s a very good antipathogenicbut it has toxicity because it’s going to attach to… it’s going to release chlorine. Chlorine will attach to amide groups of amino acids and other molecules. It will formchloraminesand therefore I believe it has toxicity. There is no need for that. The only safehalideisiodinein the body. Any other halide, which includes fluoride, bromide or chloride, or chlorine molecules, have toxicity.

BR:I had the pleasure of

meeting personally withJim Humblea few months ago, and he’s the first to admit that he’s not a microbiologist or a medical doctor. If one was pretty seriously sick, MMS might not be a bad option.
BD:If you can only mix this together and thatis the only thing you have, absolutely,use it. For example, I am shipping at my own expense to some of these other companies, to our missionaries overseas, case lots ofNutrioDine. I’m doing that at my own expense so that they have it. They already have cases. We’re able to cure intracerebral malaria, parasites, worms; we kill everything.

It sterilizes the water. So I would say, yeah, if you have no choice, by all means use MMS, but if you do have a choice… because if you do it for any length of time, you’re likely toaccumulate biotoxins. You know, obviously if you have a choice between life and death use your MMS, but if you have alternatives, you would be best toget the NutriDine first, and then the SuperSilverorAllimed Allicin.

Allimed Allicinis a medical drug administered by doctors in Europe but I have access to sell it here in North America without a prescription. This will kill all pathogens. It’ll kill Lyme disease, viruses, bacteria. We have proof that we can even give it to someone that’s on intravenous antibiotics that’s in the ICU [Intensive Care Unit] and it will save their life. We do that all the time, everyday.

That’s the way I would approach it is that yes, it will save lives but it’s toxic.

BR: OK. That’s very clear, Bill, thank you very much for that.

BD: You’re welcome.

BR: I think a lot of people wouldn’t disagree with you, and I think that it’s one of these things that’s good for the occasional emergency, but prolonged use probably is not the ideal…

BD: Oh yeah. People who take it daily, as a preventive or for a period of months or years, are going to get problems. But it’s the same thing as people drinking water that’s heavily chlorinated or with fluoride. You accumulate fluoride, and it calcifies the choroid plexus and the ventricles and the pineal gland, and it literally shuts down the third eye and astral eye so you can’t see torsional vortex images, and you can’t see transdimensionally.

So in terms of the spirit, it actually cuts off what is called the Cord of Living Waters so all halides, other than iodine, block and attack that part of the brain. It attacks the connection of the pineal gland in the sense of the Cord of Living Waters and the higher dimensional reality of what we are.

Chlorine is toxic. It’s one of the reasons why they push chlorination of water, and fluoridation… [it’s] why they want to push Sulfuryl fluoride. Which, by the way, isn’t only even more toxic but it’s 17,000 times more of a heat reflective when it gets in the upper atmosphere (and it doesn’t degrade) than even carbon dioxide or methane.

BR:My only question now really is: what do you expect to see this summer in North America?
BD:Well, to be honest with you, we could stop this pretty quickly if we decided to take decisive action. If, for example, and I put this list together and we had a number of conferences with the military and other people in the last few weeks through Plains Radio.Carmen Reynoldsis a Colonel in the Army.

The issue is this: If we decided to close the borders immediately; if we decided to screen everybody with a swab to determine if they carry a virus, and track them if they show positive for anInfluenza A virus– which you can do a simple screening test – you may not get a subtype but you’ll see if they are a carrier of the virus. If we were then to make certain that, in areas where there are outbreaks like in Mexico City, we would fly in large heavy-lift aircraft with existing…
Not drugs. We are not talking about


TAMIFLU contains hallucinations, which will hallucinate you, and in some cases some people are so sensitive they actually… It’s like taking PCP or Angel dust. It is a very, very serious bad trip. You don’t want people walking around that are, say military service people, with body flak jackets on and Scott Air Packs under stress taking TAMIFLU and hallucinating.

When you give these drugs like TAMIFLU, already H1N1 worldwide is resistant to it. Amantadine, Ramitidine, and TAMIFLU.

These current strains they are saying are sensitive to it, but in within four days of exposing a population to a continuous virus, you’ll start seeing resistance show up. So in other words, if you use it now, you don’t have something to use on someone who’s dying from a very serious infection. They have got a resistant strain in their body because two weeks or two months ago you gave that population TAMIFLU.

