The End Game – Parts 4 and 5

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by Goro Adachi
May 19, 2003
Etemenanki Website

The Stargate Conspiracy

Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince write in their book The Stargate Conspiracy (1999):

Strange though it may seem, this is not the book we originally set out to write. In a sense, we are very surprised – and not a little shaken – to have found ourselves on the rock-strewn path that led, ultimately, to The Stargate Conspiracy.

I feel the same way about the Endgame series of which this article is the fourth installment. Indeed, I now see that ‘the stargate conspiracy’ is essentially synonymous with ‘the endgame’. And I am ‘not a little shaken’ by the unexpected development myself. In hindsight, it was only natural that a ‘stargate’ theme emerged in Endgame II and that Turin Shroud, another book by Picknett/Prince, was discussed in Endgame III.

The same authors also wrote, between The Stargate Conspiracy and Turin Shroud, a book called The Templar Revelation which deals with esoteric mysteries surrounding Grail tradition and a tiny village in southern France called Rennes-le-Château. Even this relates to Endgame discussions in that it was a subtle ‘esoteric aura’ emanating from the Cydonia (‘monuments of Mars’) controversy involving IR pictures taken by the Odyssey spacecraft orbiting Mars that first caught my attention, leading to the writing of the first Endgame article back in September ’02.

Here is what I wrote:

As I began to closely examine the information, I found myself becoming increasingly captivated by the irresistibly mysterious open-ended story. In some way, the tale was similar to the grand

Rennes-le-Chateaumystery popularized by the bestselling book Holy Blood, Holy Grail. In both, there is a shadowy group leaking puzzling but valuable information as if to gently lead investigators to some revelation by setting up a ‘game’. And there are esoteric aspects to the activities.

In other words, from the very beginning I was sensing the relevance of Rennes-le-Château and the ‘Grail game’, which involves controlled ‘leaking’ of information concerning some dark secrets of Christianity.

Of course, this was an uncharted territory as no one, to my knowledge, had ever seriously considered linking Cydonia to Gnostic/Grail tradition… except Picknett and Prince came close to making that connection.

Their first two books (Turin Shroud and The Templar Revelation) are related to the Grail/Rennes mystery, and the third – The Stargate Conspiracy – purports to uncover a hidden scheme quietly guiding the development of ideas in the fields of alternative history/Egyptology, Mars/Cydonia, ET contact, and the occult. So although somewhat indirectly, their research history hints at the existence of a unifying context.

It was at the end of Endgame III that Rennes-le-Château finally came to the forefront when I introduced Poussin’s masterpiece painting, Et in Arcadia Ego (or Les Bergers d’Arcadie/’The Shepherds of Arcadia’), as a piece of the ‘endgame’ puzzle. This painting is infamously linked to the Rennes saga.

It is said that when Bérenger Saunière (1852-1917), a Catholic priest serving in Rennes-le-Château, removed an altar stone from the archaic columns while restoring his crumbling church, he found four parchments concealed inside. Two of them contained genealogies, and the other two bore excerpts from the New Testament in Latin with strange features, suggesting that they were coded texts.

In 1967, alleged copies of the ciphertexts were published in the book L’Or de Rennes by Gérard de Sède, and before long they were deciphered to yield the following messages (translated into English)[1]:



The meanings behind these cryptic messages have been a subject of much speculation, but arguably the most potent interpretations are those presented in The Tomb of God (1996) by Richard Andrews and Paul Schellenberger.

Their conclusion was that the parchments are in essence a coded ‘treasure map’ pinpointing a secret site near Rennes-le-Château, where an object of immense importance might be hidden. And the ‘treasure’, most researchers would agree, probably is or has to do with the ‘Holy Grail’ (and/or the ‘Ark of the Covenant’ – essentially the same thing).

We can infer from the priest’s lifestyle drastically changing after the discovery that the parchments contained very serious – if not dangerous – information.

It is said that Saunière first took the parchments to the bishop of Carcassonne who in turn immediately sent him to Paris – apparently to have them deciphered. And there the priest was welcomed into a circle of esoteric-minded people.

He then allegedly went on to purchase copies of three paintings:

1) one by David Teniers

2) one by Nicolas Poussin (Et in Arcadia Ego)

3) a portrait of Pope Celestine V by an unspecified artist

Teniers and Poussin are obviously the very artists mentioned in the parchment.

After this, Saunière – though previously in near-poverty – suddenly appeared to have acquired great wealth as he began to spend outrageously more than he should have been capable of. And he never adequately explained to those around how he could suddenly live like a rich man.

On January 17, 1917, Saunière suffered a stroke and died five days later. Before passing on, a priest from Espéraza was brought in for his final confession, and it is said that whatever Saunière said to the priest in the closed room, it left him so shaken that he would be in a state of shock and depression for a long time afterward.

Saunière’s housekeeper Marie also left this world in a tantalizing way. The story goes that she made a promise to a businessman named Noël Corbu – who purchased her land – that she would one day reveal to him a secret that would make him wealthy and powerful. Marie died in 1953 from a stroke before she could fulfill her promise.

This is the very basic legend that eventually evolved into a much bigger story, beginning with the publication of Holy Blood, Holy Grail, an international bestseller that linked the mystery to the secret bloodline of Jesus and/or Mary Magdalene.

Poussin’s Et in Arcadia Ego is a key piece of the puzzle in this potentially explosive story.

[click for larger view]

Although not discussed in The Stargate Conspiracy, there is a subtle allusion to a ‘stargate’ encoded in the Rennes game.

At the church’s entrance there, the visitor would encounter a strange Latin inscription that reads ‘TERRIBILIS EST LOCUS ISTE’ (‘This place is terrible’) – a rather unwelcoming message.

It is widely believed to have come from a passage in the Book of Genesis:

And Jacob awaked out of his sleep, and he said, Surely the Lord is in this place; and I knew it not. And he was afraid, and said, How dreadful is this place! This is none other but the house of God, and this is the gate of heaven.

(Genesis 28:16-17)

Obviously, the ‘gate of heaven’ is a another term for a stargate. And we have this next passage that immediately follows the above:

And Jacob rose up early in the morning, and took the stone that he had put for his pillows, and set it up for a pillar, and poured oil upon the top of it. And he called the name of that place Beth-el… And this stone, which I have set for a pillar, shall be God’s house…

(Genesis 28:18-19, 22)

The combination of ‘stone’ and ‘pillar’ inevitably conjures up the Tower of Babel, as we read in Genesis:

…let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven; and let us make us a shem, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth.

(Genesis 11:4)

As already discussed in Endgame II, the ‘shem’ is to be interpreted as a heavenly ‘fire-stone’.[2] So like Jacob’s pillar and stone (associated with heaven), the Tower of Babel is a combination of a tower and a heavenly ‘fire-stone’. It’s safe to say that they are interchangeable. Indeed, the Babylon tower is traditionally thought of as a gateway between earth and heaven, i.e. a stargate; after all, ‘Babylon’ means ‘gate of the god’.

It was also discussed previously that the shem is relatable to the ‘Shining Ones’ – the ‘fallen angels’. They’re called the ‘Nephilim’ and/or the ‘sons of God’ in the Old Testament, seemingly identified with ‘people of the shem’ found in the following Genesis passage:

There were the Nephilim [typically translated as ‘giants’] in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, people of the shem [typically translated as ‘men of renown’].

(Genesis 6:4)

In the Book of Enoch, they are called the ‘Watchers‘. And we find that there were two factions: the ‘normal’ Watchers and the rebel Watchers who imparted knowledge to man (which was a ‘sin’). The latter group is the so-called ‘fallen angels’.

The Book of Enoch also describes a place where the angels were imprisoned:

And from thence I went to another place, which was still more horrible than the former, and I saw a horrible thing: a great fire there which burnt and blazed, and the place was cleft as far as the abyss, being full of great descending columns of fire: neither its extent or magnitude could I see, nor could I conjecture. Then I said: ‘How fearful is the place and how terrible to look upon!’ …’This place is the prison of the angels, and here they will be imprisoned for ever.’

(I Enoch 21:7-10)

Remarkably, here we detect a clear echo of the Rennes-le-Château phrase ‘This place is terrible’ and Jacob’s utterance ‘How dreadful is this place’ – thus nicely confirming that we’re on the right track.

Also, it should be noted that the term ‘Watcher’ inevitably relates to the ‘Watcher’ website and the associated ‘alien crop glyph’ – the ‘cornerstone’ of the Endgame matrix – which led us to the discussion of stargates in Endgame II.

The crop glyph (right) was found in Hampshire, England last August (’02).

As discussed in the previous Endgame articles, the disk the ‘alien’ is holding up contained a coded message

– a warning about some ‘deception’ and ‘false gifts’.

The glyph’s overall design was apparently borrowed from the graphic (left) used on the ‘Watcher’ website.

Let us also recall that the ‘warning’ message decoded from the likely man-made crop glyph was relatable to the Nazis who may have succeeded in constructing a stargate machine as suggested in The Hunt For Zero Point (2002) by Nick Cook (see Endgame II).

