The International Council on Missing Children- RIP Robert David Steele

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by Brian Shilhavy

December 31, 2018
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The International Tribunal for Natural Justice

 the Judicial Commission of Inquiry

into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse

 International Tribunal

Exposes Pedophilia Problem.

Victims Testify of

Child Sex Trafficking

and Satanic Ritual Abuse…

800,000 children a year in the United States go missing, many of them being sexually trafficked through pedophilia networks where the children suffer unimaginable horrors such as Satanic ritual abuse.

This number is comprised of documented cases of children gone missing, and does not include children who are born and bred into pedophilia networks and have no birth certificates, or undocumented immigrant children who come across the borders.

Worldwide, the number is close to 8 million children missing and being sexually trafficked.

Such is the scope of the problem that was reported earlier this year (2018) in Westminster, London by The International Tribunal for Natural Justice (ITNJ), as the court convened over a 3-day period to launch their Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse.

International Tribunal for

Natural Justice Commissioners

The Judicial Commission is comprised of world leaders who have been involved in fighting child sex trafficking for years, and includes intelligence officers, politicians, legal scholars, and many others. (Website:

The International Tribunal was formed because most of the world’s government bodies today have been corrupted and no longer represent the people, but instead serve the interest of private corporations, and as such, justice is seldom found in most government judicial courts around the world today to stop such a heinous crime as child sex trafficking.

In fact, the child sex trafficking network today is actually facilitated by the rich and powerful, whose influence reaches into the political and judicial branches of society.

From the INTJ report (Commemorative Issue – The Westminster Seatings 2018):

The ITNJ initiative has arisen as a response to the disregard for the rule of law exhibited by (alleged) public officials, corporate directors, and ‘world leaders’ who have deliberately privatized and weaponized the governments of the world against their own people.

It is the culmination of years of endeavor and research on the part of many people from a diverse set of backgrounds dedicated to safeguarding a viable future for human kind. It is recognized that we the people must take responsibility in holding government to account when it violates basic human rights and natural law.

Today we know conclusively that many of these activities are being facilitated by politically and financially powerful individuals, government, and corporate organizations who perennially avoid being brought to account for their actions due to their affluence and influence.

Included in the court proceedings of the first Judicial Commission of the Tribunal were powerful testimonies from victims who suffered unimaginable horrors as children being sexually abused and trafficked through this powerful world-wide pedophilia network that sexually trafficks children, a human trafficking network that brings in more revenue than the trafficking of weapons and drugs.

During the opening Plenary Session, Chief Counsel Robert David Steele, a former CIA officer, gave perhaps the best summary of the purpose of Tribunal’s Judicial Commission, which has been condensed into a 15 minute video:

A partial transcript:

As a parent and as a patriot I have been outraged for some time by the clear and present danger to society of pedopredation (pedophilia or paedophilia).

I recognize now that child torture, child murder, and child organ harvesting is an ‘accepted’ practice at,

  • the highest levels of government
  • the NGO
  • the multinational corporate sector,

…as well as throughout academic institutions and civil society.

This scourge persists because it is allowed to exist by the complicit authorities.

As a former spy and pioneer forOpen Source Intelligence(

OSINT) I have worked with INTERPOL, EUROPOL, Scotland Yard, the FBI, and the national intelligence and law enforcement services or their representatives from over 66 countries.

What I have found, without exception, is that they are all staffed by good people trapped in bad systems – systems that are not allowed to properly address this scourge – the multi-generational crime against humanity known as pedophilia.

Pedophilia – a ‘love for children’ – is not an accurate term. There is no love for children manifest in any aspect of child slavery, sexual abuse, torture, murder, or body harvesting.

For this reason the inaugural seating of the Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking & Child Sex Abuse, at the behest of ITNJ CommissionerCarine Hutsebaut(a criminologist and psychotherapist) the term ‘Pedopredation,’ has been designated as a more appropriate term, along with the term ‘pedosexual,’ for that considerable sub-set abuses of children outside the Satanic ritual network.