What they should be giving are NutrioDine, Super Silver or Allicin.

If they simply gave, for example, the average person… if they took one of our products that is called

Better Than Greens with Allicin. If they simply took 180 mg of allicin, three times a day, they would probably not get a primary infection.

We have already done a study with ferrets and other animals in Brazil with high pathogenic Avian flu, and we transferred the weight on this – and this is actual studies done last year – that one teaspoon of our Super Silver silver salt for an average 70 kg adult will prevent a primary infection.

We know the same thing with our troops with ourNutriDefense. I put in the NutriDefense something so that if they are exposed to anthrax or spores that you cut out 98 percent chance of the possibility of infection by just taking one NutriDefense per day.98 percent.

So there’s extremely simple things like personal hygiene, travel… If every aircraft had a hepa viral filter; if they cleared every aircraft with the AeroClave system which already exists. There is a company where it’s available right now. The airlines could gear up literally today to put it in place. This would die out in a matter of a week or two and the panic would be over.

If we would fly into countries where there are outbreaks, like Mexico City, and give these antipathogenics and start making sure all airliners in different countries use these technologies, the problem would die out in a month or so. And we would have some deaths, but we would have it under control.

What I’m concerned about is I think their agenda is they want to have enough crisis as a cover for the new financial system which they’re setting up. Because already there’s a contraction of the world economy and 40 percent of the world’s wealth has disappeared. That disappearance is also [inaudible] by the collapsing…

And this is stated – and I hadJoan Veonon my show just a few days ago – that the world financial experts at the

Bank for International Settlementsthat just met in Europe is that the current world economy can only support 5 billion people but there are 6.5 billion plus people on the Earth, which means 1.5 billion are “excess population” based on the finances of our current world economy.

They’ve created

this crisisso that people cannot, with a day’s work, get a day’s food. So third world countries now, with the financial famine; they’re compounding it because there’s climate shift and that

climate shiftis going to get considerably worse.

And this is something I want to say prophetically: starting this next month, May and going through to July–August, there’s going to bea shift in under-oceanic currents in the Southern hemisphere. The first warning was the explosion of Tonga that came through the ocean surface with a 7.9 earthquake several weeks ago.

What’s going to happen isunder-oceanic volcanismis going to change the climate, increase rainfall dramatically in some areas, in other areas there will be major floods and in other areas there will be increased and more serious drought. This, by just climate shift, will cause more food shortages. Crops will be flooded out because of the change in world air currents.

A normal climate will be out the window.

So when you combine that with a pandemic… and the

Baltic Dry Indexnow for shipment of manufactured goods as well as food is at its lowest since the second world war. We have a situation where they’re purposely compounding it and there could be a very simple solution. So we need to get these solutions through to

The Powers That Beto say: this could be stopped tomorrow.

We could solve the world’s financial problems by correcting and making the

Glass-Steagall Act.

Like, for example, the country of Canada was much more responsible. They didn’t allow the banking industry to turn it into a casino. We could make sure that we bring food into the third world countries because when you have starvation it increases the weakened immune system to make viruses more aggressive.

So if thisvirus gets into a population that is starving, it’s going to be transformed into a more aggressive deadly virus for us as well.

And we need to stabilize the world banking system without taking away the sovereignty of nations or transferring power to a bunch of international bankers that are not elected. Soeverything we’re doing right now is actually leading us toward more chaosrather than order and it could be stopped tomorrow, including stopping this from turning into a true worldwide pandemic where millions or even billions could die, stabilizing our financial situation, and then dealing with the food supply by starting to gear-up food production and supporting it so that there is no farmers or businesses going out of business.

And we have the proper stabilization of our economy so the bubble economy, the illegal debt instruments that they have been circulating, we don’t poor trillions more into the banks that are doing this. We put them into the debt restructuring as

Lyndon LaRouchehas said, and we get rid of these debt instruments. We put a moratorium on foreclosures of businesses and homes, we stabilize the food supplies of the third world so that they are not priced out of the staples that keep them alive, and we maintain control of international travel so that we don’t allow this pandemic to shut down the world economy.

The chances that it could shut it down, if we have a major high pathogenic death rate, is incredibly likely by this fall if we don’t do these measures now.