I then resurrected the Nazi theme at the end of Endgame III as I presented the image shown left with the comment:

“This foreshadows what will be revealed in Endgame IV… Very dark things. Large black clouds are looming ahead of us.”

Et in Arcadia Ego and the Third Reich – both associated with a ‘stargate’ – had thus already begun to merge directly.

And as for the coming darkness mentioned… this will be indeed an issue discussed in this article and more extensively in Endgame V coming next. All the indications are that the year 2003 is the designated time when the darkness descends.

It is certainly ominous that, as mentioned in The Stargate Conspiracy, 2003 is considered by those behind the ‘conspiracy’ to be a particularly significant time that ends a 30-year window (something to do with reprogramming humanity).[3] And indeed, we have already seen a lot of fireworks so far this year – most notably the ‘war’ in Iraq.

Iraq is the historical region of Babylon, the ‘gate of the god’, as well as the first high civilization called Sumer, a name meaning ‘land of the Watchers’. In other words, Iraq is in effect a ‘stargate land’!

As noisy as the preemptive US aggression was, however, it appears this was still only a ‘preview’ of what we may face in the very near future.

December Warning

One of the main themes in the previous Endgame articles was the ‘December window’ of 2002, which the decoding of the ‘alien warning’ and other ‘signs’ suggested was the time of the ‘false gifts’ which in turn have been associated with the Third Reich and Mars.

The window was also supported by the ‘double sun’ timeline deciphered in my earlier Message of Cycle 23 article.

The first half of the December was quite remarkable as it clearly responded to the ‘double sun’/2-year pattern. Namely, we saw the resignation of Cardinal Law of Boston Archdiocese and also Trent Lott stepping down as US Republican Senate leader – both fulfilling the ‘Babylon leader falling’ projection, though with slightly less intensity than expected (i.e. a Cardinal instead of the Pope, a republican leader instead of the republican US President).

[Note: it is a fact that Cardinal Law was specifically named in the Cycle 23 article as a likely figure to go down during the December window.]

This development left me on the edge of my seat, anticipating a great fulfillment of the predicted ‘false gift’ event during the second half of the December window. As it turned out, it was rather anticlimactic; it came and went rather peacefully. The only notable event was the claim of the birth of the first cloned baby.

Although not quite what I had expected, it was still a symbolically meaningful event. The cloning claim by the shadowy company ‘Clonaid’ was widely thought to be a hoax (as it probably was), thus relatable to the deception/’false gift’ theme. And the timing of the clone birth (Dec. 26) made it relatable to Santa, the gift-giver.

As I wrote in Endgame II:

“Santa’s special delivery may come, not from North Pole, but South Pole – i.e., ‘false gifts’.”

In a similar vein, there was a correlation with the biblical three wise men, who supposedly gave gifts to Jesus who had just been born.

And then there was the ‘alien’ connection. Just as the ‘false gift’ warning came from an ‘alien crop glyph’, Clonaid is affiliated with the ‘Raelian’ cult which believes humans were created by extraterrestrials through genetic engineering. This view actually has a lot in common with the mystical belief system of the Nazis – a link strengthened by the fact that the original Raelian symbol featured a swastika.

To support the relevance of the Clonaid/Raelian event in terms of conforming to the underlying pattern, there was a news story that broke in January, ’03, just weeks after the cloning claim was made. This was the revelation of Project Prometheus, a NASA program for developing a nuclear propulsion system that can take man to Mars in the near future. Not only is ‘Prometheus’ the Greek god who stole fire and gave it to mankind as a momentous gift, he is even associated – via ‘pramantha’ – with the swastika![4]

In Endgame II, in fact, I had already discussed Prometheus:

…the ‘false gifts’ mentioned in the 2002 alien message might also relate to the ‘fallen angels’ in some way. Actually, this cannot be more fitting because the key function of these angelic beings in ancient tradition was to impart the ‘gift’ of advanced knowledge to mankind. In Greek myth, this story is repeated by Prometheus giving ‘fire’ to mankind, immediately followed by an unfortunate event involving Pandora’s Box, a ‘false gift’ sent by Zeus. These, we are told, led to the corruption and suffering of man.

Let me also point out that Project Prometheus was revealed to the general public on Jan. 17 – a ‘signature date’ of the Rennes/Grail game. (For example, Saunière the priest suffered a stroke on Jan. 17, 1917, dying five days later.) In addition, it should be noted that France – the land of Rennes-le-Château, the Grail, and Et in Arcadia Ego – is where the Raelian cult emerged from.

Prometheus, furthermore, was sometimes considered the creator of mankind. Prometheus made Adam and Eve, in a sense. So it is fitting that Clonaid’s first (supposedly) cloned baby was named ‘Eve’. As for Adam, it is equally curious in that the name can denote something like ‘red earth’ thus evoking the Red Planet, the destination of Project Prometheus.

The repeated allusions to ‘Genesis’ also bring our attention to the intriguing fact that the famous Genesis passage below could easily be describing cloning:

And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness… So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him…

(Gen. 1:26-27)

And of course, the Garden of Eden – where Adam and Eve lived – was in Mesopotamia, i.e., Iraq, the ‘stargate land‘!



Occurring at the same time as the Project Prometheus revelation was the ill-fated mission of the shuttle Columbia. As we all know, it fell apart just as it reentered the earth’s atmosphere on February 1, killing everyone onboard.

The disaster had an ominous symbolic implication, as the name ‘Columbia’ can be traced back to ‘Columba’, Noah’s Dove. As the dove is a universal symbol of peace, Columbia’s deadly descent was expressive of peace falling apart.

This becomes quite serious when added that the world-changing events of 9/11 were preceded by the fiery descent of the Russian space station Mir in March. ‘Mir’ means ‘peace’, as well as ‘world’. The decommissioning of Mir thus symbolically signaled the ‘end of world peace’ – which was of course dramatically actualized later in the same year.

While Mir was ‘world peace’, Columbia would stand for ‘American peace’, after all Columbia is another name for the United States. Hence the destruction of the space shuttle Columbia may have signaled the coming destruction of America.

Seeing the events of Columbia and Project Prometheus simultaneously taking place, we now find it quite plausible that the portended end of ‘American peace’ is to have a connection to the ‘December/stargate/false gifts warning’ motif.

The Iraq war soon followed to support this view.

First of all, Iraq/Babylon is the ‘stargate land’ as discussed. And the one-sided war (‘Operation Iraqi Freedom‘) began on March 20 (local time) to coincide with the spring equinox. The timing resonated nicely with the underlying pattern – as can be demonstrated from the fact that I was able to single out March 20 as a ‘war day’ just a few days earlier.

Here is what I wrote on March 18 in the update section of my website:

The Great Sphinx at Giza is a representation of Mars (as can be inferred from the tradition of ancient Egypt) as well as Horus who in turn personifies the rising sun. And because the Sphinx faces due east, it becomes perfectly aligned with its celestial counterpart – the rising sun – on the equinoxes, when the sun rises due east. As per the Sphinx-Mars equation, then, the equinoxes are also to be considered important Mars days.

March 20, ’03, the spring equinox in the month of Mars [i.e. March], is therefore […] a fitting date to be incorporated into the US war on terrorism […]; indeed, as Mars is traditionally the planet/god of war, March 20 is in effect a ‘war day’.

So the Bush administration saying “we’re going to Mars” (by initiating Project Prometheus) was also in effect the US saying “we’re going to war,” which it did.

What is worrisome here is the involvement of nuclear technology: Project Prometheus’ goal of developing a nuclear propulsion system seems to imply that the US military aggression in the Middle East may lead to some kind of nuclear event – pretty much everyone’s nightmare scenario.

And we cannot ignore the recurrence of the Mars-Iraq overlap here. Obviously, we’re a getting a very strong signal that Iraq somehow represents the ‘land of Mars’.

Death of Time

The Great Sphinx is interchangeable with Mars in ancient Egyptian tradition (both closely associated with Horus) – reinforced by Giza being attached to the Egyptian capital city named ‘Cairo’, which denotes ‘Mars’. This also makes the Sphinx analogous to Iraq.

The association is strongly supported by the eternal gaze of the Sphinx, fixed upon the distant horizon due east, as it is perfectly aligned with the mouth of the Tigris-Euphrates river, the lifeblood of Iraq (Mesopotamia)! To put it another way, Giza along with its monuments is on the same latitude as the Mesopotamian river system’s end point – exactly at 30°N.

In my book, The Time Rivers (2003), the same 30°N. latitude is identified as the geodetically expressed threshold of reality. It is the line separating this world and the ‘Otherworld’ of Osiris, the Egyptian god of the dead.

In the Time River theory, Giza/Cairo at 30°N. is also viewed as the northern ‘edge’ of the Nile River which in turn is revealed as a literal ‘river of time’.

I’m sure this sounds strange to many, but this ‘river of time’ idea can be easily inferred from Osiris – the personification of the Nile – being a ‘god of time’. (For example, it is written in the Egyptian Book of the Dead: ‘I am Time and Osiris’.)

The latitudinal length of the Nile being 30 degrees is another clue, as ’30’ is a key number for chronometry.