It is vital to note that many organizations that started out with the best of intentions – from the Boy Scouts to the day care centers to

United Nationsassistance and development groups to Oxfam as the most recent example – appear to have been infiltrated by pedopredators.

By virtue of being in daily contact with the most vulnerable members of society, our children, many of the mandated organizations have, over time, attracted numerous pedopredators to their ranks, and been compromised by their lack of proper vetting processes, as well as also turning a deliberate blind eye to the transgressions of staff.

This need not be so if governments were honest and counterintelligence were to be exercised. It appears to be a matter of policy at the highest levels of global leadership to turn a blind eye to pedopredation and pedosexuality.

It appears that pedopredation – including the attendant torture and murder of infants to produce

adrenalized bloodvia ritual Satanic abuse – is in some cases considered an elite ‘privilege’ whereupon these echelons are permitted to practice such perversity with impunity.

There are two additional causes for alarm.

– First, there appears to be a deliberate campaign

by the eliteto infect local, state (province) and national police, prosecutors, and judges – from Australia to Zimbabwe – with a ‘taste’ for pedosexuality.

It is used as both aninitiationrite into

the Deep State and Shadow Government, and as a basis for blackmail.

Worse, we are now seeing two terrible trends:

  • one toward abusing and murdering children before they learn to speak (they cannot bear witness)
  • the other, perhaps brought back by U.S. forces from Afghanistan, the combination of war dogs and toddlers in a devastating combination of child rape and bestiality – dogs raping children for videos to be sold

Add to this the growing market in fetuses, the most prized being those delivered on the floor as part of a Satanic ritual, and one has an inkling of the greatest evil on the planet.

– Second, it has become clear from our early inquiries with ample documentation, that both the family courts and the insolvency courts are being used to strip children from families to convert the children into a commodity that can be sold for cash, and are also being used to strip assets from wealthy individuals who are not part of the Deep State network.

Governments are complicit in child and asset stripping, which would not occur if registrars, lawyers (barristers), and judges were held accountable.

False claims and documents abound, and in their tolerated existence, challenge the legitimacy of the government.

ENOUGH! The purpose of the Commission is to do what has not been done before:

  • to document the actual totality of missing children each year (preliminary estimates yet to be documented are eight million a year, or 22,000 a day)
  • to document what happens to these children once they are ingested into the local to global pedopredation network of networks

The average lifespan of a child once in the pedopredation (pedophilia or paedophilia) system is estimated by some to be two years – those being groomed for ‘leadership’ roles that perpetuate pedosexuality at all levels live much longer.

Tribunal Censored by the Corporate “Mainstream” Media

Public Largely Unaware of the Child Sex Trafficking Problem
David Seaman

David Seaman is the journalist who wrote about “Pizzagate”

exposing child trafficking from the leaked Podesta emails,

and was subsequently fired by the Huffington Post.

Testimony here.

The first meeting of the Judicial Commission happened in Westminster, London on April 16-18th 2018.

Health Impact News stumbled upon the ITNJ website when investigative reporter John P. Thomas was researching material for his series of articles on pedophilia in the Roman Catholic Church.

Even though this event happened many months ago, it apparently has not been reported on in the corporate “mainstream” media, as is to be expected, but the event apparently is not well-known to the alternative media either.

The work of the Tribunal and the Judicial Commission continues here at the end of 2018, and it is our hope that our readership and others in the alternative media will share this information far and wide exposing what is the most evil enterprise in the world today.

Chief Counsel Robert David Steele states that the Tribunal and Judicial Commission’s purpose is to educate the public, not to try or convict criminals (see video above):

This is a court of inquiry. It’s not an adversarial court, it’s a non-profit educational event.

One of the most wonderful things that this court could achieve, now that we have had “

pizzagate,” for example, which opened people’s minds, is we could achieve an opening of the public’s mind.

Governments are letting us all down. And I absolutely agree with the Commissioner who brings forward the need to the sovereignty of “we the people.”

Because governments have become not only bureaucratized, but they are now the servants of the deep state, of the banks.

And while we are not a law enforcement commission, we can in fact turn information over to law enforcement.