KC: Dr. Bill, thank you for that; that’s quite an overview. I have a couple of questions I want to ask you and we can discuss whether or not you want to go off the record with the answers or not.

BD: Sure.

KC:First of all, I’ve had some conversations withCliff High, you know who he is?
BD:Yes, Cliff High. I think he is with theWeb-Bot [project]or with

Half Past Human. That’s Half Past Human, isn’t it?

KC: Yes, Half Past Human.

BD: Yes.

KC: And, he has said… You know, he actually has quite a bit of animosity toward you, and he has said that he thinks that you get a lot of your information from him.

BD: No, I don’t.

KC: And I find that hard to believe myself, but I wanted to give you a chance to respond to that here if you want.

BD: I only had one conversation with Cliff and I talked to him once; called him and just: Hey, I’ve heard you on Jeff Rense’s program. You said some pretty remarkable things that match up with what I say. And I want to share with him not only my first hand information, like this information I had from the World Health Organization and other sources that are, if you want to call it “classified” or the fact that I work with the government, and also the intuitive side.

And he was a little upset about that. He said: I don’t want to talk to you about it. And I said: Okay, that’s fine.

And that’s my only conversation; he seemed very upset about that. And, I don’t subscribe to Half Past Human. The only information I’ve had is the occasional time I’ve been able to listen to him on Coast-to-Coast radio or Jeff Rense. That’s it. So, if there’s something…

KC: Okay, well he has told us that actually you had a doctor or somebody giving you that information.

BD: No, I don’t.

KC: Okay.

BD: No I don’t.

KC: It’s very strange that when he…

BD: Now, why would he say that?

KC:I don’t know. I actually don’t know.
BD:Why would he say that? That’s kind of strange. Here’s the fact, okay? What he’s doing basically is mining information from the global subconscious. In a sense what he’s doing is; it’s in a sense, almost like a… the best way to describe it would be a syntactical and emotive language global subconscious Ouija board. I guess that would be the best way. And he can pull up some information.

There’s a bow shockwave of reality that bounces back toward the consciousness so that, in a subconscious way, people know. For example, people have precognition that there may be an accident or a relative that is sick or dying. So he’s just pulling that information out. There’s many intuitives, whether it’s people like my friendJohn Boncore, who is a Mohawk prophet.

There’s people in all kinds of intuitives and psychics, and people that use

remote viewingthat can see events coming. But as I tell people, they’re not solids; they’re liquids. They’re not yet frozen. There’s a degree of choice and timeline which is why I’m doing this presentation right now.

We, as a global consciousness, get to choose which of those timelines. And my job is to act like the guy at the side of the road where there is a branch in the road and there are no road signs. So you ask the guide at the side of the road: Which road should I go down with my little cart?

And I’ll say: Well, you don’t want to go down this road here because it leads into the bottom of a valley where there’s a jungle and there’s alligators and wild animals. But over here, ten miles down the road, there’s a community of nice people. They’ll feed you, they’ll will give you good shelter, etcetera.

That’s what my job is to do. Now, so when I contacted him I’m not sure why he got so upset about this. It completely boggled me because I thought: Well, this is really good. We’re having people from various different… how can I say, mining the information whether they are psychics or intuitives, or they are doing something like this, which is looking for a language that’s embedded into the internet and using these web-bots to be able to go search for it. So, I thought it was a good thing. I was really surprised at his response.

KC: He believes you are an agent.

BD: An agent of what?

KC: That you work for the government?

BD: Oh, come on! That’s so ridiculous.

KC: Okay. Now, you’ve worked for the government in the past though?

BD: No, I was a civilian doctor. I was an occupational doctor.

KC: But in black projects?

BD: No-no. Let me explain here. Yeah, right. Those kind of accusations you hear all the time. It’s ridiculous. Do they realize the danger – the physical danger, the career danger – that I’ve gone through in order to tell people the truth? They have no idea. I’m like a William Wallace, okay?

When I worked in occupational medicine back in the early ’80s, they made a decision in the government that they no longer wanted to have a lot of jobs done by people inside the military. Because they either didn’t have the expertise, they wanted to hire a company and if they weren’t satisfied with the work that was done by that company (i.e., medical or contract for specific things), so they started contracting out; especially during the era of Bill Clinton.