The path of the sun (ecliptic) is traditionally divided into twelve 30-degree sections (Pisces, Aries, etc.); one month is ~30-days long; and Saturn, the planet of time, has an orbital period of ~30 years.

More compelling is the following remark by Plutarch, a renowned Greek writer and biographer from around AD 100. He had considerable contact with the Egyptian priesthood, and here he almost openly acknowledges that the Nile and time (= Cronus/Saturn) are interchangeable:

There is also a religious lament sung over Cronus [= Saturn = time]. The lament is for him that is born in the regions of the left, and suffers dissolution in the regions on the right; for the Egyptians believe that the eastern regions are the face of the world, the northern the right, and the southern to the left.

The Nile, therefore, which runs from the south and is swallowed up by the sea in the north, is naturally said to have its birth on the left and its dissolution on the right.[5]

Plutarch is saying that both Cronus (or ‘time’) and the Nile are born in the south and die in the north, as if to tell us that the Nile is time… a real ‘river of time’. (Indeed, in The Time Rivers is revealed an amazing ‘timeline’ encoded in the design of the Nile.)

This would mean that the Nile’s northern ‘edge’ marked by Giza/30°N represents the place of dissolution where time – or Osiris/Saturn – ‘dies’.

It is striking therefore that at Giza are found the world’s biggest tombs – the three great pyramids!

Moreover, as per Robert Bauval‘s ‘Orion Correlation Theory’, the Giza pyramids are now widely thought to represent the three Belt Star of Orion, the constellation identified with Osiris!

Indeed, Giza (as ‘Rostau’) is said to signify ‘the kingdom of Osiris in the Tomb’.[6]

Giza-Orion Correlation

Through the mutual connection with 30N°/Giza, we can now infer that Orion-Osiris and Mars are intimately linked as well. While I’m not ready to delve into this too much yet, there is shocking confirmation of this on the planet Mars itself.

As discussed in The Adachi Report [currently unavailable] written last year, the Red Planet apparently has its own Orion Belt Stars reproduce on its surface!

It is called the Tharsis Montes – three gigantic volcanoes arranged just like Orion and the Giza pyramids. It’s certainly fitting that the term ‘pyramid’ can denote ‘fiery’ (via the probable root word pyrinos). Mars, after all, is a ‘fire planet’ and volcanoes are obviously ‘fiery mountains’. This also correlates well with Prometheus’ gift to mankind – fire.

The Tharsis Montes are so big and distinctive that you might wonder why you hadn’t noticed them before. And the answer here is quite simple: most Mars pictures shown to the general public usually avoid the side bearing the Tharsis Montes – perhaps because it doesn’t take much to pick up on their potential link to Orion and Giza. The dramatic implication, after all, could lead to the destabilization of reality as we know it… for obvious reasons.

What I found particularly intriguing was the fact that the middle Tharsis volcano straddles the Martian equator (latitude zero). The Nile happens to have its source (Lake Victoria) right at the equator as well. And it is of course the middle pyramid at Giza that is directly linked via a causeway to the Great Sphinx, a monument signifying the Red Planet!

More amazingly, the Sphinx faces due east and aligns with the equinoctial sunrise so as to allude to the equator – since the equinoxes are when the sun is at the extension of the earth’s equator! (More discussion on these subjects in The Adachi Report).

Clearly, the ‘death of time’ has to involve Mars.

And since the gaze of the Great Sphinx is aligned also with the mouth of the Tigris-Euphrates, and Giza-Rostau was known as the ‘gateway to the Otherworld’, we get the notion that the Tigris-Euphrates/Iraq, or Mars, signifies the ‘Otherworld’ of Osiris which is entered through ‘death’, i.e. a transdimensional gateway at Giza/30°N, guarded by the Great Sphinx.[7]

In other words, the 30th parallel is a ‘stargate latitude’. So again, Iraq becomes a ‘stargate land’.

Now, to bring back another theme, we even find that the Nile has often been considered a gift. As Herodotus once said:

‘The Nile is the gift of Osiris, but Egypt is the gift of the Nile’.

More specifically, the Nilotic gift was a reference to the fertile black silt that the flooding water of the Nile annually brought to the land of Egypt. It was at the heart of the ancient culture and its tradition/mythology was heavily intertwined with the seemingly magical event repeated every year.

Intensifying the mystical aura of the inundation was its timing. At the time of ancient Egypt, the coming of the gift-carrying flood was signaled by the appearance of the goddess star Sirius in the morning just before the sun (heliacal rising), celestially expressing the rebirth of Isis, the sister-wife of Osiris. To underscore its significance, the summer flood and the ‘rebirth’ of Sirius even coincided with the summer solstice during the early phase of the Egyptian civilization.

Understandably, the ancient Egyptian view was that the flooding was caused by the tears of Isis. But in reality it was caused by the seasonal water-flow fluctuations of the Blue Nile and the Atbara – the chief tributaries of the Nile in Ethiopia/Sudan.

So we could say that these tributaries are ‘gift rivers’.

As it turns out, the Tigris-Euphrates in Iraq also represents a ‘gift river’. As explained in The Time Rivers, this Mesopotamian river system happens to be an intelligently ‘transposed’ version of the Nile tributaries! While we won’t go into details here, the connection between these rivers is undeniable.

Indeed, it is no coincidence that the four rivers associated with the Garden of Eden in the Bible (Genesis) are the Tigris, the Euphrates, and two other rivers (‘Pishon’ and ‘Gihon’) linked with ‘gold’ and ‘the land of Cush’.[8]

Here is the pertinent passage from Genesis:

A river rises in Eden to water the garden; outside, it forms four separate branch streams. The name of the first is Pishon; it is the one that winds through the whole land of Havilah, where there is gold… The name of the second river is Gihon; it is the one that winds through all of the land of Cush. The name of the third river is Tigris; it is the one that flows east of Asshur. The fourth river is the Euphrates.[9] [emphasis added]

While there are various speculations, the identities of ‘Pishon’ and ‘Gihon’ have been a big mystery – until now.

The initial clue is rather obvious.

  • First, the river ‘Gihon’ is said to flow through ‘Cush’. In the King James Version, it is translated as ‘Ethiopia’ – the very land of the Nile tributaries. The original term ‘Cush’ relates to the same general region since the kingdom of Cush/Kush corresponds to the Nubian area where the Nile tributaries join the main Nile.
  • Secondly, the river ‘Pishon’ is said to flow through a land ‘where there is gold’. Well, it just happens that Cush/Nubia was known to the ancient Egyptians primarily as the land of gold!
  • Next, both the Gihon and Pishon rivers are described as winding. Sure enough, Cush/Nubia – where the Blue Nile and Atbara join the main Nile – happens to be the only section where the ancient river dramatically winds, sometimes referred to as the ‘Great Bend’ of the Nile!

While these are only introductory clues, clearly the four rivers of Eden are the Blue Nile, Atbara, Euphrates, and Tigris – all ‘gift rivers’. This is only one of the many pieces of evidence presented in The Time Rivers to support the ‘transposition scheme’ uniting the Ethiopian and Mesopotamian rivers.

This model implies that the Tigris-Euphrates is a ‘gift of Osiris’ just as is the Nile itself – thus nicely corroborating the idea of these two river systems being virtually connected by a ‘stargate’ (at 30°N) and the idea of Iraq representing the Osirian Otherworld.

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by Goro Adachi
June 22, 2003
Etemenanki Website

Osirian President

In Endgame IV, we identified the ‘resurrection of Osiris’ as the key theme attached to the ‘stargate window’ coming this summer/fall (’03). And I ended the article by mentioning the relevance of George W. Bush and the so-called ‘New World Order‘.

The latter is often associated with the ‘All-Seeing Eye’ capstone shown on the back of the US dollar bill. The pyramidal capstone – or the ‘Benben Stone’ – signified the Osirian resurrection in ancient Egyptian tradition, which is interchangeable with the death-rebirth cycle of the phoenix.

There is much to be said about these associations. For example, Osiris – the god of the dead – was sometimes called the ‘Foremost (or President) of the Westerners’ as if to allude to the US President.

And we find that George Bush is particularly ‘Osirian’ in that he, like his father and grandfather, is a member of ‘Skull and Bones‘, an influential Yale secret society obsessed with the idea of death and war (hence it is also called ‘the Brotherhood of Death’).[1]

The Bush family is the society’s most powerful political dynasty.

And it is fitting that Bush seems to have a messiah complex these days (reportedly he believes he was chosen by God to lead the United States in this time of troubles). As discussed before, Christ is the Judeo-Christian version of Osiris.

Accordingly, in the New Testament Jesus is compared to the cornerstone of the Temple that the ‘builders rejected’ (evoking the Giza pyramid, the Egyptian ‘Temple’, missing its Osirian capstone):

…Jesus Christ himself being the chief corner stone…

(Ephesians 2:20)

Be it known unto you all, and to all the people of Israel, that by the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, whom ye crucified, whom God raised from the dead, even by him doth this man stand here before you whole. This is the stone which was set at nought of you builders, which is become the head of the corner.