The center of gravity for taking down the deep state, pedophilia is both the induction glue, pedophilia is how the deep state recruits and controls people.

It is also theAchilles heelof the deep state.

I believe that once the public realizes that the government is not protecting their children, at a scale of vulnerability that we can articulate, then everything else about the government is called into question.

So for me this is a truly righteous endeavor.

I will end by saying that as much good as it might do to get the British angry, for me the center of gravity for change is the American public.

Because if you can get the American public angry, we will stop supporting dictators overseas, and we will close all of our military bases overseas.

I am on record as a former CIA operations officer saying that our thousand bases overseas are not there for national defense, they’re there to serve as lily pads for the smuggling of,

  • guns
  • gold
  • cash
  • drugs
  • small children…

Exposing Police Involvement and Cover-up of…

Child Sex Trafficking

One of the most revealing and compelling testimonies given to the Commission was from former Scotland Yard Police detective Jon Wedger who specialized in child abuse investigations.

As a CID officer he discovered child sex trafficking networks reaching to highest levels of the police department, local government, and even the BBC, which led to an independent Police Complaints Commission delving into the depths of police involvement.

Attempts to silence him failed, even after he was threatened by his superiors that he would lose his job, his children, and his home if he did not shut up.

When asked by Chief Counsel Robert David Steele why he hadn’t been killed, he replied:

Jesus loves me. Hopefully I’ve got a few more years. I’ve got a job to do.

One of my saving graces, and it didn’t meant to happen… I actually did an interview with the UK column with a man called Brian Garish and he said it was too hot to handle and put it out online, and I thought,

“Oh my God, what’s he done.”

But it actually saved me.

So the alternative media really did help me.

Watch the entire testimony in the video above.

Victim Testimonies

Ronald Bernard

One of the most amazing victim testimonies given at the Judicial Commission was that of former Dutch BankerRonald Bernard, who suffered through horrible sexual abuse as a child, and then became an abuser himself while working his way up into the elite sections of

the global banking industry.

Bernard claims that there are about 8000 to 8500 leaders in the banking industry that control most of the affairs of this world. He was on his way to becoming one of them, until they asked him to sacrifice a live baby.

His testimony, like other survivor testimonies, will disturb you.

When I searched other information regarding Bernard, I found news reports stating he had been killed in Florida for exposing some of the inner workings of the secret society calledthe “Illuminati.”

Yet here he is in 2018 giving testimony at the Tribunal’s Judicial Commission, no doubt at great risk to his life in bringing this information to the public.

Watch the video above.

Jay Parker

Jay Parker grew up in a multi-generational family involved in the Illuminati secret society, dating back to the 1700s.

As a child he was a victim of Satanic ritual abuse. His mother taught him that 12% of America is generational satanic.

When my mother in 63 told me that 12% of America is generational satanic, I really found it hard to believe.

We went to regular church, and then of course in the afternoon we went to Church of the Marquee of Hell.

But when you have a society where 800,000 children are disappearing a year, like here in America, and its not even in the media, its not discussed at all except among people who are researching the child trafficking and the horrific abuse that’s going on from these dark occult…

Can I say that we are in an insane position here?

I mean, this is insanity. 17 and a half million people dying

of cancer because the cure is bannedby the corruption of the

pharmaceutical companies controlling the governments.

This is genocide, and yet we’re putting up with it.

His expertise today is in healing modalities, and overcoming what he describes as the Satanic brainwashing that happens during the first six years of life.

As an insider growing up in

the Illuminati, he has much information to share about mind control and how the elite in the Illuminati control culture through the media, academia, the entertainment industry, etc.

He claims that this control over people’s minds is what allows 800,000 children to go missing each year in the U.S. and no one even bothers to question this.

However, Parker believes people are beginning to wake up to the truth.

Watch the video above.

Kristy Allen

The video ofKristy Allen‘s testimony is probably the most-viewed video from the Westminster hearings.

Kristy was a victim of Satanic ritual sexual abuse as a child. But for much of her life, she did not remember it.