So what they did, is they contracted for me.

And my first major job for C-Com: to contract C-Com to handle Fort Carson, NORAD, Falcon Air Force Base, U.S. Space Strategic Command, the GPS Military-Grade system, and Directed Energy Weapons.

The reason why I was their doctor was simply because I was their doctor. I took care of people that worked in these things; worked around these toxic things, worked around rocket labs, and I was their

physician. They were not permitted, most of these people, to even talk to their colleagues who were in the next room, let alone the next building. But they would talk to their doctor.

And the only difference was with me, is that because I have a technical background in nuclear physics, advanced computing, electronics, biotechnology; they would share with me. And after a while, because I’m a talker, they were more interested in what I would have to say about the bigger picture about what was going on at their facility, and they were more interested in telling me their little piece – that’s very, very compartmentalized – than what I would tell them.

KC: Yes, I’ve heard you say that.

BD: So that’s the reason why I have…

KC:I understand that, but I’m just trying to run these things by you so that you understand what you’re up against out there. There seems to be…
BD:I have people who have written books as long as ten years ago when I spoke at theProphecy Club, that literally – I can’t believe this – but literally have written a book thatI’m the antichrist.I mean, how foolish! [Kerry laughs] I mean, every day I put my personal life, my career, everything on the line to be the whistleblower for…

In fact, I just did an audio for tenth anniversary of Columbine. I was the examiner for the Englewood Fire Department and the first young man shot in Columbine outside the restaurant there, Mark Taylor. I was the exit examiner for the5 Special Op Teamof the Oklahoma City Memorial Building. I have been trying to do radial toxicology testing on the World Trade Center debris, and I’m writing the position paper which I’m going to present at We Are Change, New York City, on the eighth anniversary of


I’ve been told by my radial toxicology colleagues, because I have advanced training in radial chemistry, that if I order the tests the Department of Defense and the FBI will arrest me immediately for requesting the tests of debris which I have from the World Trade Center. Further proving that they not only

used Thermiteand other high explosives, butthey used nuclear bombsin the buildings, okay?

KC: Okay, you know…

BD: People need to realize that I am a whistleblower central. That’s why my Genesis [Communication Network radio show]… The number one reason, number one, that I did this is: twelve years ago, when I spoke at Human Life International in Zurich on the super-soldier program, which they tried to recruit me to in 1978 at UCLA VA/Wadsworth Hospital and I turned them down, is because I have the documents and the proof that they were trying to create a pandemic flu to bring the world, and literally we are going to enter the new world order with a mask. This is their plan. I had the documents 12 years ago.

So four years ago when I started my show it was to warn the people and tell them to get ready because this could be stopped very easily. We can decide for a future where millions do not need to die, and the economy does not need to shut down, and we don’t need to have chaos in our cities.

KC: Okay. You know I appreciate everything that you’ve said and I was just trying to give you a chance to respond publicly to all of that, and if you’re willing, we’ll go ahead and release this part of this.

BD: Yes. Now here’s the thing that is important, okay?

KC: Yes.

BD: People need two things: They need to use their intellect… to study. And me, I tell them: Don’t believe, just read. Okay? Read the stuff that is in the open media before they hear me or anything that’s here on Project Camelot. And then they need to be very quiet and very humble, and need to pray and say: Now was what Deagle saying true? Or what Half Past Human is saying true, or any other person that’s an intuitive or psychic or a remote viewer or whatever.

Then they need to follow through with action. Because in my heart I don’t want our society to shut down. I don’t want people to die. I don’t want our culture to become a matrix. I don’t want horror to happen.

We have a timeline where we are getting closer and closer to where some of these issues become more inevitable if we don’t change our trajectory, if we don’t change the way we make choices, not just personally. And we have to stop this backbiting, this foolishness; and there’s a degree of jealousy, too. I mean, to be honest with you, I’m a messianic believer, okay? I’m for all religions that firstly have spirituality and a connection with the Creator God and the Universe. All, okay?

But I want people to understand there is no room in our modern world, whether it’s Half Past Human or any of the “Christian, Jewish, or other churches” for a real prophet, and that’s what I’m called to speak as. There’s no room.