(Acts 4:10-11)

As we saw in Endgame IV, underscoring this connection is how Christ and Osiris nicely merge via a Renaissance painting by Poussin, ‘Et in Arcadia ego’ (or ‘The Shepherds of Arcadia’), in which the ‘tomb of Jesus‘ and the superimposed ‘tomb of Osiris’ (the Great Pyramid) interact coherently (undeniably as a result of deliberate design).

I didn’t mention this in Endgame IV, but there is a striking piece of evidence to further support the validity of the Poussin overlay scheme. This is the marble monument bearing a copy of the same painting at Shugborough Hall in Staffordshire, England (see image right).

While very close, it’s actually not an exact replica. It’s the mirror-reversal of the original for example. But more importantly, upon the tomb is shown another sarcophagus with a pyramid on top! (There are other alterations to strongly suggest that the designer was aware of Poussin’s esoteric message concealed in the painting.[2]) So in hindsight this was a rather straightforward instruction, telling us how to decipher the secret design.

In Secrets of the Tomb, Alexandra Robbins reveals what’s inside the mysterious and nearly impenetrable ‘tomb’ (headquarters) of Skull and Bones.

There I found something potentially significant:

…when the art does not focus on death or war, it tends to center with bravado on the Bonesmen themselves… [T]he mostly nineteenth-century, mildly impressionistic portraits… are works commissioned by the society that depict only the most illustrious Bonesmen, such as President and Chief Justice William Howard Taft and Chief Justice Morrison R. Waite. One of those portraits depicts in the background a skull with a bird perched on it.[3] [emphasis added]

The highlighted part, I though, could be easily related to the Et in Arcadia ego theme. It turns out that the enigmatic phrase ‘En in Arcadia ego’ made its debut before Poussin in a painting by Il Guercino (c. 1618). And this features a skull with a bee perched on it.

click above image

Although Skull and Bones‘ portrait does not feature a tomb (which is practically synonymous with ‘Et in Arcadia ego’), it is kept in the ‘Tomb’, as the Bones headquarters is called. So there seems to be something more than mere coincidence involved here.

In the the Guercino, the phrase ‘Et in Arcadia ego’ – meaning ‘And in Arcadia I’ – is found directly below the skull which in turn is facing directly toward the viewer. This clarifies to some extent the meaning of the mysterious motto. The ‘ego’ part (i.e. ‘I’ as in ‘me’) can be understood to refers to the skull, that is, death.

So we would have:

‘Even in Arcadia death’.

To put it another way, ‘death is also to be found in Paradise; or, in the midst of earthly delights, the transience of life cannot be disregarded’.[4]

Amazingly, this dark sentiment is clearly echoed by at least one of the mottos found in the Bones ‘tomb’.

As Robbins writes:

Other artwork [in the tomb of Skull & Bones] includes a picture of George Washington delivering his inaugural address, a picture titled Youth in the Voyage of Life, and engravings of the pseudo-Latin gibberish phrases “Nihilne te concureus Bonorum omnium morir?” (“Don’t you realize that all good men die?”)…[5] [emphasis added]

So it can be inferred that, if not a direct connection, then there is at least a common philosophy or mentality behind the Renaissance paintings and Bones tradition.

This view is encouraged by the medieval order of the Knights Templar, as we find that:

  • The Templars were the legendary guardians of the Grail-Ark, the underlying theme of our Arcadian paintings. (The term ‘Arcadia’, for example, seems to be an anagram for ‘Arca Dei’, the ‘Ark of God’).
  • The Templars, as well as Freemasons, are closely associated with the ‘skull-and-crossbones’ symbol, as is Skull and Bones. (The symbol is featured in the regalia of the Masonic degree called ‘Knights Templar’.)
  • The Templars and Freemasonry are ‘the only organizations in all of history that found their principal identification in the Temple of Solomon’, the home of the Grail-Ark.[6] (Officially the Templars were known as ‘The Order of the Poor Knights of Christ and the Temple of Solomon’.) Often Skull & Bones members call their tomb ‘the Temple’.

Another curious and somewhat disturbing clue is the fact that Skull and Bones has Germanic origins. It is even said that Bones is actually just the American chapter (‘Chapter 322’) of a German secret society, perhaps the infamous Bavarian Illuminati.

Certainly the Skull and Bones building itself supports this theory. The rooms are rife with German artifacts, and German phrases are engraved in the walls… Furthermore, Bonesmen confirmed for [Alexandra Robbins] that one of the society’s traditional songs is indeed sung to the tune of “Deutschland uber Alles,” the German national anthem.[7]

The significance here is that in previous Endgame articles we discussed the existence of a subtle swastika in Poussin’s Et in Arcadia ego. The swastika is of course a symbol now inseparable from Nazi Germany.

While it’s not clear whether Skull and Bones as an organization was/is pro-Nazis, we know for certain that George W. Bush’s grandfather, a Bonesman, was a very active supporter of Hitler. It is also curious that the first President Bush served as head of the CIA, which has an unusually high number of Bonesmen and Yale graduates.

It turns out that the intelligence agency (formerly the OSS) was more or less created originally ‘by the Nazis for the Nazis’.

Seeds of the Fourth Reich

In the early days, the CIA headed by Allen Dulles, a dedicated follower of Hitler, was filled with former Nazis.

This is because the CIA came into existence after the war partly for the purpose of giving a home to the ‘Gehlen Org’, the German intelligence network. Many members of the Third Reich were brought into the US spy service through Dulles’ ‘Operation Sunshine’, including Richard Gehlen himself (of the Gehlen Org). Hundreds of Nazi scientists and specialists were also covertly recruited by the US via ‘Project Paperclip‘.

As discussed in Endgame II, Germany under Hitler was technologically very advanced and may even have succeeded in producing an antigravity or ‘stargate’ machine. In The Hunt For Zero Point (2001) journalist Nick Cook reveals his findings suggesting that the technological ‘Holy Grail’ was then likely seized by the US at the end of the war.

Cook’s scientist informant is quoted as saying:

“When the Americans tripped over this mutant strain of nonlinear physics and took it back home with them, they were astute enough to realize that their home-grown scientific talent couldn’t handle it. That it was beyond their cultural term of reference. That’s why they recruited so many Germans.

The Nazis developed a unique approach to science and engineering quite separate from the rest of the world, because their ideology, unrestrained as it was, supported a wholly different way of doing things. Von Braun’s V-2s are a case in point, but so was their understanding of physics.

The trouble was, when the Americans took it all home with them they found out, too late, that it came infected with a virus. You take the science on, you take on aspects of the ideology, as well.”[8] [emphasis added]

Previously we discussed how this ‘virus’ would relate to the 2002 ‘alien crop glyph’ bearing a coded message warning us about some Trojan Horse-like ‘false gifts’, i.e. a form of virus (see Endgame II).

The crop glyph (right) was found in Hampshire, England last August (’02).

The glyph’s design was apparently borrowed from a logo (left) used on the ‘Watcher’ website.

It was then conjectured that the phrase ‘Ultra-Tech’ in the alien graphic above, presumably the model for the crop glyph design, was in effect becoming a reference to Nazi ‘ultra’-technology.

While the main focus was previously the ‘stargate’ technology, with the emergence of the CIA in our discussion we are now encouraged to pay attention to MK-ULTRA, the agency’s infamous mind-control project stemming from the work of former Nazi scientists.

This is quite literally ‘ultra tech’ seeded by the Third Reich. Could this association relate on some level to the Bush administration’s uncanny ability to effectively manipulate public opinion through their massive and pretty much illegal propaganda campaign, orchestrated by Bush’s ‘co-president’ Karl Rove?

In terms of ‘viruses’, we do find Nazi Germany right behind today’s major diseases such as AIDS, as revealed in the book Emerging Viruses (1996) by Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz. What’s striking here is the publisher of Emerging Viruses having the name ‘Tetrahedron‘. Let me remind you that there was a slightly altered version of the Ultra-Tech alien logo on the ‘Watcher’ website (shown above) which replaces the ‘disk’ with a rotating tetrahedron!

And the tetrahedron is of course intimately associated with Mars/Cydonia, a major theme of the ‘Endgame’.

This seemingly suggests that the ‘warning’ found encoded in the crop glyph was about some man-made viruses. In this light it’s certainly curious that there was the world-wide SARS outbreak in 2003 which some suggested was a virus engineered in a lab somewhere. Some scientists even theorized that SARS came from outer space, which too would nicely echo the ‘alien’ aspect of the glyph design.

In Emerging Viruses, furthermore, is meticulously explained how the US military-medical-industrial complex absorbed many dark Nazi programs. A prominent company involved in this was the Merck pharmaceutical firm.

Horowitz writes:

The Merk net, so named for its leader Kurt Merk, was a network of CIC [Counter Intelligence Corps] informants… Given the provision of false documents and slight name changes to protect German intelligent assets, I now wondered whether there was any connection between “Merk” and “Merck.” […]

[I]n the Spring of 1944, Merck and Company, Inc. received a large cash infusion from Martin Bormann – Hitler’s top minister… This at the time Merck’s president, George W. Merck, was advising President Roosevelt, and initiating strategies, as America’s biological weapons industry director.