Her father was a member of the Mormon Church, and was recruited by the military. He himself was reportedly a victim of child abuse as well.

Kristy reveals how their family was affected by mind control through the

MK Ultra program, which prevented her from remembering anything about the sexual abuse for years.

She and her siblings were allegedly chosen for covert military operations as children.

Kristy eventually began to remember some of her childhood memories where she was continually raped and abused, and is in the process of healing.

Watch her testimony in the video above.

Why is ‘Health Impact News’ publishing this Information?

I started Health Impact News in 2011 to share with the public truths I was learning about health that are routinely censored in the corporate-sponsored “mainstream” media.

My own spiritual awakening to the truth began in 1979 when I committed my life to Jesus Christ, and can be read here.

In 1998 my family and I moved to the Philippines for several years, and it was there that I researched the truth about fats and oils, seeing first-hand how healthy the older generation of Filipinos in the rural areas were when consuming such large amounts of saturated fat through coconut oil, which was virtually banned in the U.S. due to the Government’s nutritional policies which condemned (and still do!) saturated fats.

I quickly learned that powerful corporate forces controlled nutritional policies to promote the sale of certain foods and drugs worldwide where the U.S. dominated the world market.

As I began to publish the truth about coconut oil and how healthy it was, while at the same time starting to export a natural form of virgin coconut oil to the U.S. produced by traditional methods, the public began to wake up to the truth about the health benefits of coconut oil and the lies being published about saturated fats in general.

I was utilizing the power of the Internet, taking the truth directly to the public.

Little did I know at that time that I was bumping into a mutli-billion dollar drug industry selling cholesterol-lowering statin drugs that depended on this false nutritional philosophy that condemned saturated fats.

The FDA came after us for selling “unapproved drugs” as we were making health claims for coconut oil, publishing peer-reviewed studies and customer testimonials.

We spent considerable resources on legal advice to learn how to market our products without violating FDA laws, which necessitated that we keep all of the information about the health benefits of coconut oil and any other natural, non-patentable product we were selling, off of the websites where those products were sold.

This was the genesis of Health Impact News, which originally started out at where we publish the truth about coconut oil.

I began to publish much about the pharmaceutical industry and its collusion with the U.S. government, particularly on the vaccine topics, which today are our most-read topics, particularly the HPV Gardasil vaccine and the scandals surrounding it.

In 2014, we started, documenting how the government routinely takes children away from good homes and good parents for reasons other than true child abuse, and effectively trafficks those children through the current foster care system where the majority of them are abused and heavily drugged while under state care.

What we learned at the end of 2014 and into 2015 truly shocked us, and destroyed much of my belief in the concepts of freedom and liberty in the United States.

I still believe that the Constitution of the United States is perhaps one of the greatest documents ever written in the history of mankind, but the values of human rights that it represents are routinely ignored or violated every day across this country – and maybe always have been.

We began to investigate why so many children were being taken out of homes and put into foster care, and have documented those reasons at, along with scores of stories of terrible injustices done to children and parents.

One of the reasons that we knew was behind children being taken away from good parents, was the child sex-trafficking problem and the growing problem of pedophilia. (Read our stories on that subject here.)

Earlier this year as many U.S. State Attorney General offices began issuing indictments against pedophile Catholic priests and leaders in the Catholic church abusing children, we decided to give more exposure to this problem.

It was during this research that we came across The International Tribunal for Natural Justice and their Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse in London earlier this year.

If this topic disturbs you, good! It should.

The ITNJ has done the world a great service in exposing this, and we encourage you to share this information with as many people as you can.

Because the first step in solving this horrific problem of child sex abuse trafficking and ritualistic murders is acknowledging that this problem actually exists, and that the truth will NOT be found in the corporate-sponsored “mainstream” media.

800,000 children in U.S. go missing each year, and 8 million worldwide…!

Now that you know the truth, you are either,

  • part of the problem in allowing it to continue
  • or you are part of the solution in exposing this to everyone you can,

…and risking the scorn you will have to endure as a “conspiracy theorist,” “idiot,” or whatever other name the brainwashed masses will call you for exposing this truth…


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