And I can tell you that. They do not want someone to come in and tell them that I was supernaturally given a command to go to Zurich, Switzerland and receive these documents which I didn’t expect to receive. And then to have a number of events happen so I would be the number one whistleblower that the flu pandemic was coming.

Even inside the truth movement, I’ve received so much persecution from even other truthers who believe 9/11 was an inside job. You would not believe it, okay? But I’m willing to do the right thing because I have the truth and I have a concern and care for people.

BD:They need to see my heart. And if they are jealous of that, get over it. I’m not here to play games or egos; I’m here to serve my Creator God and save my fellow mankind and all living things on this earth from a horrible end. And that’s where we are going.

We have to wake up and stop this pandemic, stop the economic meltdown,

stop the State of Israelwhich is planning with our help to make a northern attack of nuclear sites and 1250 targets inside Iran. We already have a dialogue going on. We need to pray, for example, for PresidentObamathat he

will not serve his globalist mastersbut he will do the right thing so we can stop Israel.

If any of these one things happen, it’s a perfect storm from hell. We are going to face a future that is going to be so noxious, so dangerous – people can’t imagine what we are facing – but we can turn away from it. We do not need to go there.

KC: Thank you, Bill. That’s very, very, very succinct. I would like to ask you, regarding the Israel situation, you say they have targets within Iran. When are you saying that they are planning to attack Iran?

BD: I don’t have a prophetic word but I can tell you from my military, and also classified sources as well, the Israelis are going to do a full nationwide war game in June. They’re also, this year (without a month designated), doing a U.S. Space Command Anti-Missile Star Wars Weapon Simulation with the United States and Israel. They do now have TAD, which is Theater Air Defense. It‘s an advanced Anti-Weapons System, along with the scalar plasma weapon and the chemical laser systems, able to knock out missiles that are coming into Israel. The problem is…

KC: You’re saying they are going to do an exercise. When, exactly?

BD: They’re doing an exercise in June (2009). That’s next month.

KC: And that’s within Israel or with the U.S. and Israel?

BD: Within Israel. Now, there is another game going on with space command that is supposed to be sometime this year and I don’t know what month yet, because my sources can’t tell me. But, the one in Israel is June.

KC:Okay. Within these games sometimes, as what happened with 9/11,the game becomes a cover for some actual operation that takes place.BD:Exactly. So it could occur in June during this game. The reason we look for it is that in order to do a modern advanced war you need what’s called air based intelligence, etcetera, which is why they do supercomputers. They’ve gotSpace Based GPS. They have to have all their material in place, so it’s very, very likely that the attack will occur in June during this war game. If it doesn’t it’s going to happen from that point to probably the early fall.

If we permit them to do it, the Strait of Hormuz and I was told this supernaturally 20 years ago – the Strait of Hormuz will be cut off. All the oil which goes to… about 80 percent of it goes to Asian countries. Indonesia, China, South Korea will loose their major supply of oil and the world economy will collapse. The disarray will cause the starvation of a billion people.

This we can avoid if we prevent Israel from making an attack. There is no need; as the dialogue is already started between Obama and Ahmadinejad, who is now going to the elections in the next few weeks. Ahmadinejad is now talking, which is a miracle. If we do not move toward peace, the war that we are going to see is not just going to take out people downwind of the

Bushehr reactor, which is 62 tons of Uranium 35, but there is 1250 targets they are going to hit with nuclear weapons including neutron bombs, bunker busters, and these new advanced, what’s called plasma warheads, okay?

If they do this, I cannot say that we will not have an exchange of other weapons. And almost certainly, and this is from actual sources, there are sleeper agents inside the United States, Canada and Western world in Britain, that have third generation bioweapons developed by Russian scientists for the past 18 years since Glasnost and Perestroika. When these scientists were starving, theSyriansandIranianshired them, and they have the most advanced biological weapons in history. They will make even the so-called hybrid flu look like it is nothing.

So the point is that we can turn back, but we need to hear. The reason I speak now as a prophet is to tell them: Turn back now because there is the way of light and safety and peace and theCoat of Many Colors of Joseph, who is my Father, okay? Because I’m of the tribe of Ephraim, or Joseph.

KC: Okay, yes. I appreciate that. You have to understand that we get people… I mean, to call yourself a prophet, this is not unusual. There are many, many, many people out there right now considering themselves the same way you consider yourself.