According to CBS News correspondent Paul Manning, the lion’s share of the Nazi gold went to 750 corporations, largely including Merck, to secure a virtual monopoly over the world’s chemical and pharmaceutical industries. This was done not only for Germany’s economic recovery, but to assure the rise of “The Fourth Reich.”

Merck, then, along with


I.G. Farben, received huge sums of money from the Nazi war chest to actualize Hitler’s proclaimed,

“vision of a thousand-year Third Riech [and] world empire. This was outlined with clarity in a document called ‘Neuordunung,’ or ‘New Order,’ that was accompanied by a letter of transmittal to the [Bormann led] Ministry of Economics. ‘Bury your treasure,'” Hitler advised Bormann, “for you will need it to begin a Fourth Reich.”[9]

This is quite disturbing stuff.

“The real treason,” however, according to William Preston, Jr., a professor of history at New York’s John Jay College of Criminal Justice, was that for years before World War II, and after, “a secret, conspiratorial alliance between various American corporations and their Nazi collaborators… betrayed and subverted U.S. national interests.”[10]

Preston also states:

This link between a “fraternity” of top business executives and the country’s deadliest wartime enemy, the Third Reich, this collaboration between capitalism and fascism, has been suppressed by the politically powerful, for their own political purposes.[11]

Now, to get back to George W. Bush, isn’t it curious that the president of Merck at the time of the unholy collaboration was a ‘George W.’ (George W. Merck) who was even advising the US President at the time?

Not that there is a deliberate design here, but coincidences like this do often hint at some tangible connections smoldering beneath the surface.

Given the Bush family’s documented German/Nazi associations, it is certainly natural for us to kind of wonder about the possibility of the current Bush presidency representing – if not literally then symbolically – the resurrection of the Third Reich, in effect the ‘Fourth Reich’, the seeds of which were planted in the US decades ago.

There is indeed a striking parallel between Bush and Hitler.

Adolph Hitler George W. Bush Hitler’s rise to power was assisted by business leaders. Bush is a ‘CEO president’ supported by many corporate friends. Hitler was never elected by the people. Bush was not properly elected by the American people. Within a month after Hitler was named chancellor, the Reichstag (Parliament) fire took place – blamed on the communists – and quickly Hitler was given dictatorial power through the ‘Enabling Act’ (‘The Law to Remove the Distress of the People and State’) and civil rights were suspended. Just months after becoming president, 9/11 occurred – blamed on al-Qaeda – and Bush obtained dictator-like power, assisted by the ‘USA PATRIOT ACT‘ (‘Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism’), which may soon be enhanced by ‘PATRIOT Act II‘, diminishing personal privacy by removing checks on government power. To invade Poland, Hitler created a fake attack on a border radio station which gave the Nazis an excuse to unleash their Lighting War (blitzkrieg), defeating Poland. To invade Iraq, the Bush administration apparently manipulated intelligence data regarding the threat level of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction and tricked the hesitant nation into war. The war utilized a ‘Shock and Awe’ tactic designed to quickly overwhelmed the opponent.

While there are many differences between the two leaders, lately people are increasingly becoming amused and/or alarmed by the growing similarities.


Silent Coup?

Many in the US are still in denial about this, but the reality is that George W. Bush is quite plausibly the intellectually weakest US President the nation has seen. In that sense, Bush is no Hitler.

He is in the White House largely because of his last name and the ‘evil genius’ Karl Rove, aka ‘Bush’s Brain’. He is in the White House because he happens to make a good front man, through whom unelected ideologues could wield their power covertly.

Is this too harsh and sinister a view of the Bush presidency?

Perhaps. But what makes it uncomfortably real is the existence of the ‘neo-conservatives‘ – the ‘hawks’ – surrounding Bush today who are behind the Bush doctrine of preemptive attacks and the general arrogant aggressiveness exhibited by the administration.

This group includes Vice President Dick Cheney, defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz (deputy defense secretary), Lewis Libby (Cheney’s chief of staff), Richard Perle (senior adviser to president), Douglas Feith (undersecretary of defense for policy), etc.

While most Americans are satisfied with the idea that the toppling of the Iraqi regime this spring was a directly result of ‘9/11’, the truth is that the invasion of Iraq had been a dream of neo-cons long before the historic terror attacks took place in 2001.

Indeed, as early as 1992 Wolfowitz and Libby wrote a paper (‘Defense Planning Guidance’) which became the basis for ‘Rebuilding America’s Defenses: Strategy, Forces and Resources For a New Century‘ (2000) by PNAC (Project for a New American Century), a neo-con think tank, which strongly advocated taking military action against Iraq as a key step toward achieving a ‘Pax Americana’.

Although literally meaning ‘American peace’, Pax Americana is about global domination by the United States. It’s about building an American empire based on the presumption that the American way is the best way and that the US could do no wrong (‘might is right’).

The most worrisome aspect of the neo-con ideology is that just beneath the surface it goes directly against traditional American values such as freedom and basic human rights.

As those who have carefully followed the Bush administration (i.e. beyond the mainstream media propaganda) should know, the White House used the fear created by ‘9/11’ to make Congress pass the ‘USA PATRIOT ACT‘ which allows the government to take away various individual rights from the American people (proposed ‘PATRIOT Act II‘ is worse).

As it foreshadows a police state so much, thus un-American, that some US cities are even hesitating to comply with the new law.

It is a quite telling that people are increasingly comparing the Bush administration to the fascist Nazi regime.

The definition of fascism is:

‘A system of government that exercises a dictatorship of the extreme right, typically through the merging of state and business leadership, together with belligerent nationalism’.

Well, it does sound familiar doesn’t it?

But here is something that makes the comparison more real.

It turns out that the neo-conservatives in power in and around the administration reportedly have a ideological vision handed down from a pro-fascist philosopher named Leo Strauss (1899-1973) who taught at the University of Chicago.

As pointed out by the Lyndon LaRouche camp, before coming to the US Strauss lived in Germany where he directly interacted with, and was heavily influenced by, the leading Nazi ideologue Martin Heidegger and the Nazi legal architect Carl Schmitt.

Although a Jew, Strauss’ mentality was very much in tune with that of the Nazis. Many of the neo-conservatives – such as Paul Wolfowitz, the architect of the Iraq war – are said to be ‘Straussians’, which nicely explains their fascist tendencies.

So the emerging picture is that we have a US President with connections to Germany/Nazism (through family and Skull & Bones) surrounded by neo-cons whose ideology can be traced back to the Third Reich. Is it any wonder then that almost everything the United States does these days under the control of the Bush administration – such as the unprovoked ‘preemptive’ war and ‘Patriot Act’ – is decidedly un-American?

And let’s not forget the fact that George W. Bush was not really elected by the American people. From the very beginning, the Bush presidency was anti-democratic and in opposition to what the United States stands for.

The United States, it may even be said, was hijacked by closet ‘neo-Nazis’ in 2001. Hopefully this is more symbolic than actual…

Burning Bush

In the earlier Endgame installments we discussed the significance of December 2002. According to our projected future timeline, the ‘December window’ was to produce the fall of the Babylon leader(s).

While the scenario deemed likely was the US president or Pope going down, what actually took place was the fall of US Republican leader Trend Lott and Cardinal Bernard Law of Boston’s Catholic Archdiocese. (These were two of the biggest events in the US during December ’02.)

In other words, the projected pattern did manifest, but in a downgraded form.

Another significant event that occurred during the ‘December window’ was the announcement of the birth of the first cloned human baby.

As already explained in Endgame IV, this suspected hoax by Clonaid, a company affiliated with the alien cult ‘Raelians’, was nicely in line with the symbolic themes carried by the December window (such as ‘false gifts’, ETs, etc.).

Curiously, the Raelians believe that mankind was created by ETs through genetic engineering.

This has a lot in common with the Nazi/Aryan perspective which similarly involved extraterrestrial intelligence creating divine-human hybrid beings through genetic manipulation – an event associated with the Atlantis myth. The supposed superiority of the ‘Aryan race’ as claimed by Hitler was based on this mythical thinking.

The Aryan mythology can be traced back to Helena Petrovna Blavatsky – the author of Isis Unveiled and The Secret Doctrine published in the late nineteenth century – who founded the influential Theosophical Society.

Her esoteric ideas were subsequently picked up by the Thule Society – a front for the Germanenorden (German Order), an occult, anti-Semitic, and nationalist organization that played a crucial role in giving rise to Hitler and Nazism. The connection is evident in the logo of the Thule Society, which was the swastika (shown over a sword).

Amazingly, the original symbol of the Raelians too featured a swastika, woven into the Star of David (image right). Combined with its December window association, this implies that the current world situation does have something to do with the Third/Fourth Reich.

In particular, it has the function of underscoring the fascist nature of the Bush administration.

This is because the neo-conservatives currently making aggressive policies for Bush are a largely Jewish/Zionist group (as can be seen from that fact that most neo-cons belong to JINSA, the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs).

They could be described as ‘Judeo Nazis’ – or perhaps more accurately, ‘fascist Zionists’ – thus perfectly reflecting the combination of the swastika and the Star of David (symbol of Israel) displayed by the Raelian logo.

Bush, the leader, being surrounded by Jews/Zionists is quite fitting in that the leader of the Jews would archetypally be Moses – whom I have already identified with George W. Bush (I did so first at the time of the 2000 presidential election).

As discussed in my article The Two Suns of Election MM (2000), what I had first noticed were some intriguing symbolic connections between the Clinton presidency and Solomon, an important biblical figure (King David’s son) responsible for building the Temple for the Ark of the Covenant in Jerusalem.

This in turn made Clinton analogous to an 18th-Dynasty ancient Egyptian king named Amenhotep III (c. 1405-1367 BC), in that researcher Ahmed Osman had plausibly identified this king with Solomon in his books (Out of Egypt, etc.).

And because Amenhotep III was succeeded by Akhenaten, whom Osman and others had equated (or at least associated) with Moses, I conjectured that George W. Bush, Clinton’s successor, could be viewed as a version of Akhenaten/Moses. (Various other symbolic clues supported this view.)

ClintonSolomonAmenhotep III

In light of the decidedly un-American nature of the Bush presidency demonstrated repeatedly since the election, we can see that the above comparison was indeed very potent.

Akhenaten (‘Moses’), after all, is a notorious ‘heretic king’ who went against the traditional ways of ancient Egypt; as I wrote in the Two Suns article:

Akhenaten… was no ordinary pharaoh.

He was a ‘rebel’ who abolished all the traditional Egyptian gods and held the Aten, represented only by the sun-disk, as the only god to be worshipped. Akhenaten, in other words, introduced monotheism… to suddenly deviate greatly from the by then nearly 2000-year old tradition of ancient Egypt.

And he also moved the seat of power from Thebes to a peculiar site he personally selected which he named Akhetaten, now known as Tell el-Amarna, situated about half way between Giza and Thebes on the Nile.

Due to such great changes brought about, the era of Akhenaten and the succeeding rulers related to the rebel king (Semenekhkare, Tutankhamun, and Ay) is now specifically known as the Amarna period and seen apart from [the rest] of the 18th Dynasty.

And of course the Osirian nature of Bush intensifies the connection, as pharaohs – including Akhenaten – were traditionally regarded as the earthly representation of Horus (while living) and Osiris (when dead).

Moreover, Akhenaten’s apparent obsession with the Benben Stone,[12] the archetypal pyramid capstone, resonates with the Bush family’s close connection with the so-called ‘New World Order’, said to be symbolized by the ‘All-Seeing Eye’ at the apex of the pyramid depicted on the back of the US dollar bill. (It signifies the ‘stargate’ as well.)

We find that the Aten heresy of Akhenaten somehow seems to have come to be considered a form of disease or virus, especially after the rebel king’s reign:

Those priests and individuals who did remain loyal to the outlawed faith of Akhenaten would have been seen as heretics, to be rejected by society if they did not embrace Egypt’s polytheism once more…

It is not unlikely that they would have become known as social ‘lepers’, or the ‘impure people’, terms used by Manetho to describe Osarsiph-Moses’s followers…[13]

As the Aten was a sun-disk, the heresy was in a way a ‘solar virus’.

This again brings to mind the SARS virus that suddenly emerged around the time of the Iraq war. SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) is said to be a form of ‘coronavirus’. The term ‘corona’ refers to the luminous ring seen around a celestial body, especially the sun (the envelope of highly ionized gas outside the chromosphere of the sun). Hence SARS could be interpreted as a ‘solar virus’.

Since the invasion of Iraq was a war zealously and solely wanted by the Bush administration (only weakly supported by the ‘coalition of the bullied and bought’), its overlapping timing with the SARS epidemic certainly encourages the Bush-Akehenaten-Moses equation. (Note that there was a real plague during/around Akhenaten’s reign, and the biblical account of the Exodus – led by Moses – also involves plagues.)

Combined with SARS’ rumored extraterrestrial origin and Akhenaten’s obsession with the Benben Stone (theorized to have been a meteorite), we are here reminded of the intertwined ‘cosmic virus’ and ‘false gift’ themes, which in turn are related to Mars.

While the Benben Stone is not necessarily a Martian rock, the archetypal ‘false gift’ is the Trojan Horse of Greek myth that is inseparable from a character named Odysseus (discussed in Homer’s epic, The Odyssey); and it just happens that the NASA Mars probe currently orbiting the Red Planet (which in 2002 gave us a key IR picture of Cydonia) is named ‘Odyssey’.

And then there is the fact that the Great Sphinx guarding the Giza pyramids, which are gigantic representations of the Benben Stone, traditionally embodies Mars as well as the sun.

This is echoed by Akhenaten being obsessed with both the Benben Stone and the Sphinx (=Mars). Adding to this is the fact that Akkhenaten’s sun-disk god Aten was formerly called Re-harakhty (‘Horus of the Horizon’) which was one of the epithets given to the Sphinx.[14]

The insistent blending of Mars, the sun, and the Sphinx/lion is repeated by the ‘stargate’/duat configuration we’ll witness in the sky this summer (late Aug. 2003).

As discussed in Endgame IV, around August 23 and at sunrise, the leonine sun-Regulus conjunction and brilliantly shining Mars (being closest to Earth in recorded history) will become a celestial manifestation of the aker-lions, the guardians of the gateway to the Osirian realm of the dead (duat).

The sun and Leo will be rising on the east horizon and Mars will be setting on the western horizon.

The celestial configuration even relates to the Aten in that, as Re-harakhty, the god ’embodied the dual aspects of the double horizon – the solar disc in the west at sunset and in the east at sunrise’.[15] This suggests that the ‘stargate window’ marked by the ‘aker configuration’ is relevant to Akhenaten, thus also to George Bush.

So we are coming back to the original hypothesis of Bush having much to do with the opening of the ‘stargate’ or the ‘tomb of Osiris’ this year. And we are beginning to see a clearer picture of this suggested big event.


The Fall

What does the opening of the Osirian tomb, or the resurrection of the death god, mean for the the Osirian president Bush?

The most straightforward interpretation would be that Bush will be ‘resurrected’. But that doesn’t make much sense in that to be resurrected one would have to be dead first. The key here is this: the Egyptian resurrection theme is a little twisted in that the restoration of Osiris takes place in the duat-underworld of the dead.

In other words, Osiris is reborn into the death realm. Resurrection, therefore, would simply mean ‘death’ in a sense. (The resurrection into the living realm is done through the birth of Horus, Osiris’ son by Isis.)

So the implication would be that the coming ‘stargate window’ is to involve the ‘death of Bush’. But this doesn’t have to be taken literally. The apparent essence of the message with regard to Bush is ‘this is the end of the road’.

The interpretation is further encouraged by the celestial positioning of Eridanus, a constellation representing the river of the underworld, accompanying the late-August ‘stargate’ configuration.

While the Regulus-Sun-Jupiter-Venus conjunction and the Red Planet will be marking the eastern and western horizons simultaneously, Eridanus will be positioned (as seen from Giza) directly to the south with the lowest star named ‘Achernar’, meaning ‘End of the River’, placed right at the horizon. (See image below.)

Now consider this:

1) the horizon is in effect a line separating this world and the ‘underworld’

2) Eridanus is the ‘River of Orion’, thus also the ‘river of Osiris’

So the ‘End of the River’ (of the underworld) pinpointing the threshold of the death realm conveys the idea of ‘the end of Osiris’.

The relevance of Eridanus here is dramatically increased by two other things.

First, Eridanus is often identified with the Euphrates river flowing through Iraq, the very nation the US just invaded. The ‘end of Eridanus’ signified by Achernar would therefore be analogous to the mouth of the Tigris-Euphrates river – which happens to be precisely at 30°N latitude.

As discussed in Endgame IV, the position is very meaningful in that the eternal gaze of the ‘Martian monument’ at Giza (also on 30°N), the Great Sphinx, is fixed due east and thus perfectly aligned with the ‘end’ of the Tigris-Euphrates. The Sphinx is also traditionally the guardian of the Osirian tomb (represented at Giza by the pyramids) so as to perfectly accord with the ‘end of Osiris’ theme.

Second, Eridanus is mythologically considered the tomb of Phaëthon, naturally an alter ego of Osiris-Saturn-Prometheus. The tale of Phaëthon wanting to ride the ‘chariot of the sun’ across the heavens is told in Greek myth.

The chariot of the sun, we learn, was owned by his father Helios, who wouldn’t let his son ride it because this was just too dangerous. But Phaëthon strongly insisted and was eventually able to get his father’s permission.

The result was inevitable – he quickly lost control, and now the world was in danger of being set on fire. This dire situation prompted Zeus to strike Phaëthon with his thunderbolt, which threw him off the chariot. And like a shooting star Phaëthon fell into the stream of Eridanus. The Eridanus thus became the grave of Phaëthon.

As Phaëthon is said to be an alter ego of Saturn,[16] thus also that of Osiris, Eridanus becomes just another name for the tomb of Osiris. And we also find the strong emphasis on the sun in the story – the ‘chariot of the sun’ and Phaëthon’s father being Helios the sun-god – very appropriate.

The tale of Phaëthon is even comparable to the Bush presidency.