BD: I know. I hear about it all the time. It’s really… it’s disturbing. Anybody who wants to be a prophet is… how can I say, it’s a job no one wants to apply for. If you do, it’s because you are imbalanced. I do not want to do this job. I tried to escape it many times. Believe me, I have been swallowed in the belly of the whale.

KC: Okay, well…

BD: I’ve been put in the place of these things. If you want to do it, it’s like cleaning a latrine while it’s still being used and you are under it, okay?

KC: Well, Bill, you know Project Camelot could be put in that same category. We’re actually… All of the people that are trying to warn the masses, if you will, as to what’s really going on could be classified as prophets. It’s better if we stay out of the sort of evangelical perspective of ourselves and kind of, you know…

BD: There’s something I need to clarify. There’s many people that receive a prophetic word, have an intuitive knowledge, have a technology that they use…

BD:…just like there’s “prophets” that are coming out of the

Hopi Indiantribe and others. But there’s those who “don’t just operate and receive the prophetic word” now and then, but operate in the office of the prophet. I have to say this repeatedly so people understand it: the reason why I’ve been in all these places is because they needed trust.

There’s lots of things I don’t know, okay? There are lots of areas I’m not an expert in. But when I speak in an area like this flu or these wars or other things, I’m speaking inthe office of a prophet. Someone who has the authority and right to say it. And you need to understand we have a choice now.

KC: I appreciate that. We are going to try to wrap this up right here now. Bill Deagle has to go as well. So I wanted to thank you, Dr. Bill Deagle for your willingness to confront and to be open and talk about issues that are sometimes antagonistic to yourself. That’s a wonderful trait that you have and I just want to honor you for that.

BD: Yes, in fact, we actually had a reconciliation; with Donna and Mark Taylor. I actually spoke with them through a live audio connection at the tenth anniversary of Columbine. That negativity, by the way, arose because they had an offer from a movie company to take the script, which we had been working on for over a year, into a big movie.

We didn’t agree on the modus by which it was going to happen. They had been offered a lot of money and we didn’t want it to be degraded. We wanted the truth to be brought out rather than to have it spawn into something else. And that’s all reconciled. So, out of my discussion with you on that…

KC: Okay, well, thank you for that.

BD: …so I can thank Project Camelot. Now I want to say one thing. There’s a chorus – it’s not just myself – there’s a chorus of people who truly are called to speak prophetically that need to rise up and say the truth, after being very humble and making sure they don’t have a personal agenda, that we need to turn back from this.

We have people like I’m going to have on the program shortly,John Boncore, who’s a Mohawk prophet. He was prophesized hundreds of years ago by his own people.

There’s Hopi prophets, there’s jewish prophets, there’s christian, there‘s a list. There’s people all over the world that are, literally I callThe Coat of Many Colors. Every skin color, every nation, every religion who are starting to know it’s a time of decision for mankind. We need to turn back now or we’re going to face a whole confluence of super storms of economic, climate shift, biological warfare, and evil.

For example, there’s very good evidence from

Len Horowitz, and I believe he is correct, that theWorld Health Organization, theCDCandNovavaxare behind this latest release of this weaponized plague that’s been released in Mexico City.

The globalists have published in their documents that they want to

reduce the world population. We do not need to go there.

We can have an alternative future where mankind is safe. Where people have true human rights. Where people have the right to grow and to believe and to have safety and healthcare and food and not be exposed to toxic poisons or electromagnetic radiation and have some degree of autonomy.

But we are heading toward a world where autonomy is going to be a thing of the past, where mass starvation and violence are going to rule, and I don’t want to see us go there.

But we need to turn back nowbecause we have a matter of months, not years left, to make that turn.

KC:Okay, thank you, Bill. Bill Ryan, is there anything you want to say before we end this here?
BR:I just want to say thank you very much Bill. There’s total consistency with everything you’re saying now and everything that a lot of people have heard or watched you say in your 2006 Granada Forum lecture. We have a team of transcribers who are transcribing that, and that’s nearly finished now, and we are going to make that available to you as soon as we can for publication on your site and everywhere, so the whole thing’s Google searchable; translatable. We want to get this information out there and support you fully in everything you’re doing.
BD:Well, I want to pray for people and for you, too – both you, Kerry, and Bill – for the wonderful work you’re doing to try to get people to realize that we are co-creators of our own future. We’re not a victim of the future; we are the co-creator, but we also have to take our scepter. We have to also realize that if someone dies in a third world country that’s an untouchable in India, or someone in Mexico City that’s living on a garbage heap dies, we die. Some portion of us dies too.