The ‘chariot of the sun’ would correspond to the office of the President, which was held by George W. Bush’s father, i.e. ‘Helios’, just a decade ago. Like Phaëthon, Bush Jr. is rapidly destabilizing the world with his ‘might is right’ doctrine. And following the parallel, the next step would be Bush being struck down by a ‘thunderbolt’. Well, is this what’s scheduled to take place for the ‘stargate window’?

It is quite telling that the Iraq war was immediately preceded by the space shuttle Columbia falling from the sky like a meteorite – like Phaëthon. ‘Columbia’ is another name for the United States and it derives from ‘Columba’, i.e. Noah’s dove.

As the dove is a universal symbol of peace, the Columbia disaster can be interpreted as an omen for the destruction of ‘American peace’.

Amazingly, ‘American peace’ is exactly what is meant by ‘Pax Americana’ – the US global domination envisioned by the neo-conservatives now in power in the Bush administration. The invasion of Iraq was the first major step toward achieving the Pax Americana. So the symbolic implication of the space-shuttle omen would be that the Bush administration’s global ambition will lead to a major disaster. This, again, is likely relevant to the coming ‘stargate window’.

It’s worth noting that Akhenaten’s ‘Pax Americana’ – i.e. the Aten heresy (Amarna revolution) – was also unsuccessful and had a short life.

Akhenaten himself was probably removed by a military coup.[17] The theorized identification of Akhenaten with Moses, the leader of the Jews, fits here nicely, as we read in Genesis that the dove Columba – embodied by the destroyed space shuttlee – comes back to Noah with an olive branch, a symbol closely associated with the Jewish people.

This relates to the fact that many neo-conservatives are Jewish/Zionist and the fact that the ill-fated Columbia mission was notable for carrying onboard the first Israeli astronaut.

Even though Moses was supposedly a Hebrew, his interchangeability with Akhenaten would make him a non-Jew, which resonates with Bush being a born-again fundamentalist Christian surrounded by neo-con Jews and Zionists. (The Bush administration is pretty much a incestuous cult of Judeo-Christian fanatics.)

Combined with Bush’s messiah complex, it is even possible to view the administration as reenacting the story of Jesus, the ‘king of the Jews’. And we know how this story ends: the Jews along with Romans crucified the rebel leader.

This then makes us wonder about the nature of Bush’s relationship with the neo-cons. Will Bush be ‘sacrificed’ by his own people in some way?

The apparent fusion of Jesus, Akhenaten, and Phaëthon via Bush is curiously echoed by the Talmud sometimes referring to Jesus as ‘Ben Panthera‘ (‘son of Pandira’). As ‘Panthera’ is the Hebrew form of an ancient Egyptian royal title meaning ‘the (sun-) god Ra’, ‘Ben Panthera’ would denote ‘son of the sun’, or ‘son of Helios’.[18] And the ‘son of Helios’ is none other than Phaëthon.

It is also intriguing to find that researcher Ahmed Osman has boldly identified Jesus with Tutankhamun, i.e. ‘King Tut’, who ascended the throne soon after Akhenaten.[19] (The two were likely blood relatives.)

And here, too, evidence strongly suggests that the king was murdered.


Promised Land

One of the Bush administration’s first major international activities following the Iraq invasion was the release of the so-called ‘road map to peace‘ for the Israelis and Palestinians. (It was quickly answered by intensified violence in the region.)

As a version of ‘Moses’ /’Jesus’, it is only fitting that Bush turned his attention to the ‘Promised Land’, i.e. Israel, at this critical time.

Fitting indeed. Notice that the name ‘Israel’ comes from one of Isaac’s sons, originally called Jacob. As discussed in Endgame IV, Jacob is a key figure in the ‘stargate’ scheme.

In Genesis we read:

And Jacob awaked out of his sleep, and he said, Surely the Lord is in this place; and I knew it not. And he was afraid, and said, How dreadful is this place! This is none other but the house of God, and this is the gate of heaven.

And Jacob rose up early in the morning, and took the stone that he had put for his pillows, and set it up for a pillar, and poured oil upon the top of it. And he called the name of that place Beth-el… And this stone, which I have set for a pillar, shall be God’s house…

(Genesis 28:16-19, 22)

We have already discussed how the ‘pillar-stone gate’ relates to the Tower of Babel (in Babylon) as well as the Benben Stone.

But let me point out again that Babylon is today’s Iraq, and the Benben Stone is inseparable from Osirian resurrection and Bush/Akhenaten. And it happens that Cairo – the Egyptian capital sitting next to Giza, the site closely associated with all the key themes – was once called ‘Babylon’ (meaning ‘gate of the gods’). (Today’s name, Cairo, denotes ‘Mars‘.)

In light of the very Martian nature of the ‘stargate window’ that will open the gate to the duat-underworld or the ‘house of God’ this summer/fall, it’s plausible that Israel will be a key part of the event.

(Conceptually, the fall of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, as well as the Pope or even Tony Blair, would be more or less interchangeable with the fall of Bush – both being a ‘Babylon leader’.)

The emerging Israel-Mars overlap is also hinted by the Star of David, the Jewish symbol.

As already pointed out by others, the six-pointed star (or two interlocking equilateral triangles) may be viewed as a two-dimensional representation of two circumscribed interlocking tetrahedrons, i.e. the configuration from which derives the ‘message of Cydonia‘, 19.5 degrees.

In Endgame IV was discussed how this ‘19.5 degrees’ is also pinpointed by the Nile, the literal river of time (see The Nile Decoded).

More specifically, the latitude 19.5°N is marked by the river’s ‘Great Bend’ which in turn would be associated with the Osirian ‘House of Sokar’, or ‘House of God’ of Jacob (= Israel). (See Endgame IV or my book for more on this.)

Israel’s relevance is reinforced further by its founding phase in the early 1900s overlapping the sensational discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun (1922) – in effect a tomb of Osiris/Jesus (‘House of God’).

Not only that, the two events seem to have directly influenced each other behind the scenes as discussed in the 2002 book Tutankhamun: The Exodus Conspiracy by Andrew Collins and Chris Ogilvie-Herald.

The book’s argument is basically that undisclosed papyrus documents supposedly found inside Tutankhamun’s tomb contained an account of the Exodus that did not conform to the biblical version and thus could undermine the Jewish people’s claimed right to occupy Palestine.

It is suggested that the mysterious deaths of those involved in the tomb discovery were likely a result of assassinations designed to suppress the ‘dangerous’ information that could ruin Zionists’ dream.

And of course the ‘true’ version of the Exodus story withheld from the public is theorized to have involved Akhenaten – potentially King Tut’s father – as the main Mosaic figure.

It is interesting to realize here that the founding of Israel was not sought solely by the Zionists. Another major driving force behind the dream was Britain which was very much under the influence of scriptural prophecy concerning the Day of Reckoning, supposedly the time of the ‘Second Coming’ of Christ.

It was believed that according to the Bible this could take place only after the Jews have returned to Zion (Jerusalem), and thus British statesmen’s twisted interest in creating a Jewish home in the Holy Land.

The man most responsible for the creation of Israel, the ‘father of Israel’, was Baron Edmond de Rothschild (1845-1934) who established the Jewish Colonial Trust – the first Zionist bank – to buy territories in Palestine. Ironically, the powerful Rothschild international banking empire was also partly responsible for the ‘problematic’ discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb.

It turns out that the fifth Earl of Carnarvon, who along with Howard Carter discovered the tomb, was married to the illegitimate daughter of Alfred Rothschild, a grandson of the British branch of the House of Rothschild.[20]

And many of his excavations in Egypt ‘were unquestionably funded from money supplied to Lady Carnarvon by Alfred de Rothschild’.[21]


Unholy Alliance

Like many other players in the ‘endgame’, the Rothschilds are Jewish and originally from Germany.

The banking family can be traced back to Baron Mayer Amshel Rothschild (1744-1812), a Jewish banker/financier from Frankfurt. From there the House of Rothschild became the most powerful banking family in Europe. One of the its members, Baron Edmond de Rothschild, eventually became the ‘father of Israel’ as mentioned, though not all Rothschilds have been Zionists.

There is no question that through the influence of its international banking system the House of Rothschild stood to benefit financially and politically from the achievement of [the Zionists’] ultimate goal – the establishment of a Jewish National Home in Palestine.

The same has to be said of the British government, which staked its reputation on achieving the British Mandate for Palestine through its signing of the Balfour Declaration. With the ultimate establishment of the Jewish state, it could look forward to a strong partner who would help bring stability to the Middle East, and also tender its interests in the oil fields of Iraq and Arabia…[22]

Inevitably this makes us wonder about the deep involvement of Zionists, Britain, and ‘George W. Christ’ in the recent (and on-going) Iraq war and the increasingly shaky stated reasons for the invasion (WMD, liberation, etc.).

What’s more bizarre is the uncomfortably plausible theory that the Rothschilds played a key role in giving rise to Hitler and the Third Reich.

It is well documented that the fascist dictator was strongly supported by Western industrial and banking circles which ‘guaranteed Hitler’s success’.[23] And of course, George W.’s grandfather was one of those who eagerly helped Hitler. Although Hitler was openly against the Rothschilds – and Jews in general – ‘the emerging Nazi power continued to find support in Britain, even within the Rothschild-dominated Bank of England’.[24]

Why would these powerful businessmen, all with financial links to the great Rothschild empire, support the overtly anti-Jewish Hitler?

Part of the answer may lie in an astounding assertion that

Hitlerwas a blood relative to theRothschilds! […] This incredible story might be written off as fanciful wartime propaganda except for the fact that the OSS never made this story public, indicating that the tale may have been considered too sensitive to publicize. […]

It is obvious why neither Hitler or his followers nor today’s neo-Nazis nor the Rothschilds nor those who desire to profit from their international power would want the Hitler-Rothschild connection made public.[25]

All this helps us see more clearly the symbolic relevance of the Raelians, the ET/cloning cult that came to our attention through our ‘December window’ (of 2002).

Their original symbol showing the swastika within the Star of David – in effect Nazism embedded within Zion – nicely illustrates the strange alliance between Germany/Nazis/fascism and Israel/Rothschilds/Zionism.

And the Raelians’ interest in genetic engineering and cloning ties in well with what Nazism was really about: in Hitler’s words,

‘it is the determination to create a new man’.

The same configuration is formed by the Bush administration, i.e. a Germanic ‘messiah’ surrounded by neo-conservative Zionists.

And this spells trouble – not just for the world but also for Bush himself. It is instructive to look at recent two cases where the US President was ousted – namely John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon.

In the case of John F. Kennedy, according to a plausible theory:

[W]e had a situation in which the Kennedys had agreed pacts with the Israeli lobby (Israel and the Rothschilds in effect) and organized crime. In return the Israelis/Rothschilds wanted control of President Kennedy’s Middle East policy and the mob wanted to be left alone to operate their international crime syndicate…

They were in for a shock on both counts. Kennedy double crossed them and they were beside themselves with rage and resentment. Both would be involved in Kennedy’s assassination. […]

[T]here are key elements to the Kennedy story that have been suppressed because of where that knowledge would lead – Israel.[26]

It is helpful to know that JFK’s father was anti-Jewish and pro-Hitler. But what JFK did was basically go against the global elite, which proved deadly for him. Note also that, like Bush, JFK was almost a messianic figure (his presidency was called ‘Camelot’ for instance).

As for Nixon, who was forced out of the White House in 1973, the key person was his right-hand man Henry Kissinger, yet another German-born Jew and a regular face in conspiracy theories concerning the ‘New World Order’.

For example, we are told:

Behind [the Watergate] ‘scandal’, many researchers now believe, …was Henry Kissinger, the frontman for the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds. […] Watergate was a setup to give total power to Kissinger, and therefore the Elite. This was a crucial period in the global maneuverings by the New World Order manipulators to remove what shreds were left of government for the people, by the people.

Watergate and the removal of Richard Nixon was another coup d’etat on America. Nixon was no political angel, but he was just another stooge. George Bush became chairman of the Republican Party National Committee at exactly the time the Watergate story was really breaking and his mentor, Henry Kissinger, was both national security advisor and secretary of state…[27]

So like the JFK assassination, we seem to find here a hidden influence of the Zionist and NWO agenda.

Combined with the apparent involvement of George Bush Sr. (Kissinger’s protégé) in Watergate, we can’t help but wonder about the possibility of George W. Bush – given his weak intelligence – being another ‘stooge’ used by the hidden Elite and the neo-con Zionists.

That it was the year 1973 also adds more weight to the view that there will potentially be a Watergate-type event this year (2003). Recall that the esoteric ‘Stargate Conspiracy’ pinpoints the year 2003 as the conclusion of some ‘programming’ that began in 1973 (see Endgame IV).

Curiously, 1973 also happens to be when the ‘godfather of neo-conservatives’, Leo Strauss, died, as well as when the Raelian cult was founded.



On May 1 (’03), Bush – a draft dodger – made a shameless ‘Top Gun’ landing on the deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln carrier in military uniform and announced to the nation and the world that the United States’ main mission in Iraq was over.

This was obviously a big moment for the presidency – carefully stage-managed and all – which makes the selection of the USS Abraham Lincoln unlikely to be a result of chance or practicality. It was obviously meant to carry a symbolic message.

Indeed, besides the aura of greatness that comes with Lincoln’s name, the Civil War president happens to be a hero of neo-conservatives (along with Ronald Reagan). The neo-cons worship Lincoln. And Bush was advised (by the neo-cons?) to make his ‘heroic’ speech on the warship Lincoln. (Nice little pun, eh?)

That the occasion was designed to be special, especially in the hidden esoteric context, was made more evident by the scriptural reference used in Bush’s speech.

As has been pointed out:

In his remarks, Bush closed with a paraphrasing of the Book of Isaiah: “In the words of the prophet Isaiah, ‘To the captives, come out, and to those in darkness, be free…'”

This was a quotation from Chapter 61 of Isaiah, the very book Jesus Christ used when proclaiming that Isaiah’s prophesies of the Messiah had come true. Using this passage from Isaiah, Jesus presented himself as the Son of God in Nazareth. […]

The passage of Isaiah referenced by Jesus at Nazareth, and by Bush on the Abraham Lincoln, is part of a larger collection of verses known as the “Servant Songs.”

The specific verse used by Bush, out of Isaiah 61, is most important; it is widely accepted by both Christian and Jewish scholars as announcing the Messiah.

For Christians, the Messiah is Jesus, and so this passage refers specifically to Him and His coming. The fact that Jesus himself used this passage to announce his presence further confirms this. Bush’s reading of this passage suggests the possibility that he believes this coming, for the second time, has arrived.

So, regardless of Bush’s awareness of the implication (I doubt he was in on it), the big show was apparently intended to make a ‘Messiah’ out of Bush. In other words, it was a little ‘Second Coming’.

The bad news is, the story is unlikely to end well for the ‘king’. After all, Jesus‘ ministry ended quickly with his crucifixion.

It may be relevant here that the Bush administration began to focus on the issue of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict soon after the big speech by delivering the peace ‘road map’. While it’s unlikely that the Zionist neo-cons around Bush were/are serious about making peace with the Palestinians by giving up some lands, there have been some news reports suggesting Bush (who is not as ideologically driven) may be becoming quite sympathetic to the Palestinian side.

This cannot be a good development for the ruthless neo-con gang. Is it possible that they will ‘crucify’ Bush for his potential ‘betrayal’?

Also at this time there is growing criticism of how intelligence was twisted by the Bush team in order to drag the nation into war. The man to be considered most responsible for the manipulation would be the President. And it does seem entirely possible that Bush will be removed from office because of this.

There was another ominous event emerging from Iraq. This was the toppling of the Saddam statue in Baghdad (another staged event for the media), which was meant to signify the fall of the Saddam regime.

The ‘Babylon leader’ parallel we have been detecting between Saddam and Bush was seemingly acknowledged here by the US military personnel placing a US flag over the statue’s head before bringing it down to the ground. The Saddam statue was soon ‘decapitated’ and the detached head was dragged through the streets.

Was this foreshadowing what will happen to Bush?

Interestingly, the notion of ‘decapitation’ was also present at the very opening of the war. Recall that the first US strike against Iraq on March 20 – a key Mars/Sphinx day – was a rushed ‘decapitation attack’ intended to kill Saddam.

Even the pyramidal capstone theme (All-Seeing Eye, etc.), symbolic of Osirian resurrection, seems to be associated with decapitation via the Isis head placed at the apex of the pyramid in the ‘House of Sokar’ depiction.

What’s more, the US decapitation attack on the ‘Mars/Sphinx day’ brings our attention to the fact that the ‘Martian Sphinx’, i.e. the ‘Face on Mars’, is a decapitated head.

And of course, as revealed in Endgame III, the ‘Face’ turns out to be a very ‘messianic’ monument comparable to the celebrated Shroud of Turin (supposedly showing the image of Jesus).

The Shroud, in turn, shows an awkward and seemingly detached head, which has been theorized to be that of Leonardo Da Vinci (a possible creator the Shroud).

And Leonardo, ‘keeper of the Grail’, is closely associated with John the Baptist (see Endgame III), the decapitated forerunner of Jesus.

Dizzy yet?

What we seem to be detecting here is a message telling us that the coming ‘stargate window’ may produce a major ‘decapitation event’ involving Bush, the Osirian messiah of Babylon.

But this is a potential scenario. There are other variations and possibilities.

It is perhaps useful to watch what happens on/around June 24 (’03), the feast of John the Baptist. As discussed in Endgame IV, there will be a Sun-Saturn conjunction on that day at the ‘stargate’ region of the sky (i.e. an ecliptic-Milky Way intersection) marked by Orion (=Osiris).

And this configuration will resemble the Statue of Liberty with the sun corresponding to the torch – thus seemingly alluding to relevance of the US. (Click on image right.) The torch is also very evocative of Promethean fire, a form of ‘false gift’, one of the key ‘Endgame’ themes.

If I am reading the pattern right, it is very possible that what happens on/around June 24 will be a ‘preview event’ of a bigger event that may be scheduled for the ‘stargate window’ this summer/fall.

Stay tuned…



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