If we allow the use of

depleted uranium weaponsto kill little girls in the Gaza City by Israeli troops, or we allow nuclear weapons to drop on the Bushehr reactor and downwind millions die from radiation poisoning, we die too. If we can feel that connectedness in spirit, as a cell in the body of mankind, we would repent and we’d turn back from that.

KC: Okay thank you. Very well put. All right, I’m going to close this down then. Thank you very much, Dr. Bill Deagle.

BD: Thank you Kerry, I really appreciate it. Thank you Bill Ryan and God bless everyone. Now’s the time to have a backbone to stand up for the truth and to pray and to be humble and call on our creator to stand us up on our feet so that we can tell the truth to others that we have to turn back from war, from pestilence, and from economic greed and the idea that we need to reduce the world population with lies like a carbon tax…

KC: Absolutely.

BD: …and all these other evils.

KC: All right thank you very much.

BD: Take care.

KC: Bye.

BD: Bye-bye.

BR: Thank you, Dr. Bill.

BD: You’re welcome. Bye.

Obama warns Israel not to surprise him by attacking Iran in today’s news article. If you listened to our recent audio interview with Dr. Bill Deagle (above report, audio file at 43:56) you will see he was right on when he warned us of this possible event … Project Camelot

Obama Warns Netanyahu – Don’t Surprise Me With Iran Strike
by Aluf Benn and Natasha Mozgovaya

Haaretz Correspondents

14 May 2009

from Haaretz Website

U.S. President Barack Obama has sent a message to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu demanding that Israel not surprise the U.S. with an Israeli military operation against Iran.

The message was conveyed by a senior American official who met in Israel with Netanyahu, ministers and other senior officials. Earlier, Netanyahu’s envoy visited Washington and met with National Security Adviser James Jones and with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and discussed the dialogue Obama has initiated with Tehran.

The message from the American envoy to the prime minister reveals U.S. concern that Israel could lose patience and act against Iran. It is important to the Americans that they not be caught off guard and find themselves facing facts on the ground at the last minute.

Obama did not wait for his White House meeting with Netanyahu, scheduled for next Monday, to deliver his message, but rather sent it ahead of time with his envoy.

It may be assumed that Obama is disturbed by the positions Netanyahu expressed before his election vis-a-vis Tehran – for example, Netanyahu’s statement that

“If elected I pledge that Iran will not attain nuclear arms, and that includes whatever is necessary for this statement to be carried out.”

After taking office, on Holocaust Memorial Day Netanyahu said:

“We will not allow’Holocaust-deniers‘to carry out another holocaust.”

Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak do not oppose American dialogue with Tehran, but they believe it should be conducted within a limited window of time, making it clear to Iran that if it does not stop its nuclear program, severe sanctions will be imposed and other alternatives will be considered.

The American concern that Israel will attack Iran came up as early as last year, while president George W. Bush was still in office.

As first reported in Haaretz, former prime minister Ehud Olmert and Barak made a number of requests from Bush during the latter’s visit to Jerusalem, which were interpreted as preparations for an aerial attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

State Department Spokesman Ian Kelly did not directly address the question of the U.S.’s official stance on an Israeli attack, but said Thursday that,

“we believe that the multilateral track with Iran is the right way to go.”

“Our goal is to make them abandon their nuclear program in a verifiable way, and we will continue with this track. We decided that we want to let Iran get back to the table, to engage them, because the previous approach of isolating Iran didn’t work. But we don’t have a clear timetable,” he said.

Following the Bush visit to Jerusalem, about a year ago the previous administration sent two senior envoys, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Adm. Mike Mullen, and the former U.S. national intelligence chief Mike McConnell to demand that Israel not attack Iran.

The previous administration also gave the message greater weight through Mullen’s public statement that an Israeli attack on Iran would endanger the entire region.

Since that statement, Mullen has met a number of times with his Israeli counterpart, Israel Defense Forces Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi.

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